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absa platinum fails to deliver again

I reported to my personal banker in December 2009 that my Priority Pass will expire on 020110 and that I intend to travel again in the near future, thus I would like a new card issued to me. I was assured that the card will be ordered and issued on time. In Jan of 2009, I have not received any indication of the status of my card & called the bank again, where my personal banker again said she would follow up and get back to me – I was again deafened by silence from ABSA.

Today (020310) I went into the branch to do a follow up, which resulted in a phone around contest with nobody being able to help or shed any light on the subject. It seems that ABSA is creating a trend of zero service delivery with regard to my Priority Pass and the service surrounding it.

I certainly hope that ABSA would sort out their own offerings they make to clients and spare us the frustration of trying to solve service related incidents.

the service and the consultant's attitude was pathetic and unprofessional

Yesterday, I visited absa's website and discovered that they have a gold banking package feature which caught my eye. I wanted to find out more information about this before having to go into an absa branch to apply or upgrade to this gold banking package, so I decided to email the address provided on the website.
This morning, I received an email back from janine williams, an absa consultant, simply stating:
'thank you for your email. Kindly visit your your nearest absa branch to find out more, or register online for internet and telephone banking. Is this not the reason I emailed the abovementioned address to 'find out more'?!

Honestly, the service and the consultant's attitude was pathetic and unprofessional.

they take your money but have no service and everyone passes the buck

I placed a storm damage claim through to Absa insurance on 2 Dec 09. I was told that an inspector could not come through regardless of how urgent the request was, because 'there are too many claims'. So I phoned again a week later and finally did get through to the manager after having spoke to about 20 consultants and supervisors. The referred company did come through finally about 8 days later to inspect but said that there was nothing they could do as they were going on leave that afternoon and would only come back mid Jan 2010. To top it, they said they would not fix the roof but only the ceiling... so inactual fact the problem will not be repaired but a slap together job just to shut an annoying customer up and who knows probably not even do any ceiling at all in the end. I have never ever seen such bad service in my life!!! This claim was for a family member, but now I will be cancelling 2 insurances through ABSA and will further be telling my extended family, friends and colleagues to do the same...What utter rubbish is this, they take your money but have no service and everyone passes the buck...I say, rather move to Outsurance, I certainly will be!

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    kraal karel Jan 30, 2013

    i kraal Karel account no 9180456340 since I've joined absa reward was never activate it so they deducted the money for free, I'm cancelling it.

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loyal client being treated badly

My experience with ABSA has been peculiar to say the least!
I started working in Jan 2009 as a Medical Practitioner, I decided to move
My account from another bank to ABSA, this proved to be a
GRAVE mistake. Since joining ABSA, I have been a loyal client: My account
Is always up to date, I have never requested an overdraft, payed up all my accounts
and yet when I ask for a loan,
ABSA turns their back on me!
I now receive help from other banks.

I had requested a bond, ABSA- Offered 30 000 less than what I requested! ABSA gave me a car loan last year,
One which I FINISHED paying within a year, now I'm requesting another car loan, ABSA- declined without rime or reason!
This doesn't make sense to me at all. I feel as though my account is not needed in this bank.
Can you imagine when I need to start my own practice and I need to set up, how
On earth can I rely on this bank!

ABSA, thank you for the slap in the face! I'm very dissapointed!
I plan on no longer being an ABSA client!

My advise to all you out there: Look for the ad that says:

Dr V

I'm tired of being treated like a high credit risk when there is no reason to doubt me

I received a letter from ABSA stating that I have to show them proof that my vehicle is insured. If I do not supply them with the necessary documentation within 14 days, they will insure the vehicle ON MY BEHALF! The cheeck!!! Firstly, I only pick up my mail once a month so it is more than 14 days ago since the letter has been issued. Secondly, if you want proof so badly CALL ME AND I WILL E-MAIL it to you or YOU CAN PICK IT UP AT MY HOUSE. Are you so petty that you have to resort to the small print and technical legalities to make an extra buck? I think it is high time I take my banking somewhere else; I’m tired of being treated like a high credit risk when there is no reason to doubt me!! By the way, don’t expect me to be polite when you call. I tend to get very upset when somebody tries to con me!

