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recharge through online banking


I tried to recharge my airtel prepaid card through online banking. But airtel card never got recharged with that amount.
I got message from airtel saying "Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time".
When I asked customer service about this they said my number is not recharged with any amount and thay don't know about the message.

It is so bad that they are cheating all by taking amount without giving any service. Be aware, don't try to RECHARGE THROUGH INTERNET. You will loose your money.

  • Sa
    Salimudheen Feb 19, 2008

    Im using Airtel prepaid card. Two days before i was getting one message from Airtel, that says, they are going to deduct one rupee per day based on my sheme.

    But i dont activate any scheme. Then how they send like this.

    And last two days they are deduct more than 5 rs from my account. How to avoid this intecent activities.


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  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 11, 2008

    Yes im much worried about recharge though online, But i found safe to recharge online from, they may delay some time to process but they truthfull.

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  • Ku
    Kutta Jul 22, 2008


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  • No
    Noushad Ahmed Jul 02, 2011

    I am noushad ahmed my no. is 9958106390, I was activated the NOP service on 28/6/2011. but when i use this service money is deducted from my main balance, I complaint
    many time to customer care (reference no.RNPSE40629497545, RNPSE40629499187, RNPSE40630708048, CNPUD20701310566) but problem is not solve yet.
    please take the proper action.

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wrongly charged


thanks for such a service as urs.
i had subscribed for Gprs service from airtel with the rent of 400 rs per month. the customer care personnel informed me that i would get 100 mb of free download, but when i got the bill i was charged for surfing the net as well which was not informed by the customer care. the bill went as high as 3500 rs.

i have nobody in airtel to listen to me plz help.

waiting for ur prompt reply.

thanking you

clifford macwan

  • Sr
    Srinivasan Feb 18, 2008

    i has topuped for 50 rs and after 5 hr the balance is only 2 rs i have spoken for about only 15 mins my call rate is A to all mobile only 49 paise. I have already complaint on care they said they reply on 20 th feb

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  • Ra
    Ravi Sharma May 03, 2008

    I am using your sevice for last 10 Yrs. Currently i took 1 new No. (9967107238 ) for the month of Nov 07 & i am facing a lots of problem from your side every month. I wrongly charged so many times & i complaind for the same but you people are not able to solve the problem. Recently i charged for Rs.45 on 23 march 2008 & i logged a complaint at your relationship centre located in Fort (FOUNTAIN) on the same day.Again i charged for caller tune but i am not activate this service. Your Executive check all my details & than he replied me you get the refund within 24 Hours.Now the senario is if i call to your customer care they people told me we have only 20 days complaints & you complaint 20 days back. So we are enble to check your complaint. If you check my complaints on a same month i discard your caller tune service & now no one able to give me a proper feedback about my complaints. This is not a first time, So many times you people charged me wrongly . I just want to keep your concern about my previous complaints. I wrongly charged Rs. 99 for the month of Jan & i get the refund on 24 march 2008.I dont know now how much days you people take to process customers complaints.

    I think we are waisting our time to choose AIRTEL service.

    Please check all my details for the same & i am waiting for your reply, otherwise i file a FIR report for the same.

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no network coverage

I have 2 airtel cug numbers +91-[protected] and +91-[protected] and I have many freinds in dell who have cugplan. There has been no network since many hours as soon as I entered in mohali from chandigarh, inspite of prepaid customers getting full network in the same area. We cant even make emergency calls.
Plz revert or I have to disconnect my numbers

deficiency of service

Dear sir,

I had purchased a motorola mobile handset as part of a rs 1999/- scheme from airtel in conoor (Tamil nadu) on 14 june 2007. The scheme had a airtel sim card with 2 years validity & rs 1999/- free talktime between airtel customers.

The sim card was activated & was in use till 07 july 2007 after which I removed the card for later use.

When I tried using the card on 10 august 2007 it didnot work.

Therefore I went to the airtel head office in conoor from where I had purchased it on 13 aug. The dealer told me that the card was damaged & it had to be replaced. Accordingly I paid rs 150/- for a new card & the number was re-activated by end august.

