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customer service

Customer service - whirpool spain
Whipool customer service in spain gives no answers to problems after first repairing. they came to repair my fridge ant I paid for it. however, the appliance has problems again (two days after first repairing) and no the local customer service eslaset nor whirpool in spain has answered our calls and emails to repair it.
My fridge has been malfunctioning for more than 2 months. it is really problematic and nobody seams to care about it.
Please, be careful when you buy a whirpool appliance. the quality of the customer service is vital, and whirpool service does not solve problems.

  • Sm
    S M Ewer Oct 09, 2008

    I have an 865 euro cooker from Whirlpool that has lasted 2 months . Despite several phone calls (and also the very kind intervention of Ikea from where the cooker was purchased ) we still have not had a service engineer out to rectify the problem . For a global company this is disgusting and they seem to have such a couldn't care less attitude .

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shoddy workmanship

Our 4-year old water heater went and we spent an entire week on
the phone with Whirlpool's techs giving us advice, sending new parts to be installed--to no avail. Finally, authorization was issued to return the heater to Loew's for another one which we did and which worked for exactly one hour before the pilot stopped working again. After more phone calls, scheduled service calls (3) which were all cancelled by the provider (not us), and 8 days without hot water, we returned the water heater to Loew's, got store credit, went to Sear's, bought a Kenmore, installed it and--hooray--have had hot water for a week now!!! We will NEVER, EVER buy another Whirlpool product and neither will our children or friends. I will make sure everyone knows of their horrible service, their unbearable hold
waiting for phone service, their techs who cannot speak English
and their LIES!!!


I have recently purchased a refrigerator from your so called "prestigious brand whirlpool" which I assure isn't. Just taken the mega mind model 2 months ago through finance from sharma electronics, ajmer (Rajasthan) but have been facing leakage in refrigerator from the very first day. Made complaints to the dealer mentioned above but not got any response except that he will speak to agency which is of no help at all. I also spoke to whirlpool agency employee in my city ie ajmer, they did come and check the problem but were of no help as they themselves did not have any product knowledge which they should. Time and again I have made frequent calls and got response that they will send their agent to check the problem either somebody comes or somebody doesn't.

front load washing machine

Our HE Whirlpool Washing Machine leaks all over the floor everytime we use it. Whirlpool has failed to supply the part that needs replacing and we have been trying to get it fixed for 9 weeks. This is whats frustrating:

You call their customer service centre and they give the run around. They refuse to put you through to a manager or someone that has decision making ability. When I asked to talk to a manager they told me that there are several departments within customer service and too many manger so they couldn't possibly know who to put me through to.

Once whirlpool has your money they have little interest in providing customer support.

  • Mi
    Mikee Oct 08, 2008

    In the past 5 weeks of THREE separate visits by Whirlpool repair guys coming to the house to replace motherboards, new this and that and ALWAYS on the phone with their "Useless" tech support teams, THESE Whirlpool washers ARE GARBAGE! USELESS!
    The WORST insult to customer satifaction you will WITNESS is BUYING a WHIRLPOOL washer and dryer!!! B E W A R E, DO NOT buy these GARBAGE machines, they dont call us back when they say they are ordering a new component?? They DO NOT have anwer and WONT FIX the terrible FLAW design of thee HORRIBLE machines. Have I said enough??????????????????????

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  • An
    An "ignored" custome Oct 08, 2008

    They take your $500.00 fee to show up, have NO clue about whats wrong with the WHIRLPOOL CRAP front loader washer, and then forget to give an invoice, AND DO NOT call you the NEXT day as promised to let you know what there next GUESS is in diagnosing these CRAPPY usleless problem riddin machines.
    LESS IS MORE WHIRLPOOL< but not out of the customers pocket, WHIRLPOOL WANTS MORE of your $$$$ to consistantly screw buyers over!

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  • My
    my parade Dec 18, 2009

    My attitude exactly we bought a brand new front load set in february 2009 and this is december 2009. Our whole electronic board shut down. Mind you I run a seven family household and I was inconvenienced for a month. If my husband wouldnt have raised sand about it going out before the year warranty was out. They would have just simply fixed it and moved on. We did convince them to give us another year warranty. Also, what is it with the tablet thing so it doesn't mold. Honestly, I cant find them anymore to buy. OH, yeah I to have the floor leaking problem. Although they gave us a warranty I want to put it on the curb and someone takes it and we reinvest in a top load that I know will last for 20 years.

