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they always want to kill or pull the tooth!

It actually does not matter what office it is because I have transfered around when I needed to see a dentist...

extracted 4 teeth without any cause just for money

Worst part in the world. My wife was feeling pain. I went there. What they did. It is horrible. Without informing anything they Extracted 4 teeth without any cause just for money.

Please do not go there.

  • Sr
    srchng4care May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    your story doesnt make sense?? did your wife sign a consent form

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billing issies

Complaint [protected] - I lost my Job back in 2009 - when I lost it I called all my creditors and worked out payment arrangement with all of them. If I had known that I had a Orthodontist Bill w/ Western Dental I would have paid that first as I still have the braces in my MOUTH. I called Gabby who is the Customer Relations rep and she was like sorry nothing she can do. I attempted to explain to her what happened. still nothing. When I signed that contract I had been in the chair for over 3 hours getting work done and was all drugged up so did i read the contract in detail no, who would have after being in a dentist chair for over 3 hours. Now I have these braces in my mouth and they are shifting and the bands are breaking and there is nothing I can do cause I do not have $1650.00 dollars to pay all at once. I wish I had never went to Western Dental Ever. The service was great but the billing and collections department definitely make you feel like a number! I want to know if anyone else has had this problem I would like to start a class action lawsuit. This is not right and they have shown no compassion at all. Please contact me if anyone else has had this same issue in order for us to band together. I have a attorney and will pursue this even if I loose because I want everyone in the America to know about this uncompassionate company! Never Ever Go to Westen Dental if you have dental Insurance or not!

  • Ra
    RAyubi Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the sane problem with them and would love to file a law suit against them!

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  • Ra
    RAyubi Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had stopped making my payments because I lost my job. Western Dental sent me to a collections agency and I still had my braces on. I called corporate and asked them what I could do to finish getting my braces worked on and they told me that I had a $2, 000 balance and after I pay off there collection agency RRS I would be able to continue getting my braces worked on for the remainder amount of time I had left. After I paid off the collection agency like they told me to I called corporate back and asked them when I can go in for the remainder of my treatments since I paid them off. They forwarded me to the Fremont, CA office to schedule an appointment. When I went in today they told me that I have to do a re-exam and sign a new contract and pay them another $4, 000. I was in complete shock and explained to them that I was told if I pay off my balance that I could finish my treatments. They never told me that I'd have to basically start over as a new patient and pay $4, 000 again! If I had known that why would I have paid the collection agency and thrown my money away like that???? I would have just gone somewhere else! They are trying to rip me off and I would love to file a class action law suit against them! ASAP

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  • Mi
    Mikeandles May 26, 2011

    I despise this company with a passion at this time... I am not getting the communication to happen between the office and the billing department!!! They don't care about what each other is doing!!! This is ridiculous!! Would love to help in any way possible!

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  • Am
    AmberCG Jul 17, 2011

    I am having the same problem. I haven't been able to get my braces monthly visit since Feb because for some reason I have a $2000 bill that they sent to RRS, and I am told I can't be seen until I pay it. I have called multiple times to request a printout of where these numbers come from because I hadn't even had my braces on for a year. And I am only supposed to be charged with services already provided. Everytime I call they say that it was sent out yet I never recieve anything?

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fraudulent billing

Two of my children have been patients of WD for 4 mos. I have made payments on time each mo. for both thier...


I, read, enough.I, went, in, for, a, checkup, very, tiny, chip, on, edge, of, filling, , came, out, with, fracture, tooth.X-raysfault, ruff.rude, and, rushed, out...I, believe, all, these, complaints.I, guess, i, ll, end, up, paying.dont, think, so.Denniandjj

  • sparkletwin Jan 12, 2011

    You should also check PUNCTUATION before submitting your comments! There really doesn't need to be a comma after every word.

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ripped off by them

I went to the dental office they said i didnt owe them any money and I didnt sign any thing saying I would...


