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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved completely dissatisfied with whirpool

Whirlpool Gold Model: GS6SHAXML00 (Serial #SP2831725). I bought this refrigerator about 4 years ago after...

needed $370 in repairs after just one year of use!

Our Whirlpool Washing machine (Model Number: WTW5590SQ0) was brand new in January 2007. Conveniently, it broke just outside of its one year warranty. We called the service number listed on the underside of the washer lid and our bill is $375 to fix the problem. Something about the gear box needs to be replaced. We could get a whole new machine for that price.

We are just a couple, two people doing their normal laundry, rarely even filling to the machine to capacity, so excessive or mis-use was not to blame. This was just a bad product.

  • Ra
    Raindra Dec 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had issues in washing machine WASHER - F-65 and after 2 years its bearing makes a lot of sound. I complained and Service Center is not giving exact reason for such a quick worn out of bearing. Instead asking to replace the bearing with cost 3000 Rs. I asked what is the cost of bearing and what guarantee and since then there is Pin Drop Silence at Service Center.

    Does Service Center is being controlled by Whirpool or its kind of given to persons who are charging things at will.

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  • Pa
    pavan Sep 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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pathetic customer care service

customer id GB/C/0508/11967
Washing Machine (sixth sense) has been giving me a problem for the last one year of too much vibrations / shaking when on spin mode. The exact problem is yet to be identified by the service care pers. They have made me change the washing machine wheels 3-4 times. They also tried to tell me that probably the flooring of the house is uneven. The worst happened when recently the service care pers did not even operate the machine and remarked, " the wheels need changing ", he further recommended that the the washing machine be put on a wheel base trolley. WHAT A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM !! WAKE UP WHIRLPOOL AND DO SOMETHING. ATLEAST GET SOME TECHNICALLY QUALIFIED PERS IN YOUR SO CALLED SEVICE CARE TEAM.

  • Ss
    SSK Oct 29, 2009

    I had a similar problem with WHirlpool sensation washing machine. The drum/tub was replaced as it had got worn out. THis was replaced as were under warranty. The engineer suggeseted to change the stand as well. Glide type of stand was replaced. The machine was shaking and started moving. Again they replaced with iron stand. THe same problem persisted. I am talking to the customer care person almost everyday for the past 1 month to send an engineer to set right the problem. Everyday they make false promises. No action is being taken. This is about the service provided by Sairam refrigerations, chennai who do the service for whirlpool machines. They have extremely low quality engineers who do not have the required skills. Today when I called they lied that the new stand has not arrived . Whereas when I called the same office to buy a new stand they said they would deliver immediately, Poor service personnel and poor managers at the top. SIncere advise is to not to go in for whirlpool washine machines.

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  • Vk
    VKP Feb 24, 2010

    I have a whirlpool 6th sense on which i have shelled our Rs. 6000 already in repairs and now they tell me another 2 parts need replacement and that they cost rs. 750 and rs 3500. All this for a machine that is 3 years old. On top of that they tell me if I had made an AMC then it wouldn't have cost me anything! A machine that cannot work without an AMC in less than 2 years is obviously a substandard product.

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poor performance of ac

To Date- 07th Apr 2008
Chief Executive Officer
Whirlpool of India Limited
“Whirpool House”
Plot No- 40, Sector- 44
Gurgaon – 122002

