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Complaints & Reviews

Install from 3/21 still not completed

Sales - Michael came to the house (also goes by Travis). Worked with Jose on the phone - he worked with his security manager. We did not realize we had to install that very day to get all the deals they were giving us. We agreed to a package + a monthly fee and everything was set up with the exception of 2 cameras which were on backorder. The doorbell and an outside camera over our back deck. We originally were at 29.99/month, but since we added cameras, they agreed to 39.99. We were told to call back to check on cameras - when doing so, we've gotten the run around. Countless hours spent, we talked directly to our Installer/Travis who stated he remembered us and our 2 cameras included, etc. He stated we are on the same page, not to worry, he would take care of it. The next week, he called stating his security manager that he spoke to that day left the company so he was going the loyalty dept. Still - not to worry. Now, then, on 5/4 - he won't answer his phone, and many, many phone calls from us to account managers/customer service/complaint department, etc. and nothing. No response from calls, e-mails, etc. Who can help us?

ADT bad service

I feel cheated,
The first time that ADT's salesperson was at my house he promised that in a case we moving house there are no additional charges, he said everything is on us, if you guys don't want additional services so everything stay the same, under the same contract, just let us know when and where and we send a technician..
He convinced us to sign a two-year contract instead of a shorter term and we agreed only because he promised we will be able to move with no additional changes and no need of new contract.
Last month we called to let them know we are moving and now they want us to sign for another long term contract, after we spoke with the manager he said ok just take with you specific devices and the rest you can leave in the old house and we will do the transfer on the same contract.
Today we called again to give the new address and again we have been told we can't do they on the same contract, the representative was so rude and raise his voice two time, we asked to talk with manager and he let us stay on the line for 15 minutes and obviously he had no intention to transfer us.
If that matters his employer number is: 185405

We are very disappointed, we will never renew a contract with ADT, neither we nor all our acquaintances. It's just sad that their salespersons are lying to customers just to sign them on a contract

Technician was unqualified to install ring and was paid up front $200.00

Tech came out on November 30th to install ring. He informed myself that
he did not know how to install it. Paid him $200.00 up front from my
credit card. He claim he tried to return to my card, but was unable. Call
rep on December 16, 2019, she gave me an email, with that, no response
from ADT to this day. It is unfair that an unqualified tech was sent to my
home, it is unfair no one has contacted, me it is unfair your company does
not have this info in your computer, and most of all, I really need my money
back. I am a customer as well. My name is Mrs. Sandra Hemphill, I can be
reachedat [protected] home/ [protected] cell / [protected] Thank you.

Home security

Poor service from ADT is putting my home security at risk. Recently the information from ADT is incorrect and inaccurate and very frustrating:
The time of loadshedding the first 2 months was very accurate. Now I get a message of loadshedding when electricity is back.
The call to check if the panic button is real - fix your system each time there is loadshedding you call to check if we are okay, because the panic button on your side went off. If there are criminals in my house will I be able to answer phones? Upon answering you ask for the code and then you say its incorrect - oh your level of competency is making me wonder if I am in a crime situation will you be able to assist me. Then you will dispatch the van - at 4am they shine torches on the windows, do you expect me to go out and attend to them?
No wonder there are very few houses with ADT services and the episode on Carte Blanch not making me feel safe.
I want accurate information from you going forward, fix your signals during loadshedding. 12/02/2020 @ 10:58 I got a message low battery and there was no loadshedding. At 11:20 I got a call which I didn't answer because of your inaccurate information, you were going to tell me the panic button are we okay.
Your urgent corrective action will be appreciated

Visa gift card scam

Its been over a year and i still have never received my visa gift card. Its a little upsetting that rates go up after a year. Customer services reps i have talked to dont help, no one really picks up the either phone. I just don't understand why a company this big lies about giving something to get you to buy into a contract with them. I dont know, whats up with them this is fraud.

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Local adt representative (chris hite) incompetence

I have requested a certificate of monitoring from local ADT representative Chris Hite for 3 months, multiple...