I don't usually have a problem with dentists but this guy was brutal. I didn't give him a chance to pull the...

root canal gone bad

I do not recommend any western dental offices, especially for root canals! i got a bad infection from their inexperienced doctors. Furthermore, they still come after you and want you to pay for the procedure that was already done, if they did it correctly or not. I shouldnt have to pay for the procedure that was done, the doctor should be experienced enough to know that whether a root canal is done correctly or still needs work. Just because they allow monthly payments, please do consider another dental office and speak of your financial situation, it will save you money, time, and a lot of heartache!

  • Ve
    Venus de Milo Sep 25, 2012

    You can file your complaint at The Dental Board of California http://www.dbc.ca.gov/consumers/complaint_info.shtml

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  • 1h
    1HVT797 Sep 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Отвратительная. Почему вы думаете, что они так дешево? Ваше дыхание, вероятно, хуже, чем все свалки Нью-Йорка, который является всего государства.

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unnecessary services / insurance fraud

Western Dental is like a bad auto mechanic. Once they get you in there they try to get as much money out of you and your insurance as possible. I went in for a routine cleaning. My teeth are in excellent condition - I haven't had a cavity in nearly two decades. They performed more x-rays than I have ever had done in my life, then they said I need braces (even though I'm in my 40's!) and sent over an orthodontist to do an examination, and then they decided the I needed a "special" cleaning. The routine cleaning that I went in for would have cost me nothing with my insurance. The full mouth debridement cleaning they decided I needed, which was no different than any I've had before, was $54 - just for my coinsurance portion! They're a TOTAL rip off. Beware!

service, quality, billing

I cannot believe the horrible service, quality and billing of this company!!! I am so frustrated. I got a tooth pulled and the dentist was so inept he hurt me badly then I got dry socket and pain for days. I called them and they were vague about what to do and finally I went back in the office and the other dentist was appalled at the state my mouth was in. He gave me penicillin and pain killers. Then I have had trouble with their billing department. I called a few months ago wanting to lower my payment by $25 and they agreed. THEN I get assessed for late fees because it was "never entered into the computer". They assured me that it would all be fixed and not to worry. The next week I got a collection call because they said my account was short $25 and I was assessed a late fee! I spent a lot of time on the phone ONCE AGAIN to get it straightened out and the fellow assured me that it was done. Then I kept getting more collection calls and my bills had late fees on TOP of late fees. If you don't pay the first late fee, then you get additional late fees on that late fee!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! That was 5 months ago and they still don't have it fixed! I will NEVER darken their door again, and I warn all who are considering their services... DON"T!!! You are in for hell. They are inept, unprofessional, unorganized and have STUPID people working for them who don't know how to do their jobs!!!

