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Resolved bad service

Ok I wont go into a long dragged out story here's the gist..we needed a laptop so we stopped at Aarons just outside of Apopka..I had done business with them in the past and was until that day a preferred customer (they would actually call ME and ask me to rent to own from them..offering me deals if I would come in and talk with them) well, I moved and was in need of a few things, but 1st we wanted to see what kind of deal we would get on a was never gonna happen it seems from the start, the employees acted as if they didn't want us in the store...the girl behind the counter was rude and could not answer even the easiest questions..luckily I know about Aarons policies and we chose one and I asked about a printer (I should have known better) once again we were met with "I have no idea" (insert big eyed I'm stupid stare here) then she disappears into the backroom to ask the manager for the answer..a few seconds later she informs us if we want a printer we would need to go online and order one from the website..they had about 7 printers in the store..I pointed this out to her and once again I was met with that big eyed I'm a dunce stare. A few seconds later here comes the manager he pretends to fiddle with a register and some receipts then not so casually looks over at my paperwork (which the dull eyed girl has me fill out again even though I'm in the system. I even told her about the past phone calls) he then informs me we have to go to the Apopka store "they" don't deliver in our area...I then informed him "doi we're getting a laptop (to her credit she even told him that)we are taking it with us so we wont need it delivered..his answer we don't deliver to Apopka you'll have to go to our Apopka Wife grabbed the paperwork snapped "### them we'll go to RAC" then we left furious..Aarons lost alot of business with us..we are looking in the future to rent to own a washer, dryer, stove and fridge..and maybe a desktop..btw we got our laptop at Circuit City (for a little over $500) (along with our internet another $50) and have not had any problems yet..(knock on wood) matter of fact I'm using it now! Aarons can kiss my money and my rosey red *ss goodbye!

  • Gl
    Glen Jan 15, 2009

    I have rented 2 big screen tv's, a recliner, deep frezzer, 2 refrigerators, washer dryer, and a laptop, over the past years, i am a long term customer. I recently leased a used laptop, which wasnt in very good condition to begin with, but i took it anyway knowing that Aarons was a reputable company, and if something happened to it they would help. The hinge on the laptop broke, and they will not waranty it, and expect me to pay to have it fixed.The store manager said it had obviously been dropped, but i have several character witnesses atesting to how good care I take of my belongings, two of which were there when the laptop broke.

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  • Xt
    xteddiegirlx Apr 02, 2009

    I have purchased a laptop from my hometown Aaron's and I'am having the same problem. The hinge broke and they said it was dropped, but the hinge had broken when I had shut the lid to the computer it snapped. They are trying to tell me that I had dropped the computer and I said that it broke the way I told you. Now they expect me to pay for the repairs.. I refuse to pay for it and I have witnesses that seen what happened. They are so rude at the store. I will never buy from them again.c

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  • Do
    dolly2010 Apr 20, 2010

    First of all, it is per company policy that you update your order form EVERYTIME you set up a new agreement. Second of all, it is per company policy that the customer goes to the location tht services the area you live in, whether or not the item has to be delivered. Third, you should have never been at Aaron's with your ol'cheap ###. Only broke ### people get ### at Aaron's. DO NOT GO BACK!!! Aaron's did not loose business, yall lost!! Now you have to TRY to go to other places where most likely you'll be denied because of your fukd up credit!!!

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caused my account to be overdrawn

Aarons took my payment out of our banking account 2 times in one month... caused our account to be overdrawn. Didn't find out until out bank statement came out. They didn't bother to tell us how it happened. They offered to put the money back but they couldn't do anything about the extra money the bank charges for the overdrawn amount. On our bank statement both payments were paid for on the same day. We called them on it after we received our bank statement on july 21 2008. We still have to pay the overdraft fee plus on top of everything else we were broke until the 3rd of august. They suggested that we could apply the money to next month’s bill. They said they couldn’t refund us the money they had to put it back on the card.

Resolved they're refusing to fix a computer still under their lease

I rented a dell computer from Aarons in Oct 2007. I reported to them over and over their firewall and virus protection was outdated. I was not about to pay out of my pocket for software for a computer I did not own.

