WestJet Airlinesunethical staff behavior

M Feb 16, 2019

Incident took place feb15/19. My grand daughter Brooke Herlick {a student} was flying for the second time out of grande prairie to regina with a stop over in calgary. The flight was delayed out of GP, but was told she may make her connecting flight out of calgary and had about 15 min from landing to catch next flight. there was also 2 others to connect same flight to regina. BOTH pilots were aware n waited. when Brooke got to the gate the attendant would NOT let her on and did NOT call the pilot but the other two were already on. This is the SECOND time that she has flown on her own from GP and both times have been a horrible experience.!! Not just delays but waiting over. At Xmas she was told she could sleep over in the airport at calgary!! But the guy that told her that said "if it was my daughter i wouldnt do it.What in hell is a kid just new to flying have to experience this kind of [censored]??Her parents drive 1.5 hrs to go and pick her up in regina that puts them out having to wait an xtra 4-6 hrs. Brooke also is an insulin dependent DIABETIC. They also lost her luggage on this flight. west jet should compensate this poor kid at least a couple of round trip flights from GP to Regina sask,
plus 500.00 cash for inconvience to her parents as well !!! I have flown west jet for years but i seriously am reconsidering flying with them at all. Myrna Stabenow olds ab [protected]

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