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the call center consultant should be retrained

I went to an Absa branch yesterday and enquired about using my credit card overseas. The consultant at the bank called credit card division and the call centre consultant just told the bank consultant that I can use up to R18 000. No further information was given and my card details were not even asked for or checked. I then called Absa credit card division today and was told that the maximum per day is R5000 and was asked my departure date and my arrival date and where I was going so that a note can be made on the system to prevent these claims been reported as fraudulent. Why was this not done when I went specifically into the bank yesterday? And to top it all I was given the incorrect information yesterday? Why do we bother going to the bank just to be given the incorrect information? The call center consultant should be retrained. Reflects very poorly on Absa and its staff.

absa gives no service

I have just returned from a wasted 30 minutes spent at the ABSA branch in Edenglen. I merely wished to discuss home loan options with a consultant to gather information. A process that should not have taken longer than 10 minutes.

When I arrived at the branch I found that there was only 1 consultant serving all the client queries. At 1pm on a week day, how can 1 person be expected to manage a task like this. It's no wonder people were becoming impatient.

When I asked the administrator (who had previously told me she couldn't help) she said that they had requested from HO that a second consultant be appointed but the request was denied.

So after 30 minutes of my time I left, walked to the FNB directly above the ABSA, to find a panel of 4 consultants serving their clients.

Please explain why FNB can have sufficient staff to service their clients but ABSA does not seem to see this is an important priority?

I will take it that ABSA is not interested in financing my home, I will look for another financial institution that understands customer service.

twice now I have had a problem with absa deducting money from my account

Twice now I have had a problem with ABSA deducting money from my account without my authorisation and when queried, get fobbed of with 'we will refund this back into your account'. The first time was soon after I opened my account - I had applied for some small business package that didn't work on my PC. When I discussed this with the business manager he promised to stop the subscription, but I was still billed for 2 months after. When I again spoke to the business manager he promised I would be refunded. 2 years later this has still not happened. Then about 3 months ago Absa 'mistakenly' deducted R300 for some programme that I had supposedly applied for. Again I was promised an immediate refund. Needless to say this has not yet been done, and I'm not holding my breathe. BE VERY CAREFUL if you ever apply for an ABSA account - you may pay a lot more than you bargained for. I work *** hard for the little I earn, and I really don't see why I should fund the 'fat cats'.

no one at absa is willing to assist

ABSA have been sending my credit card statements to my post box for 3+ years and suddenly they started posting it to my home address and they changed my surname as well. I informed them and they tell me that I must go to the bank to change it back and I refuse as I did not change it. I now got a SMS and an email (both addressed to my WRONG surname) that I don’t comply with NCA and if I don’t send my FICA documents before 23 October 2009 they will probable cancel my accredit cards. No one at ABSA is willing to assist.

not releasing loan

As director of Orono Trading I asked a loan for buying cattle. The loan was permitted, registration of the mortgage bond on the farm took place on the 12th of August. The same day I bought cattle assuming release of the money within some days. Until now, 3 October, I didn't receive any money.

Mrs Jansen went ill before registration and I was informed that Denise Strout of Menyn branch was responsible now. From the 16th September Mrs Jansen worked again.After phoning several times I was asked at the end of August for a resolution of the trustees of the farm. The 9th September they needed insurance of the home, signing of trustee papers and life insurance policy. This week they needed proof of registration of the mortgage bond and yesterday another piece of paper of the auditors.

After my and my lawyer's calls being ignored I lodged a complaint on 4th of september.(Re433522) The 29th september calling three times, speaking to different persons at action-on-line who did't come back to me, I wrote an e-mail to action-on-line the same evening ( not being confirmed until now). The area manager phoned 30-9 to confirm that she knows about the problem and they are working on it.

