Yahoo!publishing unauthorized sexual content

K Nov 23, 2018
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Someone got in to my yahoo account and stole private photos and videos. This person has a Id of [protected] They want $200 from me. They already published my content on couple porn sites not to mention emailing my family, friends, nine businesses in town, city council. They are operating over seas. If you need confirmation the chief of police would be glad to file a complaint. [protected]@ yahoo needs to be shut down


  • SubSquirrel Nov 23, 2018
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    I hope the police are demanding logs from your account. That IP can be traced back to the crook. But realize that putting private personal information on the internet is dumb.

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  • He
    Help us ! Dec 13, 2018

    @SubSquirrel This persons gmail [email protected] and chat hour Id is Nsafunva21400 and is operating in chat hour chat rooms now all of these names are connected to [email protected] I got blackmailed also hope this person pays [email protected] is being used on hang outs a chat app associated with google and has a group of friends please take this person down !

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