dime store dentures

So far Western Dental has ruined my life, and am not sure they even know how to fix their kindergarten skills. I went to Western Dental because that was the insurance my company provided. I knew I needed my teeth pulled and dentures. I made an appointment in July of 09, The Office staff and dentist were very nice at first, After a long discussion with the dentist after xrays, I felt that the dentist knew all of my worst fears about the procedure and the look and feel of my new dentures. I arrived a few days later at Western Dental to have my teeth extracted. I went home that day no real problems. Stitches in mouth I began to feel like teeth are trying to grow back in. I go back to the dentist a few days later to find out the dentist has to take out all my stitches and open up my gums again and cut out whatever. The dentist sews me back up, and I go home again. I did not immediately have my dentures put in my mouth. A few weeks later I went back to Western Dental to recieve my new dentures. Oh my God I looked like buckey beaver, I freaked out. Never going through anything like this, the dentist assured me these teeth looked and fit great. The dentist assured me they would mould into place. Not knowing what I was in for, I knew he must be right. NOT SO!!! Immediately and for weeks my relatives told me to get back to that dentist and give me some dentures that look like teeth. Not teeth that look like dentures . I rescheduled an appointment and told the dentist I was very unhappy with the look and feel of these dentures. He was rude and assured me these teeth were right for me. After much of his finger in my face He agreed to make me another set. I went without teeth for 4 weeks. He kept those dentures. Then on my next appointment for my second set of dentures I just freaked out they were so different and felt absolutely horrible. The dentist asked me to please wear them for awhile so I could get use to them. I said ok. Them I got in my car and looked in my rear view mirror and looked closely at my teeth. One front tooth was longer than the other. I got a bad feeling. I marched right back in there and made him shave it to match the other one, they looked too short to me. I went ahead and wore them for months along with a tube of denture glue a week. Finally I went back again to the dentist crying and telling him this is not the way it was suppose to be. Ok now he tells me I need $12, 000.00 worth of implants to keep my teeth in place. I'm not going to go into detail about the long conversation however after much b.s. he agreed to make me another set and have the denture technician that makes the dentures present at my next fitting so if there are any changes to be made in the mold it can be done then. I come back to my next appointment and the denture technician just happens to call in sick that day. The dentist assures me I will be happy with these teeth. Well i'ts been a round 6 months and these teeth are different from the other two sets, and they don't fit either. I called their main office to complain and was told there was no one I could talk to, I was instructed to write a formal complaint letter and send it to their P>O> Box in Orange Calif. ATT. Patient Relations. I was told a special board would read my complaint and get back to me in 30 days. I wrote my letter amd sent it. Forty five days later I called them back and asked why they have not responded to my complaint. The lady said she never recieved my letter and that she would know about the letter cause she is the only one in the office. I told her I knew she got the letter and she probably disposed of it . Too bad I didn'tsend it receipt requested. I know she got it. Then I hurt my back and got behind on my payments and tried to make other arrangements with them . What a bunch of nasty, pushy, smart ellic dweebs. Finally I call the collection manager, Explain the nasty treatment I have recieved from his crony assistants and I would like to make payment arrangements I can afford. He said since I have never been late on a payment in a year I could give $105.00 now and $105.00 in two weeks and he would write a new contract at $90.00 a month. I agreed. Then he wanted my debit card number and wanted to be able to pull the money out every month. I said call me back in 20 minutes. He reluctantly agreed. I called my bank and my bank cautioned me against it because of the mistrust . If I gave them my debit number they could take more than we agreed on. So I told the collections manager that my bank cautioned me against this . ahe got so mad and called me a liar and that no bank would ever tell a customer that. I told him I would have my bank call him. No he just wanted to sling his smart ellic mouth around. I did tell him I would send him a money order immediately in the amount we agreed uponand, another to follow 2 weeks later and then he could send me the new contract and I would send him a money order every month until paid. No way he said and threatened to report me so my credit would be damaged, and hung up. Now I will be talking to every official avenue. Thats my right

  • Lo
    loronnie Jun 17, 2012

    I totally agree with you ... I too had dentures made for me there, after pulling 17 teeth. Had I known the outcome of it all, I would have insisted on keeping my lower ones. It has now been 6 months since and I still can't wear the lower plates. I have had them put 3 temporary liners in, which didn't help. They cut into my gums and are too sore to wear within about 15 minutes.
    I only wear the lower ones when I go out somewhere. Next I go to put them on one morning and I felt like something was on them. I look closely and they are tearing apart! I immediately called them and set up an appt. to see what to do. They told me they could fix them ( which I thought didn't seem right either) nonetheless they did it in about 2 hours and called me to tell me they were ready. I pick them up and the spot where they fixed them is really scratchy and lumpy. I called back and they said to come in. When I got there they told me it has been 6 months and the swelling has probably gone down enough to be able to put a permanent liner in them. But, this would cost me another 280.00. I still owe close to 800.00 on them and I don't feel I should be investing more money for these when they are cracked to begin with!!! I made the appt. but then I went home and thought about it, and I cancelled it. I called corporate office and sent an email but I haven't heard a word from them...go figure. I feel they should make my bottom plate over again, and not make me pay for something that was poorly made to begin with! I also went there because that is what insurance I have, but I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!!!

