My email has been unavailable since Thursday evening 3rd October 2019.
I have followed ALL instructions and still it says "we are unable to access your mailbox please try later "

I have cleared cookies and cached data - still says the same
I have logged out and back in - still says the same
I have turned the account off - still says the same
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app - still says the same.
I have tried the desktop -still says the same.

I am pretty irritated and frustrated I am waiting for a number of important emails that I can't access.

You give me the option if paying £4.80 to speak to someone by live chat what a joke !! Just provide the service you offer.
You tell me there is a firm online I can contact you at another joke it's just more instructions on the above.

Please can we sort this out asap my email address with the issues is annemarie.[protected]

Can I ask you reply to me on annemarie.[protected] until my email issues has been resolved.

Oct 07, 2019

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