Two days ago my computer crashed. I called the store, they told me to call Dell. I said it is your responsibility to fix it not mine. I found the restore function and restored it and this temporarily fixed it. Then I could not get into my email. I went back to restore and the screen for restore was blank. I managed to get into email but could not send emails. Also the search, when you are looking for specific programs or software is not functioning.

I called them again, and this time they told me it was my internet provider problem. I told them no, the computer box, for the provider has all green lights with no red. This signifies all systems are working 100 percent.

I then swore at the guy, I am sixty four. LOL and hung up on him. I told him I was filing a complaint with consumer protection and his corporate office, which I have done.

This is not right. Now I have a defective computer which I do not own and I am not going to pay rental payments on a broken computer. If they take me to court, I will explain this to the judge and show him the contract.

The regional manager is supposed to call me with in 24 hours to try to resolve the issue. Has anyone else had a problem with them refusing to make a repair when a lease was still in force? This is a warranty violation under consumer protection here in Jersey.

Resolved do not buy from them

I leased a refrigerator from Aarons about a month ago. Brand New they said! That thing gave me problems from the first day! They send someone out to fix it and all they did was rig it to work while they ordered the parts that Burnt Out, turns out my food started going bad cause still wasn't cooling enough! They bring me a loaner and take that one back and guess what?? That doesn't work either!! Got up at 5am and all my food in the freeze just went bad!!! I if you’re planning on getting a refrigerator, don’t Buy it at Aarons!

  • Sj
    sjkknewman Aug 12, 2008

    I leased a dryer (paid Off) and a refridgerator.
    Called them from Albuquerque to pick up refridgerator, ( we had to move, this is the aaron's in Hobbs nm) said they would go to the house and pick it up.(paid a full month on it in advance). Went to the wrong address for a month, never called me back. Then called me and told me to pay the pay off the full amount.
    The ref. is still there in the house they will not pick up. Would not give me the pay off on the dryer for one month then gave me the pay off with late fee's. I have brought item's from Aarron in Albuquerque for 5 years, never been late paid everything thing off. Went to Hobbs Nm and bought from them and I was ripped off.
    Never buy from the Hobbs Nm Aarons. I am hiring an attorney and taking them to court.

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  • Bo
    bonnie stephens Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    don't buy from Aaron's they took money uot of my bank act. with out my knowing and when i did it was to late they said i owed it well i payed ever month and payed it off they took it and i will get it back any one that has been ripped off everone needs to get there papers together and file a suit shut them down .they are bad people we are so done with them stop buying from them its all used don't buy off the floor its used tell them you want it new if you are going to spend that much money get it new. they owe me 147.87 they are the worsted place i have seen .Aarons i hope everyone wakes up and stops buying from you put you out if buissness i it will be will never get my money again never, never.,

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  • Do
    donald gravette Sep 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Aarons should have signs on their buildings saying Aarons cheat and steal. Not Aarons sales and lease ownership. The general managers are only concerned with their bonus not the customer. After being a long time customer of Aarons with several paid out contracts I had a heart attack and open heart surgery.
    I have a car loan with one of the major banks so my credit was not bad Aarons was quick and easy so I would deal with them.
    After being released from the hospital the Bank with a car loan of over $20000. Gave me a 120 day extension to get well enough to work then resume payments. Aarons refused and took me to court to recover the furniture. Three of the contracts with them had only 5 payments to go for ownership. They say lifetime renewal. Bull They refused and want the furniture. It’s must be some there wants my furniture so they want it back WITH ONLY 5 PAYMENTS TO GO.
    Aarons is composed of thieves’ not real people. They have no feelings for people the United States Senate and house have bill that have been stalled by the rent to own industry to prevent the change of laws to protect the consumer. Everyone who reads this should write there senators and representatives and push them to think of the people they represent and get the legislation passed that was proposed to change the way rent to own companies do business.
    Aarons charges you for a service plan and charges tax on this you do not pay taxes on service. This is put on all contracts without a option to refuse this. This is a form of interest they charge and cover this up as a service agreement the consumer has no rights when you do business with Aarons. I did business with the Snellville Location in Georgia. GOING TO COURT IN Georgia is a waste as the courts are there to protect Georgia companies not the citizens of the state. If there is an attorney with Balls out there look at these violations of title 15 and state USURY LAWS FOR THESE TYPES OF COMPANIES. Several states have found these contracts are sales contracts the Courts in Georgia refuse to look at the decisions of other states As Aarons is a Georgia company therefore protected. The Governors consumers’ protection group with the state attorney general will do nothing as this is again a Ga. Company therefore protected under the good o boy plan. I contacted several civil contract attorneys who declined to represent me as they did not want to ruffle the feathers of this company who did so much for the people of Ga. Well I am one of the people of Georgia. What about Me.