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bad dental services

I had a cavity filled, they shaved off my good tooth so my mouth can close. He was in a rush and was real rough. My perfectly good tooth was ok and he shaved it off, after that I had sensitivity until a couple months later I started to get really bad pains in the good tooth. I couldnt sleep and I was in real bad pain. I didnt want to go to Western Dental again because of that incident but I talked to a Customer Service Representative and he assured me everything was going to be okay. So i went in as an emergency and they took xrays, then switched me people about 4 or five times, by the time I got to the person which was going to fix my tooth, he knew nothing about me and what was wrong, all he had was an xray. He didnt ask me anay questions just went to work. He finished my tooth about two hours later and my mouth was numb. He also did a supposibly called "cleaning" where he was real rough with my teeth and even cut my gums a couple times. I was in pain, but thought it would go away in a few hours, so I went home, fell asleep for about two hours. I woke up and was in pain, it felt worse then before I went there, my teeth felt very sensitive and I couldnt even and still canat open my jaw. It very very soar. And only far a cavity. I felt like they are very unprofessional, they hurt my mouth and I came out worse then when I went in there. I would like to sue them or get a refund and never go to them again. I would like everyone to know not to go to Western Dental because they are very bad.


Had teeth pulled, their dentures never fit once. They want more money to correct their mistake. Try living with no teeth, i`m allmost postal!!! I strongly recomend you go to a vetrinarian before going here!!! Will cost 4 times as much to correct what these animals have done. Please save yourself some greef, don`t go to western dental, take a look at these reports, it is beyond me why they are allowed to continue to remain, where is the ama!!! This has truely been a nightmare, that I would like to spare anyone else!!! Don`t go their, you`ve been warned!

  • Se
    sebring2206 Sep 22, 2010

    Hey I have been in your shoes, make a huge fuss, make complaints I ended up paying almost 20 thous plus additional 3 thousand for mini implants which somewhat hold the bottom teeth..I would raise total hell

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  • Az
    azshiphopmommie Jan 07, 2011

    I am now a 30 year old woman who has had bad teeth my entire life. I went to Western Dental in 2004 at the age of 24 to get my teeth fixed. When I got there ( Only went because I was on medicaid and they took payments ) they took x-rays and stated that it would be about $35k to fix everything that needed to be done. I stated that I of course did not have that and they then suggested that for only $5k I could have all my teeth pulled and have full dentures made. They showed me pretty pictures of perfect smiles ( Something i NEVER had in my life and so I agreed to the proceedure. I went a total of about 10 visits over a 2 month time frame PRIOR to having my teeth pulled for moldings... since they lost the first 2... i had a total of 3 done. thei whole time I was making payments of $300 a month and missing time form work to go. Finally the time came to pull the teeth. I made an appointment for a Wednesday Oct 20th 2004 ( I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS DATE ) My appointment was for 9am... I was super scared as anyone would be... and they made me wait until 1pm in the waiting room before calling me back. they put me in this chair with about 500 people running around crazy and everyone yelling about how far behind they are and that they all needed to hurry up... at that point I should have taken the hint and left... but I stayed. The nurse came in with the novicane and then proceeded to have 2 other nurses hold my arms down as they gave me ( with NO EXATGERATION) about 30 shots of novicane in all parts of my mouth.. top bottom front and back in a span of about 2 minutes! It hurt sooooooooo bad I had tears pooring down my face. Then instead of waiting the normal 10 minutes or so to allow the novicane to start to work... they waited about 3 minutes they started to pull the teeth. I started to cry and wave my arms frantically to let them know I could feel it alll!!! They ignored me and continued to pull. They pulled a total of 22 teeth in 45 minutes. They were yanking them out like 2 at a time by 2 dentists talking while they were doing it about how they needed to hurry up to go to lunch. Then after NOT EVEN making sure that all parts of the teeth were really gone tried to put in the temp dentures... what a surprise when they did NOT FIT AT ALLLLL... not even close ! So they then proceeded to say oh well... pack it... what they were refferring to was MY MOUTH!! they packed so much gause in there to soak up all the blood pooring out of my mouth from the 22 holes they just created so ruffly that I could not close my mouth. I was in total shock. My mouth and gums hurt like i was being repeatedly stabbed by a butcher knife over and over and over for about 3 days ! The bleeding did not stop for about 4 days ! The worst part is I had to stay laying on my back for 4 days to stop the bleeding and could not eat or drink really at all the whole time ! All while my 1 and 2 yrs olds wondered what was wrong with mommy ! After abot an additional 20 visits over the span of the whole next year... they NEVER DID fix the denture to where I could even put them in my mouth and close my mouth. So there was no way I could wear them.. i couldnt talk... eat... nothing ! They stated that it was MY FAULT... that my jaw was to small and that they couldnt make the dentures that little. so 6 years later I still am walking around with NO TEETH! It has affected my life in so many ways its not even funny! I have NOT been promoted... hired for jobs... ect all because of my face, my smile or lack there of... and not to mention my diet is VERY Limited !!! My self esteem has been scared... how can I feel pretty with no teeth.. and now because i have been without them for sooooo long I am getting heavy wrinkles around my mouth and chin due to the cheeks sagging in where my teeth should be to support my face! I DESPERATELY need to do something and at this point do NOT know where to turn ! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO TO WESTERN DENTAL EVER !!!

