Aarons Rentalsignored problem with merchandise, frequent late notice when bill is not due. calls to store are never returned, islip ny store.


I bought a complete living room, plus two twin beds. The living is paid off with perfect payments. The twin beds are damaged. I have been paying them for 14 months. I continually call the Islip, NY store to speak to the manager. I finally spoke to him about this matter. He told me I would have to wait until new ones come into his store. It has been more than a month and he does't return my calls. I have continued to make the payments but two weeks ago a David from that store rang my bell saying my bill was late. I showed him the damaged mattresses, and showed him my payment proof. He told me when he returned to the store he would correct the matter. I have not heard from him either. I plan on calling the store to have these beds picked up and will never deal with Aarons again.


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    dale Mar 02, 2009

    manager was totally rude to my wife then when the regional director (i guess) called me after i explained my complaint she said im sorry and ill have a talkwith him thats not excptable he needs fired and when i tryd talking to him he called me a lier

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