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  • Af
    afz Jan 17, 2011

    last year i logdged a complaint regarding my whirlpool washing machine whih was purchased 7 months back the cost of the machine was 22000 rs. the ssales person came and i told him the machine was fine the only problem was that the rubber had a small cut and it had to be replaced. the sales rep immediately removed the tyre and said he will replace the next day and did not close the oter cparts that he had opened. after two days of calling again another guy turns up he figdets with the machine and says we are unable to get a new tyre so i told him that they should have removed it only after finding about the spare .this guys tries to put back the same tyre but fails and hebreaks another part when questioned he shouts back and talks implotiely. now i want an answer from the whirl pool company regarding the bheaviour of the sales person and pay me for the damage scaused though i get calls from their customer asking how the machine is working when they have damaged it to the core .finally i have discarded the machine . my sincere request to other customer beware of whirlpool though they have a name they dont stand to deserve at any cost.the proverb dont judge a machine by its name would stand best

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double billing on same product

Back in March I submitted a duplicate payment for my appliances $142.63. I contacted the above number and they stated it would be refunded in 4 to 6 weeks. She acknowledged seeing two payments thru different reference numbers being billed and paid to their Company. I called again in May and now told it had to be submitted in writing the request for doing a duplicate payment on my appliances. I asked for a supervisor who told me this was the procedure and I explained why didn't the lady in March 2008 tell me this and I would have done it then. I was given a fax number to expedite my refund of my money. Upon receipt of the fax it would take an additional 4 to 6 weeks. No interest money would be due me for their cashing of both of my checks. It was my error but you would think it doesn't take this long to give a loyal customer their money back. At the beginning of July I called again. No success in getting my money. With a product as large as Whirlpool I would think a retired person could get their money faster and it may not be large to them but when you are on a fixed income. This hurts. Please help and thanks for listening.

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non cooling

I have purchased new refrigerator and opted for an Sec & Pri GU- SYM NF27-Deluxe-72M Plan Code No. 1019600. This plan covers maintenance of the product so purchased valid up to 14.04.2012 and home care center telephone no. is given but the same does not exist today. Now we are in utter surprise where to complaint hence tried on google. A quick response shall be appreciated.

  • Ta
    T.A .John Nov 02, 2008

    My Whirlpool refrigator-model no:WRX32RWH3puchasedon10/02/02b hadsome problem with the timer as the service center says. The fridge was taken to the service centre in Kottayam, Kerala on 13 th October 2008. So far no response from them. On enquiry they say that the spare part is unavailable. You may understand how much trouble we are having without the fridge. We have paid extra for the homecare plan. A quick response is appreciated

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spare parts

I bought a whirlpool refrigerator model No WRN - C295/E from a duty free Shop at B.I.A International Air Port in March 2004. In April 2008, just after 3rd year of purchased, it has broken due to some circuit failure. Afterward it gave me a real headache when I'm looking for whirlpool spare part in Sri Lanka. Our (Sri Lanka) sole agent is "Singer Sri Lanka Ltd" and I am contentiously flowing with them since last 4 consecutive months, but unfortunately there response is limited to “we are waiting for spare parts from India". So I still do not know when these parts coming to Sri Lanka and If not I have to throw a way my fridge. If any body can help me to find above part please let me know in my email address - [protected]@yahoo.com...

  • Ha
    Harsha5 Dec 21, 2009

    I also face the same problem.

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  • Ka
    Kalpitha Apr 19, 2016

    I bought a whirlpool washing machine in 2012 from B. I. A duty free and motherboard found faulty after two and a half years. Looking for a motherboard for more than one year and still couldn't find. Dealers have been directing me to anothe dealer and another again and again but nobody knows where to loom.

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products die then customer service lousy

This is the second whirlpool product that has died within the warranty period. The first one was a washing machine that died only a few months after I bought it and now my water heater stopped working 3 days ago. What is worse I have been waiting on hold forever for Whirlpool customer service to tell me where my "free" replacement part (that I paid for next day shipping so I could take a hot shower) is. I am going on 30 min waiting on the phone right now and this is ridiculous. This will be my last Whirlpool product I buy ever. I would recommend that you stay away from them as well.

  • Du
    Duah Apr 08, 2009

    Wow, people are stupid. The Whirlpool water heaters aren't even made by Whirlpool, they're licensed by a company called American Water Heater, and yes thier customer service is in India. Where as Whirlpools customer service is in, Yakima, WA, Benton Harbor, MI, and Cleveland, TN. Please complain about the right company.

