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+44 208 759 3800(United Kingdom) 1 0
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+357 22 654 100(Cyprus) 1 0
+33 170 031 323(France) 1 0
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Aegean Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Aegean Airlines / refusal of boarding flight at athens airport

Oct 05, 2019

Aegean AirlinesDear Team, I am writing this complaint in regard to refusal of boarding my connecting flight at Athens airport when I was flying from Santorini (Thira) to Istanbul (Turkey) via Athens airport on October 1st Tuesday . Since I faced lot of issue due to Aegean airlines staff negligence because I...

Aegean Airlines / late arrival (1h 37 min) flight a3665 mxp ath of 30 sept 2019 scheduled 17,45

Oct 02, 2019

Aegean AirlinesI am claiming a reimboursement for late arrival (1h 37 min) flight a3665 mxp ath of 30 sept 2019 scheduled 17, 45, leaving at 19, 45 and landing at 22, 47 instead of 21, 10 (1h 37 min delay). I lost an important business dinner and this is causing some turnover and profit loss due to...

Aegean Airlines / improper charge

Sep 22, 2019

Aegean AirlinesDear Team, I am reaching out to you regarding an issue I faced in the airport. Although I had booked and paid a luggage when I booked my ticket, I was also charged in the airport because the desk there claimed that my baggage reservation was not evident in my ticket. As you can see in my...

Aegean Airlines / non-compliances with the cabin baggage restrictions

Sep 16, 2019

Booking code: qcz9c5 Our clients mrs vilia jeliazkova /tkt [protected] and mr andrey jeliazkov / tkt [protected] were traveling on 10th septmber on the following route: Flight a37211/oa211 - rho-ath Flight a31150/fb808 - ath-sof On both flights there were many passengers with enormous cabin...

Aegean Airlines / stolen luggage

Sep 03, 2019

First of all you lost my luggage, i was waiting almost 3 days to take it. And after 3 days when i open my luggage i saw that i miss the next items Michael cors watch-250 euro Perfume Pacorabane xs 120 euro Perfume Versace-120 euro 3 box of cigarettes-140 euro Calvin clain shirt-50...

Aegean Airlines / lost luggage and information for the customer

Sep 02, 2019

After more than 17 days of delay in my luggage I do not have any type of news about my luggage. Also the company has not explained to me which are the procedures and being that I am not at home what are my rights. When I am calling to the customer service nobody is answering and if they...

Aegean Airlines / refund for the unused flight because of delay

Sep 01, 2019

We called your helpline as we were told by the staff in the airport on 29 July 2019 after we refused to take your flight from Athens to Italy then Beirut ( following day 30 July ) instead seats on our original direct flights to beirut from Athens ( 29 July ) When we called the customer...

Aegean Airlines / broken bag

Aug 26, 2019

Aegean AirlinesMaja Kolarov Good morning, I arrived to Athens on 21. August, flight number A3977 and my bag was broken. The ground staff at Lost and found counter filled up damage report for me. I submitted it along with the all other documents they asked me for. My bag is Victorynox brand, it's 9 month...

Aegean Airlines / customer complaint

Aug 23, 2019

Aegean AirlinesAegean Airlines Attention: Customer Service/Complaints Department Friday August 23, 2019 To whom it may concern: On Aug. 1st, 2019, while on a flight with Aegean Airlines from Amsterdam to Athens (Flight A3625), I had the very unfortunate experience of being served the wrong food order which...

Aegean Airlines / I have forgotten my jacket

Aug 06, 2019

My flight was on 27th of July from London to Cairo (transit in Athens) flight number (Aegean Airlines A3 603) at 16:35 from Heathrow to Athens (ticket no A3/ETKT 390 [protected]). Then flight number (Aegean Airlines A3 930) at 23:55 from Athens to Cairo. I have forgotten my Jacket on the...

Aegean Airlines / dissatisfaction of service on our recent flight with aegean air - booking reference no s9w33t. frequent flyer no [protected]..

Jul 23, 2019

COMPLAINT... I would like to complain that because of complete incompetence of a member of your staff at the Kefalonia airport during baggage check-in the whole flight was a total disaster. From the fact that my wife's hand luggage was placed in the cargo for no apparent reason we were...

Aegean Airlines / my-kristine pantazopoulos damaged suitcase on flight ru5t05

Jul 22, 2019

Aegean AirlinesI Kristine Pantazopoulos took a connecting flight with Aegean air from Rhodes (Athens) to Santorini RU5T05 on 21/7/2019, 9.50am -2.20pm, and you completely damaged my brand new suitcase. It has been ripped at the back, on the bottom, 2 zips are missing on both compartments at the front!I...

Aegean Airlines / baggage fee

Jul 19, 2019

We did our checkin yesterday online and wanted to pay for our luggage but the web site was not working. Today we had to pay 60 euros for one luggage. Aegan did not accommodate by any way. When we ask the aegan customer service in Rodhes she explain that we probably check In our ticket...

