Woodsprings Suitesincident of death


WoodSpring Suites Kansas City Stadium
8805 Leeds Rd., Kansas City, MO

I would like to report a significant incident with the above establishment.
I had a sick relative (brother) residing in your facility. I called to check on him when he did not respond, this was not like him. I being his sister knew something was not right. He was 53 years of age and I am not blaming anyone I know how his death occurred. What I am saying is that the staff at this facility were rude. One in particular. I called and asked he said it was against policy to check on said resident, so I pleaded and he did say that he saw my brother’s car leave and must have returned. He told me on Sept. 18th that he checked his room and no one was there – he said he checked in the bathroom, under the bed, etc…which put my mind at ease a little. However, later discovering that he searched the wrong room. How difficult is it to confirm where a long-term resident lives. Kevin has resided there for many months on two separate occasions and because of his lying my brother remained in his room alone & dead for a longer period of time. I then had a female staff check on him the next day- she was a little nicer and said that she went to check and his door was “chained” or the bar was across. She stated, “so he must be in there.” Well if he had blocked from inside knowing the concern due to illness she never attempted verbal contact. I just do not understand policy or not the extent of concern for human life.
So needless to say the whole situation is tragic. I had a friend of his locally go the evening of the 19th at 9:30 pm or so and this is when she checked for him- I am writing this because of the entire situation. I called the Police to do a wellness check the morning of the 20th of September 2017 and finally found out. I reside 7 hours away and with no help or assistance from your staff- facility and the blatant lies. It was later told to me that the staff checked the wrong room. So this amount of time I was thinking that my brother was not at home.
I will be pursuing this unsure of where it may go. I feel that your establishment was negligent and careless – He was 53 years of age and the outcome would probably not have been different but the dignity of my brother would have been handled a little better. Your corporation needs to really look at this and render a protocol for emergencies.

Kelly Johns

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