However on activation I started getting calls from a local person stating that the number belongd to him. Thereafter around 03 sep the number was again discontinued. On checking up with the dealer, he gave no satisfactory reply & I had to make repeated visits to him for an answer. It was only by first week of oct that he gave a reply. He stated that the number had been deactivated by airtel in july first week due to non reciept of documents & thereafter on recycling the number had been re-allotted to some other customer.

He agreed that the fault lay with airtel as the documents had been provided in full to his office but due to some negligence they were lost. Further airtel didnot inform me regarding the same before disconnecting.

The dealer assured me that he will speak to his head office & get a solution to the problem.

However it has now been two months & despite repeated reminders no action is being taken ither by the head office of airtel at conoor or at ciombatore. Every time I approach the dealer he gives me a vague answer with false assurances of action.

The present status is that I have both the sim cards (Original & the reactivated one) with me.

I wish to file a complaint against airtel for their deficiency in service. So may I request you to kindly suggest as to how to go about it.

Js gill

  • As
    Ashok May 24, 2008

    My written request to refund the Rs.3500/- paid to airtel is not process since Jan-2008 till date 22.05.08

    I was asked to pay anothe 3500/- towards fresh deposit

    pl return my money 3500 for which written request was submitted at KG Road Airtel outlet


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cheating customers.

I am not at all satisfied with the connection... and I just sticking to this connection, because of the fancy number, which have selected... there is nothing cheer for us, the airtel prepaid customers... as you are no longer providing any call rate deduction or msg deduction... and I have already held one vodafone connection without dropping ur connection as the above-mentioned number weakness... So please be a little lenient towards ur customer... at least stick to one call deduction policy other than changing one after one everyday... i coming to that one offer, which u introduced recently i.e. 2 rs. rent per day for call rate reducing... and u were fail to inform us, the customers that the present 65 plan is there... u can also use that... that addition didn't come for knowledge... and v directly went for the 2/day plan... So please be honest in ur approach towards the customers...

  • Sa
    sabeel ahmed May 19, 2008


    My mobile Number : +91 9940595954

    This mobile purchased on Nov 2007 with LG Handset with bundle of set
    From last week i have balance 1200 /=
    When i checked the balance amount on saturday its showing 000

    Saturday night i called up to call center at night 11.30pm

    1) M/s Usha she took the call and she informed that the offer was closed that whay your money will not be there
    i asked her with out information to the customer

    2) But she couldnt answer i informed her to transfer the call to Tem leader
    She transfer the call to Mahesh he is the team leader
    I told him same conversation to him but Mahesh has replay that sorry for happen this issue
    We will do it on wednesday you will get the amount back
    suddenly he told u chaged the SIM another handset N70 i told him when i taken this handset i didnt
    remove the SIM then i told him transfer the call to Manager

    3)Mahesh informed that there is no manager today sunday they call back to you
    then he put me on hold 10 min and informed that manager was the there then i spoke to sudkher he is manager
    he told same thing i told him i want mony back
    he coulnt able take this call and he replied sunday you can get the call from our end

    4)sunday 10.15 am Vinodh called up and asked what was the isse i told him there is no proper answer from your end
    i want money back thats it

    This is the way AIRTEL giving service to the customer

    I want money back

    If you want to contact please call this number +91 99004444233


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  • Ch
    chinmoy deka Jun 03, 2016

    This is very disgusting to write a complain against airtel, one of the top organisation in telecommunication.

    I am a resident of Guwahati, Assam.

    My point is that- why do my AIRTEL BILLS are not getting delivered in my address...?????

    This is happening from last 5-6 months that i have ask my neighbours and tenants for my bill...if any of them got that...????

    I made several complaints in M/S CHETNA (connnect), Silpukhuri, Guwahati and also tried my matter in the call centre where the smart guys and gals used to say in very sweet voice- HOW CAN I HELP YOU???

    After all conversations i asked them for the SR No. but they dropped the phone by making some excuses like link failure etc...

    Last month i did not paid my dues and made my connection temporarily disconnected..
    Two guys from F S Communication(collection agency), Ganeshguri, Guwahati came and promised me for a waiver of Rs. 350 from my bill amt. and will solve my case soon.. After hearing all the things i paid my bill less Rs.350 but nw it is showing a overdue of that amt.if that amt. would have been waived off than why it is showing balance in my a/c. and that i saw in a airtel connect as AIRTEL is saving papers by not generating bills...


