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Lazada Southeast AsiaDispute handling not professional

Lazada customer service and dispute centre,

Your way of handling dispute is really not professional and you just wanted to quickly close the case.

The seller replied with the following.

Comments:Evidence was provided by seller, postscript:Hi, the first time customer return the phone to us is due to a software issue, which she upgraded the operating system not in tandem of the recommended procedure and the fingerprint software was lost. This, we already solve for them . Now, she claims there is a sound issue which we need to investigate the cause before we can advise on the next steps. That is why we need her to sign on the service form and return us the full set which include all the accessories. .

You did not even verify with me on the above and you just quickly reject and close the case within 4 mins (See below)? Is this how Lazada handled dispute for all cases? My statements on the whole process have been consistent since day one when i contacted lazada while the seller claimed that i did a software upgrade only after numerous emails.

Firstly, I did not upgrade the software and the fingerprint was not working from the day I received it. The software upgrade was done by the seller side. If i was the one who did the software upgrade and the fingerprint software was lost, do you think the seller would still be willing to send the handphone back to china to get the technician to install the software again free of charge? Secondly, the seller wanted to charge me when i went back to him again later on the other problems surfaced.

Below is the detail of the events with the seller:

15 Dec 2020: I received the phone on 15 dec and the first problem came up. I wasn't able to use the fingerprint security feature. Immediately i inform Global Tech on that same day.
18 Dec 2020: I went to their shop to return the phone with all the accessories
30 Dec 2020: I contacted the personnel to ask for the status of the phone.
5 Jan 2021: Global Tech informed me that they will check the status and confirmed that i can get it from their office on 7Jan.
8 Jan 2021: I collected back the phone but did not notice the screen protector was not there.
14 Jan 2021: I sent chat to them again on another problem I faced. The problem is when calling/receiving a call, I am unable to hear the other party which mean the phone receiver is faulty. I didn't find out this problem until someone called me.
There is no reply from the seller thru the chat.
15 Jan 2021:I contacted Lazada [[protected]] on this issue.
25 Jan 2021: Lazada [[protected]] replied that I can bring the phone down to their shop to fix it.
27 Jan 2021: I went down to the shop and the seller told me that there will be a service charge as the warranty of 30 days is over. I told the seller that the phone was faulty from the day i received it. You can see the timeline from the attached file. The first time i went down to hand over the phone and the day i collected it back was 3 weeks apart. And just a day before yesterday, I found that the earphone connection is not working too. I am unable to hear anything after i plugged in the earphone.

In total, i have found 3 problems ever since i got my phone on 15Dec and there could be more as I have not tried all the features. I have been to their shop 3 times (the 1st and 3rd were to pass them the phone, while the 2nd were to collect it back).

I do not agree that it is beyond return policy (7/14 days), there is no chance for me to do so as the handphone was with the seller from
18 Dec 2020 to 7 Jan 2021, a total of 20 days.

It is very obvious that the seller is trying to go around the return policy and also the 30 days warranty period.

There has been no issue with my other purchases except for this seller.

I am extremely unhappy how this dispute has been handled as Lazada is siding with the seller.
Is this how Lazada treat their customer?

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    Lazada Southeast AsiaLousy Service for online shopping

    Parcel getting delayed and delayed and delayed
    Customer Service never provide solution instead just steering around the garden by giving empty promise, then break the promise again and again.
    Keep on emailing the "automated" email to please customer saying Lazada is concerning customers! But the more automated email without solution you get from Lazada, the angrier you are!

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      Lazada Southeast AsiaThere is no customer support

      Let me go through this in time sequence order. Firstly, on my mobile phone when I click on a Lazada product Google Play Store launches. I cannot stop this behavior and the site does not work. Next, when I tried to complain I found out that there is in fact: No customer service chat or email. There is a phone number or a chat bot that is falsely represented as an agent. Then for all my trouble I can no longer log into Lazada without email verifications. Stupendously annoying. I want an email address for support, and I want Google Play to not be launched on my mobile, finally I DO NOT want to have to verify my email on every log in.

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        • No
          Not AI Jan 24, 2021

          1. The attached image found on search engine cannot be found on Lazada's platform when I clicked on 'visit site' of the item. No item of such price and weight.