Subject- Extreme Dissatisfaction due to Poor Performance of Air Conditioner
Dear Sir,
1. I, Mr Saurabh Priya Singh have been an existing customer of Whirpool India as I bought a H- 65 Washing Machine and a 410 litre Professional series Fridge for my home last year. I work as a Vice President- New Business Initiatives for international Oil & Gas major at Gurgaon.
2. My current ordeal started this month on 22nd April when I decided to buy a 1.5 Tonne Window AC- Platinum model from Whirpool( Invoice No- [protected] dated 25th Apr 2008).
3. I, made a payment of Rs 19150/- via a Bank Draft drawn on ABN AMRO Bank and delivered it personally to your office to Ms Sapna Lohani- Institutional Sales after taking a clearance from her on the price and availability of the product.
4. Thereafter, on the same day evening I was informed that the particular model was not available in the stock and would take 24 hrs to fetch up. I agreed to this delay.
5. I again enquired on 24th Apr on the status of the delivery of my AC but was informed that it would be further delayed. I asked for a speedy delivery of the AC and was assured of the same at the earliest.
6. I again tried to contact Ms Sapna Lohani on 25th Apr for the delivery and she assured me that it would be delivered by 1800 hrs in the evening but since that did not happen and she was not available on the telephone and in the absence of any news of my AC proceeded to speak to your Call Centre on Telephone No- 011- [protected].
7. I narrated the whole issue to the Customer Executive on line but he expressed his inability to do anything on the matter and asked me to get in touch with whoever had assured me of the delivery of the AC to me. I asked him for his Seat number and full name which he declined to divulge. I asked him to get me to speak to the Shift Supervisor/ Manager in the absence of any resolution at his end. He declined that their was no one who could speak to me but after my repeated insistence he said that someone would call me back in 1 hr time. I insisted on speaking to someone right away and he then told me that I would get a call in ½ an hour.
8. I then got a call from Mr Manish- Manager, Call Center and I narrated the whole incident to him and asked for arranging the delivery of my AC immediately. I then got a call from the C& FA agent after 1 hour who told me that he would deliver the AC only on 26th Apr as their was a delay in their unloading the shipment on 25th Apr.
9. I asked for an immediate delivery as more than 96 hours had elapsed since I paid the money but all that I had been delivered were false assurances and at best indifferent attitude from all the people I interacted with in this time.
10. I then spoke to Ms Sapna Lohani and she said that it could only be delivered on 26th Apr but after a lot of persistence she agreed to a delivery on 25th Apr by 2100 hrs and a commitment that the same would be fitted at my residence on the following day by 1100 hrs.
11. The fitment did not happen as I had anticipated and I again had to call Ms Sapna and Mr Manish who informed me that the fitment would now happen by 1700 hrs that day. To me as a customer, I was deeply disappointed by this callous behavior but in the absence of any choice, requested that it may be done at the earliest.
12. The fitment was done at 1500 hrs and to my surprise and bewilderment, the AC after installation was having noise levels much above my expectations. The guys who were sent for the installation assured me that gradually the noise would settle down in a couple of days.
13. The noise did not settle down and since then I have tried calling the Customer Care No- 011-[protected] many times but have not been able to speak to anyone as there is a pre- recorded message that keeps playing stating that all the executives are busy and I should send a SMS on 58558 and somebody would get back to me.
14. Sir, no one has called me since and I am deeply anguished and exasperated by now. I feel that I have not bought an AC but have bought a problem. The AC continues to make too much of noise and I regret having bought it.
15. I do not expect this kind of a product and this kind of deficient and callous service from a company and brand like Whirpool. On my part, I proceeded to buy the Top of the Line Platinum AC in your product line- up in the hope of getting a world class product but what I have got instead is a product that has left me dejected, frustrated with a feeling of being short changed.
16. In the light of the above, I request you to kindly refund my money at the earliest as I no longer wish to have any dealings with Whirlpool or use its products that fall terribly short of any reasonable expectations of performance.

Keeping in view the above facts, I demand that this particular piece should be “Taken Back immediately and my Money Refunded” to maintain the reputation of the company as well as keeping a customer’s faith in Whirpool intact. I hope, we can settle the issue amicably and I shall not be compelled to take the matter further.

Yours truly,

(Saurabh Singh)
Mobile No- [protected]
Flat No- 1051, Skylark Society
Plot No-35, Sector- 6
Dwarka- 110075

  • Ta
    tarun Apr 18, 2009

    Dear Customer Support
    Whirlpool India Limited
    New Delhi

    This is regarding Complaint of Whirlpool AC 1.5 under Warranty. There was a
    cooling problem noted in the system and I had made complaint on 16th April
    09 vide complain no DL/040919489 (No reply against this complaint) Executive
    name Ms. Pooja. I have make innumerable request with Whirlpool Service
    Center but they provided no help. Again I have lodged fresh complain with
    Whirlpool Service Center vide complain no. DL/0409014596 on 17th April, 2009
    10:30AM Exicutive name Ms. Neha with Whirlpool Service Center, New Delhi and
    waiting for reliable support. I called up the call centre and had a word
    with Mr. Shiv Kumar and he assured us with assistance today itself.

    I am really fed up now and I will appreciate if something could be done on
    this . A prompt service will be apprciated otherwise I will have to explore
    other grievence redressal methods.


    Arun Kumar

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Resolved poor response of the given complaint

We had bought whirlpool washing machine 6 month and was satisfied with the performance of the machine as well as the service of the company.
Then seeing this performance we bought another whirlpool product i.e airconditioner of latest MPFI elite model.
after purchasing, the product was not working properly, then we complaint to the nearest complaint centre regarding the problem.
No action was taken, inspite of 1year gurantee.
we hope an action will be taken against the poor service of the company.