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  • Sr
    srinivasan Jun 03, 2016

    I got message display form AIRTEL informing the Mega offer of getting Rs501/- on Rs501/- top-up
    On Topping-up my account for Rs501/- through Internet banking only Rs445/- was credited to my account against the promised Rs501/-. Getting shocked I inquired the Customer care officials and they respond that this is applicable only on Easy Recharge/Coupin recharge. But already I have done recharging through Internet banking and have got the Benefit of such offers. Details of such transactions are:

    1. On 1st june 2007: Recharge for Rs1100/- was done and the benefits availed. Transaction code: 34710023
    2. On 19th November 2007: Recharge for Rs 599/- was done and the benefits availed. Transaction code: 46039624
    3. On 14th Feb 2008: Recharge for Rs121/- was done and the benefits availed. Transaction code: 54014355

    What can we do for these thieves. The only way is Consumer court which will waste our time and money.
    We people must change ourselves or make them to change their attitude.

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airtel (jharkhand) customer care service

My name is pramod ranjan thakur, I have an airtel sim from approx 5 years which is issued on my name and my...

disconnection of mobile no: [protected] without confirmation

Dear Sir or Madam,

From last few days my wife Mobile No: [protected] got disconnected without any confirmation from Airtel Bihar.

This number was purchased by my wife from a retailer of Gopalganj (Bihar).

I don't know the name of that person whose documents has been submitted for this Number.

I just want to submit my documents & get registerd this number my by Name.

Kindly confirm Tel/Fax Number on which should I contact for this issue as Airtel Bihar Customer Care No: [protected] is continiously busy.

Pls do the needful at earliest & obliged.


harassment of prepaid mobile phone users

I am an Airtel prepaid phone subscriber and trying to recharge my phone for the past seven days. The customer care of Bangalore is one of the worst I have ever experienced in my whole life. The excuses are that the server is down ( for the past seven days), I should cancel my IST connection, I must wait, why did I not recharge before its validity ( the delay was on their account and now it has become the reason). I cannot believe that the No.1 service provider in India treats its prepaid customers with such contempt and poor service

  • Sa
    sabeel ahmed May 19, 2008


    My mobile Number : +91 9940595954

    This mobile purchased on Nov 2007 with LG Handset with bundle of set
    From last week i have balance 1200 /=
    When i checked the balance amount on saturday its showing 000

    Saturday night i called up to call center at night 11.30pm

    1) M/s Usha she took the call and she informed that the offer was closed that whay your money will not be there
    i asked her with out information to the customer

    2) But she couldnt answer i informed her to transfer the call to Tem leader
    She transfer the call to Mahesh he is the team leader
    I told him same conversation to him but Mahesh has replay that sorry for happen this issue
    We will do it on wednesday you will get the amount back
    suddenly he told u chaged the SIM another handset N70 i told him when i taken this handset i didnt
    remove the SIM then i told him transfer the call to Manager

    3)Mahesh informed that there is no manager today sunday they call back to you
    then he put me on hold 10 min and informed that manager was the there then i spoke to sudkher he is manager
    he told same thing i told him i want mony back
    he coulnt able take this call and he replied sunday you can get the call from our end

    4)sunday 10.15 am Vinodh called up and asked what was the isse i told him there is no proper answer from your end
    i want mondy back thats it

    This is the way AIRTEL giving service to the customer

    I want monney back

    If you want to contact please call this number +91 99004444233


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wrong bill/charge

I am using the airtel services from more then 2 years but everyday i have faced some problem or other. and I need to call them every 2nd day for resolution of the problem. and few problem are very frequent like charges of de-activated sims which appears every month but i wasn't using it. I just want your help that where should i go to get the justice. is there any way so that i can take the legal actions against them. I have already talked to there very senior persons like one of technical head of south zone visited few months back to resolve the speed problem. but problems never ends. when i called them they this should be resolved at the very soon. please help me out so that I can take the legal actions

  • Ra
    Rajesh Kumar Prasad May 22, 2008

    I have been using Airtel connection for the past 3 years. It was initialy in my name and the got transfered to corporate and then back to me on 05.02.2008. The first bill was ok, the 2nd bill had a one time charges of around 1700/- plus. I paid this bill. The 3rd bill I get also contains One Time charges and this time more than Rs.3000/-. I had contacted Airtel office at Park Street, Kolkata but they have till date not been able to resolve the issue.