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  • Ty
    tylee Feb 25, 2009

    i do not agree with anything that your saying because for this is a bill just like any other bill you can not go two or three months behind on the ulilities with out them getting turned off and 1. they go over the agreements with you and let you know whats going on, 2. you can get up to a months deferment, it is in the contract that you sign but you do have to at least try and pay something in good faith and 3. they are not a rent to own company they are a lease to own there is a the next time you sign on the line try to read the contract, oh and by the way if you have paid several things off then you should know how aarons conducts their business...thats just like you leasing out a house and the leasee had a medical emergancy and couldn't pay the rent what would you do... be patient with them or demand payment or tell them that they have to move because the rent can not go two months behind...

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  • Po
    PO'd in Miami Mar 30, 2009

    I called these Aholes and told them that I was moving to Florida and to pick up there furniture. They did not show up so I called them, the second day they came and got it. 3 months later they call me and ask where the furniture is! I told them I moved to FLorida, how the HELL do I know you dumb a holes picked it up. Now on my credit report it shows that I owe them 4500 buck for some garbage furniture that was probably worth 600 and that they took back!! This was in the Menaul location in ABQ NM. TOTAL rip offs, take your business to someone else or just be smart and save the money. The furniture they have is absolute CRAP anyways.

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  • Yo
    YouSteal Mar 02, 2011

    PO'D you know you are a liar, a former employee here and for audit purposes we can not have merchandise in the store that is not in the system.

    The merchandise is worth what it is worth but you signed the paperwork after it was explained in detail. Of it is innacurate challenge it with all 3 agency's. I suspect you really stole that cheap furniture.

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Resolved terrible attitude

My complaint is with the manager at the 34th street store in saint petersburg, fl.

I pay my bill on time, have paid some off. I wanted to buy some more goods from aaron’s again. I was denied by the store manager. His instructions are no further purchases on my account. An account that has never been late. They make a lot of money off of me. It has taught me a lot about their value of customer service.

I found a lawyer who will file on my behalf a class action suite. He will do it on a percentage of what we get for the damages mentally caused to me in front of my children.

I made them a promise to buy a laptop and could not keep my word.

Never the less I still owe aaron’s money and will pay my account on time.

My attorney says I have every right to express myself when i’m in the store paying on my account. It’s my right to free speech to express myself in front of others. The manager has slandered my name. It’s my turn to tell him what I think.

The manager works for a company that deals with people that have less than perfect credit. Aaron’s is willing to take that risk. That’s the business they are in. I hope they hire managers and staff that must understand that. If store management feels they are above aaron's customers maybe they should find themselves another job. Nobody wants to feel second class. Even aaron’s customer that pays on time.

I will let the store manager know that every time I pay on my account.

I wonder how he is going to feel when I express myself in front of other arron's customer about how he has handled my account.

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rude sales manager

A rental contract for a used 70 inch JVC TV I was purchasing. Payment is due the first of every month. I live on a disability check and sometimes, its hard to find transportation on the exact date. On july 1st, 2008. I had a phone call in the morning from Aarons saying I need to make my payment. I explained the situation with sleep still upon me. It was unacceptable to them. I talked to the general manager her name is Lisa. She was rude and obnoxious. I have dealt with a lot of managements, but she is the worst, She is making a bad name for the franchise and something need to be done about this situation. I feel she has a problem dealing with the public and needs to find employment elsewhere.

