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Provo, Utah
United States - 84604

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+1 800 216 5232(Canada) 1 1
+1 877 404 4129(Solar Energy Support & Purchase inquiries) 1 0
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1602 3rd Ave. S, Lethbridge, Ab, T1J0L2

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Complaints & Reviews


They installed the equipment last September 19, 2019. Agent told I have 10 day trial but they deduct me the following day. I called them today September 30, 2019 to have a...

service fees increase by 2 x (bait and switch)

Account number A-[protected], service number :S-6143039 Best buy Vivint program sold me over $1200 worth of equipment on 04/13/2018 with an app access fees of $9.99 which was increased to $19.99 which is a 2X increase and some thing not expected by me as a customer and unfortunately contract says about the Increase after the initial term which protects a legal action but it thus not mean a bait and switch tactic has not applied here. The reasoning is just they discontinued the plan so now my options are either cancel and have and expensive wall decor or shut up and pay the increased price as I am stuck with the equipment which I fully paid for and I cannot even return it or do any thing about it.


Vivint.Smart Home(ToddAndie-wife Pederson and Keith Nellson founders) located at 4931 North 300 West Provo, UT [protected] is a shi**y company. Formerly APX Alarm Security Solutions(The Blackstone Group is part of them too) and one wonders why they had to change their name. BestBuy even STOPPED doing business(July 2018) with this shady company. Vivint did NOT CALL the police when my home was being burglarized and the burglars were still in my house(police could have caught them..) Vivint then insisted they did nothing wrong and refused to pay me for my loss(over $50k was taken). Vivint was so [censored]ing dirty they sent me to collection, because I would NOT pay them anymore money(Vivint was in breach of the contract).

Todd R. Pedersen is also trying to scam people again with "Vivint Solar, Inc.", "Vivint Purchasing, LLC", "313 Aviation, LLC" and "Plus550, LLC"

IF you call Vivint.Smart Home today 05 March 2019 Tues. their call center will NOT transfer you to anybody important to resolve your concernscomplaints. As of today even BestBuy a fortune 500 company wants NOTHING to do with this crappy company. PLEASE do NOT allow Todd Pederson or Keith Nellson or ANY other businesses these 2 people are tied to RIP YOU off(you work to hard for your money and valuables). Together we can SHUT these 2 people down plus I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB(4499 complaints filed), etc. I will NEVER stop telling the world about these 2 LOSERS...

unethical billing/contract practices

I was a Vivint customer for several years. I paid my bill every month, on-time and without issue. A few months ago I called to have my bill adjusted as I was struggling to reduce...

Vivint Home Security — all equipment and support

This has turned into a theft by deception case. To start out the technician broke a window during the installation to which there was not any recourse taken by Vivint. Now we have...

service unsatisfactory performance order short of food overcharged

wendy's restaurant
Store# [protected]
427 Springfield Avenue
Newark NJ 07103
I'm very unsatified with my experience with this Wendy's location
I was in the drive thru for over 15 minutes
Shanita the hostess did not render good customer service in anyway form & another gentlemen Quadir had to complete my order
I paid for food and did not get all items & had to wait a additional 20mins for a sandwich this experience was very bad and I'm a very unhappy customer

service unsatisfactory performance order short of food overcharged

contract bait and switch

Do not use vivint they are liars and crooks. I lost my job and called vivint to ask when my contract was over because that would be one less bill to pay especially at 60.99 per month. The very nice man offered to lower my bill by 15.00 a month that would make my bill 45.99. He kept going on and on about that this would extend the warrenty 3 or 4 times that when he read a blurb about extending the contract 36 months I didn’t hear that - I heard warranty, and I did agree to the warranty being extended 36 months not the contract. This is a bait and switch tactic. The system is old and not working, the alarm keeps going off for loss of power and lost sensor. I only have 1 camera on because even with the phone help we cannot get this old one on line. They sent me batteries so that I could fix it myself with telephone help, exactly what am I paying 60.99 a month for? I am cancelling my contract. I actually called to renegotiate a lower bill and stay with vivint even with the crappy equipment but not now, not after being hung up on 3 times when being “transferred” and being lied to. So here’s the numbers:
The lowered my bill by 14.99 for 12 months saving me 179.88.
They added 36 months on my expired contract costing me 2195.64
Wow I saved 179.88 just to pay 2195.64??? I don’t think so, this is predatory!!!
Dirty secret, they don’t monitor your system, they pay 4.50 a month to do that and they pocket the difference in my case 56.49 a month for old defunk system and equipment that I have to maintain myself.

they try to sell me another contract!

