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Where is the justice?

we are flying for 3 hours over the pacific going to hawaii.Flight turns around due to a military NO FLY zone.Get back to vancouver and our 16 month old is spent.We decide to not take the next flight out.(being promised that we can fly out next time at the same price).Now all we get is 2 x $ 300 credit for the next 12 months.(my wife and i).Am i being too petty for asking a flight back to hawaii for the same price????


  • Updated by Rupa Bangera · Sep 12, 2018

    We notified them within 10 mins of leaving the plane but no action was taken.


  • Mu
    Muk777 Aug 16, 2018

    Flight attendant seems to be racist.
    I am Alaska gold and United Silver member
    Never seen this kind of air hostess
    Pessanger sitting in the last seat dose not allow them to misbehave.
    I could not catch the name of that skinny airhostess
    But she needs to learn.
    Problem is that I have to travel on this airline and I don't know what to do.

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  • Tr
    Trevor Neeson Aug 20, 2018

    I was 7 min late for my check in.. 7 min. The plan everyone is still here on the ground. And you guys made me wait to take the next flight out. So pissed off with your stupid rules. 7 min late and you delayed me over 4 hours..

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  • Ma
    Maheboob Sep 11, 2018

    I would like to complain that with plus seat u donot have any vegeterian items like sandwiches. Always turkey and pork. People travel some are vegeterian
    Please look into it as it is dissapointing

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  • Ru
    Rupa Bangera Sep 18, 2018

    a black iphone 7 with a colorful marble case was lost on september 4th 2018. we have made multiple complaints as we are certain that it was left on the plane but no one has reached out yet.

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  • Va
    Valentine McGowan Oct 16, 2018

    We purchased tickets, confirmed that we could get visas at the Vietnamese airport and they triple checked while getting our tickets. As we get to the gates they won't let us through because of the visa issues and the people were exceptionally rude. No one would help us or give them their names or let us speak with managers. This company is a joke.

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  • Na
    Nancy VA Thompson Oct 22, 2018

    This is not a complaint- it's a compliment! I was on the flight WS 25 from London to St. John's on July 4th. Perry was our attendant and he was fabulous- so friendly and helpful! Just wanted to let you know he was the best flight attendant ever!!! He should train people!

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  • Do
    Don Newton Nov 12, 2018

    On mar 1 our flight from Saskatoon to Calgary was cancelled for my wife & I because a to smalll of plane was sent . We had checked in prior to coming to airport. Bigger problem is we missed our connection to Houston for a conference & arrived later in day . Our transportation from airport to hotel we arranged had to be changed also

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