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  • Lh
    lheil May 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is exactly what they do!!! They only know how to just pull teeth! They also never can just fill a cavity they have to do a root canal-you know... kill the tooth. It is too little of money for them to just fill a tooth! It really is gross and I really hope some day by people continually communicating that they get handled!!!

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disrespect and long wait

Went to Western Dental Yuba City, CA.today for appointments at 2:30 and 3:00 for my children. Asked not to have children in rooms alone with Dr.s (girls) the assistant took my 11yr old in the room anyway.

Also, after 3 1/2 hours we were finally see. When I complained to the Manager (Kevin Evers) he was rude, "ready for a fight" and said "If you dont like the way we do things here, you can find another Dr." He also said because of HEPA laws I would not be able to sit in the room while the Dr. did his procedure.

Both times today, (and EVERY OTHER VISIT BEFORE)I was invited to sit in the room with my childern at the time of service.

customer service

I received some of the worst customer service EVER !!! It started out right away, the billing agent "Lisa" had an attitude from the first words exchanged . I had an appt. at 4:45 and got there at 4:15 to do paperwork . I waited till 5:15 before I asked why it was taking so long and they said another 10 min. at 5:30 I asked for my new patient info forms I filled out and the billing agent stated to me that I would have to fill them out again anyways . That right there is "A PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY " issue . She denied me the right to take my personal info .

I can't believe it was as BAD as it was !!! I read several complaints and issues with the customer service, BUT I gave them the benefit of the doubt . " BOY WAS I SADLY MISTAKEN "...I wasted 2 hrs of my time and didn't accomplish anything except be treated BAD !!!

  • Th
    The Spiritual Touch May 29, 2014

    Hi My Name is Robert Vaughn I am a Owner of a Massage Therapy Service in the City Buena Park, I had 3 teeth removed at Western Dental at 5971 Lincoln Boulevard Buena Park, by Dr.Patel and Dr. Parnz, I feel great because of there Great work...

    Robert Vaughn
    8720 Valley View St. E9
    Buena Park, California

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billing practices

Watch out for their questionable billing practices.
I recieved my statement showing a balance of $85 owed on the account.Western dental cashed the check then claimed they never recieved and immediatly sent the account to collections. My bank canceled the check and reissued it, western dental then show account paid. 4 days later they claim the ck bounced ( bank says no it didn't). So they are trying to recash the first ck for a paid off account and want to charge late fees and bad ck fees to boot!!! Called to complain and by the end of the call my paid in full account shows a balance of $326. the claim my insuance did pay everthing. So after 5 month you decide they didnt pay but never once told the customer!.
Western Dental another bad company

  • Sh
    SheSharp Jan 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They got paid completely. Get copies of your records including billing correspondence and I will call you to testify. It is time to shut 'em down.