the lack of knowledge and understanding is appalling

14.9.2009 08h15 spoke to Abigail on [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting re Gold Package. She gave me details including monthly service fee. I said I was on free senior banking and if I applied for a credit card & switched to Gold Package would the service fee still apply. She consulted with someone and said the package would be free. She would pass details of our chat to sales who would phone me. 16.9 Royston phoned.Abigail had told him nothing other than a phone no. & my interest in Gold Package. I again queried the service fee. He couldn't answer but would find out and call me. After a further 3 calls from Royston I was no wiser. He would now have someone who could help, phone. No phone call so i phoned [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting & spoke to Nozibele. After a discussion of some 12 mins. during which she disappeared for 3or 4 mins.I was unable to have my query understood & she started to explain how I should apply for a credit card! I'd had enough by then so she promised to have somebody more senior phone; no promised call that day or to date. How does a company which provides such disgusting service, survive? The lack of knowledge and understanding is appalling.

do not want to accept my offer

I have struggled with debt for some time and have been placed under debt review. There is a balance owing to Absa Credit card and judgement had been obtained last year. My debt administrator has contacted them with an amount of R780, 00 per month in lieu of repayment. That is ALL I can afford ...for now. They (ABSA) has refused this and have issued writ of summons via their attorneys (Norton). Well all I can say is that I have nothing to be attached...so in the end they will get R50, 00 a month!!!

opened wrong cheque account and charged us fees

We tried to open prosperity current account with Absa in East Rand Mall in Boksburg. Reason she is older than 55, working at the Post Office, and the bank fees on her savings account is quite high. We were told this type of account would be opened, and I even have the agent who helped us' business card, where she wrote the account number and 'prosperity account' on the card. 1 month later we receive a bill charging us R123 for fees for the SILVER cheque account. It turns out Absa opened a silver instead of prosperity current account. Went back to the branch, spoke to Ettienne B Tieties, and was told she needs to have a fixed deposit of at least R20 000. We opened a fixed deposit, and I asked that the bank reverse the current account charges since she has not used the account nor have collected the debit card. It was said it would be investigated. Today I look at my internet banking to find that the account was changed to Prosperity, but the charges on the account stands now at R186, and my mom has not used the account even once! I demand that the bank reverse the charges they have charged us unlawfully. Call centre says go to the branch to fix Absa's mistake? Help PLEASE!

I am not, never have been, and now never will be an absa client

At about 14h10 on Friday 4th September I received an UNSOLICITED marketing call from a Kamo Maribane who told me she was calling from Absa Bank Card Division in Pretoria. She was trying to sell me some or other credit card product. She knew my name and surname. I am not, never have been, and now NEVER will be, and ABSA client.

I asked here where she got my details, and she tld me that ABSA got the details from Makro.

1) How dare Makro share my private details with a third party? This is not only completely unethical, but possibly illega too.

2) I was in Zambia at the time of the call. I have international roaming so that my clients can contact me when I'm anywhere in the world. I am quite prepared to pay for the international call if one of my clients calls me, but why should I have to pay for an international call to receive UNSOLICITED marketing drivel that I don't want in the first place?

3) When my cell phone bill arrives I will be billing ABSA for the cost of the international call. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY TO RECEIVE ADVERTISING. It's disgusting!

I am highly irritated in the way this is being handled

In July 09 (Saturday evening) I went to ATM to try and draw some money. The ATM rebooted and retained my card. I immediately phoned the number on the ATM to stop my card and told them exactly what has happened. The Monday I went into the bank to get a new card and was told by the teller that I need to pay R45 for a replacement card. I told him that I will not pay as it was not my fault. I then requested to speak to the supervisor or manager and explain the situation to her. She then told me that the charge will be waivered. I received my card and left. Thinking everything was sorted. At the end of the month when I received my bank statements I saw that the funds was deducted from my account.

I went back and was promised that the charges will be reversed. This was a couple of weeks ago. Up until today they have not reverse the charge. I phoned in to find out that nothing was done and the case was close. They can't give me a reason as to why the case is closed.

Now I know it is only R45.00 but if everyone just leave it because it is only R45 imagine how much money ABSA make.

I am highly irritated in the way this is being handled.

I am totally horrified & disgusted

On Saturday the 5th Sep 2009 my husband was robbed of R5300 in The Sediba Plaza. He was walking towards our vehicle after withdrawing money from ABSA . Before he could get into the car a man grabbed his hand. My husband thought he was a beggar. When he left my husbands hand finaly, he got into the car & realised that the money was gone.

