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Winn-Dixie - Pandering management


Winn-Dixie - Compliant against Pharmacist and assistant during COVID vaccine shot given

on 11/15/2021 at approximately 5:10 pm my son and I arrive at Winn Dixie located at 11092 Spring Hill Dr., Spring HiIl FL. 34609. My daughter in law had mad an apt. for my son and herself to get the COVID shot at Winn Dixie. It was schedule for 5pm and 5:50 pm. My son was for 5pm. I was there with him to help him fill out his paperwork. My son has mild autism. He also has a history of seizures. Needless to say, we where there before my daughter in law. The lady, Deborah pharmacy assistant asked if she can help. I said my son had an apt at 5 for the COVID shot. She before she asked for his name she said I have my 5 and 5:30 here. So is impossible for him to have a 5 pm apt. I said ma'am my daughter in law maid the apt on line, she on her way here. she will show you the confirmation she got. So I stood there and waited. the two ladies had their shots. they sat for about 30 min. then left. Meanwhile my daughter in law walks in and shows the confirmation letter the Ms. Deborah. She Still insisted they did NOT have an apt. My daughter in law said, Ma'am forget about me. The web site says apt or walk ins. so can you take him as a walk in. He really needs this shot for his Job. So the lady went ahead and gave him the form to fill out. She was NOT happy. I fill out the form for my son. I put down on the form history on seizures. Then we sat and waited, and waited, and waited, hour and a half. later I got up Ms. Deborah was picking up garbage and the Pharmacist Mary was on the computer. So I said, excuse me, how much longer do we have to wait? we have been here for an hour and a half. Ms. Deborah and Ms. Mary came on the defense saying how busy they are. They are not back there playing. I said I can understand Mary busy on the computer, but Deborah picking up the garbage. Deborah responded. Yes I'm busy, I said so picking up garbage is more/ first priority then customer service? She responded YES. That was an insult to me. I told her So Winn Dixie, Garbage is priority before customer service. Then the pharmacist when to my son to give him his shot, but before that she asked him, Is she ok now? Like if I was crazy. another insult. After she gave my son the shot. She let him go. As quick as she took him in.
Now This is my Point to this Complaint. Fist I worked in the medical file for 38 yrs. Winn Dixie can fill free to check my background. I just retired Not because I wanted, But because due to medical reasons. However Never did I disrespected any of my Pt's. I treated them all as if they where a family member. There is where I got my good reputation. And I'm proud of that! My son also has a medical problem. There was no reason to treat him like a dog. It wasn't that busy there for us to sit that long or for the Pharmacist not to allow my son his 15 to 20 min wait after his COVID shot. IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE FORM I FILLED OUT. HISTORY OF SIEZURES. What if on our way driving home he would've studently reacted? You never assume what you see is what you think it is.

I hope Winn Dixie will take the proper measures and take care of the. Before someone else falls into the same situation or worse.

Thank you for taking your time in reading my story

Desired outcome: Winn Dixie to take proper disciplinary action to this matter and let me know on it via Email [email protected] or Tel-352-678-7188. Message is ok.

Winn-Dixie - Bad customer service.

Lack of customer service. My fiancé was at the North Port FL store. 14276 S. Tamiami Trail. Phone # [protected]. The checkout lines were very long, no-one was helping the cashier's bag grocerie...

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Winn-Dixie - Service at the cashier

I walked up to pay for my product like I do every other day this girl is playing on her phone. She was standing behind the mints in the next isle but there was no cashier there. I put my product out and said" you open" she did not reply. I again said "are you open" then she replied does it look like i'm open. Put the product back in my cart and went to the person closer to the manager and told him about what happened the cashier said nothing and rang me up and I left it was about 10 min ago. My wife are in there every other day, I will not be back.

Desired outcome: NONE

Winn-Dixie - Bad Service

service at you7r store in Seffner i got my flue shot they did not return my ins. card i realized that they died not give me back and the manger said that she could not give the 10 dollars off i had to have the paper to get it so i went back to the pharmacy to get my card and the paper so i could my ten dollars i want you to now how disrespectful to me i shop in that store for about 30 years now and the man that was there gave me my shot and it still hurts two days now he did not do it right I never had a problem be for your manger was so rude

Desired outcome: Apology

Winn-Dixie - Fisherman's wharf

I just bought 3 bags of Fisherman's Wharf flounder and a bag of Fisherman's Wharf shrimp. After reading the bag when I brought it home it is a product of China... I googled it and it is dangerous why do you sell that? It has terrible chemicals in it! I guess that's why it was on sale for $3.99 a bag. you have no right to sell this since most of the stuff that's in it is banned in the United States I want a refund

Winn-Dixie - Service shortcomings

Today 5:30pm at the forest Corners W/D in Silver Springs FL I a regular customer of whom lives in the area feels I am held hostage because the store has no competition requiring any reason to...