I had a contact with these guys and was extremely happy when it was finally over. Vivint gave me nothing but headache, their service was terrible, and I often argued with these guys. So my contract was over and I was extremely happy, but they started calling me like almost every day and tried to sell me another contract. I said I was not interested and asked them to stop calling me, but they really did not care. I can't get rid of these guys, they are so annoying! I will not sign anything, I don't want to deal with them, but they simply do not understand. I said a million times I was not interested but they keep calling! Terrible!

cancellation policy

They have a Cancellation Policy that is totally unfair and unforgiving. If you have a circumstance where you cannot give a full 30 day notice before you need to cancel (such a...

wireless home security system

This is the first day, I can use my computer in my HOME, today since your tech was out here Aug. 6th, 2015. When I began to experience an electrical problem, I advised my Rep...

Vivint Security — run!!! horrible business!

On August 26, 2013, we signed up to receive service from Vivint, Inc. We opted for the upgraded package that included, smoke detectors, automatic door locks, pan and tilt video...

Vivint Sky — service

I had a system installed on 3/28. That was almost three weeks ago. It never worked properly from the start. I put in multiple requests for service. They stated the first available...

Vivint Home Security — auto full year contract extension

Signed a three year contract with APX Security, later renamed Vivint, four years ago after the house next door was broken into. System was installed the next day and activated by...

Vivint Home Security — after cancellation, the company charged again

I used the services of Vivint home Security for three months, but after that I was disappointed in their services and cancelled the contract. I called them and cancelled it and...

Vivint, Inc — misrepresentation of contract and unethical sales tactics

A door to door Vivint, Inc. employee used unethical sales tactics to acquire our business in July of 2012 with the false promise of a cancellation rescission period and a free...

Vivint, Inc. — unauthorized contract extension

This alarm company, Vivint, Inc., installed an alarm in both my home and my mother's home. We were told (verbally) at that time that it would be a 24 month contract but when...

cancellation is not cancellation

Cancelled my Vivint, letter wrote the beginning of Nov., fax the middle of Nov., phone call the beginning of Dec to make sure it was cancelled. Payments taken out 2. First Account...

Vivint Alarm Systemscan't get a refund

I would like to warn anybody out there considering doing any type of business with this company Vivint Alarm Systems. They can be found on all the China trade sites. I purchased wireless alarm system and got nothing. There is no possibility to communicate with them and to get a refund.

a bunch of con men

A guy dressed in orange came to my house about 8 PM on Saturday may 31. He wanted to sell me a home security system. He was a very smooth talker and polite. He told me about all the ways I could save money by getting their thermostate. Which he claimed was valued at a great deal of money. I don't remember the amount. He said that I would get that free. He also said I would get a health monitoring bracelet for free, smoke alarm, some kind of movement scanner, and two door alarms. I thought it was a good deal, so I agreed to get the system. He told me that the workers would install the system right away. I told him NO. I didn't want men in my house that late in the evening. He said that they were already here. So they came in and drilled holes in my front door and back door. Then they took the thermostate off of the wall, and in doing that, they wrecked the Honeywell thermostate. Then they made a hole in the kitchen wall and put some kind of alarm device there.

The next day, a neighbor told me about vivint being a rip off. So on Monday, I called my bank because vivint had my bank account number. I changed my bank account number so they couldn't charge me anymore. I also found out that vivint had already taken some money out of my account. A few days later, they tried to take more money out of my bank account. But by then, I had closed that bank account. Then I called and canceled the service the next day. Then on today, May 7, a man wearing a orange shirt came in and took the bracelet back, their crappy thermostate, the smoke alarm, and all the rest of the stuff.

What they left me with was holes in both the front door, the back door, the wall in the kitchen, and the living room where the thermostate was. I don't want other people to go through this, so please let me know if anything will be done about this.

  • Jo
    Joe Zeidenfeld Nov 19, 2018

    Vivint is saying that I verbally agreed to extending my contract even though they can't produce a the recording of my voice. Stay far away!

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