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  • Ja
    JAMES W BROWN JR. Sep 30, 2009


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  • Ja
    JAMES W BROWN JR. Sep 30, 2009


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bad service

I purchased a Whirlpool Gold Conquest refrigerator in July 2004. A week ago the LED display and lights went out on the fridge side. After checking the refrigerator we found that the control panel had a huge burn mark on it and plastic case it was in had a burn mark. We looked up the part as we were going to order it. What we found was pretty scary. There were hundreds of people with the same exact problem on the same model refrigerator even down to the same burn spot on the board. We thought this had to be a defect in the board so we called Whirlpool customer service. We were told that because the refrigerator was out of warranty that they would not help us. We explained how there were hundreds of other people that had the same problem and that it is a fire hazard but they did not care. All we wanted was for them to replace the board about $70.00, they refused. We paid over $1800.00 for this refrigerator that barely made it to 4 years old. I find it very troubling that Whirlpool cares so little about their customers safety that they would not budge one bit to help us unless we paid for everything. Beware of this refrigerator IT IS A FIRE HAZARD!! and whirlpool could care less.

a & e repair service

Two years ago I bought a Calypso washing machine. Shortly after we brought it home the pump needed to be...

[Resolved] horrible washing machines and support

I had bought a Whirlpool Sensation EX fully automatic washing machine an year back. Ever since I bought this machine, we have been having problems with the machine. The service call center gives commitment that the service personnel will visit in a day, but no one visits even after 5 days. Recently we had an issue and after repeated complaints a service personnel came after 7 days of complaint. He repaired something after which there was some smoke that came out of the machine and got completely burnt!!! We are covered under AMC, and no one from the company is responding to our calls to repair/replace the same. We are thoroughly disgusted with their support and are planning to go to the consumer court to take action against them.

  • Whirlpool's response · Mar 17, 2017

    Thank you for taking the time to write regarding your appliance. Feedback from our customers is an important source of information.

  • Whirlpool's response · Apr 07, 2017

    Dear whateversNotTaken: We're sorry to hear of your Washer concerns. We would like this opportunity to address your concerns. Please provide your name, user ID (whateversNotTaken), ID number (100170), address, phone number, model and serial number, and the date of purchase. Email to [email protected]

  • Wh
    whateversNotTaken Dec 10, 2016

    Whirlpool just lies. Read the reports at consumeraffairs.com for these Whirlpool washers and dryers. One consumer after another reporting that they called Whirlpool to report the problem (same problem, over and over with all these people) and Whirlpool told each and every one of them that "this is the first we've heard of this problem, it is not a known issue." Except that every single one of these reports is from a different person, in a different part of the country, and they ALL called Whirlpool, and were ALL told the same thing. Ok, I guess one of them may have been the "first" caller when there really wasn't a known issue, but hundreds of them? Come on, Whirlpool, you didn't think people would post reports so that it would be really easy to figure out that this is a huge lie?
    Whirlpool KNOWS they make bad machines, and from the reports, repairmen are telling consumers that they are doing this on purpose, so that the machines only last about a year or so (as long as the warranty) and then break forcing a new purchase, or else a repair that costs as much as a new purchase. Either way, they believe they will make money by making "disposable" appliances that break down quickly.

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[Resolved] I hate this stupid thing

I am just so angry about this brand new $2000 plus combination oven and microwave I could just scream. I have...

