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Woolworths Australia Complaints & Reviews

Woolworths Australia / Woolworths chicken and cheese rissoles

Tamara Blankers on May 27, 2018

Dear Woolworths, This evening we decided to cook some chicken rissoles from you. We have eaten these before with no problems. However tonight was a different story when i found something blue in my sons rissole when i was cutting it up. I dug it out to find a piece of hard plastic! How, in...

Woolworths Australia / Online service

Danajane on May 26, 2018

Hi I have used woorlworths online for 7 months and I just wanted to email and say how disappointed i am . Every week for the last 3 months i have called and complained as we have been given incorrect items, old items and items are forgotten often I have been told that a note has been added...

Woolworths Australia / Packaged mince meat

Peter Scott41 on May 25, 2018

I purchased 2 x 500g of packaged minced beef from my local supermarket at Cooloola Cove on 21/5/18 The meat was placed in the freezer when I got home and thawed and cooked two days later in a savoury mince dish that I have cooked many times prior. The meat did not smell the best during...

Woolworths Australia / unfriendly/lazy staff

Sezzzzzz on May 24, 2018

I regularly shop at Kyneton Woolworths in the mornings. I always have a full trolley of groceries and there is never a big register open to cater for people with lots in their trolleys. It's only ever the express or self service open. There is always atleast 3 staff in the Customer Service area...

Woolworths Australia / tomatoes

Nell1954 on May 24, 2018

I purchased 6 tomatoes with in a packet the expiry date 26th May and yesterday 23rd May I opened them 4 were squeeze soft the kind of soft that was off when slicing one you could tell it was no good. All of them were the same inedible. Only 2 were perfectly fine. As they are not exactly...

Woolworths Australia / staff service on refund

Timothy Ho Australia on May 23, 2018

Today (23 May), I bought two persimmons at Riverwood store advertised 2 for $3 but the price at self check out is $2 each. I told the lady in self service area and she advised me to check the displayed price. I did after finishing payment for other shopping and took the price tag to show...

Woolworths Australia / macro cacao craze 30g

Heidi Moritz on May 22, 2018

I bought a packet of the Macro Cacao Craze Almonds and when I read the ingredients, I was shocked to find that the product did NOT contain any Cacao at all. Instead it contains Cocoa. Is this not false advertising? I would not have purchased them if I had known this. I couldn't read the...

Woolworths Australia / specials pricing

Simon Young on May 22, 2018

I went to my local Woolworths Store, (No.1124 Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour) at around 9 am this morning, (Wednesday 23 May 18), to do my weekly grocery shop. To my dismay, much of the price tagging work reflecting this week's specials had not been done, nor were any current catalogue...

Woolworths Australia / kingland dairy free yogurt

Michelle_Albury on May 21, 2018

Hi, Can I please request that Kingland Dairy Free Yogurt is continued at Woolworths stores. Being dairy free we have far fewer options than people who can eat diary and my children and myself were very satisfied with the Kingland Dairy Free yogurt (it is the only yogurt my one child will...

Woolworths Australia / shopping experience

Amir Kaloof on May 21, 2018

On Monday 21/05/2018 at 1328hrs as printed on my receipt I was shopping at Woolworth's Bass Hill Plaza, Sydney NSW. I was at the self serve checkout due to less staff on service checkouts, Store 1147 POS 061 TRANS 674 I was scanning my items when the staff approached asking to check if we...

Woolworths Australia / poor customer service

Windyy on May 21, 2018

Hi i'm a regular shopper at woolworths kippa-ring, my partner and I was purchasing things when we were served by a staff member who had really poor customer service at 1.29pm today. She seemed like she didn't want to service us and was abrupt and short which we didn't appreciate and as a...

Woolworths Australia / beef burgers containing glass

Alex Strydom on May 21, 2018

Hi There, We recently purchased these burger patties from Woolworths and although we have done so in the past, we never found foreign objects inside them before. I literally bit into a piece of glass and crunched it! needless to say it was an awful experience, telling my kids not to eat...

Woolworths Australia / gardener mixed blossom honey 400g

Dianne Morgan on May 20, 2018

I purchased the product believing it to be a 100% Australian product but discovered that it only had (at least 40% Australian honey). I find this information very misleading as I do not know what this Honey is being topped up with and where it comes from. In Australia we have disease free...

Woolworths Australia / orange juice pricing

Lars Lyckman on May 19, 2018

Lokal store Pacific Pines gold cost QLD. We don't like this kind of labeling making us fell we are getting a great deal. This is not the first time i come across this and if find this annoying . I think you should explain why you try ripping loyal customers of like this. How much more i...

Woolworths Australia / customer service

Donna65mum on May 18, 2018

On the 16th May (approx 0930) I went to purchase a Kraft dip, specifically either salmon & dill or prawn & crab. After looking & noticing the entire dip range had been halved! I approached a staff member to query whether the dips had been moved, she was unable to help but offered to call...

Woolworths Australia / woolworths crunchy noodle coleslaw mix

Paul Rawcliffe on May 18, 2018

Hi I'm totally disgusted in finding a rubber seal of some sort inside the bag of crunchy noodle coleslaw mix. I was feeling sick and vomiting after eating it. I had a look to see what was wrong with it. Only to my horror discovering the white coloured seal. I purchased this at Woolworths Stirling...

Woolworths Australia / woolworths fuel station

Asito on May 18, 2018

The Woolworths service station on Birkdale road Birkdale has put signs on their pumps stating that 5hey are out of order. It is strange that the prices of fuel is about to go up here this weekend. I believe that they are trying to make extra profits from the fuel that they have in their...

Woolworths Australia / rafferty's gardens yoghurts

Liz Fearnley Robertson on May 18, 2018

Hello I live in Cloncurry which is a fairly remote country town in Qld. We have 2 choices to shop in town Woolies and Foodworks. I was quite upset today when i went shopping to find the Raffertys Gardens yoghurt was discontinued. This is the only yoghurts that my 1 year old daughter eat...

Woolworths Australia / product purchased - chicken korma with rice ready made meal

katelindj on May 17, 2018

Hi. I purchased a woolworths brand indian cuisine chicken korma with rice from the woolworths and I have just opened it to cook it and it is all rice... There is nothing else in there. On the packet it says "chargrilled chicken cooked in creamy coconut sauce with cardamom, ground almond...

Woolworths Australia / I am complaining about customer service

William Waterhouse on May 17, 2018

I always pick my fresh groceries and products I need from Woolworths and green bank branch very handy on the way home but the last two visits have being more inconvenient. One visit produced one person serving on check out which I had to use the manual service to swipe my groceries and pack...