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Roses Discount Store complaints 87

Roses Discount Store - Pay

I worked for Roses Department Store in Marion Indiana. I started on November 20th 2021, I worked from 9 to 4 on the 20th & 9 to 4 on the 21st. I went into work the following day Monday November 22nd at 7 a.m. I was hired as a key~holder, the store manager never gave me keys, I quit on 11/22/2021 Due to showing up at work with no~one at the store to let me in. I have not recieved my paycheck. I would appreciate someone resolving this issue.
Thank you, Tara L. Nicodemus

Desired outcome: I would like to be p as id

Roses Discount Store - Rudeness and smart mouth employeex

I went to Roses Express 1400 S Arlington Rd Akron Ohio # 84 on December 4 2021 I had a return for some items that did not fit as soon as I walked in the door the hateful cashier started giving me...

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Roses Discount Store - Refund, manager not helping her employees with customers

I went to Roses in Williamston at 5:19pm, I was in line and the young lady rang my items up and I put my card in and she asked me to take it out because she needed to do a pick up (whatever that i...

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Roses Discount Store - Wrong price and not offered anything

I was shopping at Roses Discount at
15 East Stonewall Rd.
Byhalia Ms.38611
On Saturday when I was going to purchase
floor mats for car u picked out two pairs that had price of $9.99 on them when I was checking out they were ringing up $16.99
I was very disappointed because I thought that I would have been able to buy for that price but I was asked are you going to buy them for the $16.99 or not Sisco I answered
No( didn't think it was handled properly)

Roses Discount Store - Customer service and general knowledge

I have been a customer at Roses Discount store for quite a while. Recently proctor and gamble had a coupon for 2.50 off dove body wash 22oz and above. This particular store was very rude about honoring these coupons. The coupon clearly stated two items per transaction per shopping trip, I was even told to pay for one and go to the end of the line to pay for the other. Each time I went in there it was some issue which held up the lines. These people at this store are very rude and don't understand the concept of using a simple coupon.I would never recommend this store to family or friends

Desired outcome: I am not sure

I also got into a fight with a parent and said I would beat up her three year old if she did not say sorry.

Her husband threatened me. What a coward threatening women like this.

I also got into an argument with a parent and threatened to beat up her children if she did not say sorry.

I also got into an argument with a parent and threatened to beat up her three year old child. The husband. What a coward he is threatening women.

I was so upset about this that I took out my anger out on my grandmother. She is hard of hearing and I told her the story. She asked me to repeat myself and I got angry at her and hit her with her cane. She is pressing charged.

This is all because Roses made me angry.

I would like to add something. This incident at Roses made me so angry. There was this woman with a three-year-old who told me that I was out of line. I told her that if she did not apologize to me I would beat up her child. Her husband then threatened me. He said if I laid a finger on his daughter he would send me home in an ambulance. What a coward threatening woman. Must make him feel like a man

I want to add something. Sadly what happened at Roses made me very angry. Infact I was so angry that when a mother with a three year old told me that i was out of line i told her to shut up. If she did not apologize to me i would beat up her toddler. Her husband said that if i touch his daughter he would send me home in a stretcher. What a coward. A nan threatened a woman with physically harm. The cashier took his side. I was told that I was nit welcome back. Later i told my grandmother about my experience. She us hard of hearing. I was too angry to remember this. I thought that she was not paying attention. I took her cane and started hitting her with it. Now I face assault charges thanks to Roses. Roses made me so angry that i took the angry out on my frail grandmother and threatened a 3 year old. I face criminal charges thanks to them.

Roses Discount Store - customer service and pricing

On 10/08/21 at 16:36 pm at store #478, I attempted to purchase AH baking soda there was two types on the shelf and clearly marked baking soda $.50 and pure baking soda $1.00. I had 2 of the cheaper AH baking soda and it rang up for $1.00 I pointed out that it was clearly marked $.50, he called for assistance, the person checked and it was marked $.50, the very, very rude cashier Maleik informed me (senior citizen 74yrs) that I'm going to let you have it today at that price, but will not honor any more pricing errors. I had to wait 10+ minutes for this rude cashier, the customer service person didn't come to the register at all. Respect is expected to all customers, not embarrassment. He acted as if I was responsible for the correct pricing of the mdse.

Roses Discount Store - Misconduct of management to employee.

On 9/30 I was approached by an Assistant Manager Who's name is Sharon and was told she needed to look in a bag I brought from home that had fruit in it. I was about to leave for the day to go home. I asked if there was something wrong and she stated that it was normal parodical to search bags and purses of the employees. I was a new employee and was not informed of this practice. But if a Manager or a person in charge has reasons to question my integrity and my honesty, shouldn't it be done in private? Should they not practice dignity and be a little discreet rather than call me out in front of customers and other employee's? These people are not above the law. To embarrass and humiliate someone in order to feel powerful is beyond low. If she had a reason to question my honesty, she should have done it in private. Shame on her and you for having such a person in charge.

Desired outcome: Reprimand Or Confront Assistant Manager

Roses Discount Store - Mangers

1: I was employed for three weeks. I got sick so they fired me I tried to call and no answer and when someone did answer they couldn't hear me.

2: I was scrutinized daily behind my hair being wrapped a certain way. due to the length of my hair there wasn't much I could do. Even though I kept as neat as possible a manager claims to have gotten a point behind it witch seemed like a far reach.