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I canceled my personal check and they charged me overdraft

Western Dental made my two sons spend two hours in the lobby and one hour in the dental chair. I was waiting for them in the lobby. I asked to the receptionist for my sons and she said my sons will be out in fifteen minutes. After forty minutes my sons were still inside, I decide to get in and look for my sons and they had not got even the dental service they were waiting for. And also they charge to my insurance and myself for the service no received. I canceled my personal check and they charged me overdraft.

price rip off

I feel I was totally ripped off by Western Dental. My son had 2 wisdom teeth coming in and was in a great deal of pain. I am unemployed and uninsured so was calling around to see who had the best pricing. I could only get estimates, and Western Dental gave me a low end estimate of $159 for a simple extraction and $286 at the high end (if a surgical extraction was needed). I also mentioned that my son was working part time and we'd like to have the teeth removed on his day off. I was told - no problem so I scheduled an appointment for the x-rays, under the impression I could set the appt for the extraction on the next day (his day off).

After having the x-rays, I am told the price would be $191 for the simple extraction (not $159) and $386 for the surgical extraction (not the $286). I was also told that the oral surgeon is only there 2x a month - and this was his day. Having spent $99 for the exam, and facing having to wait 2+ weeks for the surgeon to return, I felt I had no other option other than to agree to their greatly inflated price.

I have called no less than 5 different phone numbers, only to be hung up on several times, left multiple voice messages that never get returned, and endured repeated statements that Western Dental does not make adjustments; I have repeatedly been told that I am at fault for accepting the pricing and having the work done; that I had the option to not accept the quote (and walk away with only a $99 loss).

I understand an estimate is an estimate, but common sense dictates that the estimate be somewhat in the ballpark of the actual cost. The estimate I was given was more than 40% lower than the actual quote. I feel I was backed into a corner and had no choice - make my son suffer or pay their extorted rates.

I will never go back to this place and will advise everyone I know to never do business with this institution.

  • Sl
    slynn1 Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't have your son get his wisdom teeth extracted from Western Dental! Find a reputable dentist in your area to have it done. I have had some bad experiences with Western Dental also. It seems most Western Dental Offices are horrible.

    These are a few of my complaints: fraudulent billing. I had a credit of two hundred and eighty dollars, that the office I went to in Bellflower, CA claimed that I had the procedures done, and no longer had the credit. I never had the work done on my teeth, and was told by their own offices clerks, (I used the term loosely.) that I had the credit balance, and was given the billing number to have it credited to my balance. AFTER SIX MONTHS OF TALKING TO SO CALLED CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVES I WAS TOLD THAT THEY USED THE MONEY ON PROCEDURES I NEVER HAD DONE.

    Long waits- IT doesn't matter if your on time or late, if you are lucky you will have to wait an hour to two hours in the waiting room, and another hour waiting in a dental chair.

    Rude employees- When I was pregnant with my third son, my tooth was bothering me. After I had to my obgyns and back to Western Dental about three or four times, the dentist told me there was nothing wrong with the tooth, and obviously I was a drug addict. After my son was born, I went to anther dentist, by that time my tooth was so infected they had to do a root canal on it. She said it must have been badly infected while I was pregnant. And asked why I didn't see a dentist than. I told her I had and they told me nothing was wrong with the tooth.

    Employees are completely ghetto. Nobody seems to know what they are doing. Your lucky if you get a dentist that speaks English. Half the time you cannot understand what your saying. Employees are rude, ignore you, or talk about there sex life in the process of dental work.

    Refuse to give pain medication, or give pain medication that I cannot use. After I had my tooth drilled on, the root was exposed, and the doctor couldn't finish it that day. After the Novocaine wore off I was in horrible pain. Called Western Dental because of pain, the dentist refused to give me pain medication, and forced me not to get any sleep because of throbbing pain. I recently got a root canal done, and the dentist gave me Motrin. The stupid dentist, (use the term loosely) never asked if I as allergic to it, or if I could take it. I cannot because of stomach issues. SO, the pain meds was completely useless to me.