customer service

The glass top of my JES9800AA slide in electric range broke late April. I contact Jenn Air and was told the part only was under warranty. They told me I had to have the problem "diagnosed" . I paid $68 for a company to come out and tell me the top was broken. The tech ordered the part and scheduled the repair for May 7. May 6 the part had not arrive so I called the repair company. They referred me to Jenn Air. Jenn Air said they would forward my problem to another dept. and would get back with me in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I called back and was told the part was on back order until June 6. I asked for quicker response. Was told someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I called back. Was told the "Expedited Team" was still searching for a part. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Customer service rep said well, perhaps another supplier would have the part. Check back in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I call and still no part. Mind you, the range is less than 5 years old. I speak to the supervisor who forwards my request to the "exchange" dept.
On May 13th whirlpool calls and offers an exchange of a 2008 equivalent to my range. I agreed thinking I would get a range of equal or better quality. They said I had to pay $305. for the difference??? Which I did.
10 days later the range arrives. It does not fit into the same opening. Part of the counter needs removed. The installation company said Whirlpool makes them charge the customer for any additional costs ($120) or my husband could do it. My husband agreed - to my dismay. The range is sitting in the middle of my kitchen. I asked the installer to plug the range in to be sure it worked. The range "arc-ed" when it was plugged in - sparks flew.
He contacted Whirlpool who said they could send a tech out (NO) or replace it in 7-10 days.
I agreed on replacement but have since changed my mind. I just want my money back and have nothing further to do with Jennair, Maytag, Whirlpool. The customer service is horrible. The range the replaced mine with is inferior in quality.
I contacted customer service again and they tell me sorry, but since you agreed to the replacement we will not refund your money. For the past month my family has had to eat out more often than not (there's only so many meals you can microwave), I've missed work for the installation.
I asked the supervisor to speak to his supervisor and he told me no. Can you believe it! He said the line stops here. I asked him if he was the president of whirlpool and he said no. I asked for his supervisor's phone number so that I may proceed with my complaint and he said NO. I am contacting an attorney. Pray for me.
UPDATE: Today is June 12 and I still do not have a range nor a refund to go buy a new range. On May 23 the same representative (who is very nice by the way) from Whirlpool calls and offers me 70% of the purchase price of the original range and a refund of the $305 I had to pay for the “2008 replacement model” She said the credit to my debit card would be within a day or so and they would send me a check for the $1100 and that I would receive it within 7-10 business days.
7 business days later, I call her back and ask where my money is. She had no idea my debit card had not been credited yet and said that as soon as they receive the check, they will forward it to a local rep who will bring it to me when they pick up the new range that arc-ed. I told her the installers took the range with them when it broke. She said, well they will bring it when they pick up your original range. I told her they had taken that too! She had no idea…..
The next day my account was credited the $305. It has been 14 business days and I have yet to see my check.
I have never in my life experienced such lack of respect for your customer! It is going on 7 weeks since I have had a working range. We are not rich, nowhere near it. I have spent hundreds of dollars more than usual at the grocery because I have to buy convenience food, and we have to eat out more than most families – not fancy restaurants, but it all adds up. I am sure I have spent at least $500 more on food than I normally do because of Jenn-Aire’s poor customer service.
Someone please help!!! What am I to do now???? In addition, the $1100. they have offered me is not enough to buy a slide in, down draft range (which is what I had). So because they can’t meet their warranty, I have buy a lower quality range?
I want JennAire to pay for a slide in, downdraft range of my choice (within the same quality range) and to reimburse me for all the extra expense we have incurred because of them. $500 more out of your budget may not be much, but is to ours.
Can anyone help me?

  • Ji
    jim firmin May 18, 2010

    I have the gas version with a glass top. JGS9900BDS. In two years have been through three tops. Three replacement tops broke in shipping . Because my daughter in law dropped a top on the last one and it cracked on the edge, Jenn Air refused to replace it, Warranty now out and I am stuck. the product should never have been sold. Never had this problem with my previous elec rance with burners in the glass.

    Guess I need a lawyer.

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oven door won't close

I am writing in reference to my Gas-Oven Range (model# KGSA906PSS00, serial # XR4312386). I purchased my...

[Resolved] Buyer beware these products are not worth the money

Some - maybe all of wasauna's products do not meet UL or Asni standards. they will sell you the product...

defective purchase

On March 4, 2008, I purchased with bank draft a whirlpool washer and dryer. The washer was not in stock and would be in four weeks. April 04, 2008 I made arrangement to have the washer delivered at a specific location in the city. On delivery date, my daughter, newborn granddaughter and grandson sat in the parking lot for 4.5 hrs. in the hot sum. I finaly phone at 3:00 p.m. to inquire about my delivery and clearly stated that I would wait until 3:30. No courtesty calls, no update for reasons for delay, NOTHING!!! At 3:45 I arrived at the store and demanded my refund. I was told it would take 7-10 days for the refund to be processed and it would require managerial approval. The next morning, Leons phone and asked if I would pick up my washer at their warehouse and they were willing to give me a $50.00 customer appreciation gift certificate and $100.00 discount on the washer. To date I have not received either. The delivery charge of $50.00 was included in the payment, did not receive reimbursement. When my washer was finally set up at home, it did not workk. I called Leons, customer service replied that that they are not responsible for defective merchandise and I would have to contact Whirlpool about my problem. Whirlpool agreed to replace the defective washer asap and would fax credit note to Leons Customer Service. This was the second week of April 2008. I have made several inquiries with Leons about the credit note, as I am in dire need of a washer. I have left messages and not one call was returned. I swear I will NEVER purchase anything from Leons in Saskatoon and I encouraged my family and friends to do the same.

completely dissatisfied with whirpool

Whirlpool Gold Model: GS6SHAXML00 (Serial #SP2831725). I bought this refrigerator about 4 years ago after...

needed $370 in repairs after just one year of use!

