Whirlpooltechnician making appointment and then no show. service only during weekdays, no overtime option available

H Nov 21, 2017

Good day. A technician contacted me on 30/10/2017, saying he can see me now. I was at work and not available. I have no maid or person at home during normal working hours. My husband was on leave 20 /11/2017. Appointment was for 13:00 technician now show. Whirlpool supervisor assist with phone call to technician, which I could also do (his nr [protected]) . I have call log nr # 14629, fault with my oven clock This has been a problem for more than a year now, would like to have it fixed. Please confirm a way forward as I am only at home again during office hours on the 18+ 19 December 2017. And due to resent avents I can not book a reliable technician for then.


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