  • Whirlpool's response · May 10, 2011

    Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Whirlpool appliance. If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Whirlpool) or Twitter (WhirlpoolCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail [email protected]

  • Am
    Amar Nath Roy May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased a magic cool window ac on 21st may 2007. just after 4 months the problems in ac started. i contacted the dealer jyotisales of bokaro district under jharkhand state for solution, who told me to report the matter to mr. murtaza of service centre, bokro. i reported the matter to him regarding unusual loud humming sound and other sounds not tolerable but to no good.i am tired now.once after a long period he came but in stead of correcting it he made the ac worse.now i am fade up. what i should do. the model of ac is 150EL.serial no. is 1439870015821

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  • Wh
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a whirlpool refrigerator on 15/10/09 and the body was damaged by rust.I complained on 10/09/10 (com no-KL0910003242)to change the body.The technician of UNICORN SERVICE AGENCY, BERHAMPORE, DIST-MURSHIDDABAD, WESTBENGAL demanded Rs 2100/ to change within warranty period.Therefore the concerned authority are requested to take necessary action.UJJAL ROY, ROYPARA, PLASSEY, DIST-NADIA, WESTBENGAL, PIN NO.-741156, CONTACT NO-9232538548

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I had purchased one fridge 180 ltrs. from m/s. zen international (whirlpool dealer)., paravoor., kollam, kerala.

Since I purchased same day I had problem the fridge was not working. I reported the compalaint to the dealer he came after 2 days, they carried the fridge after 3 days they brought the fridge back to my home after running for 1 hr. it had a breakdown. again the complaint was reporteed. after 3 days they came and took away the fridge for repair.

After I purchase in 5-6 days there was a problem I requested them to replace and give me a new piece. reqret to state that the dealer and supplier did't
respond to my complaint.

I had a bad experience I purchased and paid for the same and on to date the fridge is lying at service station. I am suffering.

pathetic service

I have a Whirlpool Genius Refrigerator (180Ltr - Single door, Whirlpool Premium) which is about 2.5 years old. about 10 days back, suddenly the Door of the fridge broke as the bottom of the door gave away and the door tilted under its weight. This is a new thing for me since we had a 175Ltr Kelvinator Fridge at home for >10years and I've never even heard of such a bizzare thing as the door of the fridge crumpling down! (Is America's no. 1 Home Appliance Co. so pathetic in their product design??).

Anyway, I promply called up the Whirlpool service centre in Bangalore (+91-80-[protected]) and they assured me that someone would come the next day (since their service people work from 2pm to 6pm) and see the fridge. I requested them to send someone earlier as its summer time and without a door we can't use the fridge. Next day noone came and then I had to check with the service centre again. I asked them for their superiors no. and they asked me to contact Ravi (+91-[protected]). I checked with Ravi and asked him to send the service person. After repeated followups, finally the service person came to my house in the evening (or Thurday). At that time I was not a home and the serviceperson told my wife that the door would require a plastic spare part to be fitted at the bottom since the old one had cracked. Since he didn't have the spare with him, he told my wife that he'd be coming back with spares the next day.

The next day when we didn't hear from anyone from the company, I checked with the Service Person (+91-[protected]) who cited lack of spares as the reason for not contacting me. I was quite surprised that a World class company (or so they say) like Whirlpool would not even have spares in Bangalore!!! (and we're not even talking about some unknown town in remote State here).

I checked with the customer care who could not give any proper response. Then I checked with Ravi, and he told me that spares would be available next Monday (21st Apr). I waited patiently on Monday for any update but didn't get any information. Next day I checked with Ravi and I was told that spares are not available and they'd be coming by the weekend. I asked him to provide me with contact of some senior person or a contact in plant as I needed the spare urgently. I even suggested that he could put me in contact with the plant and if required I'd get the spares couriered to my place at my cost. Even than he didn't give me any leads.

Even Friday came and when I checked again Ravi told me that spares are not available with the company (since 10 days!!) and it'd come by Monday.

I tried contacting Ravi 2-3 times yesterday (Monday) but his mobile was busy. However I already know that he's least bothered about the customers as in last 1 week i'v called him at least 20 times and he's told me that he'd give me an update, but till now he's not even bothered to save my number in his phone (so everytime I call up, we start fresh from the introduction onwards).

