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Woolworths Australia Complaints & Reviews

Woolworths Australia / deli service or lack of

Kathryn Borg on Oct 19, 2018

This evening at 9pm I went to St Ives store to purchase shaved meat. When I got there the employee at the deli refused to shave any meat and made multiple excuses, then said he didn't know how to. I think it was a load of BS because he just didn't want to do it. The store was still open for...

Woolworths Australia / woolworths at warringah mall brookvale

kaija norris on Oct 19, 2018

I purchased this salad at 1:30 this afternoon at Woolworths in brookvale and after approximately 5 minutes of eating it, I've noticed multiple insects/ contamination inside the salad provided by Woolworths. Please advice me of compensation as this in intolerable and I have felt sick since...

Woolworths Australia / stain remover kit by the kelly company

Schnickelgruber on Oct 18, 2018

Woolworths used to stock this fantastic Stain remover which is the only product that actually works on carpet. It had 3 separate bottles which removed stains according to the enzymes involved. I have been using it for years - because it is the only thing that can deal with pet messe...

Woolworths Australia / bega cheese block string bitey 500g

Jenny Drewett on Oct 18, 2018

Hello, I have just purchased the above product from your Woolworths Keysborough store. I opened the cheese when getting home to find it mouldy (not 1 hour after purchasing it). As per the photograph below the Best Before date is April 2019. Very disappointing not only for Bega but also for...

Woolworths Australia / car insurance promotion

Robce on Oct 18, 2018

Bought car insurance with a promo code CARX03 Promo was 10% off and a $100 Gift card. I believe I got 10% off but I have been told I need to supply evidence regarding the promotional Gift Card in order for it to be received. Spike with 2 operators. The first operator was informing me about...

Woolworths Australia / offer of free google mini with online shopping

Tess3772 on Oct 18, 2018

I have placed my first Online order with Woolworths which is due to be delivered this afternoon. I am just a bit disappointed that on the website it says that a free Google Mini can be received with orders over $300 which mine is. When I tried to add this to my order it says that they are...

Woolworths Australia / online shopping delivery

Embry on Oct 16, 2018

Hello.. my daughter Danika Donald of 17 Selen Court Leeming WA 6141 mobile ..0402633813 placed an online order to be delivered on the 16 th october to be organised with cooking ect for her sons first birthday today. The delivery was left at the wrong address and Danika was told nothing...

Woolworths Australia / deli fresh chicken garlic kievs

LittleDee on Oct 16, 2018

I bought 10 garlic chicken kievs from the Deli at Maddington Woolworths today. As I went through the checkout the assistant did say to me to be careful because it looked like the packaging was coming undone. Roughly 15 minutes later when I was opening the packet to put them in the fridge I...

Woolworths Australia / winning vouchers

Nairn on Oct 16, 2018

Dear Madam or Sir, I am a concerned customer that has been scammed by a so called survey you conduct on the web page. apparently this offers a voucher if you answer a few questions regarding woolworths, then after answering the survey you are re-directed to another page where there are a...

Woolworths Australia / sausages sippy downs qld

namroc on Oct 16, 2018

Hi i bought some dausages from woolies and cooked them up tonight, 3/4 of the way through i cut my upper gum with a piece of glass that was in the sausage, I am far from a complainer but this was a very serious act i came accross, they were plain beef sausages boight on a pack of 6 . I...

Woolworths Australia / meat counter

Banksia on Oct 16, 2018

Well my experience yesterday on Woolworths Currambine wasn't too good either. I went to meat counter to get some chicken there was a bloke serving a customer fish and once finished he went over to the tap ran water over his hand with a glove on and then served me with the same glove that had...

Woolworths Australia / no plastic bags

Locarnize on Oct 15, 2018

Since the plastic bag ban in NSW, it has become so slow and frustrating at the checkout. People take a stack of the small green plastic bags found in the fruit section but they don't have carry handles. The checkout person then has to open each one of those bags to fit the groceries in...

Woolworths Australia / ww delivery trucks

Scott Dillon on Oct 15, 2018

HI, Your delivery truck left his engine running, 40 minutes, while he was inside his cab. I wonder why he did not keep his engine off until he was ready to go. You may reply saying he needed to warm up the engine, yes this is true but not for 40 minutes. It was in Upper Pitt Street...

[Resolved] Woolworths Australia / poor customer service

Giulietta on Oct 15, 2018

Good Evening Today I visited Woolworths in Victoria Park Perth WA.. (15th October) I went through the express lane check out area which even though there were 3 girls behind the counter only one was serving as the others where chatting. When they finally decided to stop talking and call me...

Woolworths Australia / product

Reens71 on Oct 15, 2018

I have always used your clumping kitty litter and very disappointed in the change of the product. The clumping factor doesn't happen anymore and just sticks to the tray. Unfortunately I will be swapping to Coles now as their clumping kitty litter is a much better product. Because of this i...

Woolworths Australia / ruffie rustic foods product copy of email sent to company

David P Boyd on Oct 14, 2018

I'm not in the habit of writing to companies but I was that disappointed with your product I feel I need to inform you of my dissatisfaction. I purchased from the Woolworth store in Leeton NSW your Sweet potato, feta, spring onion and caraway seed Frittata. As an 84 year old sole pensioner...

Woolworths Australia / rat poo in crumpets

jatara on Oct 13, 2018

I bought a packet of crumpets from Woolworths here in Townsville, not sure which branch as i've just moved here but i can find out. It was a week ago. I opened the packet and there was a huge rat poo embedded in the underside of one of the crumpets - plainly left their after cooking and...

Woolworths Australia / woodworths hoppers crossing

PRATIK PATEL on Oct 13, 2018

Without asking me, a checkout operator picked my coles shoppings from my coles shopping trolley and put it in Woolworths custody. When I asked him not to touch my stuff that I've bought from coles, he said you are not allowed in Woolworths with the coles shopping trolly along with cole...

Woolworths Online Delivery / poor service delivery

Anthea Nagel on Oct 13, 2018

Delivery order #30550721 Saturday evening delivery at approximately 19:00 at 11A Anderson Road, Mortdale, NSW, 2223. I have been using Woolworths online delivery since January 2019. As a full time working mother with a back injury, I require the delivery person to deliver the groceries to...

Woolworths Australia / bad customer service

Eric90 on Oct 13, 2018

Was at the checkout at the store in Fairfield heights NSW at register 3 at 7.14pm being served by a woman named Miriam handed her my already purchased bags and she refused to take them and told my to pack my groceries myself due to her saying I quote @it makes things easier" then after...