Yahoo! / best ball (fantasy sports)

My $50 entry fee was collected by Yahoo on 7/27/2019 at 8:02 AM. The draft filled around 8:50 AM and wasn't allowed to enter the draft after trying on a smart phone and 2 computers. My internet was working normal and I was able to use it for other services (we have 100 mbps), I also tried using my cellular data and restarting my phone/yahoo app. Nothing resolved the issue. On 7/25/2019 I had already filed a complaint with yahoo because I entered a $5 best ball league, it filled and then disappeared. I sent screenshots to yahoo of the $5 coming out of my account and never being refunded. Yahoo is new o best ball and obviously their software has some defects. Customer service (Billing) advised they would send the complaint to Engineering and didn't respond when I asked if I'd be reimbursed.

I attached screenshots of what I experienced as I attempted to enter the $50 draft today and my account history showing proof of payment. What I'd like is to be reimbursed for both of the drafts ($55) that yahoo provided flawed software that didn't allow for participation after payment.


Jul 27, 2019

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