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Winn-Dixie - Customer Service

I was shopping in a win Dixie establishment and accused of steal because of my race and skin color. I was shopping today for my 29th birthday which is October 25th. I was approached by two very large men and they took my basket and bullied me out of the store. I have never stolen out of a store a day in my life. I need assistance immediately. This has really affected my day.

Desired outcome: Free groceries

Winn-Dixie - water-melon, cider

I bought 2 water melons the other day that came from Indiana they were both over ripe and mushy. Cost each 4.99 I also got some what I thought was apple cider. They use to sell great cider. It said on label apple juice and additives. Apple juice is not cider. It too cost 4.99 You charge too much and lie to ripe melons while most of ur other melons are not ripe but hard as a rock I wasted my money on over ripe melons nasty taste. and apple cider that is only juice. What a ripe off. This store use to be good now its over priced and trashy

Desired outcome: return some of my cash but u will keep selling crap

Update by Peter Sabine
Sep 21, 2021

ur store is crappy selling over priced over ripe melons

Winn-Dixie - Not in stock

This is the 3rd complaint about Winn Dixie 180 Marion Oaks Blvd Store 229 I recently made a complaint about the Cuban and Puerta Rican bread always being out of stock. I did receive a phone call...

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Winn-Dixie - Service

Winn Dixie 184 Marion Oaks BLVD Ocala, FL Store 2229
Once again I get to the store on 09/14/21 @ 9:30 am. The shelves are empty for Cuban and Puerto Rican Bread. I had previously made a complaint about this location constantly being out of the bread. Once again here we are again.

Your cashiers are very lazy! The bags are not on carousel so they push the food down on a counter that is too small causing smashed bread and broken eggs. Then to add injury to insult the cashier will wait for the transaction and stand there waiting for the customer to bag their groceries. Please review your security camera to confirm this accusation.

I have no idea why this store is so below the standards, when we go to the Belleview Store there is no comparison and the cleanliness and professionalism.

Your store is not going to be very profitable as people will not do their weekly or monthly shopping at this location unless they are desperate.

You have the market cornered in this area and should take advantage of the loyalty the residents will have for this store.

Desired outcome: Clean the store, train the cashiers and stock the shelves with bread.

This isn't Puerto Rico!

Winn-Dixie - Pharmacy

I was standing in line at the pharmacy waiting for my prescription only one person ahead of me for nearly 40 minutes and when the person ahead of me was done the pharmacist did not even acknowledge my presence as the next customer. She skipped over me while standing at the register. After calling my prescription in the previous day to be filled I was met with pure rudeness and a bad attitude from the pharmacist. She never even acknowledged I was there until helping two more people and still didn't have my prescription ready. I am very upset that I had to deal with this after years of coming here but I will not return to the pharmacy or the grocery chain ever again. This happened in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Winn-Dixie - The pharmacy

I am writing concerning the pharmacy on Thomas drive in Panama City Beach Florida. I transferred from winn dixie on west end, when I went to get my meds they said they were not transferred so I filled out the white card and they said they would process it. I went back a few days later they did not have them ready, So I waited 4 or 5 days went back they said they were not transferred that they would make sure it got handled. Went back 3 days later still not filled. In short it took 30 days to get my meds after i talked to 4 or 5 people in pharmacy. Yesterday I went to get some meds on file that I needed refilled they said the same thing that they were not there not transferred so i called old pharmacy and they said they had been transferred and were there months ago. I asked them to please fax my Dr. and get refills cause some of them needed to be refilled still didn't fill scrips i had on file and Danielle I think her name is said they could not fax DR and ask for a refill request when my old winn dixie told me that they have to send fax request to get them filled. So still no meds weeks later again and I have been trying to call them for 2hrs and they wont answer the phone so I called manager and told her to please ask them to answer phone and her excuse was we only have one tech and there are 4 lines. Also, My son is sick with covid delta we went to get his meds and Danielle asked him what all the meds were there were 7 and he could not remember what they were and she was very rude as usual and there wasn't even a line. He was supposed to have a zpack and now I am realinzing she did not fill them only 6 scrips in bag and now he is worse and I cant even call them cause they wont answer. I have never seen such a level of incompetency in my life and Danelle is always unhelpful and rude. So I guess I will get in car and go down there to fight with them to do their job and pull teeth to get them to fax a med request, fill scrips that have been asked for weeks on end and still dont get them, and hope I can atleast get my son the zpack she should have already give him in the hopes he does not wind up in emergency room as he has been all weekend without the zpack and is really sick and I get no help from the pharmacy and if he goes to E.R. you will be hearing from lawyer. My number [protected]

Desired outcome: Reprimedation of the pharmacy crew and expecially Danielle forher incopentent actions that have caused my son when he has covid deslta to worsenand an apology from the C.E.O and any thing else he sees fit to make me happy.