I have even written to Whirlpool regarding this problem last Friday, but till date I've not received any response. I have written to them again but I don't expect any response to be coming from their side soon.
I would strongly advise people to stay away from Whirlpool brand white goods as the state of Service Support is pathetic! (In contrast, Samsung person provided quite proactive support for my washing machine when one of their dealers was not providing me the delivery on time!). I believe they have spent all the money on Celebrity couples and are not left with any money for customer support or improvement of the quality of goods!

  • Sa
    sarika Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    thank you for lodging this complaint on net ... i was about to purchase this fridge but now will think twice before purchasig any whirpool product .


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  • An
    Anandkrishnan Dec 15, 2010

    I have already purchased one whirlpool genius last week. I dont knw what is going to happen in the coming years.

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  • Ra
    rajudatla Apr 13, 2011

    and you will be shocked once you hear the price of that spare part. I too experienced the same. I have wpool genius 180 ltr, my chiller tray and vegetable box is damaged, so i asked to get new parts. and can u imagine what is the cost of those two plastic trays... its 1100 rupees. all the best.

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complaint not attended by custmer care unit atlucknow u.p. india.

I have purchage a refrigirater mastermind 300 in october 2007.Ther is complaint in indicator box which control the refigaretionon 19th march 2008.My refrigiratore is under warrenty for 5 years.I have ask so many time by telephone.But no repply till date.Please take attantion and do it intime.
cb singh
20/144 Indra Nagar Lucknow u.p.
Tel. No. [protected]
Mob.No. 91 [protected].

  • Dr
    Dr. Chandra Bhusan Singh(c.b.singh) Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchage a refrigirater mastermind 300 in october 2007.Ther is complaint in indicator box which control the refigaretionon 19th march 2008.My refrigiratore is under warrenty for 5 years.I have ask so many time by telephone.But no repply till date.Please take attantion and do it intime.
    cb singh
    20/144 Indra Nagar Lucknow u.p.
    Tel. No. 91 522 2347138
    Mob.No. 91 9415104887.

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worst product quality, and service

I bought a Microwave oven (Sl.No: WG07122324) on 19th, Apr, 2008 from GALAXY, DwarakaNagar, Visakhapatnam. No one came for demonstration of the product till 6 days from the date of purchase, at last they came on 24th, Apr after several requests on phone for a week. and The demonstration engineer doesn't know even the operation of the product, i had to explain him. The product has a problem with its door lock, it is not turned on unless the door closed with much force such a way that the whole machine shakes and the cabinet has a bend and sounds heavily for vibrations. The way engineer responded to these problems is ridiculous, he said that these are not at all the problems of the product and he did not care us when we ask for replcement. Finally I am regretting for choosing wrong company (Whirlpool).

horrible customer service

This is to inform you that I had horrendous time with whirlpool customer care and this the worst ever customer service I have ever received for any product I can think off. I have been chasing the customer care for more than 7 days now to fix the issue for my a/c and there is absoutley no response. I am very furstrated and also planning to a lodge a complaint with consumer court india. Whirlpool can subtract one customer from their customer base because I would never buy any whirlpool product.

  • Ss
    s singhal May 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ifully agree
    its best to ignore this product in all future buyimgs
    the best part is that nowhere has whirlpool given an address/phone number to refer our grievances
    the company heads have no shame

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faulty rerigerator

I had purchased a whirlpool icemagic f26 elite refrigator 2years back. Last year the gas leaked out so it took the company a week to get back the fridge in running condition. Now the fridge was off for a week as we were out on a vacation. When we came back & switched on the fridge it was not cooling. An engineer came & said that again the gas needs refilling. Next day the person came & cut some pipe & said that the compressor is gone. How r we suppose to work in this heat? They say they will get it done by tomorrow but don't know.
This is our second fridge as the first one became faulty and was replaced within 6 months of its installation. This shows the poor performance of the company product and its service. Customers get unnecessary trouble because of faulty items. I need a replacement of the refrigerator

  • Pi
    PIYALI MENDIRATTA Apr 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is the condition of Whirlpool. They have lousy products and think that if they have big stars endorsing the brand it is great but I think I will be telling their story to as many people as possible. The fridge is now 2 years old.. has had the compressor changed once and the gas has leaked out 7 times!!

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  • Ra
    Ratendra Apr 04, 2014

    A repair was done and faulty part replaced on 20th March, 2014. The refrigerator seemed to work well for a day but developed problem similar to the one before repair. Calling the company ever since but none seem to care. No one has attended yet (4th April 2014).

