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dental service provided

Chat Conversation Start AUG 5TH, 12:29PM Worst possible experiences ever!! Time that I can never have back...

unethical behavior

I am a client of Western Dental 1332 E Yosemite Ave, Manteca CA 95336. I paid over $1, 500.00 to have them...

oral surgeon rushed me to do a procedure after getting 2 anesthesia 5 mins. before his arrival

My appointment was schedule for 9 a.m. but the doctor didn't arrive until sometime after 11 a.m. apparently he had ran into traffic because of an car accident.
During my wait for this oral surgeon I was told he would be in approx. 10 a.m.
If 1800Western Dental schedules me an appointment at 9 a.m. for a bottom left extraction, then he should be on time as a doctor, not late and rushful at all his 1st 2 or 3 patients awaiting his unprofessionalism.
The Dental Assistants who peeped the 2 shots 5 mins. Of his arrivaldid not explain anything except for me to pay for saving the bone instead of extracting. The surgeon arrived 5 mins. afterput his gloves on and wanted to start procedure while my jaw wasn't numb yet. He didn't even tell me his name, I had bad anxiety, nervousness, and question before he started he sat theredidnt want to hear me out and asked the assistants who's next.
Then he sent me to the front to see if I could be financed for 1 hr. Sedation - asleep because I was nervous, especially when he takes 2 fingers and puts it on my forehead to start his rushful day and said to me, are you ready?
Well Western Dentalcalled my wife and told her we tried calling Eric's number but I never even received a missed call check their phone records for my number [protected].
That will explains how lies occur.
I went with 2 numb shots on bottom left jaw.
The LORD says" how can you be trusted with very little if you can't be trusted with much".

I am complaining about the dentist

Hi my name is Claudia Barron, and Well today I had two appointments, I knew since i got there that it wa...

livermore office

My daughter went in on saturday 😡 after 2 hours of waiting, she was called in. They had taken x-rays and then told her before she can get any work done she has to get a deep cleaning, price $1200😳😳😳 what, we could not believe the price. So because she can't come up with $1200 for cleaning they won't even do anything. So wrong😡😡😡. What is this? Does this sound right to you? Thank you please getvback to me

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dentîst and office mgr yeärs

april 2017 had and apt. to get upper dentures replaced after 20 years änd dentures on bottom explained i dîdnt want it to take 3 to 4 months to do if so i would go someplace else tey said it wouldnt take that long . so go to my first apt and was told have to get ok for uppers .they would contact me. well got letter from ins tellīng me i was denied for uppers eedless to say top dentûres have toot missing a hol threw them and 20 yêars old called them and oh how soory they were ẃill señd another one called last week now they say iv never been there and im still waiting for the office mgr call from april its now been almost 3 months and nothing


They did not record my phone call where I clearly state I don't want to be charged twice and I'm paying it early however they still took out another payment and they don't want to refund me when it's clearly their fault this is ridiculous I will never go here for general work again. I wanted nearly a week for them to tell me there was no recording I basically waited for no reason no one even contacted me so I was aware it's beyond messed up to do to someone

my tooth dead now because appt. schedulers never said anything about doing. "walk in" and the appt times were weeks out.

Confirm...however I will try and do a walk in on the 12th. Because a friend said I should try. I have had a tooth emergency for over two months and been unable to schedule a appt that is more timely for an emergency. It is now critical and the tooth was knocked completely loose last week. When I called to come in right away I was told that the soonest was on the 13th still. The tooth came completely out 2 days and I called to come in and was told that I needed to wait until the 13th because no sooner appt was available. I looked up tooth care online and was told that if the tooth was to be saved that I needed to get right in. The western dental rep said there was nothing she could do because there was no sooner appts. available. And now a friend said I could do a walk in. Why in all my calls to western dental did no one ever give me that information? My tooth is dead by now. Probably. It is in the front. I dont have my regular dental insurance any more. I have dentical. That is why I am using Western Dental. I just wanted someone to know that I have lost one of my teeth because not once was I told that I could do a walk in.

customer service

The girl in the front, I don't know her name but she has tattoos in all her hands and fingers..on 1101 truman s.t in San Fernando .ca 91340 Suit A .. she is very rude, impatient, and so lazy! It's the third time I go and she does not write the information on the computer system! I had appointment for today, and since she didn't post in on the system I just came back home, ( waste of time) and had to pay a baby sitter for my twin Bbys and all for nothing! ..the first time I had an appointment she made me fill out a lot of papers and she ended not putting them on the system and I had to fill out everything all over again the second time I came back with my bbys, and found out that day that the fist time I went she didn't only not pass the info on the system but that she didn't even check my daughters in onnthe system! So apparently I didn't take one of my daughters in for her appointment according to them. since the appointment was for my 2 bbys..it is a big waste of time for their patients and her co workers.. to have someone so lazy in that office and make us and them waste our time, and make the rest of the people work double in the office! All because she is lazy to do the job she's getting paid for!!😠😠😠

denied service

I was just late for a few days. My account it's almost paid in full. At the office at Monte Vista Vacaville, CA at the office they denied the services until I made a payment. The account number is 83562. The staff Natalie was very rude and disrespectful saying thst I had pay late before. I am very dissatisfied with the situation. I made a payment I was going to make later this month by force in order for my son have the service. I think it is very unfair and not ethical when it was not even a month behind. My son's name is Roberto Munoz. This happened 5/12/17.

