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My Experience with Aarons

7/28/2011- I contacted and Aarons and asked if they had any specials that included a living room, and bedroom, and a big screen television so that I could furnish my new home that I was about to move into; I was informed that they do, and that they cost about $250/month, and that they are the Managers Special, so I told them that I would be in the next day to set up an agreement.

7/29/2011- I went into Aarons and I picked out furniture for my new home and then I was unable to get a TV as I had wanted because they said that the amount of furniture that you get when you first start out is at the Managers discretion; so I went along with the agreement, and I had The Christmas in July Giftcards, I had one from the mail for $100 and one that I had received via e-mail for $50 that I had asked previously if I could use both of them, and I was informed that I could. So I picked out my furniture and I was happy with it, I was a little sad because I couldn’t get the TV that I wanted, but I just said that I would wait the 4 months, because the store Manager stated that if I wait 4 months, then I could get a TV.

7/30/2011- I called to the location because I was inquiring about if I changed my furniture to some furniture that was less expensive would I be able to add the TV onto my agreement, I called and I asked to speak to the Manager, and Heather got on the phone, and stated that she was the Assistant Manager, and that the Manager had the weekend off, so I went ahead and informed Heather of what I was trying to do, and she stated that the Manager is the only person that has the authority to change an Agreement, and that I would have to speak with him, so I said okay

8/1/2011- I called the store Manager and asked him that if I changed my furniture to something a less expensive could I get the TV then, and he stated that could be a possibility, but if I did that then I would have to pay the difference from the Giftcards, because that promotion was over July 31st, I then stated that was just yesterday, and that I had called him on 7/30/2011 and I was informed that the store Manager is the only one that can make those changes and that I would have to call him back on Monday because he was off for the weekend, and then he stated that is correct, and I can make that change but you will have to pay the difference, so I said that was okay because I didn’t think that was fair, and I just said that I would wait.

8/4/2011- I contacted the store, because my furniture was scheduled to be delivered on 08/06/2011, but my house was not ready, so I contacted the location, and spoke with Heather again and informed her that my house would not be ready in time for me to move in at the scheduled date and time, so I wanted to know if I could change my scheduled delivery date to 08/15/2011, Heather informed me that would not be a problem.

8/13/2011- I contacted the location to find out what was the scheduled delivery time for my furniture, and I was informed that I was the first customer on the list, and that the deliveries start at 10:00am, and I then informed them that I had to be at work at 12:30 pm and asked could they please be on time, and they stated that they would be there.

8/15/2011- I was at my new house waiting on the furniture to be delivered, and the time was 10:05 am, still no Aarons, so I waited and waited, and finally at 10:45 am, I called and asked what happened to my delivery, and I was informed that the delivery guys were running behind this morning, and that they were loading up the truck and that they were on there way; 11:25 am, the delivery truck is finally pulling up, and I have an hour to be at work, so they are bringing in the furniture and the living room set is used, but the bedroom set is suppose to be brand new, so they are bringing in the box spring, and there is a hole in the bottom of the box spring, so I inform the delivery guys of that and they say you may want to call the location, so I said okay, just as I was about to call the location, the delivery guy came and told me that they had forgotten the bed rails to the bed so they were going to have to come back, and I asked how long was it going to take because I had to go to work, and they said that they were sorry, and that they could have another driver from the store bring the rails. So finally at 12:17 pm the other delivery guy gets there with the rails, and then I also informed him that the box spring has a hole in it, and he looked at it and he said to call the store, so I called the store and I spoke to Heather, and she stated that she could either give me a $5 discount off each payment, or give me another box spring, and seeing that I had already had to call off of work at this point for being stuck dealing with Aarons all morning I just said forget it just give me the discount, and then I asked her if it would be okay if I could make my first payment on September 15, 2011 instead of September 1, 2011, because I had a few things to come up, and she said that was fine, and that the two weeks between August 15, 2011 and September 1, 2011 she would add those to the end of the agreement.

8/24/2011- I received an estatement in my e-mail stating that make account was due on September 1, 2011.

8/25/2011- I contacted the location and I spoke with Harold, and he stated that he remembers the phone call, and that he would take care of it, and that I would be due on the 15th.

9/1/2011- I was at home, and I noticed that my bed looked like it was leaning, so I got down and looked under the bed, and the rails were falling apart, because all of the screws were not put in when the bed was put together, so I said that I had to make a mental note to call them the next day.