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cabrio washer

I purchased a washer and when it was delivered the delivery man advised I had 72 hours to report any scrachs and dents. As I just moved in I wanted to change out the taps as they were old to prevnet possible damage to my new Washing machine.

When we tried to use the machine it did not work. We tried to call the manufacuture but they were closed. On monday we tried to call Leons and left a message. They did not call back on Tuesday I called again and explained the situation. They advise the manufacture would call me.

Wednesday they did but did not have the serical number so it took until thursday to book a technition which was not able to come out until the following tuesday.

The technician came out told us the mother board was shot and it might be in our best interest to contact Leons.

I did call and go the run around. They pointed the fingure at Whirlpool, did not call me back I had to keep contacting them. Now it is Friday they still claim that they need Whirlpool to fix the never used machine however they sold me it I never got to use it and I bought their platium service/extension warrenty which they explained does not give me anything until Whirlpools warrently runs out.

I could understand if I have used the machine or I did something wrong but I guess they are more worried about making the sale then servicing their clients.

Buyer beware

  • Do
    Donna Euren May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased the Whirlpool Washer/Dryer Deut in June of 2006 via Trail Appliances and have had nothing but problems from day one with them…in fact the washer did not even work when we first brought it home and was replaced with a new one. I feel the same way when it comes to the customer service part of having the technician also…I am once again waiting for a part to come in and now on week 8. When I call Whirlpool to ask how much long??? Each time I get a different story and the run around, where is this part coming from? Are they walking it over….I would also like to add I would strongly research the service part of ANY product you perchance and question the extended warranty that you purchase.

    Another Unsatisfied costumer


    Calgary Alberta

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  • Ia
    Ian wright Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After purchasing washer found the power button to be defective after only 2 weeks. Technician who came to the house said it is a common problem with this machine. I have waited for 3 weeks for new motherboard to arrive from the States. Customer service, ( not much service only waiting) at Whirlpool has told me they need a full skid of items to ship to Canada. As this part is not large I suggested alternative measures which were refused. The manager said i should just wait to see what happens and would not give me the number of anyone above her. If this is the way that whirlpool deals with the problems of their machines when they are brand new than I have no confidence in the washer lasting very long.

    Impatiently waiting


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  • Se
    servicer Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Whirlpool Canada is truly an unorganized mess throughout Canada. MANY MANY customer have broken machines waiting for parts for months. Whirlpool Canada does NOT CARE about it's servicers or customers as this Bulltoot has been going on every since they closed most of their parts departments in canada throughout Canada. THEIR COMPANY POLICY IS to replace the appliance if parts are not availabe with 30 days. THAT IS POLICY!! The (Toronto head Office ) does not pay attention to policy.

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  • Tr
    Tracy L Oct 27, 2009

    Purchased new sidebyside fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher from Ikea - Whirlpool products Aug 22/09.

    Installed them Sept 02/09. Dishwasher quit Oct. 13th - called 1800 whirlpool Oct 15th. They sent a local repair shop in to look at it Oct 16th. The repair shop called the following day to tell us they can't even order the console as a replacement part - as they aren't yet available. They expect it would be at least 2 months before they MIGHT be able to order it. Called Whirlpool district rep who said he would elevate it to corporate level and call back within a couple of days. That was over 2 wks ago.

    As above - I seriously advise people to find out exactly what kind of service/warranty you are getting. At most places - as soon as the appliance leaves the door - you're on your own. I can only cringe at the thought of what if this was our fridge/stove or washer/dryer??????? I still think our dishwasher is a necessary appliance with 6 people in our family. Aside from that - I worked damn hard for the money I paid for an appliance that doesn't work !!!

    When I worked at a auto dealer - if we ran into a situation like that, we would pull the part out of a new vehicle and eat the cost or bill it back to the auto maker warranty. I just want what I paid for.