Winn-Dixie - Customer service

On 08/06/2021 I went to get groceries to the store that I've gone for the past 15 years. I stopped by the deli to purchase Havarti cheese that was on sale. The deli manager was the person that took in my request. at the time I placed the order I pointing to the cheese I wanted. After the lady placed the cheese on the pricing scale, the person that was with me told her that she entered the incorrect price. She said no, that I did not tell her which one I wanted and that she grabbed the one she saw first. I said, well I pointed to the one that's on sale. She said "we have 3 different brands and you should have told me". I said well that I did not know. Since you work here you should've asked me. She was already upset and said "you will never win with me so stop explaining yourself". I had stopped buying from the deli because some of the ladies including the deli manager are having a personal conversation or are on their phones and don't want to help. The only time they greet you and give you is when corporate office is there. At that time the store is cleaned and organized.

Desired outcome: Better customer service although I'm not shopping at that location again

Winn-Dixie - Many different products

I just wanted to let someone know I will no longer be shopping at Winn-Dixie due to my past 2 months experiences. The first one is I bought Italian sausage and after it was cooked it was hard as rock wasn't able to eat it just poor quality. My second experience was I brought premium breakfast sausage this past Sunday and it had a thick slime on it. I bought shredded lettuce opened it the next morning and it was completely Brown and had slime on it. And finally I purchased a large container of plain yogurt and it had a bad smell and was runny like milk I am very disappointed I've brought two of these items back when I told the customer service person about the thick slime on the sausage and let her know she needs to remove it from the case she didn't even acknowledge me someone is going to get sick... and I am not doing it any longer I will throw away my yogurt because it was only 350 I'm tired of returning my products and wasting my money that I work hard for.

Desired outcome: A reimbursement of some sort and improvement of products

Winn-Dixie - ice cream purchase talking with customer service

I called up to find out if ice cream was on sale, customer service rep was very rude she said she didn't have time to check the sales ad and that you people
need to get "a life". I am tired of the black staff in your store treating white people bad. We are all human beings and should be respected.
So I am not going to shop at your store I am going to go to the Bradenton store where they are nice to everybody and THE STORE IS CLEAN unlike yours

Desired outcome: treat everyone with respect

Winn-Dixie - Rude cashier named Riley 5901 airline drive Metairie, la store #1411

I came in for something you didn't have what I was looking for so I decided to pick up my free item from the app, since last time I waited too long. The cashier name Riley made it a point to mention my item was free in a very rude way as he gave my receipt. I don't appreciate his judgments or Assumptions and rude comments, it was very unnecessary. I don't expect that type of behavior from your employees they are usually very nice. I shop there all the time. Please contact that store @ [protected] he should have a lesson on how to speak to customers. He seems very young and nieve and very rude. Thank you for your time.

Desired outcome: He should have to take a course on how to talk to customers. Have the Store manager talk to him about his manners.

Try not to let others' attitudes bring you down like this. It can be hard when you feel like you're being judged, but not letting it get to you is the one thing you actually can try to control.

I get bullied like crazy nearly every day. So, I know what I'm talking about. You can't control anything besides how you react to it. So, just try to focus on that.

Winn-Dixie - Customer service

Was shopping in the Venice Florida location and asked an employee where something was and his response was no idea don't care .. it was more important to play on his cell phone. 45 minutes later he was still playing on his phone. No wonder Winn Dixie is going broke with employees that don't care. Told manager about His commit was not my problem. Will not shop there anymore. Terrible customer service and terrible employees

Desired outcome: Hire new people

Winn-Dixie - Customer service

I would like to know why is that Winn Dixie store # 0236 located in Ft Lauderdale at 941 sw 24 street, lock one of their doors at 7:45 pm forcing everyone exit on one side of the store, even that you are parked close to the other door; a lot of customers that were coming in got pissed as well as like myself that have to walk a longer distance with my groceries, this is so inconvenience, thanks

Desired outcome: Please relate this complaint to Rick Giordano manager

Winn-Dixie - wrong item in advertisment

On 7/23/2021 at 1:25 pm i approached the cashier at win dixie at 3116 w commercial blvd, Tamarac, FL. Store # 0210 the cashier was susan. Frozen shrimp was part of my shopping as I received a weekend sale e-mail they were on sale for $5.99 for the weekend 9.99 for rest of week. The cashier informed me I had the wrong shrimp that the raw shrimp on sale was 21-30 count. I immediately showed her the ad and she argued with me saying I was only showing her a picture. I explained it was the ad that was emailed to me from win dixie but she insisted it was only a picture and that everyone was making the same mistake. Well maybe everyone was not wrong and win dixie made an error. I made a special trip to the store for this sale and feel it should have been honored. Store manager did not even come over. It clearly was not my mistake as you can see in the photo. So i told the cashier to remove the four bags from my checkout and I left without them very disappointed and very angry.

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