9/2/2011- Before I could call Aarons, I received a phone call stating that this was a courtesy reminder that my Renewal payment was due on 9/1/2011, I informed them of the situation and told them that I had spoken with Harold, and I asked them if they had read the notes in the system, and they stated that there are no notes in the system; so I asked to speak to Harold, and Harold stated that the note was in the system, and then he pulled up the note and read the note to me, then I asked when would somebody be available to come and fix the bed because it was not put together correctly. Harold then stated that he would have the service department contact me, and then Harold stated Mrs. Ford other that everything is straight the note is in the system, and you are due on the 15th.

9/3/2011- I received a phone call stating that my renewal payment was due, and what time was I coming in to make the payment, so I had to go over the same scenario as the day before going all the way back to August 15, 2011 with the phone call with Heather, then to August 25, 2011 to the phone call with Harold. This time the phone call was a little more intense than the day before, and I asked why do you guys keep calling me about the same thing when there is a note in the system, and when is the service department going to call me, so then they stated the service department never called you and informed them that they had not, so then I was placed on hold and the service Manager who I believe name is Justin got on the phone and said that somebody would be out on 9/6/2011 between 10am-3pm to fix the bed.

9/3/2011- Not even an hour later from the first phone call, I received another phone call, asking what time can I come in to make my payment, then I asked are you reading the notes and the guy said what notes, there are no notes, so then I asked to speak to Harold, and I was like Harold what is going on, I keep getting phone calls and everybody is saying that they don’t see the note, and then Harold stated okay I am looking at the account right now, and the note is in there, then he said what happened was this Mrs.Ford in July they gave you a credit for your box spring in the amount of $100, and I then informed Harold that was not true, and that I had gotten the furniture on August 15, 2011, and that there was a hole in the box spring then and that the $100 credit that he was seeing was from the giftcards that I had brought in, and then Harold asked me to hold on again, so I did. Harold came back to the phone and said okay Mrs. Ford I have everything taken care of, I then informed Harold that I was very dissatisfied with the level of service and professionalism that I was receiving from Aarons, and that if Heather was unable to accommodate me, then she should not have informed me that she could, and Harold said Mrs. Ford I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I do remember the conversation, and then I stated to Harold that it was nothing personal towards him, but I needed to speak with the Corporate Office or a Regional Manager, and Harold gave me the number for Brad Market ; I attempted to contact Brad Market on 9/3/2011, but I was informed by a woman at that location that Brad had left for the day, but that she would send him an e-mail informing him to contact me, and she took down my contact number as well as my name.

9/6/2011- The repairmen came to my house and when I opened the door, they stated that they were there to pick up my furniture, and said no your suppose to be here to fix my bed, and he asked the other guy who was with him if he had his cell on him, and I said I need to call them as well, and then when I called and somebody picked up the phone at the store the delivery guy said that was his mistake he read the sheet wrong, so I informed the guy on the phone that was okay, and then I hung up. So then the repair guys started to fix the bed, and then when they were finished they said we have to bring another rail out here, so Justin from our service department will call you.

9/7/2011- I came home from work, and had a door tag on my door saying that they had came by.

9/8/2011- I called Aarons to see why they had came by my house, and the guy on the phone pulled up my account and then he said that they came by because I was past due, and that they just wanted to know when I was coming in to make a payment, I then informed him that he should review the notes, and that I just need to know why they came to my house, and he said oh it was for a service, I said that I was informed that Justin would call me to set up an appointment, and that never happened, and then he put me on hold, and then he came back to the phone, and said that somebody would be there between 10-3 on 9/9/2011.