          2. I am also faced with problems similar to you with my account profile issues. I want to be able to contact a customer's service via email, AI agent CLEO won't be able to resolve my problem. I want to be able to access to Lazada on website platform not to be kept directed to apps platform.

          Thank you

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        Lazada Southeast AsiaRefund withdrawal

        Lazada Indonesia are refusing to deposit my Lazada wallet balance into my bank account, Im a foreigner living here with a valid Kitas and an Indonesian bank account, they referred me to Dana who gave this response:

        Regarding your request to withdraw your balance to bank account, Tony informs Ms. Tshabalala that 'Send Money' feature can only be used if you already upgraded your DANA account to DANA Premium which can only be done if you have an Indonesian KTP (ID Card). If you still have a DANA balance, please use the available balance for the following services:

        Online transaction at Lazada to buy products such as: e-commerce, mobile credit/data, PLN (Electricity), PDAM (Water), etc.

        Buy cinema tickets through TIX-ID application.

        Buy shopping vouchers through Ramayana application

        I don't need any of these services, only my money, please assist me in any way you can because I want my money back. My email address is: [protected] +[protected].

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          Lazada SingaporePoor delivery and returns

          Lazada order [protected]- 4 items purchased on 11th Nov.

          1. Baseus 15W Visible Qi Wireless Charger - not working, seller accepted to return. but up to today (24th Dec) more than 4 weeks still no pick up. Lazada not able to trigger a return pick up successfully (feedback due to technical failure!). Meijie from Lazada is following up but still no closure.
          2. 6 Inch Brushless Electrical USB Fan - failed to deliver (possibly lost by Cainiao in China)
          3. 90 Degree Reversible USB Cable - failed to deliver (possibly lost by Cainiao in China)
          4. Ultra Boost Shoe - delivered with external packaging severely damaged

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            Nov 26, 2020

            Lazada Malaysia — Malfunctioning headphones

            The message I sent to Lazada Malaysia attached below is self explanatory : "Customer Care Officer Lazada...

            Lazada Southeast AsiaPoco x3 nfc phone

            I place the item on 25 october 2020 at lazada, I paid it thru gcash, the item should be received on october [protected] but until now I didnt receive the item yet. The lbc track and trace says that the item was received at crossdock alabang on october 26, 2020 but same update since then. This is my lbc tracking number [protected].

            Please give me an update regarding this matter. Thank you

            Poco x3 nfc phone
            Poco x3 nfc phone

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              Lazada Southeast AsiaSent items I didnt order

              My brother received and paid worth P50 for an item I didn't order. I was not around when it happened and he just paid the delivery agent. What if it was for a larger amount and he paid thinking that I was expecting it. This is unacceptable. I didn't order anything from lazada. How was the seller managed to use my name and address was beyond imaginable. It only shows that the site is not safe because they were able to get my personal information.

              Sent items I didnt order

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                • Updated by Sheryl Moresca-Julie · Oct 03, 2020

                  This was a mistake. My friend called saying that she used my details and asked if I received her item. I want to take back my previous complaint but I don’t know how. I am sorry. Thank you.

                Lazada Southeast AsiaFaulty brand new product

                I ordered for the Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum 1C 2500Pa Suction Power Sweep through Lazada on 9 September 2020. I received the product on 23 September 2020. The order number is #[protected]. Upon opening the package and trying to assemble the product, I found that the charging port is faulty - to be precise the point where the charging wire connects to the charging point is dented and connect be connected. I tried to call the number given on the website [protected] - but it is not in service. The live chat robot keeps repeating the same thing without responding to the request. This is the first time I am ordering from Lazada and the experience is extremely disappointing and annoying. Would be grateful if the matter could be solved.

                Faulty brand new product
                Faulty brand new product

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                  Sep 23, 2020

                  Lazada Southeast Asia — Courier and delivery issue

                  We, Cignal with Seller ID PH12448, a store in Lazada. On Sep. 22 and 23, we received a total of 452 cancelled...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Lazada Southeast AsiaUnresolved delivery