    The billing process has been a nightmare, and the lack of compassion, humanity, or even trying to get some pain relief, was all ignored by this company. I have been to the two Western Dentals in Huntington Beach, CA and also Bellflower CA. They are all horrible, and some are down right mean. I think that Dental-Cal should discontinue use of this Dental place. Because I also think they over charge!

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  • Gr
    grmills Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Too late, slynn1. Already had the work done. Sorry to hear about your pains. The work went well with my son, but I am upset about being charged $162 more than I was lead to believe the procedure would cost.

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  • Sl
    slynn1 Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am glad that your son's procedure went well. MY advice is never go there again. If you shop around at other dental offices, you will find a better price. I wish I would have done that on my root canal. I found out I could have had it done for eight hundred dollars, instead of nine hundred and fifty... Hope things go well for your son... Make sure the dentist gave him antibiotic, especially if he got all four pulled. Hope all goes well for you.. Try to pay off that bill as soon as possible, keep receipts or bank records, so they cannot scam you out of more money...

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  • Ph
    phat_angel100 Oct 07, 2011

    Oh yes this place has always been bad. when i was about 7 i had to go there with my grandma and they did x-rays [after hours of waiting, and being switched to three different chairs] they said i had no cavities, no problems. no more than 6 months later my mom took me to a different dentist because she got health care through work and they said i had four cavities, and they had been there for a while...my mom told them where we went and the dentist rolled his eyes and apologized.
    About 5 years ago my grandma went there again for a pair of dentures and after hours of wait, 2 different chairs and 2 different nurses they did the moldings. well they called and said they needed to redo the moldings of the teeth because they had misplaced them...and she had to pay the COPAY for the appt. when THEY were at fault!!! thats ridiculous!!! long story short she had to go back and get them fitted/filed down so many times we lost count, they didn't fit and were uncomfortable for her. they are by far, not my choice of dental places...

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  • Ra
    Ragen May 27, 2018

    I went to Western Dental in Lancaster Ca. In 2018. I was told I needed root canal and crown on my top front tooth. (#8). They told me my medi-cal (Denti-cal) was not going to cover it. Western Dental said they resent for approval from medi-cal 3 times. Finally medi-cal approved the procedure.
    So recently I western dental did the root canal. They told me my next visit would be for crown prep, impressions. When I returned on the date they gave me the appointment on, DR. Byat told me the crown was not covered, and probably won't be covered. He said it was denied! So now I've had a root canal on my front tooth and NO CROWN will be put on it! Now I'm going to lose the tooth anyway due to it becoming brittle. I had no pain ever in that tooth before I had the root canal. If I would have not had it done it would have been years before I lost the tooth. Also they charged my insurance for xrays on my last visit-but they did not take ANY xrays that day!

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collection letters and no refund yet 7 months

I made received part of my treatment at one office, then transferred to another office-- they raised the price at the second office.OK not a BIG deal.

My monthly bill payment straight from my bank, everything is fine. The month everything should be finished I received a collection letter from the account at the first office for more than the full amount.

While trying to straighten out a misunderstanding I made 4 extra payments to keep anything from accidentally going to my credit.

After waiting and receiving more letters and they dont know what they are doing, I requested THEIR records. I found the difference. They had received all of my payments but since it went to the second office and they kept it to the side, they did not transfer it to the first office. OK still not a BIG deal.

They transferred part, but the rest they could not transfer. So. I paid the first account with MORE of my own money.

NOW I am still waiting for a refund which is in process...

I am still receiving collection letters for the wrong amount...

and I am being charged late fees on an account with a 0 balance.

UGH I am getting really tired of working for them and loaning them money without interest, not to mention the concern of anything going to harm my credit.

billing department/bellflower office

Western Dental in Bellflower is the worst dental experience I have ever had! I have been going to this office...