9/9/2011- I called up to Aarons to find out what my exact amount due monthly was, and then the guy who answered the phone asked for my information, and he looked everything up, and then he said that my amount due was $294.xx, and what time was I coming in to pay that today? I told him that I am not coming in today and that I am not scheduled to come in until the 15th, and then I told him that I didn’t know the exact amount, but I do know that it was not as much as he said it was, and I told him to review the notes, and then he placed me on hold, and then he got back on the phone, and said that there is no notes and then he stated that the General Manager said that you are due on the 1st so your past due, and then I asked may I speak to him because apparently neither one of you know what you are talking about, then he repeated what I said and started snickering, and then the General Manager got on the line, said yes Mrs. Ford you are due on the 1st, you came in on July 29th and started this agreement and you paid up until September 1, 2011, and then I asked him was he going to let me talk, and he said yes go ahead, I asked him why did Heather tell me that then, and he stated that he spoke with Heather and that Heather informed him that she never had that conversation with me, about me changing my due date, and I said well if Heather is informing you of that than she is lying to you, and then I said that even Harold is aware of the situation and he said that Harold said that he never spoke with me about this situation, I said are you serious, and he said yes, I said okay I am not going to even worry about it, I said I am just going to continue to contact Brad Martin the Regional Manager as I have been doing, because I am tired of this whole situation, and then I informed him that for Harold to say that he never spoke with me about this, he is the one who gave me the contact information for the Regional Manager, and then he was being sarcastic and stated really so when did you speak to the Regional Manager, because he is on vacation, and I informed him that I spoke to the Regional Manager last Friday, and I said that there is a woman at the Regional Managers store that sends him e-mails when he is not in, so he is getting my message, then he stated well nobody at this store has the authority to send e-mails to the Regional Manager except for him, and I informed him that I didn’t say that anybody from his store sent the e-mail, I informed him that the e-mail was sent from the Regional Managers store. Then the General Manager stated okay Mrs. Ford your account is due on the 15th, and let the Regional Manager make any other adjustment that you need made, and you don’t have to worry about anybody at this location anymore, because I am transferring you over to the Mayfair Plaza store and it is closer to your house, I said that is fine, but I am still calling the Regional Manager, and then he said that there is no reason for me to contact the Regional Manager because I no longer have to deal with them, and I informed him that I was calling, because I feel like the Regional Manager needs to made aware of how you treat your customers especially ones that are new, and he needs to be aware of the unprofessionalism and rudeness and the quality of care that is coming from that store, and he stated okay Mrs. Ford you have a good night. I then contacted Logan at the Regional Managers store, and I informed him partially of what was going on, and then he stated that he would also send an e-mail to the Regional Manager, I am very disappointed by this whole Calendar of Events that has taken place with this company, and I do not appreciate it at all, and I wish that something would be done for this, I am a paying customer and I work hard for my money, and this money that I am paying to help keep this corporation going, and they way that I have been treated all the way back to August 1, 2011 is just completely unacceptable, and this will be heard. Because I work for a major corporation, and if my business manager even thought for one second that we were mistreating our members I wouldn’t have a job, so my thing with that is if you don’t know how to treat people you shouldn’t deal with the public, maybe you should have a back end job and not frontline where you represent your company, because the impression that I have of Aarons at this point sucks badly. And I don’t believe that I am going to remain a customer there, I will take my business to the competitor before I am a disrespected paying custome


  • Ju
    julia62 Nov 14, 2011

    sounds familiar, call these guys

    Lawsuit Filed Against Aaron’s, Inc. Regarding Alleged Improper Practices

    Lawsuit claims that Aaron’s, Inc. repeatedly breaches rent-to-own contracts, violates state usury laws, and engages in unfair business practices.

    Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

    Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Aaron’s, Inc., one of America’s leading rent-to-own companies with over 1, 900 total stores. Aaron’s leases furniture, appliances, and electronics to consumers usually with the promise that, after a certain number of payments have been successfully completed, the consumer will own the items.

    The new lawsuit alleges that Aaron’s has breached its lease agreements by refusing to provide pay-off information to consumers and through other improper practices. The suit further asserts that the company has used unfair business practices, false advertising, and misrepresentations to induce customers to enter lease agreements that are not as favorable for the consumer as represented. The claims also include unjust enrichment. The case, styled Clark v. Aaron’s, Inc., is pending in the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia and has been assigned Case Number 2011-CV-207622.

    According to the suit, Aaron’s rent-to-own business model is in reality the extension of credit through consumer loans disguised as leases for the purchase of goods. The suit alleges that the difference between the market value of the goods and the total amount of payments made by a consumer constitutes interest. State usury laws, such as the civil and criminal usury statutes in Georgia, impose a cap on the amount of interest that may be charged by a lender. The suit alleges that Aaron’s repeatedly violates these laws.

    Further, the suit alleges that Aaron’s deceptively markets its well-known offer of “120-days same as cash.” According to the complaint, this offer purports to allow consumers to buy their furniture, appliances, or electronics from Aaron’s for their market value so long as the consumer pays in full within four months. The deception, as alleged in the suit, is that Aaron’s regularly and proactively attempts to prevent consumers from taking advantage of the 120-day offer by failing to provide them with their outstanding balance or pay-off amount in a timely and appropriate manner.

    If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this press release, please contact John Lyon, Esq. by e-mail or by calling (770) 444-9325.

