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I have placed 3 orders at zulily. The first one took a month to get
to my home. The second and third I was charged for
and then notified 2weeks later that my order was not processed
and to update my payment info. My payment info was accurate after
all they charged the cards. They are out of stock of most items. They
falsely advertise cheap stuff to look nice in pictures and
it is the quality of (forever21) or worse. Any name brand Items never seem to
be in stock. They say when it seems to good to be true. Then IT IS!
Zulily is a waste of your time and money and it gets the consumer
excited for a deal when they never intended on giving out
a deal in the first place. Your lucky if you hit the right product
at the right time. I'd rather spend my wasted money on the slots in Vegas.
Better odds of getting something out of it in the end.


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      Oct 04, 2012


    Thank you for taking the time to provide insight on your zulily experience. We are sorry to hear that it has been less than stellar and would like the opportunity to get additional insight into your experience. We stand behind our merchandise and will be happy to help should any item not meet your needs. Our customer service team works directly with our buyers to pass along feedback related to quality so that we can ensure our customers are receiving great merchandise.

    Please contact our customer service team toll free at [protected] so that we can provide assistance and insight into our business. We are available M-F from 6am - 8pm (Pacific) and Sat/Sun from 6am - 6pm (Pacific)

    zulily Customer Service

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      Mar 16, 2013

    I had an awful experience with Zulily too. I bought a bunch of items one weekend and the clothese were super poor quality, the jewelry was so cheap and awful that I couldn't even imagine wearing it--it looked like tarnished scrap metal, and the Easter Decorations that looked to be about 12" high, came and were 1" trinkets. I almost cried as those weren't cheap.
    Zulily makes it clear that there are no returns. However, I did call about three jewelry pieces that were beyond bad (keep in mind that none of it was high quality but I called about 3 of the 12 pieces) and did get a merchandise credit. I guess I could have fought and got more credit, but frankly I just want to cut my losses and delete the app and unsubscribe.
    As I write this I realize I should call about all of it but I guess I'm too nice.

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      Apr 10, 2014

    Sadly, lots of consumers are susceptible to false scarcity marketing. Zulilly teases potential buyers with limited-time deals for merchandise that expire after a fixed period. This creates a sense of anxiety in some which can lead to making a purchase out of fear of missing out. Add to this the style of the Zulilly website which preys on new mother’s anxieties and aspirations. It’s a heady mix that has sent their sales and stock price beyond market expectations.

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Zulily - A Month to Receive Product
    United States

    The product is nice however the time frame to receive the order is beyond ridiculous. I placed the order on 8/29/2012 and received a partial shipment on 9/21/2012. The second half was shipped on 9/22/2012 via the post office. I have no idea what method or how long it will take to receive the second part of my order. The complete order will take close to a month to receive! I will NOT order from Zulily again and do not recommend that anyone does. Zulily posts that shipping time is 12-16 days. They do not mention the amount of time that you may wait for them to secure the product from their vendor. I believe if they did, they would have no sales. The prices are not worth the wait.

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      Jun 03, 2016

    When a company says shipping time will be a certain number of days, I take it for granted that they mean that is how long it will take before the item is ready for shipping. Then, just because it has reached the location that it is being shipped from, doesn't mean that it is going to get to you right away. I have ordered things, that have taken a month to get to my residence. I just make sure not to order things that I need immediately.

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