  • Dj
    djaj Mar 16, 2010

    I can agree with you on that. I purchased a 65 inch from them almost two years ago and only have 1 1/2 payments left. My tv had to go to repair and they gave me a loaner tv which was a 60 inch. it is going on two months now and I still have not had my television, I was told that my television could not be repaired and that they were looking for me a replacement. The good part is according to them is that I would have a newer model television. A newer tv to them is a used tv from another customer and they still want you to pay your bill. How does that sound me paying for a 65 inch and watching a 60 inch. I asked for some type of compensation I was told I am getting a new tv. Well first of the the tv should not have broken and I have not had it for two years. Talking about poor customer service. Called the customer service line - they couldn't even give you the number to the corporate office neither could she give me a fax number to put my compliant in writing. As always again, I will have someone to contact you the next day.
    Never again,

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terrible experience

Well for christmas my boyfriend bought me a diamond wedding set, he thought until one of the pronges came loose and then when i took the ring to get it repaired the jeweler told me that this ring is FAKE it is only white gold plated and that only one diamond is real the others are cubic zirconia and that the others are just accents. We also found out that the ring is only worth 300-400 dollars at the most and they are wanting us to pay 150 month for 12 months that is just plain CRAZY! THEY MUST THINK THAT I AM CRAZY well we will see what they intend to do about this situation and then add more to this story then!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!

  • Ji
    JIM May 13, 2009

    Well obviously someone, whether it be you or your boyfriend, is crazy for agreeing to purchase a ring without knowing the authenticity of it.

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  • Mi
    michael Jun 05, 2009 had a ps3 for a moth and 15 days and i havent been able o play it at all i, ve told the pepole in the pulaski va store and they said if made another pament they would fix it parts are missing and on op of that i wanted a xbox and they brought me a ps3.
    i think they should make it right free month where i coudnt play it i would like to get a xbox 360 for a month which i think they owe me.
    if not ill take other actions but i think we can solve this

    help plz michael branch

    get back to me as soon as posople

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First time dealing with company and have had nothing but harassing phone calls, home visits, office call...

trouble with product

Well i bought this tv and paid it off about four months ago and now the tv is acting up and they said they...

rca projection tv

I purchased a RCA 56" Rear projection TV from Arron's Sales and Lease Ownership.
Last Friday, less than 6 months after it was paid off, it quit working.
Today I called my local TV repair shop about repair cost and was informed that parts are not available and that they would have to remove the chassis and send it to the factory for repair.
Cost $700 or more!
My main complaint against Aaron's is they deal in junk and sell it to people for hundreds of dollars more than it's worth.
They take advantage of people that don't have the cash or good credit to buy these items outright.
My advise is stay away from Aaron's Sales and DON'T BUY an RCA TV!!!

  • Pi
    Pissed Off79 Mar 14, 2010

    Being who I am and liking to purchase things up front, I had never even heard of Aaron's until I got a phone call one day while I was unemployed. They were looking for persons to enter the management training program within this company. I thought this made sense, since my last few jobs had been management. I went to the interview, where the process went very well. I was hired (I am not afraid of libel, since this is all 100% true) by Jason Mizrahi in Schenectady, NY. This gentleman sat with me and talked to me about the way things worked. I asked the following questions and was given the following answers:

    1. I am a full time college student. How will this work around my schedule? His answer was "If you tell me what your schedule is, we will work around it."
    This was a lie, the first schedule got posted as soon as I got hired, and he never even gave me the opportunity to tell him when my classes were going on. I asked him about it and he shrugged and said "Oh, well."

    2. What does the job entail? I was told by him that it was working the floor, managing the staff, and performing sales. I quickly discovered that this was mostly a collections job. I am sorry, but I have been on one end of collections in the past when I got injured and was out of work. I would never do that to someone. Then he told me about field visits, which is where you go and harass someone on their own property to get the money from them. If he had told me that, I would have refused the job. I don't think that is right, and I would kill someone if they ever did that to me!

    3. When would I get a store? Once you complete the program (18 months) you will be offered something. I find out later that you might get called, there is no guarantee. Also, if the offer is somewhere else and you are not or cannot move, you are likely to never get another opportunity. That sounds like its just a little predatory to me.

    4. I see the store closes at 7 pm. What time are we out of here? (I am a morning person, I am up at 4-5 am and don't function at night.) I was told "within a reasonable time after store closing. Another lie. Most nights had you there until somewhere from 9 pm to 10 pm. Hell no!