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  • Rb
    R Belanger Jun 17, 2011

    I'd like to share my experience with Whirlpool and to encourage anyone going to purchase any appliance from any company to do some research on the brand, the model, the warranty and where they get the parts from. I purchased, in January, a brand new mix match set front load washer dryer from a local dealer. The dryer is a Maytag and the Washer a Whirlpool. Three weeks from purchasing the washer had a leak coming from the door. The service person came fixed and left, no issue. Then in March the start button on the front panel broke on the washer. The service person came took a look had to order a part, took a week and a half to come in, so we were unable to use the washer during that time. Then the next issue which is the biggest issue with this washer happened. In the beginning of May we noticed the cloths were really wet at the end of the cycle. Called the dealer, they sent out a tech, he said we were either putting too many or too little cloths in for it to work or that we didn't distribute the cloths well enough. He left. We did as he said but it still was too wet. Called again they came then they said we were using the wrong soap and it was clogging a switch to make the washer go on high spin. So they told us to run the washer with vinegar a few times and it should clear up the problem and to buy the special soap. So we did as told... nope didn't work. So called again, they came said we needed a new part because of the soap we were using before was the wrong soap and it wrecked the part. So we waited another week and a half. Got the part put it in, worked once while the tech was here. Then tried to do a load, nope didn't go on high spin again. Call the dealer he said it would probably need a new electronic board, but Whirlpool didn't want to send one out until we tried everything so he suggested I call the Whirlpool Customer Service line. I did and they said they wanted to send out a second opinion. Another service company comes; this guy was really special he said it didn't work because there was a penny that fell in the drum?? So he took the penny out and left. Yeah no it didn't work, so he came back and said we needed a new electronic board... funny I thought I heard that from someone before? This now going on three weeks. They said it would take anywhere from 2 or more weeks for the board. By this time I'm not happy and called the Whirlpool Customer service. Talked to a lady she said she would put a rush on the part and that it would be there in 3 day's as apparently parts only come from the US now. (I guess we don't know how to make parts here in Canada?!) I call the repair place three days later to see if the part is in they said no, so I call Whirlpool back. Apparently the person I talked to didn't put a rush on the part and I would need to wait at least another week. So by this time I'm mad, I ask to speak to a supervisor. I did and he assured me the part would be in by the end of the week. Then I get a call back a few days later saying they are unable to get the part so they will send me out a new machine because I've had so many issues with this one. They were going to call my dealer that I purchased the machine with and see if he had one in stock... if not I would have to wait another two weeks. So I wait two day's. Haven't heard from anyone so I call the dealer, he say's, "Oh Whirlpool is going to let him know but it would be two weeks. So I wait, on the 13th day from the phone call from Whirlpool, I call the dealer, he says he's not taking care of it but Whirlpool is... he said he would find out and call me back. He did and said that Whirlpool was sending it out and it should be here in a couple days. Not even 30 minutes from talking to my dealer, the other Repair Company calls and says my parts are in for my machine?! I'm like What?? They are sending me out a machine because they couldn't get the parts... they say oh, we weren't told that. So I said apparently I'm getting a new machine in a couple days so No I don't want the parts. Then I get a call from a delivery company the next day and schedule delivery of my Brand New Replacement Washer for the next day. I'm feeling optimistic so I take the day off as they don't deliver after hours. They show up on time and I'm pretty excited. (Yes! I can wash my cloths!) They take the machine out of the crate and there is a huge crack along the top of the washer! The ask me if I still want it? Are you kidding me? A scratch I can handle but a Crack?! So no I said I don't want it as it must have been dropped at one time and who knows the issue with any other parts. They take it back and leave. I call Whirlpool. Now I'm extremely unhappy. 5 weeks no washer! I talk to a customer service person and ask to speak to a supervisor immediately. After waiting for 5 minutes I get one. I explain the situation. He says we will have to order another one and send it out but it could take two more weeks! I said no... I want you to call the dealer where I purchased the machine from. I want him to bring me another machine. I don’t care the make or model or if it does anything special I could care less if it hangs my cloths for me and says have a nice day when it’s done! I just want a washer that works. He said they can't do that as they can only replace the same make and model as what I purchased, but he would call the dealer and see if he had any in stock and if he did they would get him to bring me one. Well I get a call back about 15 minutes later... he doesn't carry that model anymore... 9well of course not...he probably is having issues with other ones he sold so he'll cut his losses and not sell it!) So I tried to explain to the supervisor that for the amount of money they wasted having people come back and forth checking on this machine, sending a new one that is broken, sending it back and sending another one. They could have easily had the dealer just bring me another washer... I don't care if it’s the same make or model. I don't care what color it is, hell I don't even care if its front load anymore. I just want to wash my cloths. He said they can't do that and I have to wait. But for my inconvenience I could get an additional 6 month warranty on the new machine!! Are you kidding me? I said fine, I just want a washer! But the kicker is if I want the 6 months extended warranty I have to call them when I get the machine! I said why do I have to call you? You make the machine! You deliver it! Just give me the warranty. He said he didn't know the make and model numbers on the new machine!? Oh my God!
    So now I wait... he said he would try to get me a new machine by the end of next week. This will be almost 7 weeks, no washer with 5 people in my house. This is the best they can do.
    This is my first experience with purchasing a Whirlpool/Maytag and it will be the last!
    Quite frankly I will do my best to stay away from all the brands supported from this company.