poor customer service

My daughter's appointment was at 9:00 AM and was not called until literally a few minutes before 10:00 AM. Once we were there, the doctor relayed a message to us that my daughter should eat before she started on cavities because she will be numb for 2 hours. I ended up leaving and coming back. The appointment setter should have briefed us on what we had to do before we came, and we should have been seen much sooner.

  • Wine Is Good Apr 30, 2017

    First off, when you make appointments for dental procedures, they give you instructions to follow before your procedure. Second, if someone else in the waiting room's appointment was at 10, and your dentist was still working on your daughter's mouth, would YOU expect the dentist to STOP what he was doing to make the other appointment on time? You have an unrealistic idea of how medical procedures work. I am glad as hell when my husband had heart surgery and the surgery ran over the estimated time, that the surgeon didn't stop to start someone else's operation.

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  • Ea
    eastman1980 Apr 30, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Wine Is Good I appreciate your comment. However, you are missing the point. We had no briefing when the appointment was set. They should have not set an appointment if they could not treat by 9 AM or tell me earlier to reschedule or come back. This was not an emergency, but it was a routine dentist appointment. They have always been late before but not this late. I have been patient with these people.

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  • Wine Is Good May 02, 2017

    Do you think they can tell the future? What if your daughter did get in on time, and there was a problem in her mouth that caused them to run over the allotted time? Are you going to complain that they did not tell you ahead of time that she was going to have a problem? Again, if they were working on your kid's mouth, ran into issues, and the next appointment time had come, would you expect them to stop to make the next appointment on time? I am guessing the answer is NO.

    You are expecting very unrealistic things here. As for not being told, DID YOU ASK?

    Every medical procedure I have ever had, every dental procedure I have ever had, ever exactly followed a clock. Normal times are given, expected times are given, but they can not see the future. What if they had planned 3 hours for every procedure that would normally be about an hour? That means in an eight to ten hour day they can only schedule 2-3 patients. So when one goes quickly, then they are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next appointment, and you will be [censor]ing that you can't get an appointment for 6 months.

    This can happen at EVERY dentist, every doctor office everywhere.

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  • Ea
    eastman1980 May 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Wine Is Good That may be. I will try another dentist to be on the safe side. Thank you.

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billing and customer service

Worst experience ever!! Timeline:
1st visit 1989 and many visits since
1989 - had major work in western dental hawthorne blvd, lawndale, ca
1992 to 1999 numerous minor visits
[protected] - visits for after assault work
Cathedral city
March 2012 - spent $6, 000 over what my insurance crowns, root canals
May-june 2015 - had more work done approx. $2k. Left being told paid up
October/november 2016 - pain from non cavity hole in tooth. Before they
Just puts drops said nothing can be done
November/december 2016 made appointment. Went in told cannot see
Me I was in collections-would not tell me what for or how much. Made
Me look like a fool in front of at least 10-15 customers. Later i
Contacted support says cannot tell me what collection was for-i said I
Am the patient. After 5 people I ended up with argon collection agency
Who would not tell me anything, just said give me a credit card or I will
Ruin your credit, which they had already done. My fica went from 805
To 699. I contested with all credit agencies and won. Come to find out
They filed incorrectly to insurance company, so $700.00 not paid. They
Were sending bill to wrong address. I have statement from person
Who received my bills and returned. I had to pay almost 900.00 on
December 11, 2016 to clear.
March 22, 2017 - I called to make appointment as the pain has become
Unbearable, 4 people told me I was in collections even though I paid
Back in december. Person #5 at western dental corporate offices - "oh
I see you already paid. Someone forgot to un-flag you". I said sho do I
Complain to about all this mess. It is all you guy's fault. Oh let me
Transfer you - after 30 minutes I hung up
March 22, 2017 - later that day. I called and was on a phone with operator
At western dental for about 20 minutes. She called the office I was to
Go to to see if they would see me with no problem now. She came back
And said yes they will see you, no problem. So I go at 3pm. Again in
Front of no less than 10 people they embarrass me by telling me loudly
You cannot be seen you are in collections.
That is it I am done, I will make sure I post this same complaint on twitter,
Linkedin, facebook (Numerous pages) as well as any other site that will let me post.
I am also going to send our local news stations with watchdog reporting this story as well as a letter to the editor in the local newspaper.

