WestJet Airlinesdisgusting service, covered my luggage in black mess, 15 minutes to change flights


On Sept 11 I took a one-stop flight Vancouver to Gatwick.

First, was incensed to find that on a 10-hour flight it doesn't seem necessary to them that people might need feeding, entertainment or have baggage - all of which come at an extra charge. I fly regularly with Air Transat, directly, for less and they include all three of these for free.

Unable to bring my own food through security, I decided to purchase it at my stopover in Calgary airport reasoning that though expensive it might be cheaper than the flight. Unfortunately, though, they gave me 15 minutes between landing and my next flight's boarding. They also seated me in the second-last row of the first plane. I had to wait for every single other passenger to disembark, dash from Terminal A to D (the other side of the large airport) and got there, delightfully sweating and hot for my second flight, to be told I 'should have been here sooner since my zone has boarded'. I am young and fit. My mother or grandmother would not have made it.

Very hungry at this point, I boarded my overnight flight and decided when food was brought round I'd have to fork out for it. Unfortunately it wasn't served until at least a couple of hours into my overnight, entertainment-less flight. Local time at our destination was probably around 3 in the morning - it was a late dinner time even for Calgary. I paid an extortionate $10 for a flavourless and soggy mac and cheese. I am lactose intolerant but the alternative was chicken, which I can't eat.

All of this could have been overlooked, but my suitcase which I paid $60 for WestJet to take care of, came back covered in black mess which did not come off. I have photographed it but it shows a lot more prominently in real life. This suitcase was brand new and pristine until I handed it over - it was its first journey.

I am very unhappy with my flight and want to be refunded the cost of the damage to my brand new, expensive suitcase - $100. I am not a rich woman and the case was a rare treat to myself.

disgusting service, covered my luggage in black mess, 15 minutes to change flights

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