Our Whirlpool Washing machine (Model Number: WTW5590SQ0) was brand new in January 2007. Conveniently, it broke just outside of its one year warranty. We called the service number listed on the underside of the washer lid and our bill is $375 to fix the problem. Something about the gear box needs to be replaced. We could get a whole new machine for that price.

We are just a couple, two people doing their normal laundry, rarely even filling to the machine to capacity, so excessive or mis-use was not to blame. This was just a bad product.

  • Ra
    Raindra Dec 18, 2007

    Had issues in washing machine WASHER - F-65 and after 2 years its bearing makes a lot of sound. I complained and Service Center is not giving exact reason for such a quick worn out of bearing. Instead asking to replace the bearing with cost 3000 Rs. I asked what is the cost of bearing and what guarantee and since then there is Pin Drop Silence at Service Center.

    Does Service Center is being controlled by Whirpool or its kind of given to persons who are charging things at will.

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  • Pa
    pavan Sep 22, 2008


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pathetic customer care service

customer id GB/C/0508/11967
Washing Machine (sixth sense) has been giving me a problem for the last one year of too much vibrations / shaking when on spin mode. The exact problem is yet to be identified by the service care pers. They have made me change the washing machine wheels 3-4 times. They also tried to tell me that probably the flooring of the house is uneven. The worst happened when recently the service care pers did not even operate the machine and remarked, " the wheels need changing ", he further recommended that the the washing machine be put on a wheel base trolley. WHAT A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM !! WAKE UP WHIRLPOOL AND DO SOMETHING. ATLEAST GET SOME TECHNICALLY QUALIFIED PERS IN YOUR SO CALLED SEVICE CARE TEAM.

  • Ss
    SSK Oct 29, 2009

    I had a similar problem with WHirlpool sensation washing machine. The drum/tub was replaced as it had got worn out. THis was replaced as were under warranty. The engineer suggeseted to change the stand as well. Glide type of stand was replaced. The machine was shaking and started moving. Again they replaced with iron stand. THe same problem persisted. I am talking to the customer care person almost everyday for the past 1 month to send an engineer to set right the problem. Everyday they make false promises. No action is being taken. This is about the service provided by Sairam refrigerations, chennai who do the service for whirlpool machines. They have extremely low quality engineers who do not have the required skills. Today when I called they lied that the new stand has not arrived . Whereas when I called the same office to buy a new stand they said they would deliver immediately, Poor service personnel and poor managers at the top. SIncere advise is to not to go in for whirlpool washine machines.

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  • Vk
    VKP Feb 24, 2010

    I have a whirlpool 6th sense on which i have shelled our Rs. 6000 already in repairs and now they tell me another 2 parts need replacement and that they cost rs. 750 and rs 3500. All this for a machine that is 3 years old. On top of that they tell me if I had made an AMC then it wouldn't have cost me anything! A machine that cannot work without an AMC in less than 2 years is obviously a substandard product.

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poor performance of ac

To Date- 07th Apr 2008
Chief Executive Officer
Whirlpool of India Limited
“Whirpool House”
Plot No- 40, Sector- 44
Gurgaon – 122002