Aegean Airlines / aegean policy on seats & gold members

May 29, 2019

Paying 500 euro for a return flight from Athens to London and being a hold member I either had to pay for a comfortable seat or travel in a seat with less space than in a low cost company. I arrived after 3.30 hours and I couldnt move my knees.. Owful experience. Priority fir hold member...

Aegean Airlines / lost baggage

Dec 26, 2018

Aegean AirlinesHi I flew from Manchester at 11.35 am flight on Sunday 23rd Decemb er 2018 Via Athens To Jeddah airport My baggage never arrived, I recieved a message on my phone when I was at Jeddah Airport from the Airlines saying you have created a file reference for me Flight A3950 And...

Aegean Airlines / lost luggage

Dec 22, 2018

I flew from Athens to Cairo on Aegean and they left my luggage in Athens. They said it would arrive in one or two days. Then they stopped responding to emails. Their baggage department doesn't answer the phone. It's been one week. I've wasted most of my trip having to buy basic necessitie...

Aegean Airlines / complaint of a konstanteliou air hostess on aegean airlines on 01st september 2018

Nov 20, 2018

On 01st September 2018 I travelled from Athens to Heathrow London on Flight Number A3608 Time 18.35, Seat Number 35F. As I entered the aircraft and reached the end to take my seat which was right at the back. I saw A Konstanteliou the Air Hostess on the floor picking up the Bread Buns ...

Aegean Airlines / not receiving the pre booked seats we paid for

Oct 03, 2018

We travelled from Heathrow to mytilini stopping at Athens on the 4th September. The flight from Heathrow to Athens was fine however the flight we had paid to reserve seats 2E/F at the front of the plane but when we got our boarding cards the seats had been changed to 24E/F! So when we got...

Aegean Airlines / service

Aug 09, 2018

my name is orna perry, flying with aegean alot, on 6.8.2018 was flying from ikaria thru athens to tel aviv, R.c is lrgw74, the plain at 2 oclock tooke off an hour late, the stuardess then told me that the company will do its best to halp me catch my connection. when we got to athen...

Aegean Airlines Athens Airport / customer service and double charge in luggage

Jul 25, 2018

On 14th July..I was travelling from Athens to Mitilini at the 11 am flight I was charged twice on my luggage even after proof of payment but where it gets worse is I was sent to the customer service area I. Athens airport Thea is suppposwdly mean tto assistant I was spoken so badly to and...

Aegean Airlines / lost baggage will not be released.

Jul 18, 2018

I traveled Aegean from Athens to Heathrow July 15, 2018. (Flight A3600) I checked my bag, thinking it would be sent through to my final destination of Miami. When I arrived at LHR, Aegean told me I needed to retrieve my bag but there wasn't sufficient time before my next flight. The...

Aegean Airlines / stuff assistance at the athens airport - almost lost a plane because of it!

May 07, 2018

This morning because of connected flight ambasador I almost missed a plane. I had a connected flight from Santorini to Belgrade with Aegean. Flight from Santorini A37351 at 6:40 (it was late cca 10 minutes) and from Athens to Belgrade flight A3976 at 8:15. In order not to be late for the...

Aegean Airlines / item lost from check in baggage

Apr 23, 2018

I have trouble with the above information of item loss. We have bought an extra check in luggage 23 kg with the name of Ms Hayman Nyo Oo (MC788826). I have made checkin buggage from Santorini to Nice (transit in Athens) on 19 April 2018. Once I got to Nice Hotel where I realized my jewelry...

Aegean Airlines / νέα πολιτική επιλογής θέσεων

Mar 14, 2018

Μετά την 01/02/2018 η Aegean Airlines άρχισε να εφαρμόζει τη δυνατότητα προεπιλογής επί πληρωμή συγκεκριμένων προνομιούχων θέσεων στα αεροσκάφη. Όλοι οι επιβάτες, ανεξάρτητα από το αν είναι ή όχι μέλη του προγράμματος Miles+Bonus και αν βρίσκονται ή όχι σε κάποια βαθμίδα, πρέπει υποχρεωτικά να...

Aegean Airlines / delayed flight

Dec 04, 2017

3 Nov 2017, Flight A3 1351 - Bucharest (Otopeni) to Athens, departure 16:30 Booking Ref: TCC25H dated 4 Nov 2017 Name: Corina Karamessinis, member ID [protected], mobile [protected], Address: 134, Emm. Benaki, 11473, Athens, Greece Bank account: Alpha Bank, [protected] The flight should leave at...

Aegean Airlines / lost luggage

Sep 29, 2017

Traveled from Tel Aviv to Athens on July 1, 2017 Was charged $45 Euros and my luggage was lost. Never arrived at the Athens airport. Filed a report right at after one month was given another report #. So far, it has been three months and all I got was an email that they couldn't find my...

