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Winn-Dixie — Gift card customer service

I received a gift card for 50.00 as a refund from my current landlord. I have the card and receipt. When I...

Winn-Dixie — Coupon

Just walked into Winn-Dixie talk to two employees about coupon ahead and they said it was good to show it...

Winn-Dixie — Multiple different spoiled packages of meat sold,expired food

I went shopping today winn dixie, fort fierce florida midway road... I left the store disgusted. There wa...

Winn-DixieSeafood department

Everytime I purchase seafood in a bag, I had to tell the person touching veggies the bag to wash hands first, last week waited for gentleman to do so and he did not I reported to manager and left the store, and he only put on one glove. This has happened several tmes in 2yrs, it has been reported to main office and nothing done about it. I dont understand why certain people get paid well and don't do there job well. I say hire a black women in seafood respect her, pay her well and this problem will go away. Winn Dixie will never be as clean are nice as publix. I will pay more for clean?. the next time I will record these action as I have before, and will reveal this footage in do time. This incident has happened at all 3 stores.

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    Winn-DixieRebate via PayPal NOT received after verified purchase

    Purchased Miller High Life 24 pack on 3/13/20. $4 PayPal rebate clearly checkd off in Digital Coupons and clearly purchased on receipt. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that rely on a partnership with COUPONS.COM would be a misleading promotion and not a valid coupon. I am contacting the Florida Dept of Consumer Affairs/Fraud Division with reagrd to this matter, as this is the second time a rebate has not been honored.

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      Store #138, Mike Finnick and Rana (Marie) Balcom. These two are mainly in charge of this Winn Dixie, they have no care towards their employees. Hours are inconsistent, pay is not equivalent towards everyone, and employees are not listened to. Not a good work environment, and everyone feels the same way. All other management is well done by the other managers.

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        Winn Dixie — Stock Manager

        I was picking up my teenage son from work on Monday February 24th. I witnessed manager Joey being aggressive...

        Winn-Dixie Store #214 — Carts for disabled customers

        On Feb 3, 2020 as I entered store at 7:17am there was only one riding cart in the store as they usually keep...

        Winn-Dixie — cashiers

        I went to your location at Fresco y Más on 72nd St. and 1 52nd Ave. in Miami Florida I have never been so...

        Winn-Dixie — employee

        I was treated so horrible and was told to leave the store an not come back when I asked the man for what he...

        Winn-Dixie — refrigerated products including liquid eggs not stored proper temperature

        A large refrigerated cooler for eggs, butter, and dough products in paper sleeves (e.g. biscuits, crescent...

        Big Pine Key

        Winn Dixie — produce & service

        I was so excited that after a year being closed to rebuild the WD store from Hurricane Michael. Our town wa...

        Winn-Dixie — customer service

        I went to the Winn Dixie Store at Argyle that I have been going to for years. While trying to figure out the...

        Winn-Dixie — meats

        I have been shopping at this store for 2 years. My compliant is with the meats, seems they are selling meat...

        Winn-Dixie — sale items not imported into computer

        That's right, this store is famous for not changing the sale price into their computer, it happened to me on...

        Winn-Dixieliquor store ad for 11/20/19 thru 11/28/19

        Above mentioned ad had Captain Morgan or Crown Royal 1.75 L for 19.99.
        Took ad to store in 5800 blk of 14th. St, in Bradenton on 11/20 in the AM. No disclaimers on door or product about mistake in ad. Showed ad to liquor store mgr. Mike. He very curtly said MIS PRINT!!! I asked how this was my fault. He again replied MIS PRINT. I said, so you are not going to honor the ad price. His reply was no! that is 20.00 below my cost. I again said and this is my fault how? Told him I would be in contact with corporate and he said go ahead. I sent an email to the corporate "contact us" email address. Sent the email on 11/21. Today is 12/4/19...Still waiting for a reply!!! Thank you for excellent customer service Winn Dixie.
        Care to reply to me Winn Dixie Steve [protected]@gmail.com

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          Winn-Dixiegift card offer-shell oil-offer ending 12/3/19-16 times the points

          Every year for the past 3 years, I have purchased $100worth of Shell Oil gift cards in increments of $25. When I saw the offer for 16 times the points that was good until @2/3/19, I assumed that was going to be the best offer. So, I went ahead and made my purchase. Lo and behold, I went to the mailbox this a.M and found a new Winn Dixie ad which begins tomorrow offering 30 times the points which result in earning 1500 points. Needless to say, I'm not happy losing out on approximately $8.00. I think it was very misleading to have the previous offer for 16 times the points run until 12/3/19. You probably can't do anything to correct the situation now, but I wanted to let someone know how unhappy I am. Thank you.

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            Winn Dixie Liquor — liquor store manager gerald

            I don't think it's fair or right that the store manager can sell allocated bottles to who he want...

            Winn-Dixie — employee

            I have been to the deli department in yulee Florida, I want to file a serious complaint about a girl named...

            Winn-Dixie — customer service

            I went to the checkout register tonight to make a purchase and I asked the cashier to bag up my donut...