It may not be much, but if I can save a few people the agony western dental gave me - the better I will feel!!

charged $2700 for root canal and crown and cleaning

Tooth was infected and was told it needed a root canal. Was also charged for a deep cleaning which evidently...

western dental in san francisco ca

western dental in san francisco CA i had my mother to do her denture her age that time 71 years old and i was clear to western dental staff that my mother old and doesnt speak english and please if there is anything you need let us know and i put my name and my sister name and we paid $2000.00 and my mother and my sister kept going to the clinic again and gain because the denture keep hurting my mother mouth and one day my mother went by her self trying to speaking to them and left her denture with them thinking they did understanding her but the staff throw her denture to the garbage i tried to follow hop with them they kept saying even we throw her denture that doesnt mean you can't pay your bill not only that they kept threatening my mother more than once and harassing her and i dont know what to do to protect my mother

overcharge and waiting for a refund

This was by far the worst experience I have ever had at any type of medical/dental facility... I was seen...

scheduling nightmare

Iv had 4 appts in the past month for me and my children. Always had to wait 2 to 3 hrs to be seen. Its ridiculous! It took me 4 hrs for my appt and it was just xrays and an exam. Then they quoted me almost twice as much as my second opinion did.
Its harder to wait 2 or 3 hrs when you have a nervois child with you too! Every time people i. The waitin room are uoset and or complaining about havi g to wait hrs for their app.

an assistant of the name of sabrina sticklin

Theres a rda at western dental napa ca. That's always high of marijuana when she works I been seeing her rolling her joints on her 10 min breaks and on her lunch hour. After lunch she's high and assisting she smell like weed. This is a perfessional work place not a cannibas work place. I'm very concern about the patients and kids there i've seen her assisting with kids

refund money and terrible customer service!

I am a current patient at Unique Orthodontics and was referred to Western Dental for some services concerning...

dentures don't fit right

The process began about two months back, cannot find the exact date of the first appointments but should have known then I would have difficulty. Limited with Denti-Cal. The first time I was scheduled for a denture repair, no technician and by that time I was hungry, distressed and tired. I lost my temper for the poor handling. We got them fixed finally. The suggestion was to replace them. Denti-cal will cover it. I said fine, informed them that my mouth was small and the dentures needed to be made accordingly.

They are too large, no room in my mouth for food to chew. The edges gouge into my mouth and irritate my gums severely, they do not fit my gums. I cannot talk without them falling out of my mouth.

Dr. Nguyen spent five minutes yelling at me. I was wrong, he was right. That to take the sides down would reduce the surface area of the dentures, finally he did reduce them slightly. The bottom ones still gouge into the back of my mouth and the lower areas, under my tongue and the front of my gums. Dr. Nguyen began the session by yelling at me after I said they don't fit, without listening to the problems. The other comment I remember during his rant is that my gums would grow into the new dentures. I found no research to back that. Rather my gums will continue to shrink, especially with loose fitting dentures. Because of my disorder there is not much else I remember of what he said. The nurse just stood there looking at the floor and did nothing.

I have chronic post traumatic stress disorder, being in a dentist office causes me severe anxiety and distress. No one wanted to know that. Dr Nguyen would not listen. I did yell back, by that time I was in tears and embarrassed, humiliated. I left. I will not return.

I need the dentures adjusted to fit my mouth. I have tried to eat, wear them, but I cannot. I know I have to adjust to a new pair, I get that, just as I had to adjust to the first ones. The dentist I saw 20+ years ago took great care in educating me in this process. I did my homework, I know a hard lining can be put in that will help adjust them to my mouth. Even a soft lining can be used for a short time. Dr. Nguyen refused.

The first dentist I saw there passed me to Dr. Nguyen because he did not want to deal with a difficult patient. Had I been listened to, rather than ignored, I would not have been distressed and "difficult."

I was told not to expect them to fit like my old ones. That I could not expect to have these new ones fit like them. I get that. But I do expect to have them adjusted to fit my mouth.

I do not do well with being yelled at, no more than I do when I am hungry and have to take time out of work, for which I do not get paid, to be told that I cannot be helped. I apologized for my outburst and did my best to make it right.

I was told not to go to Western Dental, that they have a poor reputation for this type of treatment for the patients, that their services are poor. I did more homework after the fact, I found no complimentary reviews that convinced me that I made the right choice.

I want my dentures adjusted to fit my mouth. Denti-cal paid for them, but I pay my taxes, so I am not a charity. I believe those of us on government services deserve the best treatment available. Yet I am finding that to be a mis-led belief.

poor customer service and prompt appointment managing

On DECEMBER 3, 2016 my daughter Candilynn Satterwhite had an 8:00am appointment we arrived at 7:55am we were the first to check in. Other 8:00 appointments arrived after us signed in after us but was called before we were she did not get called until 8:48 I asked the receptionist why was everybody being called before my daughter who was here first she stated they also had 8:00 appointments. But they were late and once again my daughter was the first person here and signed in. I feel they were being racist because all the patients were Hispanic and Caucasian. This is very rude and unacceptable. How can you book more than one patient for the same time appointments?