2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybridfollow through on mechanic/mileage


I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata

Hybrid from Victoria Hyundai, in Aug 2011 since then

this vehicle has been in the shop @ least 17 occasions for software

updates, recall campaigns and replacing parts(4 NVLD valves) Fuel economy tests and a

final 2 tank test which ended Monday Feb 13th 2012 and was connected to

the computer to send

Hyundai Canada, since I have had this so-called Hybrid I have avg

between 500-525km per tank, which if you by your commercial of 1412km on

a tank(test route) is less than half what is stated, when i bought this

vehicle I even added 15% to the stated mileage and it has never been

near that mileage of 1040.

The service Dept at Victoria Hyundai has been great but this has to
be remedied, this vehicle has not performed and I would like either a
new one or something else, I have bought 5 vehicles off Victoria Hyundai
in the past 6 years. Since then my mileage has gone up to 630 km per tank, I have
spoken with many people who have the Sonata 2.0 and Sonata and they have gotten 700km/tank in city and 1000km/ highway right out the door from Victoria Hyundai. To state that there is nothing mechanical or electrical wrong with this "Hybrid" is ridiculous. I have recommended friends to Hyundai (never got a payout), I will not do that again, as since the Feb 2 tank test I have not heard anything from them asking if the problems still exist


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    Warskull Feb 08, 2013

    Hi Just do not do Hyundai Canada surveys, if there is any kind of negative response to their questions on service, you may not be welcome back to their Service Dept. I do not know how they formulate/calculate their findings but when asked why Hyundai Canada states that dealerships are independent businesses and have no control over what they decide.
    Trying to give feedback to maybe improve customer service, will just backfire.

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