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poor service!

We rented a TV, had been paying for 3 months, then on Labor Day weekend, we took off on a trip to look at...

very rude customer service!

I leased a 52 inch hd tv. It became blurry I ask for it to be fixed. They replaced it with a 48 inch and I should have gotten the same tv. Before dark the tv tore up it had so many lines that you could not see it. I called and they brought me a 52 inch this time. This was on may 9 2007. They said three weeks to fix it. When I call to check on it they talk to me like I have never been talked to by a business. They have very rude people that work there. Every time you call they have let the person go I talked to last. Take this matter serious because your store in Seneca will not be opened long. Sharonda, the manager is very very rude she want listen to me she wants to do all the talking.

My number is [protected].

Patsy Jane Couch

made up a bogus reason for keeping my over payment

I made a payment of $160.00 on 5/21/07 which included $12.82 in late fee's. I wrote an even amount out provided that the $9.16 will be adjusted to my next payment. But to my surprise the money was deducted from me. I was told it was for "in house pickup" in other words the company allegedly came to my house to remove my furniture and there was no answer. Remind you no notice was left at my residence indicating that this took affect. It just so happen this amount was exactly my balance left over. My bill was due on 5/15/07, only six days late and I paid the late fee's. I will never purchase from this company ever again. I will pay my remaining balance because I agreed to. Under no certainty did I agree to be taken advantage of.

most annoying customer service i've ever experienced

This store has the rudest and most annoying customer service I've ever experienced. There is no communication between the employees, so therefore i get harassed day & night, and have to repeatedly explain my payment plan to people who are to lazy to look up your account.

The last face to face encounter i had with these people was very rude & extremely insulting. The manager and a sales man both argued with me about my payment, which i was right about, in a barrage of insults and patronizations. I don't recommend this location to anyone unless you want to harassed by phone,at work, at home and don't mind paying their scam of late charges that don't exist in even their contracts. The worst though is being talked to like a stupid piece of trash.

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    scoobrojess Feb 07, 2011

    I previously had a problem with the store but the regional manager fixed the issue as soon as he found out.

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very bad quality furniture!

My boyfriend and I are leasing a love seat, couch, tables and lambs from Aarons furniture store in Tacoma...

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rude treatment!

I feel that AAron's has been very evasive and non-cooperative and the worst thing was that I have been...