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Vivint reviews & complaints

Vivint complaints 33

Vivint - Bait and Switch

I was misled and misinformed about how my system would be set up and how it was intended to work. Had the agent been truthful with me about this, I would never have bought a package because it is not feasible where I live; it would have violated my apartment lease. Long story short, it was/is my opinion that the contract I signed was/is null and void considering I was misled and misinformed about what I was actually purchasing and demanded my money back - there was no way I could use/install the equipment I was sent. I call to get an update on my refund and all I get is the runaround, and different updates not only on the status of my refund but on the account itself - most recently, that I never returned the equipment (which I did and have delivery confirmation of it on my phone). This is no longer just about my money, this is about businesses NOT conducting business with honesty and integrity. I feel I was baited into buying something I couldn't use, and now that they have both my money AND their equipment, it's "oh, well, nice doing business with you". NO! This is not okay. If this happened to me, it can happen to anyone. I am a single mother, just trying to get by, and was interested in a security system with my teenage daughter in mind, and now I am out over one hundred dollars, the money I can use on my daughter.

Just got off the phone with Brittany from the Customer Loyalty department who informed me of the final status of my refund: there will be no refund. She did offer some alternatives, but to be honest, with all that this company has put me through (lies, waiting on something that was never going to come, misinformation, phone-tag, repeating my story every time I was cold transferred, etc.) I now want nothing to do with this company; this ordeal has been emotionally and mentally exhausting and frustrating for me.

[I intentionally cropped the agent's name on the screenshot. I don't want to compromise her employment.]

Desired outcome: Refund

Based on all the reviews it sounds like a very similar set up I experienced with a new internet service (Clear) about 11 years ago. I had a feeling my apartment had some sort of block preventing any other internet service than the one they told me about. I had every single person confirm I will get a 100% refund if it didn't work. "Absolutely, but I've never heard of a residence blocking access to other services." Surprise surprise after 2 weeks of their employees coming out make my internet work they all confirmed "we cant set it up here." Not only were they refusing to refund me on anything, they were adamant about charging me the 2 weeks of service despite NEVER HAVING INTERNET! I say all of this because I sat on the phone with the highest up manager I could get a hold of ALL night until I got EVERY penny refunded. I knew she couldn't hang up on me so I parked my butt on the couch and watched tv, ate, etc while she sat in silence until she would quietly ask "anything else?" "Yes every single penny you stole from me." I asked this manager multiple times to please read to me from their training handbook where it states they are told to bold face LIE to new customers because thats exactly what every single one of them did. I say all of this because after a few hours of dedication to what I firmly believed was a principle issue I got every single penny refunded the next day. Most people just pay the money and move on. She learned I was not "most people" and I wasn't giving up on the simple fact that they had stolen from me and I had documented names and dates of all the people who told me I'd get all my money back.

Basically it might suck some of your time up to put that kind of effort into getting your money back but the way I saw it earning that money sucked time up so it was worth buckling down and getting my stolen income back. I was a hairstylist at the time too so that manager was well aware of my intentions of telling every single person I encountered to RUN from Clear internet. Sounds like your situation might warrant a little lesson as well! Glad to hear we will RUN from Vivint as well! Im sorry you got robbed!

I'd like to be of some help.

Is there anything within the contract that they have failed to offer or provide?

Vivint - Security system

I bought a home that had a very extensive Vivint security system. A technician came out to activate it in my name. It NEVER worked and the technician left frustrated and promised I wouldn't be charged. Well, I was charged. They refused to refund my money because the technician didn't leave any notes that it didn't work. I asked them to check to see if it ever connected to the central system and was told "that's another department" which is a story I've gotten many times when I call them. They play a cat and mouse game so they can get paid without providing any service. This company is a rip-off.

