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Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 000 610(Woolworths Online) 55 37
1300 767 969(Woolworths Supermarkets) 72 47
1300 655 055(Woolworths Petrol) 1 4
1300 101 234(Rewards, Insurance & Credit Cards) 0 1
1800 641 497(Trolley Tracker) 0 4
1300 665 386(Business) 10 12
+61 288 850 000(Woolworths Group) 5 1
Postal Address
GPO Box 4535, Sydney 2001


Woolworths Australia Complaints & Reviews

Woolworths Australia — bread - helga's wholemeal grain loaf low stock


Yesterday I took an empty Helga's bag in and complained that there was nil stock on the shelves and asked why.
However, the helpful lady showed me that there was 1 on the top shelf at 10am. ie almost at opening time. I admitted that I had missed this 1 loaf.
The lady took me to the manager for that section who told me that they stock very few because they only sell about 8 a week! Well you don't need me to tell you that if you only have one on the shelf at 10am you aren't going to be able to sell much more than 1 per day which equals 7 per week! Crikey Woolies! Not very impressive!


Woolworths Australia — petrol discount vouchers

Can I exchange my 4c a litre for something else. It is not worth anything I can get petrol cheaper from three (3) other local service stations even without the 4c a litre off. Consequently I don't shop as much at woolworths as I used to.
Also sick of getting specials notification online only to find thery are not available in store when I get there (as different to being sold out).

Woolworths Australia — bananas


Yesterday I bought 2 bananas from your Hervey Bay, Qld (Elizabeth Street) store and this morning I was very disappointed to open this one to have with my breakfast. I was able to salvage some pieces however most of it was inedible. I am yet to peel the second one though my hunch is that it could be in a similar state. I do expect good produce from Woolworths especially fruit.

Thank you
Karen Lavin


Woolworths Australia — abused by 2ic

I was accosted by Kaylene Saunders 1785 and accused of spitting on a cafe worker and intimidating her, which I stated did not happen. I left the cafe in November 19 and have not gone near the cafe whenever I went shopping there. I have not shopped too often at this site because of the intimidation I received from Kaylene and Troy Haggerty while I was working there. She accosted me in front of my grandchildren and Daughter in law and anybody else within earshot. When I stated this was my local shop and I was a customer and I had done nothing wrong, she implied it might be best if I went elsewhere from now on. I left the store not long after not even finishing my shopping got home and burst into tears. She was deliberately intimidating and bully me for everyone to witness. I was basically told I was not welcome to shop there anymore.

Woolworths Australia — birch & waite hollandaise sauce


I am very disappointed in woolworths for deleting the only good hollandase sause in there entire range the birch and waite hollandase sause 200ml in the produce department it i...

birch & waite hollandaise sauce

Retail Stores  · Feb 16, 2020

Woolworths Australia — petrol station

I pulled into the petrol station this afternoon at 5.55 pm the normal closing time for a Saturday is 6pm, I went to put petrol in my car next to another lady who was about to finishing fueling her car, another car pulled up at a different bowser, the lady next to me finished putting petrol in her car, and went in to pay by this time I have removed the petrol cap and put the nozzle into my tank. The other person who pulled up had gotten out of their vehicle and was about to put the nozzle into their tank when the lady who had gone in to pay came out and told us the girl inside (employee) said they were closed. The bowsers had no locks on them, it was only 5.57 pm as we pulled out and left it may only be 3 -4 minutes early, but your business list two customers tonight. I went to the BP and spent my $95. Not happy. The station should be open to the stated time. Thank you

Woolworths Australia — frozen 375g chicken satay with long grain rice cooked in a crunchy peanut sauce

I'm writting in this complaint as the packet says mild heat which might I add is very much not mild it is very strongly heated with green curry paste which is much hotter then...

frozen 375g chicken satay with long grain rice cooked in a crunchy peanut sauce

Retail Stores  · Feb 15, 2020

Woolworths Australia — poor service

Over the last few weeks a disturbing practice has set-in.

Six auto pay terminals are switched off during peak periods
( causing customers to que and divert else where to get sered )

I find this very annoying.

They have been installed for a purpose, to serve customers.