    This is a very bad experience I am having with Airtel.

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  • Mu
    MUKUND PATIL Oct 01, 2008

    hi, some person named Pravin Agrawal had an identy card of airtel had came to my office last week at Goregaon-west. he gave information regarding plan of 300 minutes free & 600 sms free every month. i had paid him for the 9 airtel simcard connections. he told that the card will come to your home by courier. but it had not came till now. i think he is a fraud person who is spoiling your reputation in the market, as if airtel network problem is going on nowadays. the goodwill which arirtel had maintain is spoilt by persons. look into this matter as early as possible.
    we had decided to do police complaint of that person named who is supervisor of Pravin Agrawal. his name is Raj Sharma and his number given by him is 9867817015.
    look into this matter sreiously & take immediate action.

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  • Mu
    MUKUND PATIL Oct 01, 2008

    hi, i have being using airtel post paid connection from past 1 year.
    in every month bill they are charging Rs. 40 extra for other sms. which i am not using at all.
    my airtel live & GPRS is deactivated from last 4 months.
    when i had called Customer care, they told that they are charging for airtel live. which i am not being using at all.
    Airtel Live has been deactivated than why should i pay every month.
    kindly look into this matter seriously.
    i am not going to pay bill til i will not receive any feed back from you.

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harrasment to customer over s bill that is already paid

I am a customer of Airtel My mobile no. is [protected]. Account No. 102-[protected] Bill no. [protected] My...

[Resolved] please block my number - [protected]

i lost my sim with my phone kindly lock my number [protected] with Lg gu220also activated gprs stop the...

airtel cheating with customers

I got a SMS from airtel customer care stating if we do an e-recharge of Rs. 499 I will get 180 days extended validity I also confirmed the same with the customer care executive before recharging and he said its fine for me to recharge with 499 and I can avail the offer I recharged and found that there was only 30 days validity and I called back the customer care that time itself and he told me that not a problem the validity will get updated automatically every month for 180 days but on 28 Nov '07 after the first month itself my connection got disconnected and when I called back the customer care complaing for the same they told me it will get activated withhin 24hrs and also given me a request no. but the next day after 24hrs it wasnt and I agian called back the customer care and now I was told it takes 48hrs but still it wasnt and I again called up the customer care this time they told me that it will take another 24hrs and when I questioned about my earlier request they told there was no resolution from there end I have to again place a new request this has resulted a great loss to my careers as I was expecting a interview call but due to disconnection for last three days I lost that offer this has happened to me two to three times the customer care people are so irresponsible and Airtel is actually cheating us if you cant implement this offers properly then why do they send these SMS and why are the customer care guys confirm giving false information this is pure cheating I will advise all my friends and colleagues about the same and ask them not to use Airtel at all

poor speed

I got connection for 999 unlimited Broadband plan from airtel on 28/11/2007 in bangalore. The download speed was supposed to be atleast 1/8th connection speed, but the speed that i actually get is 22 kbps.

  • Su
    Suzie Mariola Apr 29, 2008

    I had applied for a Broadband connection (Application No.BA0091708) on 19.Apr.08 through one of your Sales Officers (Sameer Hipparagi - 9900190720), but till today I have no update from your end.

    Am extremely displeased with Airtel services and wish I had not approached you for a conenction. I was promised to have the connection up in 5 days but no word from your end, until the 7th Day I had to call Sameer and tell him not to process the application further as Airtel could not keep up their promised.

    I have however given time for the connection installation by 29th EOD, but still no intimation from Sameer. Kindly look into the matter immediately and update me.