                  I've made a purchase through Lazada Malaysia on the 27th Jul, order [protected] and on the 19th Aug, another purchase, order [protected].
                  These were the only purchase that I'd chose to pick up from the collection point. And both end up having the same problem. Both orders had already arrived at the collection point which is 7Eleven at Gaya Taman Melawati.
                  In order for customers to collect their item, they need an OTP that was given to them wired email or sms as security verification.
                  In the track and trace status for both orders already written "DELIVERED" but I've never being able to collect them. I've emailed and got into live chats for verification . I've never received any OTP. Until the end of Aug., I still find myself talking to people in Lazada live chat that promised I would get the OTPs in 3days, 4 days until they said the two cases were being escalated to the relevant department for investigation. Still they can't come out with any explanation or solution.
                  What is the problem in generating an OTP? Why do we need the OTP if it takes so long to get one? Delivery might be delayed because of MCO, natural disasters or custom check but for these two cases, it's the OTPs.
                  On the 11th Sept, I got a refund for the [protected] order . For order [protected], two emails which said they have already talk to the collection point and they said I've collected. I've filed a complaint again on the 11th Sept because I've never collected and Lazada can't just conclude a case like this without evidence and explanations.
                  I need a concrete and better explanations then just a refund or an unreasonable email.

                  Unresolved delivery
                  Unresolved delivery
                  Unresolved delivery
                  Unresolved delivery

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                    As for me, I'm still not convinced about the resolution for this case which is under Case Number 2050000023254307. No explanations and resolution on solving the problem at all. I got an email from the Lazada Malaysia Customer Care

                    LazadaProduct & service

                    I ordered from lazada aug 18 but my package is not moving
                    Since aug 28 my package was shipped at
                    Lbc logistics and till now I did not receive the package order number:[protected]
                    Tracking number:[protected]

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                      Lazada Southeast AsiaStorage rack with 5 metal layer size 120cm*40cm*180cm for Warehouse shelf storage supermarket display rack

                      I have 2 orders that I already paid for and never got the item. Will I ever going to get my item or refund my money? I called Lazada and all they do is follow up my shipment. It has been going on for 20 days now. They committed to deliver my item in 3 days. below are the order numbers. The total amount is close to 200$.

                      Order #[protected]

                      Placed on 25 Aug 2020 07:25:42

                      Total: ₱3, 090.00

                      Order #[protected]

                      Placed on 16 Aug 2020 05:31:48
                      Package 5
                      Sold by HappyHomeFurniture

                      Please help me get my item, please or just refund my mone. Anybody please help me.

                      lazada login - luvel.[protected]
                      phone- [protected]

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                        Lazada Southeast AsiaRefund

                        After returning an unordered item (for which I had been charged) after 3 months, two letters and 5 online chats lazada
                        Thailand have still not refunded me my money. This despite them confirming they had received the item back (undamaged)
                        And an email saying they would refund in a few days.
                        That was over a month ago.
                        Customer service are non-effective and only ever say 'our team will respond in 1 or 2 days' - they never do. I think they just
                        Hope you give up and go away.

                        Avoid ordering from this company is my strong advise - they really do not seem to protect or have any concern for their customers

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                          Lazada Southeast AsiaPhone load scam

                          Lazada phone load site a store called "Online Madness" is continuously taking only for phone They take your money and don't deliver E load
                          Then they don't respond to complaints on their home site Only auto reply They have Zero chat response Clearly a scam
                          They are making Lazada look bad and other honest companies who sell load do not deserve to be brought down I would like money back please

                          Phone load scam

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                            Jul 24, 2020

                            Lazada — Status delivered but no physical item received

                            Very bad customer service with different agents to solve my problem through email communication for 1 month...

                            Jul 17, 2020

                            Lazada Southeast Asia — Customer care agents with 'merry-go-round' practices

                            It's all begin with the unethical supplier which can't supply the item (did not do a proper...

                            Jul 04, 2020

                            Lazada Southeast Asia — Damaged tv lg 65" um72 series hdr smart 4k uhd tv 65um7290ptd

                            Below is the message trail including a set of photos. When I raised the matter with Lazada, they simply...

                            Lazada Southeast AsiaService

                            This is one of many times that lazada thailand has caused problems for me. Their csr are completely incompetent and their it teams are as well. I have had issues with them many times for many reasons and it takes a lot of time and frustration to get them to actually help me. They lose packages, lie to customers and don't understand how to speak english.

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                              Jun 22, 2020

                              Lazada Southeast Asia — Product has not yet arrived after 17 days

                              I ordered and paid for a Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone from Lazada on June 6. The Lazada website said (and...

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