We went over to the security, Who was standing in the shade, chatting to a woman. My husband informed him of what happened & asked if he had seen anything, he said he did not see anything & he was sorry & continued chatting to the woman.

My husband is the sole breadwinner in our household, we have a 1 year old child to take care of & all he could say was, sorry. I believe if he sprang into action the criminals would have been aprehended & we would not be R5300 out of pocket. How are we supposed to pay our accounts & live for the month.Never mind all of that.WE now have to call all these ppl & explain why we cant pay them.

I am totally horrified & disgusted. Is this why businesses pay security companys, so their guards can stand in the shade, chatting to women.

failure to be able to pay re-advance funds into my bank account

About six weeks ago i made application for a re-advance of R24500 on a bond of R67600. It took over a week to be assessed, andI was advised that the re-advance would not be granted because I could not afford it. I asked them to re-assess which they did and they phoned me to apologise for their error.

At no time was I advised that the applicable interest rate could be adjusted. When I went to sign the agreement, I found that the interest rate had been increased from prime - 1 to prime + 1, 85. Through the offices of the customer care manager, I got the interest rate reduced. This resulted in the contract being redrafted and after five weeks, I signed it last Friday and requested that payment into my Standard Bank ac be expedited. I was contacted today to say that there was a problem and that they could not pay it into my account without verifying my signature against that on the original bond application and that that was not available. The only options were to pay the money into my flexi reserve account or to have a cheque made out to me, neither of which suited me. All I want is the money to be paid as soon as possible into my SBSA ac so that I can pay my builder.

incompetence in service in all departments

I would like to report on the poor level of service I received from your staff at the ABSA branch located on cnr. Rose and Gemsbok, Lenasia. I am currently banking with ABSA since 2002, and on the platinum package with them. I have been trying in excess of 2 months now to apply for an extension on my bond.

I have been assigned a personal banker in the form of Daksha Kooverjee. Her incompetence level amazes me. Every query I had raised with her, needed me to follow up either via email or telephonically. She does not provide any valuable service to my portfolio whatsoever, and I cannot see the benefit of having a personal banker if that is what their job entails. I, myself, have worked for the bank before, for over 5 years, and we were very customer orientated. It seems as though the branch in review here is comfortable with it's service, where the staff are going about their day to day responsibilities with minimal effort, as long as the day to day processing continues with no improvement at all.

I have also dealt with your Home Loans department. I have escalated this issue to the branch manager this morning at 10:14, she read the email at 12:08, I am yet to receive a response.

atm's not working

ABSA bank in Polokwane Hans van Rensburg street has 3 ATM's and on this month end only one ATM works. I wonder if you are aware of this. Also, in Polokwane there is only two ATM's where one can make a deposit. I think in a city like this there must be more ATM's where one can deposit.

cellphone claim

I lodged a claim after my cellphone was stolen on the 18th June 2010 and Mr Redwaan Jacobs called to say that he needed the following documents to process the claim: a police report and proof of blacklisting from the service provider, which I duly submitted on monday, 21/06/2010 via fax. A week passed by without any response and I made a phone call enquiry only to be told that the guy has been on sick leave ever since and I need to refax those documents to be assisted.I was livid and angry as I couldnt accept it that his abscence has lead to an inconvinience on my part.I spoke to a lady called Gift who didnt even want to listen to my side of the story.I thjen requested to speak to her supervisor, a lady calling herself Bianca who also insisted that I refax the documents for this claim to be processed.She also didnt want to listen to my frustrations at the delay and I requested the details of her supervisor, and an email address of Kirk Van Wyk was issued.I sent an email to this adress and have not received a response ever since, that is 2 weeks ago.The drama continues, Ridwaan called me on the 25th /06/2010 to notify me that the claim was processed and finalised. I told the guy that this is unacceptable and he told me we will deal with the claim later. There seems to be a lack of disregard for customers and the customer relations are clearly not adhered to or understood by all and sundry at ABSA idirect. There is also no accountability.I found these people to be unprofessional and incompetent to say the least.