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Here is the problem: a Yahoo search for "VA Hospital Salt Lake City" will give an incorrect phone number, an incorrect address and incorrect contact information. If you enter a Yahoo search for "VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System," the first listing is the correct one. This is the listing that should appear after the searcher types, "VA Hospital Salt Lake City." Even though we now call ourselves, "George E. Wahlen U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System," people still search for us under "hospital."

Yahoo is guilty of poor customer service because they will not change the incorrect listing. In April 2007, I notified Yahoo about the incorrect listing by e-mail. I have received several e-mails from Yahoo about the problem. Finally, I was told to submit the correct information to [protected] and I followed Yahoo's instructions and submitted the information as required. There has been no change. I have been trying since April 2007 to get the Yahoo listing changed to the correct information. No one will change the incorrect listing. There was a similar problem with a Google listing. I notified Google and they corrected it immediately. I have no confidence in Yahoo and very little hope that they will ever do anything to correct this problem. Thank you for letting me tell you about the problem.


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    Genetha Greene Jun 16, 2008

    I can open my email because it was block because of pornograhy and I dont even view that stuff and I email Yahoo over two weeks and I haven't heard from them and I still cant get into my email.

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    Reviewer70692 Sep 26, 2015

    Yahoo is tracking the sites I go to on my computer using L.yimg, s.yimg and others. This slows down my computer and I believe it is probably illegal.

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