I never received my adt gift card offer

I was told by the guy that installed my system that I would receive my gift card in the mail a couple of months after I had the system installed .. I never received it. So I called adt and the representative notified me that I should have received something in my email.. Being that I hardly ever look at my emails I didn't find the link in time .. I feel like I should still have the opportunity to get my gift card since I was told it would be mailed to me.

adt alarm

Long time ADT client (10 years+) who finally tried to disconnect as new systems / services are so much better. ADT basically REFUSES to cancel my services. They claim first request was not made properly, and second request they refuse to process UNLESS I agree to pay them for a future dated cancellation! This is on a month to month system that has no contract obligations remaining. Total scam, I filed complaints to local media and Consumer Protection.

Billing and customer service

I recently sold my home that I had ADT service in and received a final bill. Well after looking at it closer I was charged for time I no longer owned the home. I called customer service and was told I needed to call them 30 days prior to ending my service. I did not know the final closing date until 2 weeks before and call that week to end service. When I called I was never told I needed to give 30 day notice so this is a shocker. I couldn't take the service to the new place and did intend to get their service once we find a new home but after this I dont want to deal with this again. If I would have needed to give all the services we had at the old home 30 day notice we would have been screwed. This is a joke and I will not be back unless this is resolved and word of mouth is your best advertisement.

taking money without authorization

i have called for the last 3 4 days and complained to adt that first the were taking money out of my account without permission. They also said the were going to refund me the money and said it would be in there 1 da y and wasnt in there Adt has done this several times i have had problems from the very first day. Ihad them at my house in NC and never had a problem i ended up moving i was in my house new house for about 1 1/2 months and had problems from day 1. they said the were going to hook my services up they did a no call no show i waited all day and nobody showed up i had to call them. then chared me more the i was told on my first bill and then they took a double payment a couple of diffrent times and still i am waiting for my money back i belive this started with the money on around the december 3rd -december 6th of 2019 so i hope this gets resolved asap and i belive you all need to do something for me for all these headaches and the inconvinece that has been cause

sales department

I was speaking with a Manager named (Kelly) in your Sales Department. We talked about setting up for the technician to come out. And when I told her I wanted to check with my wife the problem began. She told me I was basically just a sale and she could be talking to other potential clients and she couldn't guarantee that after today she would be able to guarantee it. Then she presides to tell me "they are sales and she could be with other potential clients". I asked her "this is your customer service".

P.S. It would be nice to actually speak to an Complaint Representative

Anthony "Tee Jay" Jackson
4700 Little Hill Cir
Austin, Texas 78725

incorrect billing on contract

I contacted ADT last month in Oct. I still have not received a contract or anything in writing other than a paper bill and email notification of an upcoming bill for 53.99. I contacted the ADT customer service 6 times within the last because of the promotion that was also sold to me included a refund for installation. Each representative promises to send an email with instructions for the installation rebate yet I still haven't received any email checked daily spam folder as well. Eventually I receive an email notification for my upcoming bill which I really appreciated the notification but it's not the correct monthly agreement the representative sold me during my installation call. I contacted the ADT to inform them of the error. They said it's out of the 30 days to downgrade but I said it's not a downgrade it's in my contract I agreed to on the phone. However again, I've never received a written contract or confirmation. I asked that the recorded conversation be investigated so it can be honored as it was sold. I was never informed of any change to my agreement until I received the bill notification. I have been mislead in other incidents in this short month by ADT as well. In my frustration I decided to cancel this contract completely. I was told I had 30 days, on 10/25 I called to cancel they said I had 3 days to cancel after installation. At this point I still hadn't received the bill notification so I didn't know about the error. Then 11/1 I noticed the error and along with all the other incident over the past month with ADT and it authorized dealer Defenders dba Protect Your Home, I'm now the victim on a contract scam. They have locked me into a contract by giving me incorrect deadlines dates, non existent promotions, and almost doubled my monthly bill amount for 24 months without my consent.

incorrect billing on contract

ADT Security Services

saturday customer service

I called on Saturday october 26th regarding my service which is down for a number of reasons

My intent was to have a tech come out when it's convenient for both our schedules

The woman on the phone was extremely short with me. Totally rude and dismissive. I was disgusted with her service and decided to cancel my ADT service instead. My contract was ended on oct 12th so I'll call Monday morning to cancel completely.