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flaws in airtel system

1. Staff sitting at customer relationship centre are not qualified about services.
2. They have less information about Airtel product.
3. The staff doesn't the understand the concern of the customer & they give vague reply.
4. There is not coordination among the staff regarding the concern raised by customer, as the response time to concern raised take 24 hrs.
5. The system reflects wrong information.
6. The staff doesn't value customer.
7. If customer doesn't get fruitfull reply from customer care -- sales manager -- nodal officer, then there is no channel to
escalate the issues.
8. Wrong area information is displayed on cell when standing in different area.
9. System display wrong information about corporate when person has enrolled to other account.
10. Whenever a call is made to get the information, a common answer is "System is slow to fetch the information"

no connectivity!

The Data card services subscribed about 7 months ago - are not working at all - all the complaint have fallen on deaf ears as they do not seem to have a system of reversal nor they have a system for resolving the problem.

Every time you call the customer care they have same solution to offer which if they log - probably would know how many times it has been tired before. A company who works in communication arena having taken one month already and have not provided a solution - needs to get into some other space where they have the luxury of time to do things at their own pace.

Pathetic is too soft a word to describe their services - hope this complaint is a wake up call for them.

  • Ro
    Rohit Ganguli Feb 11, 2008

    Given that your complaint was on 27th November last year and that I have just subscribed to them early last month and am having innumerable problems, Airtel have obviously not paid heed to any complaints!

    The customer service is never any help, in fact calling them is more of a frustration (to put it midly) than anything else. I honestly wish I has spent more time researching the various service providers before going with Airtel's "reputation" - am not sure how much better others are but doubt things can be any worse!

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  • Ga
    Gautam Shukla Feb 26, 2008

    Failing to find an answer to my problem I discontinued the connection.Also received a number towards the diconnection log. However the bills from Airtel datacard services contiunue to come as before.

    They also gave a e-mail id of the [email protected] for any complaint regarding the bill - the mails to this address do not get responded. The complaint number which is a airtel number if called is never picked up or is genrally switched off.

    Ever since i have subscribed to Reliance connection and the services have been pretty smooth with out any hiccups.

    I hope Airtel starts understanding the value of the customer - and treating him the way he should be .

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  • Da
    Dakshata Dec 22, 2008

    Dear Ms Gupta, I had purchased Airtel Data card for the internet connection in the month of August from your Chembur branch. I had opted for the Rs.599 unlimited download scheme which was available for a limited time. I had setup for a direct debit for the same. However, when my september bill arrived there has been a direct debit of Rs.7600/- which meant that I was charged for the download. When i went back to the Chembur showroom and informed an executive there viz Mamta, She assured me that there was a mistake in the back office in submission of form and that the back office had not been updated about the scheme that I had opted for and therefore i was charged. She also promised me a full refund for the same. I have made several visits to the Chembur showroom but in vain.I get the same reply that the main head office person's signature is needed. Mamata gave me the excuse of it being Ganesh Chaturthi thats why the gentleman was not in office. Its almost christmas now and still I hvae not been refunded and now the data card is also not working.So when i went to the Chembur branch again .I spoke to another executive called Preeti Yelve who was not only not helpful but also very rude. When i was talking to her she just ignored me totally. I dont know what seemed funny to her but it seemed to me that she was trying to get rid of me as soon as she could. When i questioned her about my account again she just told me to hold on and speak to her head.I sopke to a Ms. Tilotama Shelar over there who promised she will look into the matter and give me a definate reply by last monday which was 18th of Dec and till date I havent heard from any of them. I am writing this email in full frustration hoping to get my case resolved as soon as possible as its been 3 months. I am so frustrated as with your customer service which is as good as non existing to me. I hope you are the right person to help me out. For any further enquiries please feel free to contact me on 9819228555.My airtel datacard number is 9987577928. Hoping to hear from you soon.Thanks and Regards, Dakshata.Savant.

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network coverage not being received

I am not receiving airtel mobile services network coverage on rajkot - morbi highway at ajajnta india ltd. Landmark, I am a postpaid customer paying rental of rs. 399 per month, the customer care executive of airtel replied on my complaint that the network will improve within three months not immediately what I have to do for six months where will be I working at ajanta india limited for audit purpose, my mobile number is +91 - [protected]. I am living in rajkot - gujarat, daily coming from rajkot for audit purpose but remaining disconnected with my family members due to airtel network problem.