When asked why, the reply is " talk to the manager "

If this continues, I will encourage others not the shop at WOOLWORTHS

Woolworths Australia — frustration of financial loss for products

Good Morning, I am wishing to forward my frustration and question how your online ordering is set up. I commenced doing online ordering and collection from Greensborough...

Greensborough Retail Stores  · Feb 11, 2020

Woolworths Australia — lamb leg steaks

I bought Lamb leg steaks on the 8th February at the Seville store. This is the second time I have bought this product and both times the pieces of meat looked perfect on the tray...

lamb leg steaks
lamb leg steaks
lamb leg steaks
lamb leg steaks
lamb leg steaks

Seville Retail Stores  · Feb 08, 2020

Woolworths Australia — dreamy chocolate cookies

I used to be a major fan of the dreamy cookies when I first found them as "santa cookies" a few years ago. However, all stores started overcooking them, you used to be...

Pimpama Retail Stores  · Feb 06, 2020

Woolworths Australia — your fraud policies


On or about January 12/13 my credit card was fraudulently attacked with three fraudulent debits. My bank identified them and we immediately cancelled the card and had a new one...

Retail Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Woolworths Australia — fresh meat section

I purchased a packet of odd pork chops .I slow cooked them for hours .then I pulled it apart .I could see & feel small bones .so I put it through a drive too make sure .I then...

Retail Stores  · Feb 01, 2020

Woolworths Australia — bakery

I purchased a profiterole chocolate cake for $25 at the Woolies Sarina store for a birthday cake on the 16/1/20, had 1 small slice and it was awful so sickly sweet and gunky, did...

Sarina Retail Stores  · Jan 26, 2020

Woolworths Australia — deli section

Went to woolworths Greenfields 26th January 2020 at 14:31 went to buy some items from the deli sections three employees looked at me and ignored that I was there til I spoke to my...

deli section

Greenfields Retail Stores  · Jan 26, 2020

Woolworths Australia — loaf of bread

To whom it may concern, This morning having my breakfast I have chocked on some type of plastic that's been baked into a piece of bread. I fear there may be more, so I will...

loaf of bread
loaf of bread
loaf of bread

Rockingham Retail Stores  · Jan 23, 2020

Woolworths Australia — plumpton woolworths petrol

My name is peter and i am a employee of another company and one of your employees worked for the company i work for and things didnt end well with my boss and your employee. The...

1 comments Plumpton Retail Stores  · Jan 21, 2020

Woolworths Australia — woolworth branded water 600ml

I have always bought this water . Since the plastic has changed on the bottles I have noticed that the base of the bottle and the mouth piece gets a black tinge after a couple of...

woolworth branded water 600ml

Retail Stores  · Jan 20, 2020

Woolworths Australia — cleanliness

I'm a regular customer at woolworths metro in 356 Orrong road caulfield north The lift to the car park is almost never cleaned and is disgusting The car park has rubbish...


Caulfield Retail Stores  · Jan 19, 2020

Woolworths Australia — shopping experience sunday january 19 at 2:45 pm

Hi, I'm writing this complaint not waiting for anything back but only to give feedback on my shopping experience. I went to shop a detergent and a salad to woolworths with my...

shopping experience sunday january 19 at 2:45 pm

Southbank Retail Stores  · Jan 19, 2020

Woolworths Australia — petrol stations

I am complaining about the advertising we are subjected to when going to do a simple task like filling up the petrol! I resent being blasted by irrelevant advertising in which I...

Retail Stores  · Jan 17, 2020

Woolworths Australia — scanning policy

I was at Woolworths supermarket on Tuesday afternoon and an item scanned incorrectly. I was under the understanding that an item that scanned incorrectly was given to the customer...

Retail Stores  · Jan 15, 2020

Woolworths Australia — woolworths chicken korma meal

I have already complained through the Woolworths website 3 times, without any response. I am trying for the last time, before I will make a formal legal complaint. I was eating a...

woolworths chicken korma meal
woolworths chicken korma meal

Retail Stores  · Jan 14, 2020

Woolworths Australia — Staff at this store appear not to know some of your policy


A item was scan wrong and she was unaware that if that happens that you get one of the items free So your staff need to be either informed or have better training re of your policies

Kwinana Retail Stores  · Jan 13, 2020

Woolworths Australia — checkout operator

Last Sunday 12/01/20, Lavington store North Albury I was rudely spoken to by a checkout operator, as I have an injury to my arm I was finding it difficult to place the soft drink...