Desired outcome: Refund

Vivint - Vivint solar panel

---Original Message----- From: [protected] To: [protected] ; josie.[protected] ; david.[protected] ; shana.[protected] ; [protected]

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Vivint - whole system

It's been one thing after another with these people and today was the breaking point! My new neighbor called me this morning to tell me some one broke into his house yesterday and could I look at my events camera to see if I could see anyone. I went to events only find out my camera hasn't recorded anything since Sept.2021 and it's Oct.2021. I will be cancelling and filing a complaint with the attorney general!

Vivint - Salesman Nicholas Grant

Vivint salesman Nicholas Grant did nothing but lie and make false statements;
1) Installers would be momentarily that evening and be back the next day to complete install, did not leave our house until midnight
2) All the equipment was in-stock and ready for install, find out after the install DVR is 2-3 weeks out
3) Installers would take down all your old equipment, they did no such thing
4) I would be reimbursed for my cameras, $300.00, that did not happen

Desired outcome: Fire the salesman and pay me the $300.00 i was promised

Vivint - Contract

Vivint promised one monthly price then charged double. I informed them when signing up that we would be moving. I was told that there would not be a moving charge. When I moved, I was told there would be a several hundred dollar charge for moving. Called to cancel services, and now I can't because of a contract. Zero contract when I signed. Every customer service rep tells a different story. I can cancel with no charge if I pay off equipment. I pay off equipment. Now I have to pay a cancellation fee. Zero honesty with this company.

Desired outcome: Cancellation and never have to deal with Vivint again.

Vivint - Home security

This system has NEVER worked as promised. I tried early on the cancel the service and their contract is horrible! I am locked in for $66 per month and the cameras don't work properly. If someone is at my door, I hear the bell but cannot see the video for several minutes. The time to load the pictures is WAY too long. The videos are of poor quality and some are not even in motion. It's like a quick camera shot. Only 1 of my cameras says "recording" The 2 in my backyard whistle occasionally and I am NOT notified on my phone.
This is a real scam. They should be put out of business.

Desired outcome: Come get the equipment and cancel my contract. I am starting a blog.

Vivint - Impossible customer service

They said setting up my alarm system would cost a certain amount, then they charged over a 100$ more.
Then they started harassing us for payment before even sending the bill.
When we got the bill, and saw it was wrong we called them to fix.
We have now clocked in 4+ hours on the phone with no resolution in sight. Every time we call it seems we have to start over.
Tired, we finally said come and take your stuff back, we're cancelling - well that seems impossible too. They are asking us to pay the full amount (the one that's 100$ more than we agreed in the beginning) before closing the account.
We're willing to pay for the 2 months service they provided, but we want to get a new company, so we don't need or want their equipment and refuse to pay for it, or the installation since they are the one who changed the price after the fact.

Vivint - Billing and customer service

I have been misled over and over again regarding my bill. The last year I have been very disappointed in the customer service. The right hand never knows what the left hand has done. I was giving a payment agreement that because my bill was 90 days past due that if I paid half vivint would pay the other half and put my account on auto pay. Just today I got a phone call from vivint stating that I have a past due balance and that is not correct based on my last arrangement. I have been lied to over and over and I am so tired of it. Can I get some answers as to when is my contract over and can I get some resolves please

Thank you very much in advance
James Rogers
221 Gravel Bend Road Eggharbor Township NJ 08234

Vivint - Vivint customer service and canceling service

This has the absolute worst customer service experience I've ever had. Your representatives lie, don't know what's going on, don't make appropriate notes of calls. I have been scammed out of money. I keep getting told they are refunding my money. I have not seen it. I have tried to cancel my service for 2 months. I paid my buy out amount. But yet, I still have NO confirmation of a canceled account. You have an F rating on Better Business Bureau. Vivint is a terrible company. ZERO knowledge reps and unauthorized charges that don't get refunded. You won't be in business much longer with this kind of practices.

Desired outcome: Refund and close of account

Vivint - Poor equipment, service and outsourcing of customer service

Never have I been so disgusted with a company. Nothing works!! Poor equipment, sporacidic video recording, failure to update records, just overall one of the most pathetic companies I have ever dealt...

