Protect America Complaints & Reviews

Protect America / trying to cancel, thought it was canceled now after 9 years they are trying to get 159.00

Oct 19, 2018

My service with them started around nine years ago, we closed the business and they repeatedly took out the 29.95 a month bill even after we sent them a certified letter. I finally had to put a stop payment on the draft now after all these years they hire a company from Dallas Texas to not...

Protect America / home security equipment and monitoring

Aug 25, 2017

Company forces contract signing and sends equipment which does not work in home. Begins a 30-day 'clock" after which contract cannot be cancelled from date they SIP versus date you receive bad equipment. Promise to send better equipment but clock still running despite promises to contrary...

Protect America, / Did not honor agreement

Jun 19, 2015

Entered into an agreement in August 2013 for a home security system and monthly monitoring. During installation it was determined we had a faulty sensor. I was told by the technician would be shipped to replace the faulty one. As of April 2015, we had still not received the sensor, this i...

GE Protect America / I will steer any one I know away from their service

Mar 22, 2012

I just sold my home and transferred the security service to the new home owner. However, because the paper work was not received until the 6th of October, I am still paying the entirety of this months bill. I do not expect to be reimbursed for the 6 days of the month before they received...

Protect America, Inc / Questionable business practices

Aug 24, 2011

This company operates with a questionable ethics code and skirts within grey areas of the law with their contract language. I have never had a company make me feel as though I’m held hostage like this one does. In 2007 I signed a 3 year contract with ‘Protect America, Inc”. In...

Protect America / Bait and switch!

Jun 19, 2011

Protect America sells home security systems that appear to be inexpensive and protect your house. The truth is that the system they promote is deeply flawed and gives you little protection unless you upgrade to a much higher cost system. They tell you that their alarm box can call out to...

Protect America / You will get better use of your money if you pile it up in the middle of the street and set fire to it

Jun 17, 2011

Thinking of getting a home security system? Think Protect America is a good deal? Think again! Then RUN! In 2006 I prepaid a 3 yr contract for a security system. The equipment failed several times and new sensors were sent. They also failed. The equipment is junk - pure and simple - junk...

Protect America Auto Renewal / Scam

May 31, 2011

Thinking of getting a home security system? Think Protect America is a good deal? Think again! Then RUN! In 2006 I prepaid a 3 yr contract for a security system. The equipment failed several times and new sensors were sent. They also failed. The equipment is junk - pure and simple - junk...

Protect America / illegal renewal program

Mar 24, 2011

Notice to all protect america customers who were a victim of their How to get your money back. illegal automatic renewal program... Protect america is located in texas an per texas state law HB 1702. Protect America MUST send written notice not more than 90 days nor less than 15 day...

Protect America / Ugly restocking fee, ugly product


Know this before you order the system. The "look" is pretty hideous. The control box looks like an enormous, white, 1980s answering machine. Do you really want this sitting by your primary door? The door triggers are also large and obtrusive and white. If you have dark door frames they...

Protect America Security Co. / Borderline Fraudulant Co.


I tried for 8 months to stop my service. Always a different excuse as to why not. Contract not up or auto renew, or cannnot cancel on phone or by email . Asked for a signed renewal and they sent me basically a made up sheet of paper with no signature. I finally got a signed receipt from the...

Protect America / Cancelling contract within 72 hours


December 8, 2009. I changed my mind about the purchase of a security system from Protect America. I had buyer’s remorse. I expect to be out-of-town for an extended period (10 days) during the holidays. Currently, I have security from my current provider and I know how this service work...

Protect America / Terrible company


Protect America, Inc is a security system company. They suppose to protect you but watch out if you didn't read their contract carefully you will get trapped!!! In my case I got a 2 years contract and I moved 4 monthes before the contract is up. I called them for termination and I...

Protect America / Scam charges


Protect America security company sold us a home security kit and sent a different kit than they had sold us. We sent it back and because they had laughed at us on the phone when we wanted to talk to an employee who would help us we wanted to cancel the service that we hadn't had the...

Protect America Inc. / Unethical sales


They asked me to produce unethical sales. They would take advantage of anyone they could. Customers, employees and took full advantage of the elderly. This company is someone you never want to do business with. Their product is cheap. They have the worse customer service I have ever seen...

Protect America / Scam!


Thinking of getting a home security system? Think Protect America is a good deal? Think again! Then RUN! In 2006 I prepaid a 3 yr contract for a security system. The equipment failed several times and new sensors were sent. They also failed. The equipment is junk - pure and simple - junk that...

Protect America, Inc. / Thieves


I like many others was fooled by Protect America. I signed up with them for the 3 year contract. I have luckily managed to cancel 60 days before the 3 years expired. In that period of the time 2 of the security sensors failed. So I called Protect America to replace them per their contract...

Protect America / fraud


I got a medic alert system from Protect America on repeated reassurances over the phone from their salesman that their system worked with magicjack ( which I recommend ) with my computer. It turns out that there isn't a medic alert that will work with magicjack, according to their own...

Protect America / Scam


This company has a nice scam going! They offer you equipment at no charge, if you agree to a 3 year contract. The salesperson tells you that you can cancel after 3 years, and the equipment is yours. I've been a loyal customer of Protect America for over 5 years. When you agree to the...

Protect America / Watch out!! I worked there


Not fully knowing how these people operate I started working there around December, soon I learned how it works...The only reason Im revealing these practices is for everyone to watch out and be careful when doing business with them. First, customer service is only trained to sell you more...

Protect America / Terrible experience


On December 23, 2017 we lost our home in a fire. Prior to the fire we had a 3-year house alarm contract with Protect America, Inc. which would have expired the earlier part of 2017. Following the fire, I called all the pertaining home suppliers (water, electricity, gas etc) including...

Protect America / A box of junk

I purchased this alarm system in January 2008. The salesman told me I would get all doors and windows alarmed plus a fire alarm. What I got was 3 door alarms and nothing else. Not only was I lied to, but the system did not work properly. It would beep all the time for no reason. I called...

Protect America / Save yourself a headache!


Protect America, Inc. 5100 N. IH-35, Suite B Round Rock, TX 78681 I had a recent episode with a company called Protect America, an alarm monitoring service with whom I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years. I purchased the service in 2003, after my home wa...

Protect America / Will not release me from contract


Beware of this company. Their sales persons mislead and give the wrong information. The customer service is inflexible and is quick to site reasons why you cannot stop a contract, despite the good faith actions of its consumers. After paying $29.95 for 3 years I attempted to cancel the...

Protect America / These fools are crazy! Stay away!


I have had my fair share of bad experiences, but Protect America employees take the cake. These people are CRAZY! I have been turned off each time I am contacted by one of them that I have never set up service. I called once to inquiry about the service and have been getting stalked by...

Protect America / No cancellation allowed!


I would like to let people know that in August of 2004, on a personal referral, I signed a contract for a security system by Protect America. I was charged 36.00 a month for a 2 year contract. I had nothing but problems with the stick on magnets on the windows... I often found the parts on...

Protect America / Protect America is ripping me off and they'll rip you off too!


Beware of Protect America Inc, 5100 N IH 35 # B, Round Rock TX 78681 (phone: 800-951-5111). Protect America has charged me a total of $213.84 for equipment I don't have and monitoring I never had. I signed up with them in May 2006 and they sent the equipment to the wrong address--big...

Protect America Inc. (Round Rock, Texas) / Service is horrible


Our experience with this company has been horrible and I wish I would have found out they have over 700 unresolved complaints with the BBB Texas before I did business with them. Thinking that they were a large reputable company who sell GE alarms, I thought they were okay. I might ad they...