Subject- Extreme Dissatisfaction due to Poor Performance of Air Conditioner
Dear Sir,
1. I, Mr Saurabh Priya Singh have been an existing customer of Whirpool India as I bought a H- 65 Washing Machine and a 410 litre Professional series Fridge for my home last year. I work as a Vice President- New Business Initiatives for international Oil & Gas major at Gurgaon.
2. My current ordeal started this month on 22nd April when I decided to buy a 1.5 Tonne Window AC- Platinum model from Whirpool( Invoice No- [protected] dated 25th Apr 2008).
3. I, made a payment of Rs 19150/- via a Bank Draft drawn on ABN AMRO Bank and delivered it personally to your office to Ms Sapna Lohani- Institutional Sales after taking a clearance from her on the price and availability of the product.
4. Thereafter, on the same day evening I was informed that the particular model was not available in the stock and would take 24 hrs to fetch up. I agreed to this delay.
5. I again enquired on 24th Apr on the status of the delivery of my AC but was informed that it would be further delayed. I asked for a speedy delivery of the AC and was assured of the same at the earliest.
6. I again tried to contact Ms Sapna Lohani on 25th Apr for the delivery and she assured me that it would be delivered by 1800 hrs in the evening but since that did not happen and she was not available on the telephone and in the absence of any news of my AC proceeded to speak to your Call Centre on Telephone No- 011- [protected].
7. I narrated the whole issue to the Customer Executive on line but he expressed his inability to do anything on the matter and asked me to get in touch with whoever had assured me of the delivery of the AC to me. I asked him for his Seat number and full name which he declined to divulge. I asked him to get me to speak to the Shift Supervisor/ Manager in the absence of any resolution at his end. He declined that their was no one who could speak to me but after my repeated insistence he said that someone would call me back in 1 hr time. I insisted on speaking to someone right away and he then told me that I would get a call in ½ an hour.
8. I then got a call from Mr Manish- Manager, Call Center and I narrated the whole incident to him and asked for arranging the delivery of my AC immediately. I then got a call from the C& FA agent after 1 hour who told me that he would deliver the AC only on 26th Apr as their was a delay in their unloading the shipment on 25th Apr.
9. I asked for an immediate delivery as more than 96 hours had elapsed since I paid the money but all that I had been delivered were false assurances and at best indifferent attitude from all the people I interacted with in this time.
10. I then spoke to Ms Sapna Lohani and she said that it could only be delivered on 26th Apr but after a lot of persistence she agreed to a delivery on 25th Apr by 2100 hrs and a commitment that the same would be fitted at my residence on the following day by 1100 hrs.
11. The fitment did not happen as I had anticipated and I again had to call Ms Sapna and Mr Manish who informed me that the fitment would now happen by 1700 hrs that day. To me as a customer, I was deeply disappointed by this callous behavior but in the absence of any choice, requested that it may be done at the earliest.
12. The fitment was done at 1500 hrs and to my surprise and bewilderment, the AC after installation was having noise levels much above my expectations. The guys who were sent for the installation assured me that gradually the noise would settle down in a couple of days.
13. The noise did not settle down and since then I have tried calling the Customer Care No- 011-[protected] many times but have not been able to speak to anyone as there is a pre- recorded message that keeps playing stating that all the executives are busy and I should send a SMS on 58558 and somebody would get back to me.
14. Sir, no one has called me since and I am deeply anguished and exasperated by now. I feel that I have not bought an AC but have bought a problem. The AC continues to make too much of noise and I regret having bought it.
15. I do not expect this kind of a product and this kind of deficient and callous service from a company and brand like Whirpool. On my part, I proceeded to buy the Top of the Line Platinum AC in your product line- up in the hope of getting a world class product but what I have got instead is a product that has left me dejected, frustrated with a feeling of being short changed.
16. In the light of the above, I request you to kindly refund my money at the earliest as I no longer wish to have any dealings with Whirlpool or use its products that fall terribly short of any reasonable expectations of performance.

Keeping in view the above facts, I demand that this particular piece should be “Taken Back immediately and my Money Refunded” to maintain the reputation of the company as well as keeping a customer’s faith in Whirpool intact. I hope, we can settle the issue amicably and I shall not be compelled to take the matter further.

Yours truly,

(Saurabh Singh)
Mobile No- [protected]
Flat No- 1051, Skylark Society
Plot No-35, Sector- 6
Dwarka- 110075

  • Ta
    tarun Apr 18, 2009

    Dear Customer Support
    Whirlpool India Limited
    New Delhi

    This is regarding Complaint of Whirlpool AC 1.5 under Warranty. There was a
    cooling problem noted in the system and I had made complaint on 16th April
    09 vide complain no DL/040919489 (No reply against this complaint) Executive
    name Ms. Pooja. I have make innumerable request with Whirlpool Service
    Center but they provided no help. Again I have lodged fresh complain with
    Whirlpool Service Center vide complain no. DL/0409014596 on 17th April, 2009
    10:30AM Exicutive name Ms. Neha with Whirlpool Service Center, New Delhi and
    waiting for reliable support. I called up the call centre and had a word
    with Mr. Shiv Kumar and he assured us with assistance today itself.

    I am really fed up now and I will appreciate if something could be done on
    this . A prompt service will be apprciated otherwise I will have to explore
    other grievence redressal methods.


    Arun Kumar

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