WestJet Airlinesflight cancellation

R Aug 06, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam i am complaining to claim compensation about a cancelled flifgt that caused me and my sister serious prejudices.

My details
Full name: Rigobert Youatou
Scheduled travel date to Winnipeg: 18/7/2018
Itinerary: [protected]
confirmation: GUQZEK (westjet)
Booking ID : 2MV2HU
Ticket: [protected] (Rigobert Youatou)
My Email: [protected]
Phone: [protected]

My Sister detail:
Full name: Rose Namo Tchambak
Itinerary: [protected]
Confirmation: GEGFTN (westjet)
booking ID : MNCZZL
Ticket number: [protected] (Rose Namo Tchambak)

The flight was booked in order to travel to winnipeg via toront on the 18 july 2018.
the take off was scheduled at 12:50 from London Gatwick. a stop was scheduled at toronto at 16:05 and the connecting flight to winnipeg was scheduled to take off at 18:15 from Toronto and the arrival to Winnipeg at19:50.
after we have spended longtime at the airport, boarding and unborarding twice the same day at gatwick airport, it was finally announced that the flight was cancelled.
we endured twice standing in a long queue the firs time for the collection o ffood voucher and the second one for the rebooking and the assignment of a hotel in Brighton where we spent the nigh because the flight was rescheduled for the 19 July 2018.
we travelled to toronto on the 19 july 2018, having missed the event for which we travelled. to make the matter worst, the cancellation badly impacted our journey and we missed the connecting flight to winnipeg because of long time spent under police check. we were then scheduled for a flight on the 20 july 2018 to winnipeg and it is only on this date 20 July 2018 we arrived in winnipeg, having incurred and extra 157 canadian dolla from my pocket r to spend a night in Confort Inn hotel in toronto.

my return to London was cheduled for the 24 July 2018 but it is only on 26 July 2018 I got home because from winnipeg on the 24, we arrived late in toronto when the connecting flight was already gone. Wesjet said this one that it was the weather condition and then refused to help me for the hotel. for this time again I spent again 180 canadian dollar in order to spent the night in Econo grange hotel in toronto downtown. the rescheduled flight took place on the 25 July 2018 at 8:50 arriving in London Gatwick on the 26 July 2018.
I need compensation for the prejudices an inconvenients we undured.

My bank detail is following:
Bank name: Natwest
sort code: 60-22-23
account number: [protected]
IBAN: GB36NWBK60222368149948

  • Updated by Rigobert Youatou · Aug 06, 2018

    although there was cancellation i remain happy with Westjet in reason of the low cost and the good customer service in the flight and at the airpor

  • Updated by Rigobert Youatou · Aug 06, 2018

    although there was cancellation of my flight I still remain a westjet customer because of the low cost and also because of the good customer service on board and at various airports

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