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  • Te
    teasie Mar 28, 2018

    I agree that the people who work for the store chain has a tendency to be rude and dismissive, I ordered a television online a promotional item that started with a dollar payment which aaron's took on the 23rd of March 2018, and my monthly payments were suppose to start April 1, 2018 which isn't much of a promotion but I said what the heck. I have purchased items from aaron's before but my address was more upscale 2 decades ago, but now I have failing health and live in a less then desirable area but its home and safe to me I have renter's insurance for God's sake. I am a good person but they gave me a delivery date of 10am on the March 28, 2018 someone named Anthony contacted me that day and asked me some weird questions regarding did I know people with odd names I said NO, because I don't know them nor have I ever heard their names. Well I asked when will my delivery be made, Anthony said after 12 before 3pm, I said you guys told me at 10am then later at 12pm now before 3pm, I already have the cable connection, connected and waiting well okay, then Anthony called back and told me my application was denied I said what do you mean I have been waiting all day and why, Anthony said he didn't know the regional manager makes that call, where can I speak to him well no one speaks to him but you can call corporate. Corporate said my application was approved and they would call the store, now its all because the regional manager said No but no one knows why. I could have been told this days ago I have ordered the additional cable box at my expense and know cares about the discrimination I feel. My holiday is ruined my mother's 81st celebration is ruined and now I have a cable box with No television that I am paying for and rent a center prices are too high, this is truly unfair and if aaron's would have told me sooner I would not have ordered the cable box I didn't order it until they assured me delivery was 3/28/2018 which was a lie and I don't understand why, people should treat people this way this is why we are living in such violent times, people are tired of being jerked around for no reason, enough is enough. My name is Theresa Harris and I will not stop until I get resolution for this issue, people shouldn't be treated this way, I am a consumer and to be denied service is not American isn't that the point of the store.

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  • Ha
    Haley102947593 Apr 03, 2018

    4/3/18 I have reached out to the corporate store, filed three complaints on Matt Cox and still no response. he is very rude and does not care about the customers at all. My grandfather had a massive heart attack in the middle of March and was on life support thank the good Lord above he is still with us today my grandmother was late on her payment and now they are scheduling a pick up she tried to make a payment today, he would not accept it in his own words "not my problem". He is the general manager in shallotte and I honestly don't know how he got the position. He is not made to work in the public that's for sure. This morning he made a seventy year old lady cry and that's sad. Horrible customer service if you ask me . I'm sure he wouldn't like anyone speaking to his grandmother that way. All together I'm just really disappointed with my experience with Aarons this time. We used them before but it was under different management. Matt Cox makes Aarons looks horrible he likes to bully old people and degrade women. If you are looking for friendly people to do business with, don't go to the shallotte store because you definitely won't get it.

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  • Te
    teasie Apr 03, 2018

    @Haley102947593 I am so sorry to hear about your experience and happy to hear your grandfather is well, this why the term going postal exist, people in the service industry feel its okay to treat someone that way and corporate hasn't done anything about it. Store like this with many bad customer experiences will soon cease to exist, do they really not value consumers, I've told everybody I know and blasted my experience all over social media and urged everyone to repost, please do the same, Rent a center is a little higher but their customer service has been great, good luck and please keep complaining, everyone needs to know how people are being treated. Thank-you for the reply and your experience. Theresa

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  • Ha
    Haley102947593 Apr 03, 2018

    @teasie Thank you so much!

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  • Ha
    Haley102947593 Apr 03, 2018

    @Haley102947593 0195632/ same ticket for all three complaints

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  • Su
    suzanne beresovoy May 16, 2018

    I just want to tell you How very nice and very hard workers the employees at c1236 are. Their names are chris, Richard the stores managers Clarence the collection person and the 2 delivery people Brandon and adam. Everyone of them work very very hard and have to stay real late sometimes. I've been a customer there for over 7 years and will not go anywhere else but there. I used to rent at rent a center but not anymore. I'm renting now a washer from this store. Everyone of them deserve to get a raise for all the hard work they do there

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  • Su
    suzanne beresovoy May 16, 2018

    The employees at store c1236 Chris, Richard, Clarence, Brandon, Adam are so very nice and such hard workers and know and do their jobs real well a d sometimes have to stay late. They all deserve to get a raise and should. I've been a customer of this store for over 7 years and will go nowhere else but there. I used to rent for rent a center but won't ever again. I love the company and that store and it's employees. I'm now renting a wAsher from there

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  • De
    Debbi Smith Aug 01, 2018