    Finally, this is what tipped things over. Mind you, this was only a week and change into the job. A woman came in and said she wanted a big screen TV. After taking all the paperwork, I sat with Jason as he did the close. He asked her for income, she said she didn't have anything. He asked again, "Are you sure? Nothing?" Her reply was that she got $667 a month for SSI for her DISABLED CHILD! This TV was not a need, and ran nearly $200 a month. He said "That will work" and approved her. I asked him about the moral implications and stated that I had an issue with this approval. I was told that if I didn't want to make money and didn't want a store then I could quit, or I would be fired.

    Jason is the ### of the earth. Mother's don't let your babies be Aaron's managers!

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Resolved no more

Lets see we have bought several things from Aarons’ when we lived in N.C. we moved to Oklahoma we find an Aarons. we rent a side by side frig... 2 months before paid off the ice machine does not work, they bring me a loaner, that ones' ice machine does not work.. Then we are renting a really nice, expensive washer and dryer. we have had them for less then a year, lets see going on 3 times to fix the washer, 2 times for the dryer, they bring me a loaner washer, this one leaks really bad.. So tomorrow morning, something I should have done a few months ago is calling them and tell them to pick up the w and d... No more Aarons.

terrible customer service!

I went in to Aaron's on 3/19th or 20th/08 to obtain a television and the one of interest was not...

jason the manager of the south sac store

Jason, the manager went over to my nieces Amy Evans house banging on the door demanding the product. Amy sent the payment off on Thursday to arrive at any given moment. Amy was not there for she was at the hospital. She had several children there ages 15 and 14 with one of there friends which he made fearful. He threated them that he would call the police if they didn't open the door. I called the store to let them know of this harrassment and spoke to Stephanie and Devin who both called him and asked him to remove himself from the premisis. I'm not sure if he refused but he didn't leave. He then began blurting out another family members information about how "she" Aquininetta, hadn't yet paid her bill. That is against the law. This is not the first complaint that I have put in about jason and i plan on pursuing a harrassment lawsuit if this matter is not resolved as soon as possible. I feel having family members that have dealt with Jason, that he is unprofessional, rude, intrusive and should no longer be employeed. My wishes are that he issue a letter of apology to both Amy Evans and her children for scaring them and harrassing them, Aquinitta Edwards for disclosing her financial obligation to the neighbors in the area and a resignation or job termination. If these requests are fullfilled, i will not pursue a lawsuit, if not, I will see them in court. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mrs. Williams

  • Li
    Little Fuel Oct 05, 2009

    When you are late, you have broken the law--read their application and rental purchase agreement closer before spouting off at the mouth. Late accounts violate the agreement and in some states, is a criminal offense. The item(s) in question belong to Aaron's in this case, until they are PAID OFF as per the terms of the LEGALLY-binding CONTRACT. If you don not agree with how they do business, WHY are MULTIPLE family members STILL maintaining a business relationship with this store/company? Is it just so you can slander and libel a someone who is trying to do his JOB? Maybe he is arrogant and rude and pushy, but I bet if you all paid on time, you would NEVER hear from him, and I also postulate that his overall temperment with you would sway greatly more positive.

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  • Ba
    Balrog Nov 19, 2009

    When you threaten and posture in a threatening way, that is against the law as well, read your local and state as well as Federal laws. He also violated the Fair Collections Practices as well in so many ways I lost count.
    Doing his job is one thing, and I dont refute the fact that she owed the money. But what he did violated the privacy laws of ANY state! He is lucky the police didnt come out and pick him up. Regardless of money owed, there is nowhere in that contract where it states they can harass and threaten, that is against the law as well.
    I have dealt with AARONS before and you have good eggs and bad, this guy doesnt need to be in that line of work. He is nothing but a coward and bully to threaten kids?!?!
    He would have had the police called on him by me, if I was in that neighborhood, believe me.

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bad, bad service/violent employee