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  • Ms
    ms cheryl Aug 24, 2012

    I bought whilpool electric range put the self clean on my window on the door centre glass is all brown now i cant clean it i will have to call somebody out to take the door apart to clean it 60 dollar call out fee and labour on top if you have one dont put the self clean on because acording the everyone that work for whilpool that normal i feel like i am talking to my self and going crazy. cheryl .

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  • Mo
    Moe Amini Jul 21, 2014

    I bought whirlpool HE top load laundry machine on Sept. 13 from lions. Since we got that we noticed after any wash white stains remain on the dresses especially with black suits and so on. We called lions and inform them about issue. They asked us to call Whirlpool directly.
    They sent us one of their technicians . He went through every things and re setup it's computer and mentioned the machine is fine.
    But problem left unsolved. We call again and sent the other one. He gave some advise how we load the machine and change our detergent to HE. We did all he asked and no point. Finally I called Whirlpool and I asked them is there anyway to change the machine or
    refund that.? And they keep telling me We are going to send another technician to look at your laundry and they say there is no option for customer if they faced with the product that somehow doesn't operate properly. The HE products have many issues that Whirlpool has to aware more than customers so far. They don't want to accept this fact and do something for poor customers those
    they wasted their money because of misleading by seller in Lions or other retailers. Now We have machine that after any wash we have to wash again with hands to get rid off white stains. We can not complaint anywhere and there is no way to get rid of this nasty laundry. I will do my best to stay away from all the brands supported from this company. I am not rich to buy Whirlpool products.

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Resolved whirlpool - worst after sales service

Very poor response... Very bad people at whirlpool. Our washing machine (Fully automatic - hot wash top load...

lock is not working/ accesory spacer not given

i purchased whirlpool refrigertor 310 ltr on 20.03.08 from M/S Ashoka Traders sector-16 Faridabad wide Invoice no-5099 in name of Mrs Nutan Saxena.S.no of Regrigeror is [protected]. At the time of deliveryspacer of Freezer found missing, scratches at inside surface, Lock is not functioning. we comunicate the same to Dealer & whirlpool engineer. but no action has been taken till now. Whirlpool Engineer came & took the Lock by dismantling assuring to replace within two days. after that no body came to replace. Spacer not given. Warronty card not given. Installation slip not filled. we feel cheated by whirlpool company.

Vijai Saxena
H.NO-2096 SECTOR -49

ill treatment from dealer

I have purchased whirlpool 340 dlx enox from AARCON ELECTRONIKS at lajpat nagar, new delhi ( Phone : 011 [protected]/3820 ) on 04/04/08 at 17.15 hrs.
The dealer had delivered the good which was not in immaculate condition, ( lots of dirt inside ) after keeping me waiting 4 long hours ( PROMISED TO DELIVER IN 1 hr), sent just a single person to deliver it at my place knowing the fact that I live in the first floor, myself & my wife had to give our hands which could have been harmful to both of us ( weight was 80 kgs ). It took 40 long & painful minutes to pull it thru. They even did not provide me the promised gift which they told while selling the unit & charged extra 1.5% for credit card payment which they did not disclose either while selling, & top of it charged Rs.150/- for home delivery which I was not aware of.
The overall behaviour was absolutely disgusting, starting from the sales girl to the then casheer ( who I presume was the proprietor of the shop ).
Only thing that led me to buy from them was the unique ENOX shade which was available only to them at that time & I wanted to buy that on that very day.
I honestly believe that CUSTOMER is GOD, & the way I & my spouse had been treated certainly raise a BIG question mark on the existence of GOD in Customer & eventually dents the brand value of Whirlpool for being associated with such a poor quality dealer.
The service manager who is supposed to come the very next day i.e. 5th had enjoyed NO SHOW on the given day.
Thanx for the eye opener.
I strongly recommend to take exemplerary action on this, so that no other customer would meet the same fate like us.

freezer door continuously shrinking

Dear Sir,

I have purchade a whirlpool refrigerator Ice Magic 220 Litre double door from Kanpur in Aug 2003. From day one the freezer panel started shrinking. I reported the matter to dealer and he replied that initially it shrinks a bit and after that it will stop. But the shrinking did not stop and now complete door is tilting. Presently I am posted to Lucknow and thus not able to contact the dealer.