    My name is Debbi and I rented a laptop from aaron's and my last payment was made July 1, 2018. I'm on SSI and SSD when I called to check my account I had a balance of $307.00 when I went to pull my money out I was lacking $102.00 which was the payment made every month until I paid it off. I called aaron's and asked them if they made a mistake and took another payment out and the manager told me that no there was nothing taken out this month or last month. I excused myself and said that if there wasn't final payment made then why did I get a letter stated that my laptop was paid off. I wasn't home when I talked to him, but I told him when I got home I would call him and read the letter to him. He then told me that there was a problem and the credited my account. I don't deal with a bank, I have a Direct Express card and I don't get bank statements. I my opinion he was very rude and said that there wasn't anything that he could so but to give me a number to call about my problem, which I did and I spoke with a very nice women and she told me what to do.
    I know a women named Carrie Brown that ordered things and I talking Living room set, bedroom sets, all kinds or things and then the day the money was suppose to be taken off she would go and take all her money out, then they had to fight with her to get their stuff back and then the would let her rent again and again.
    I'm not very happy about any of this!!!

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  • Lo
    Lorraine Fullwood Oct 30, 2018

    Very nice ppl to rent from

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  • Me
    Mellissa Johnson Nov 20, 2018

    My name is Mellissa Johnson and I have account at the 175 Seagoville Texas Store . I contacted the Aarons store and spoke with the account manager Marci and explained to her that my dining table broke and with the Holidays coming up I needed a dining table. I already had a washer and dryer with them. The delivery driver showed up very late and was out of breath when arrived at my home . I asked him if he needed some water and he had a crappy attitude and stated that no thanks I want to hurry and get this dining table delivered because I need to make other trips to pick up law mower and so on. He acted like I was bothering him and I was in his way. At the time he acted like he did not want to be delivering anything with his sorry attitude. I had a round dining table with four chairs. The delivery driver put the dining table together outside . I just had my previous birthday and my father and husband surprised me with a new scroll screen door for my birthday. When the delivery driver was trying to come through the door he hit my glass and scratched it. He then hit my walls in my entry way and hit my electric fireplace and hit my edges of my walls damaging paint that me and my husband just had professionally painted. He then hit my edge of my walls in the dining room. When he put the pedestal on the top he was in a hurry to leave. When me and my family sat down to dinner the first night the table was so wobbly we could not enjoy our dinner. The table was damaged and was not properly installed in the first place. Then the following next day I contacted the store and spoke with Joe the store manger regarding about the damages that was done on our home by his delivery driver . I was told by Joe that I would be contacted by the corporate office and they will be sending me a check for the total damages on our home and weeks went by no phone calls or nothing. I contacted the store and spoke with Shannon and she states when I am asking her for Joe boss name that she spoke to me on the phone like this I am going to stop you there you need to speak with Joe not me and I was like that's bull shit cause nobody ever calls anybody back and I ant to know when I will be contacted by the corporate office regarding my money you guys owe me for the damages on my home . Then I filed a complaint with Aarons Corporate office and they state that I will be contacted by the Regional Manager and well after a week I was finally contacted by Karl. I explained to him about the situation and that I want to know where our money was for the damages on our home and he stated that Joe the manager should of been trained and explained that Aarons Corporate office has a company that comes out and fixes damages and repairs. I am thinking really this happens to a lot of customers it seems. I was promised that I would be taken care of and well here it is three weeks now and even the Regional Manager does not say what he means either . I will never rent or refer anybody else to Aarons . They do their customers wrong treat and talk to them and damage their homes and well delivery driver was wrote up really he should of been terminated and he should of had to pay out of his pocket damages to my home. Aarons is a joke .

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  • Ma
    Margaret Courtney Dec 31, 2018

    I am a single grandmother raising my three grandsons due to the death of their mother, my daughter, in a car accident last May. I needed a new laptop to pay bills, access my bank, etc. Finances are pretty lean, so I went to Aarons, found a laptop, it was a good price and, best of all, they only needed $25.66 down. I signed all the papers, ran my debit card, and left with my new laptop. I just checked my bank account and found that I am $23 overdrawn. For some reason, they ran the $25.66 twice. I should have checked my receipt, but I had gone through the whole "I can't spend more than $25 or I'll be overdrawn" thing with the girl who helped me. My receipt reads ATM Amount Tendered $25.66, and then Free Time Amount Tendered $25.66. Well, aside from the fact that "free time" clearly is NOT free, I have no idea what it means. Someone please tell me this was a simple mistake and they will make it right?

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