3: I was also told that I would get paid a certain day witch wasn't true it was a week later than what I was told.

4: mangers was rude with me and customers even being rude to each other at times not very friendly at all. many times I felt uncomfortable asking questions, with no training what so ever. I was almost a shame to wear the shirt. I think roses should be represented alot better than that.

Desired outcome: They need a behavior course on protocol, assisting

Roses Discount Store - Management on duty Sept 17th evening

1450 Hayden in Clev. Ohio. At 6:00 p.m Friday September 17th the approximately 55yr old, short, African American female manager  belittled a man and his two (2) sons. She told him in front of hi...

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Roses Discount Store - Service from a clerk

I was in the Roses in Lexington NC I was trying on over my shirt since the dressing rooms are closed. Clerk screamed at me and asked what I was doing? Told me not to do that. She has no idea how far away I live or how long it takes to take home and try on and bring back...Then she tried to run over me with a buggy told me she was not playing...I asked the manager what was wrong with her and why is she being mean to me...I buy alot in Roses but will not take abouse. it was a black woman she said her name was Robbie seriously doubt that whoever she is she has a majpr problem...Manager said she was tired...I have been in alot of Roses never been disrespected like that!!!

Roses Discount Store - Supervision and management

I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and First Sergeant. Prior to being a First Sergeant I was a Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent. After I retired I was the Service Manager for a car wash...

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Roses Discount Store - The condition of store in Akron Ohio

I am writing about the condition of the store in Akron Ohio 44310 I recently visited the store on Whipple Ave in Canton Ohio and it was immaculate and fully stocked The one in Akron Ohio is always nasty and never stocked Corporate needs to visit the Akron store it is disgusting I live right by the Akron store which is convenient for me I can't always go to Canton I love Roses store but hate going in nasty I stocked store

Roses Discount Store - Purchase

On the date of 7-July 16th, 2021, I, a ling time customer returned a slip back to the store because it didn't fit. When I attempted to return it never having worn it because it didn't fit, I was told by a cashier that I could not return it because of a store policy which was never explained to me at check out. Poor customer service! Period! Never again will I shop here. The quality of merchandise is poor, none the less, I have been a faithful customer. I felt so many, I left the slip there on the counter and walked out because I didn't want to make a scene. Called the MGR afterwards and was told the same. They took my money and got there merchandise back, nice going Roses, Want a rip off but never again! I plan to tell everyone I know about this and recommend they spend their money elsewhere, it's just not worth the trouble!

Desired outcome: Money back never received

Roses Discount Store - Pricing

Manager was very rude, never apologized and fussed at me about the 2 price signs and sisnt know how the signs got there cause at register pool rung up 25.00 dollars but clearly the 2 signs are there...

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Roses Discount Store - Customer service

Good evening my name is deneisha and me and my daughter walked into one of your stores right here in Columbia, SC located at 6012-A North Main St and as soon as we walked in the cashier looks at me...

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Roses Discount Store - Spam - emails I did not sign up for.

I am receiving spam from Roses Discount Store, to an email address that
I gave to only 3 organisations.

I received the first spam mail on 20 May local date and a second spam mail today 22 May local date. A .JPG of the first spam message is attached.

One of them has given or sold my email address to Roses.
I want to know which one.

Therefore I want to know from Rose's IT or marketing people, where they obtained my email address.

Thank you.

Desired outcome: I want to know from Rose's IT or marketing people where they obtained my email address.

Roses Discount Store - Employee disturbance

I was at the Burlington Rose's yesterday and witnessed a disturbance between a cashier and another staff member. The cashier (Eric) was disrespected by another employee. There were words exchanged and I think the manager of that store (I think her name is Teresa) needs to talk to him and get the entire story. Eric was totally in the right! I sincerely hope this will be addressed with Eric.

Desired outcome: Communication

Roses Discount Store - Returns/poor management

This is an updated version of a previous complaint filed. Roses refused to accept a return for 2 bedspreads and a mattress cover that were still packaged in their original zippered packaging and were...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Roses Discount Store - 10% Discount

Hi my name is Michelle Tyndall and I really don't like to make complaints on a store that I love. But ever since last week when this happen it hasn't made me proud to help support Rose's Business. I have elder people that I privately take care of them. When they were able to go and get out they always enjoyed Senior Citizen Day. Well now there no longer mobile there bed bound patient. So it was never a problem when I would still go on Wednesday and get the items that they wanted or needed until last week. The cashier that waited on me at the Clinton NC store wouldn't give me the discount cause I'm not the age which I understand that but the items were for the ladies that I take care of. And these ladies like to get the discount. So since she wouldn't do it never been a problem until then. We'll I walked out of the store and went to Roseboro NC store. Got to ready to check out the cashier didn't even ask me or apply any discount. Didn't realize it until I was in my car and looked at my receipt. So I go back inside and ask again what about my Discount she said you ain't old enough to get it. She called a manager up there and she told me to contact yall about this so it want never happen again. So what can we do from this happening again.

MY [protected]

Roses Discount Store - Returns.

Refused to accept a return for 2 bedspreads and a mattress cover that were still packaged in their original zippered packaging. The reason given was because of the bed bug problem in Shelbyville. I...

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