Aegean Airlines / Buying additional baggage misinformation

Sep 08, 2017

IOANNIS TSIROS Reservation Code: 2K7SIV When I tried to add an extra baggage for my flight, (the first 23kg was free) I chose the 32 kg option. In the process, the system informs that 1 23 kg luggage is free, and 1 32kg bag is added . It was only when the payment was completed that one could...

Aegean Airlines / delayed and missing bags

Aug 15, 2017

Dear sirs, I recently returned to Alexandria from Athens after a six days holiday with my family on flight number (A3 952) which arrived (13/8/2017) at (12:30 am) at Alexandria airport I have four bags that did not arrive to Alexandria with tags number 1) 0390 A3 94157 2) 0390 A3...

Aegean Airlines / delayed, lost luggage

Aug 03, 2017

Aegean AirlinesClient Name: HADJIDEMETRIOU FOTEINI RESERVATION No: IWSTXJ On July 22, 2017, after I arrived in Athens from Larnaca, I travelled on Flight A3-7076 from Athens to Skiathos with about two hours delay. This was not a big issue as the returning flight. I would like to focus on my returning...

Aegean Airlines / poor service and terrible customer relations

Jul 29, 2017

My name is Jennifer Zoio and I flew from Bordeaux to Athens and then Athens to Larnaca with my husband Vasco. At Bordeaux we were told that the luggage had to be cleared in Athens, i.e. taken off the belt and out the front doors and back in again at the baggage drop off. We had a short...

Aegean Airlines / luggage

Jun 29, 2017

Good day, I had a flight from Heraklion to Limnos with a stop over in Athens. I only had hand luggage. I had no problem. I arrive in athens and i try to go through to my next flight. I get stopped and told i need to check in my hand luggage due to creams that were more then 100ml. I tried to...

Aegean Airlines / your very strict rip-off system

May 31, 2017

I have booked and paid a ticket online, and find out my self that I have make a mistake in booking > Instead of booking 20/6/2017 to 1/7/2017 ...I booked 20/7/2017 to 1/8/2017 so this mistake of mine cost me extra 212 Euro, after asking you through Jordanian agent of Aegean, you have refused to...

Aegean / communications and customer service

May 21, 2017

Having booked a return flight from Paris to Athens through Ebookers, I had called Aegean to include luggage on the flight and paid for. What was not mentioned is that the payment was only for one flight. Due to having my credit card stolen in Athens, I could not afford an extra baggage on...

Aegean Airlines/Peagasus / tickets confirmation

May 13, 2017

Electronic airline tickets paid for and not received was promised in a second email after payment, but the credit card was charged immediately. I still need confirmation tickets to send to the russian embassy and get visa. booking code NSTK2J I can't proceed to other reservations without...

Aegean Airlines / aegean not complying with star alliance baggage policy

Mar 17, 2017

We booked a flight with Singapore Airlines as the main carrier from Athens to Auckland - via Frankfurt and Singapore. With Aegean and Air NZ later taking on legs of the journey. Singapore baggage policy is that bicycles can be included within checked in baggage at no extra charge. This wa...

Aegean Airlines / miles and bonus programme

Nov 24, 2016

I have been a member for your programme and Olympic airways one, for more than a decade as a silver and gold member. It seemed that yesterday, was the last day I could have bought the 1.000 miles missing to continue to be eligible as a silver member. No message was sent to my e-mail - as it...

Aegean Airlines / lost luggage

Sep 15, 2016

My wife and I flew from Naxos to Rome on the 14/09/2016. When we checked in at Naxos the guy behind the counter told us he could not check our luggage through to Rome from Athens as his printer was broken and he could not print the tag. He told us we had to collect it in Athens then check...

Aegean Airlines / baggage

Jul 03, 2016

Together with my boyfriend we were flying on the 1st July to Thessaloniki (SKG). Booking number 8BI5ND, flight with transfer in Crete (HER). We were informed on the board of the plane that all the luggages are not flying with us. We have to add here that we were flying to Greece for a...

Aegean Airlines / flight assistance with no training / sensitivity in dealing with children

Dec 13, 2015

Aegean AirlinesDate of incident : 3rd December 2015 on a flight A3 772 AT 16:25 From Larnaca to London Heathrow Reference number:6H4KU7 We just had a very bad and unpleasant experience flying to London from Larnaca.No flight assistance ! Travelling with twins of 2 and a half years of age. One Toilet in...

Aegean Airlines / lost baggage

Nov 04, 2015

My name is dalia abdelrazek I have returned from travilling on aeagean airline on 10.08.2015 from frankfurt airport to athens airport flight nr: (A3833) and second flight from athens to cairo at 10.08.2015 flight nr: (A3930) I just have on baggae and I lost it from aegean airline and they...