Woolworths South Africaunavailability of specials on promotion

M Jul 19, 2019

This is the second time that Woolworth's have advertised two products that were not available in stores.
The products ‘Creamy spinach potato bake' R 49, 99 and ‘spicy potato & spinach fritters' R52, 99.The first promotion i tried to get products from
Woolworths Lifestyle and Woolworths Clearwater in Roodepoort.
The second promotion is this week and we are in Umhlanga I tried Woolworths Lagoon Drive and I was advised by the store that I should visit a larger store as specials are not always delivered to smaller stores. I then went to Gateway shopping Centre and sure enough no stock once again after enquiry.
This is disappointing and not what I expect from any Woolies store. Regards Marina

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