How can I get my refrigerator repaired now and whom should I approach.

bad company to work for!

I see many complaints about Whirlpool's products, and it comes as no surprise. Someone I know is in a supervisory position at the dryer division. The division employs "bait and switch" tactics. For training period, they tell almost nothing about the nitty gritty and allow candidates to believe they will receive a pay increase for a major increase in responsibility. No one tells them until they hire in that: 1. Most hourly employees make more than they do, and 2. They pay almost double for benefits as hourly employees, meaning, to go into supervision, where they work 60+ hours and suffer nightmare after crisis continually, they actually take a significant pay CUT.

Upper management make decisions based on theory without trying to see if it is actually doable outside of their cozy offices. For their "performance reviews" of their direct subordinates, back stabbing is actually encouraged if it makes another department look worse than theirs so that managers and directors get their nice fat bonuses at the end of the year.

Hourly employees can do no wrong. After they are permanent hires, they can show up late day after day, have accident upon accident, and can almost never be fired except for the most egregious offenses.

So, those of you with business degrees or related looking for supervisory experience, stay away from Whirlpool Corp. They pay almost nothing, expect you to work insane hours, stab colleagues in the back, and babysit hundreds of adult children with their petty squabbling and slothful attitudes.

Not to mention the awful sexual harassment that goes on there everyday! I am very surprised that there has not been a major lawsuit by now. But, most women there shrug it off as "it's just the work environment here. No one is really serious."

irresponsible customer service


I'm Sunil from Hyderabad and I own "WHIRLPOOL ICE MAGIC R21" brought in the year 2004 and is still under warranty. This product encountered some problem and is not working properly now - it is completely shutdown since 21st March, 2008. As it is a holiday weekend that time, I called Whirlpool customer service desk in Hyderabad (routed to New Delhi) on 24th March, 2008. The refence number which was given to me in connection to my compliant is "HD0308007798". At the time of logging complaint, I explained how critical this refrigerator for me and urged them to immediate attention. And from that point onwards, I'm calling them daily - morning and evening - to check the status. But, still, I didn't see technician visiting my home to check the problem and fix it.

Everytime I call - I'm getting an answer as technician will be today/early tomorrow morning. Days are running but there are no signs of technician coming to look into this problem.

All of sudden - on 29th March, 2008, when I called to enquire they said my complaint has been closed because I do not own any Whirlpool product - this is a shock to me - no one approached me and they simply closed the call giving non-sense reason.

I didn't expect this sort of irresponsible behavior towards customer's.

I'm running out of options - is there any way I can do to whirlpool people to wake-up from sleep and make them work for pity customers like me.


Resolved not working/showing error

my micro wave (MT243 WH )not working and is showing error and there is no Email id to complain for the service

pathetic after sales service!

We had purchased a Whirlpool washing machine a year ago. The machine stopped working about 10 days ago. The first call for service was placed on Sat Mar 15th 2008. We were promised that a technician would come by Sat evening to check on this. Hence, we postponed all plans and waited for this elusive technician to check on the machine... No one turned up and the call center did not answer calls after 5:30 p.m. I called the call center on Mon 17th March and after a lot of haggling got the technician to come in the evening. This technician without opening any part of the machine concluded that the heating element was spoil and needed replacement. There were another slew of calls and haggling to get the next technician to come and replace this. He finally showed up on the evening of 19th and concluded that not only the heating element but some other part also needed replacement. There was no response from anyone from the service center. It was always I who had to call and check the status of the complaint. Not even a courtesy call to say when this will be fixed. Finally, after a lot of threats, warnings, swearing etc- the new technician has done his job today 25th Mar 2008. The excuse was that there is only one engineer in all of the Bangalore City who is trained to attend to these kind of problems.. How much more pathetic can a co. get. More than anything- what appalls me the most is that the service center has "zero customer focus", absolutely no awareness of customer problems! At the end of the whole episode, there was not even a word of remorse or repentance... Is whirlpool going to repay all the money spent on laundry bills or compensate me for the time taken off from work... Obviously the answer is NO!!!

In a world where the most important differentiator between products is the service how can a co. like Whirlpool afford to be ignorant to customer after sales issues... I for sure will NEVER EVER BUY or Recommend a whirlpool product to anyone... !!!

  • Ta
    Tarun Sep 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even I have slimier experience with them.

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