My sister went into the Aarons in Rapid City SD to check out any cash and carry sofas they may have. They had a previously rented couch for $200, which my sister purchased. She then went home and proceded to give away her livingroom furniture in anticipation of her new one being delivered. 4 days later she was still waiting..(great call, no show) she contacted Aarons and was told the sofa she had purchased had bed bugs!!! (Why was it out for sale infested???) She was asked to come in and discuss this with them. She advised them she had already disposed of her older furniture. When she went in, they refused to give her any compensation for their error, and forced her into a rental agreement on a sectional for $124 monthly payments..telling her they would credit what she had already paid.
She called Aarons to advise them she would be in April 4 to make her payment, (3 days after due, due to work hours) they called at least 7 times in those three days.
When we went in to make her $124 payment, she was told her payment was $151 and would be each month, that she had $9 credit rather than what she should have remaining from the original $200 ...the man was extremely rude and spoke to her as if she had the comprehension of a knat. My sister was understandably upset..he would not explain where her original $200 went, nor would he say anything about the higher payment except "taxes". My sister became quite agitated and stated "Come and get your [censored] couch. Now I know she shouldn't have used profanity, but when someone is that upset, it happens. This man came unglued and started screaming "Get out of my store!!!" at the top of his lungs. My sister started out the door and I made a move to follow her. I turned around halfway out and was about to suggest to this gentleman this is not a proper way to handle a customer dispute, when he came up behind me and started pushing on my shoulder to leave. I told him to get his hands off me, as I had done nothing wrong. He stated he was merely escorting me out the door as he continued to push on my shoulder. I advised him again not to touch and reminded him he had no right to touch anyone. He then continued to scream "Get out of my store or I will call the police" I told him not to bother, I would do it for him. Now I did call the police, but due to an extremely inadequate 911 operator, I wound up hanging up and will file a police report in person at the police station. I will file this just prior to my visit with an attorney. Aarons has so many complaints, it's surprising they are still in business. Reading their contract agreements is an exercise in futility. There are so many hidden charges and the intrest rate is around 400% if you make minimum payments. They really need to regulated like these check cashing places. The biggest crime here is pushing my sister into an agreement she did not want after they sold her something that should not have been sold. Shame on them.

  • Ty
    tyler durden Mar 20, 2009

    It's a profitable business model, but I'll tell you the truth is that the culture is to; drive employees to the ground via understaffing, industrial age management style (upper included, it always comes top down) and the idea of turning and burning managers through ridiculous levels of hours worked and the inability to delegate tasks.

    The customer experience is one of lack of follow-up, broken promises and lies about delivery times or product stock and used furniture as Aaron's primary focus. Yeah, they clean the stuff though? Ahh no.

    Totally a buy here pay here level of service.

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  • Aa
    AARONS EMPLOYEE Mar 24, 2010


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unauthorized payment!

I rent a sofa, loveseat, tables and lamps from Aarons sales and lease. I admit my payment is late but i...

received used furniture for new furniture!

Aarons have tried to rob me blind and given me rude customer service. I went into a contract with...

bad communicatio

I have purchased a few appliances from this company and they do not stand behind their word. They change...

demand on payment for dead horse

To whom it may concern, We where renting to own a stackable washer/dryer combo and the day it was delivered...

harassing people!

Ok well I have recently rented a 48'' TV from Aaron's. I have had the tv for almost 6 month...

discrimination and illegal activity!

I am a formal employees of the Aarons store in Coolidge. The reason why I am a formal employee is because I refused to take part in any illegal activity in the store. The General manger had several illegal copies of movies that were not even out yet as well as movies that had sex scenes and vulgar language. I explained to the GM that I did not think that it was right to have this in the store, she did not remove them and continued playing the movies. i called the Aarons complaint line and reported the incident. She was confronted and was advised to remove, which she did but what concerns me is that maybe I should have called the police. Her illegal, unethical behavior continued. She was taking money out of the till and we were always short. She discriminated against Blacks and called them nasty "N" and if one were to fill out an application she tore it up and threw it away. Once a Muslim women applied for a job and again the application was thrown away and her comment was - "this is a law suit waiting to happen. I do not want those kind of people working for me." There was so much more happening in that store and it seems that no matter how high up I placed my complaint - I was not heard. She is the most unprofessional person I have ever come across. She has even gone as far as advertise and speak openly about her sex life and relationship with another manager based in California. For a job that only paid 9.00 an hour it was not worth my time any longer. I hope that this complaint gets to the appropriate person who will actually investigate my concerns. This person is running a business in my community and I do not think she should be here.

  • Ki
    kim Nov 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This seems to be a wide spread issue throughout this company.Please file a claim at your local EEOC and call the investigations unit at the Atlanta, Ga EEOC office @ 404-562-6800. Fax our statement in to them and file a compliant as well for what you have seen and observed about discrimination in Aarons Rents. Fax # 404-562-6909 or 6910

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