Retail Stores  · Jan 12, 2020

Woolworths Australia — linda mccartney sausages

Hi, tonight I cooked 3 Linda McCartney's vegetarian red onion and rosemary sausages. Best before date AUG 2020 (501.9. 18:42) with barcode [protected]. One sausage contained...

linda mccartney sausages
linda mccartney sausages
linda mccartney sausages

Retail Stores  · Jan 12, 2020

Woolworths Australia — meat

Last night i did my grocery shopping at the Booval store, i purchased 2x pack of chicken thighs. I got home to cook my chicken only to discover the chicken was rotten. I paid...


Booval Retail Stores  · Jan 10, 2020

Woolworths — credit and handy cards declined

On Tuesday 7 January 2020 my credit card was declined. Luckily, I had some cash in the wallet. After paying for the items I went to Westpac, where the credit card was OK. Funny it...

Credit Report Websites  · Jan 10, 2020

Woolworths Australia — service

I have been shopping at Woolworth Beldon WA for over 20 years and have found the staff very courteous and friendly but at the moment there is a front end controller who is not...

Beldon Retail Stores  · Jan 09, 2020

Woolworths Australia — service was very appalling

On the 8th of January 2020, I headed into Woolworths in Westlands Whyalla South Australia at about 7:30 headed to the Deli. Asked politely if the woman working could slice me some...

Whyalla Retail Stores  · Jan 08, 2020

Woolworths Australia — fresh fruit and veg

Woolworths calls them selfs the fresh food people??? The store in Delacombe Town Centre Ballarat is an absolute disgrace, The suppose called fresh produce is disgusting, not fit...

Smythes Creek Retail Stores  · Jan 06, 2020

Woolworths Australia — treatment of child


Alice Springs Woolworths on Saturday, 3/1/2020, late afternoon, when 1 staff member chased a teen boy and a young girl this lead to manager and another staff member assisting. The...

Alice Springs Retail Stores  · Jan 06, 2020

Woolworths Australia — homestyle family potato and beef pie

I dropped in to my local woolworths after work to buy a family size potato top pie, as there were none available I purchased the next best thing a beef and potato pie. Well when I...

homestyle family potato and beef pie

Retail Stores  · Jan 06, 2020

Woolworths Australia — staff member

I have shopped at Woolworths Mernda store for 6 years now The staff have always been fantastic except 1 member today. Taylah her name was. She was called over to help me at the...

Mernda Retail Stores  · Jan 05, 2020

Woolworths Australia — sunny days jerseys

I have been purchasing Jersey Caramels for years and happy to pay $2 but recently a new packaging of 150g arrived on your shelves for $3 That's a 50% increase. how is that...

Retail Stores  · Jan 04, 2020

Woolworths Australia — overcharging for chicken after being told 2 days previously the price was incorrect

Two days ago I went thru self serve and realised the chicken drumsticks were charged at $4 a kilo. I just wanted to be charged the right price so I got them to do a price check...

Wandina Retail Stores  · Jan 03, 2020

Woolworths Australia — beecroft nsw butchery

Date: 3 January 2020 Today I needed a rack of lamb. I was told the only person who could cut a rack of lamb was at lunch so I would have to wait 45 minutes. This is not the first...

Retail Stores  · Jan 02, 2020

Woolworths Australia — services


I went to the self service to scan my items, after I finished I scanned my woolworth reward card, it would scan so I can the indian lady standing next to me, she lift her eyebrow...

Southern River Retail Stores  · Jan 02, 2020

Woolworths Australia — availability of roast chicken

My partner & I arrived at your prospect store at 6.40 pm to pick up a roast chicken for our dinner. The hot food stand was empty as were the rotisseries. A female staff member...

Retail Stores  · Dec 30, 2019

Woolworths Australia — pork sausages

Dear woolworths, what have you done to your pork sausages? They used to be a lovely product, but you have changed the recipe they are now flavourless and full of water so they...

Retail Stores  · Dec 30, 2019