Nasty people shouldn't be working

visa card.. not given what has been promised.. still waiting...2door monitors for 60.00 a month... bad customer service

Lied from the gate never received visa card... Said my wifi wasn't strong enough.. Said we had to wait for installation because we had old wiring and underground wiring was bad.. 1, 000 upgrade grade don't have any of it 2 sensors.. Paying full price each month waiting for. Amerasian never got anything we were promised in promotion. Tried to. Angel says we owe75 percent bull crap

home security

I was using Home security service since 2010 first at my old address and then I moved to new address in 2015 .I was told when I move to new address and use the same service same contract will continue .My house is not being monitored after year 2017 .Now I get a collection notice of 1079.30$ which includes 728.40$ as penalty for breach of contract .When I spoke to agent today on oct 3, 2019 I was told they have my old address on file as in brampton .I can pay the amount due for teh services I used but please waive the penalty for breach of contract $ 728.40.In future I will never use the services of ADT

  • Updated by Dev kenn · Oct 03, 2019

    I spoke to collection agency and told them I can pay outstanding balance of 350.80$ now and cancel the penalty as its almost more than 5 year I am using the service including my old home..I was told that I need to reinstate the service with ADT only than they will waive the penalty .

I have not received my 100 gift card

Service from ADT was horrible! I had my alarm system installed back in May 2019. They took long installing it, they were charging me for stuff I didn't get, i would call the ADT company and they would give me different information than what the company that installed my security system. They said they would get back to me when the cameras were available, which manager said they should be coming in late August and he will handle it and call me or text me when they arrive and until now I have not received anything! I mailed in certificate and payment as told. They cashed in the check but still I did not receive my giftcard! I was told by the manager i would get 2 gift cards for the inconvenience... NOTHING! There was no follow through with the service they provided me to check if the system was working. Just overall Horrible service and experience!


If you see an advertisement from ADT that's states receive a $100 gift card with installation, DONT DO IT! My...

home security system

First of all, On July 6, 2019 ADT technician took 9 hours to install the security system which was scheduled...

home security systems

I wish I could leave zero or negative 5 for this company. Of all the companies I have dealt with, this one is absolutely the worst. They lead you in with a great deal then upsell you. But their customer service is indescribably bad.

I was told, l when I first called to discuss my security needs, that my size home and number of necessary sensors would easily be covered by their advertised offer. Once the tech got here it turned out that we needed double the number of sensors, and the monthly cost also nearly doubled.

I was ready for that. I have had security systems before and knew they were blowing smoke at the first convo. Nevertheless, I thought ADT was reputable company and agreed to have the "recommended" number of sensors and services installed (and a 3-year contract to get all the "discounts."

The installation went well and the system appeared to function well - that is not the issue. It is what happened after the install - I had a couple of questions about the programming and how to modify some settings. What happened trying to contact them is a horror story.

First of all, their monitoring service is a company called Defender. You don't know that until want to talk to someone.

A couple of days later I called to discuss some changes in the programming. It was the Labor Day weekend and I got the usual we only work from 9-5 message. So I called on the first business day and was on hold, and on hold, and on hold - at one point I hung up after 45 minutes!! As well, during this game, was transferred around a few time but never to the right department. Gave up. Told my Fiancé who said she would call and ask. She came home from work, boiling at Defender - pretty much experienced the same issues I did.

Cancelled the service (per the 3-day right to rescind contract law). Sent the paperwork and had several convos with Defender to come and get the equipment. Same story, terminal hold, no calls back, no idea of when they could come out to remove the equipment.

Somewhere during this fiasco, I did find a corporate tele for ADT and got customer "no-service" (same ridiculous hold times). Representative did nothing so I asked to bump up the chain. She connected me to a "customer lead" at ADT. All he ever did was apologize for the problems I was having. Never did he make ANY attempt to remedy the situation. When I asked to talk to his manager, he said "our managers do not talk to customers" - yes, those EXACT words).

So, have had several convos over the last few days trying to get them to come out and pull the system. Was told that they would call me day after day to get the equipment. Several days later, no calls, no idea if or when they want to come out. I am going to rip out the equipment tomorrow AM, once the new alarm company finished installing their system.

If you purchase an ADT system after this, you deserve what you get - you have been warned.

system installed may 2, 2018

This is my first written complaint but not my first complaint to ADT. I had a system installed May 2, 2018...

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