1 rupee local scheme, not activated in life time pre-paid card.

As Per Sanjay Kapoor President of Bharathi Airtel Give the Below mentioned Statement , For all Life time Customer and those who are in 999 Scheme are eligible for One Rupee Scheme Local Calls.

Not only that , they are giving advertisement in TV , Newspaper , Just Bluffing the customer.

We have called many times to Airtel Customer care to activate the One Rupee Scheme. Always they promise that with in 24 hours one rupee scheme will be get activated in your pre-paid connection.
Even Customer Support managers are not giving proper response and not ready to attend any calls.

From 12-Nov-2007 to till now 24-NOV-2007 ,24 Hours mean by your customer support is more than a Month. Such a Big service provider Bluffing the customer and cheating the customer.

We waited more than 24 working days instead of 24 Hours still the one rupee scheme not activated in our pre-paid card.

If you are not taking the necessary Action the same mail will be forwarded to your President SANJAY KAPOOR Bharat Airtel (President ).

The below mentioned Two Mobile Numbers Required one ruppee Scheme activation immediately.

Velu D Pre-Paid 999 Life Time Numbers = [protected].

Velu D Pre-Paid 999 Life Time Numbers = [protected].

****************************** ******************************************** ***********************
The financial Express Dated 2-Nov-2007

The 'Super Lifetime Prepaid' with Re 1 outgoing local tariff for life is expected to open up new segments of the market from the very young to the old, from small towns to rural clusters. Existing customers too can avail of offer free-of-charge or by paying a minimal amount, depending on the plan that they are using, said the company.

Sanjay Kapoor, president, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd said, "The new Super Lifetime Prepaid further marks our strategic intent of making mobile telephony more affordable among the masses. In a market which is cluttered with multiple tariff options, we are offering the simplest plan ever in this industry. We are positive that this will yet again open up new segments and expand the market. To reward existing customers, we are offering this free of charge to our old lifetime customers".

need user name and location

To the Airtel Bihar customer care and services chain of command, I would like to inform you that I am having...

[Resolved] simcard registration failed

I am using Airtel prepaid card from Bangalore. Currently I am in Maharashtra for my project work. I was using...

tower problem

annamalai nagar tower in tamilnadu. full signal but no incoming. the dailer is listened out of coverage. no out going's.for about 6month's. number of time's complained.but no action taken. my mobile no. [protected]. alternate no. [protected], [protected].

  • Ta
    TAMAL BERA Feb 01, 2008


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  • Ar
    A R MASTHANAMMA Nov 11, 2008

    apporeved my house to install the airtel tower,
    they made aggerement and got sign, july month, they have launched the material for the installation work,
    but i didn't get any advance amount or rental amount
    regading your tower.
    i went egmore office, tamil nadu, they didn't give any responce. kindly give higher officials,
    where shall i complaint regarding this.

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  • Si
    sivasankar.k Jul 26, 2009

    i am not getting proper tower in t.subbulapuram, near to andipatty. one tower launched in andipatty and another one in thimmarasanayakanur. there is no tower in t.subbulapuram. iam losing many customers for my business.please do action for my complaint.

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  • Su
    SudhaThirumurugan Dec 29, 2009

    We stay in GR ShreeNivas Apartment,
    Subhash Nagar, Manipal County Road, Singasandra, Bangalore – 560 068 in 4th floor, we are not getting proper signal there, which is a big problem, Could some one advice what we have to do for this.

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  • So
    soumya3d Mar 15, 2010

    I do not get any network coverage when i am at my office. Although my office is in proper town in Kolkata. I have complain about this to the airtel costumer care executive without any result.


    Soumya Chatterjee,

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  • Go
    golden1 Sep 14, 2011

    we are using Airtel 3G data card in Salem Steel Plant township the signal is very poor. Airtel should strengthen the signal, other wise Airtel will loose the business in the township, salem steel plant, salem-636 030.

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  • Ri
    richard,kallamundkur Nov 05, 2011

    They are assuring moon to the earth.In case of providing mobile signals they are duping the public

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