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Vivint - Alarm service cancellation

After moving to a new residence are service has been on month to month service. As seniors on a fixed income we could no longer afford 59.00 a month. I called and the company reduced service to...

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Vivint - Home security

Mr. Nathan Lords knocked on my door on June 13, 2020, and we discussed in detaiI the services and benefits that would come with me switching from Alder Home Security to Vivint Smart Home. I agreed to...

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Vivint - Alarm system randomly goes off

For the last couple of months, my system has randomly triggered the alarm. I work on a busy med/surg floor and have had to leave work in the middle of my shift. I no longer set the alarm when I leave, as both the police and my employer have lost patience.

Customer service has been nonexistent. The only vivint employees I have seen are those that are the door-to-door sales people wanting me to upgrade. I don't think so.

Just fix the damn system.

Vivint - cancellation

They installed the equipment last September 19, 2019. Agent told I have 10 day trial but they deduct me the following day. I called them today September 30, 2019 to have a cancellation but they told...

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Vivint - service fees increase by 2 x (bait and switch)

Account number A-[protected], service number :S-6143039 Best buy Vivint program sold me over $1200 worth of equipment on 04/13/2018 with an app access fees of $9.99 which was increased to $19.99 which is a 2X increase and some thing not expected by me as a customer and unfortunately contract says about the Increase after the initial term which protects a legal action but it thus not mean a bait and switch tactic has not applied here. The reasoning is just they discontinued the plan so now my options are either cancel and have and expensive wall decor or shut up and pay the increased price as I am stuck with the equipment which I fully paid for and I cannot even return it or do any thing about it.


Vivint - scammers

Vivint.Smart Home(ToddAndie-wife Pederson and Keith Nellson founders) located at 4931 North 300 West Provo, UT [protected] is a shi**y company. Formerly APX Alarm Security Solutions(The Blackstone Group is part of them too) and one wonders why they had to change their name. BestBuy even STOPPED doing business(July 2018) with this shady company. Vivint did NOT CALL the police when my home was being burglarized and the burglars were still in my house(police could have caught them..) Vivint then insisted they did nothing wrong and refused to pay me for my loss(over $50k was taken). Vivint was so f**king dirty they sent me to collection, because I would NOT pay them anymore money(Vivint was in breach of the contract).

Todd R. Pedersen is also trying to scam people again with "Vivint Solar, Inc.", "Vivint Purchasing, LLC", "313 Aviation, LLC" and "Plus550, LLC"

IF you call Vivint.Smart Home today 05 March 2019 Tues. their call center will NOT transfer you to anybody important to resolve your concernscomplaints. As of today even BestBuy a fortune 500 company wants NOTHING to do with this crappy company. PLEASE do NOT allow Todd Pederson or Keith Nellson or ANY other businesses these 2 people are tied to RIP YOU off(you work to hard for your money and valuables). Together we can SHUT these 2 people down plus I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB(4499 complaints filed), etc. I will NEVER stop telling the world about these 2 LOSERS...

Vivint - unethical billing/contract practices

I was a Vivint customer for several years. I paid my bill every month, on-time and without issue. A few months ago I called to have my bill adjusted as I was struggling to reduce my expenses. They...

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Vivint - all equipment and support

This has turned into a theft by deception case. To start out the technician broke a window during the installation to which there was not any recourse taken by Vivint. Now we have had a slew of...

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Vivint - service unsatisfactory performance order short of food overcharged

wendy's restaurant
Store# [protected]
427 Springfield Avenue
Newark NJ 07103
I'm very unsatified with my experience with this Wendy's location
I was in the drive thru for over 15 minutes
Shanita the hostess did not render good customer service in anyway form & another gentlemen Quadir had to complete my order
I paid for food and did not get all items & had to wait a additional 20mins for a sandwich this experience was very bad and I'm a very unhappy customer

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