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Only 7% of the world's population identify as 'feminist'. The other 93% are either uninterested in feminism or find it objectionable. I am of the latter group, so I have to ask; what is it with the glut of feminist tripe published on your 'news' site. 'Feminism' isn't news, it's an ideology... one that few share and that many find offensive. A large proportion of feminist articles Yahoo! "news" chooses to publish are blatantly sexist and steeped in misandry and misinformation. As such, Yahoo! is complicit in the promotion of hate speech.
You should consider your readership and the potential for legal claims made against you by those you may offend once too often should you continue to publish and promote such hateful opinions.

  • Updated by Paul Hopkins · Oct 21, 2017

    I filed a complaint here a few days ago regarding the frequent publication of hateful rhetoric and opinions on your news site. I have received no reply, my complaint does not appear on these pages and you continue to publish and promote hate speech.
    Is it common practice for you to brush complaints under the carpet?
    Be advised that legal redress will be sought should you continue to publish such articles.

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