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It's brutal trying to call into West Jet. I called in yesterday and a recording warned to be prepared for a 2 to 3 hour wait. Gave up after 30 mins. Called today. Waited 45 minutes. CSR told me it was due to their new system...same thing my wife was told late Oct when she waited on hold for 2 hours to cancel a flight. This is horrible customer service. Doesn't bode very well for your slogan: "Because Owners Care".
Can we get new owners, please...or, I'm flying with your competitors.


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    isbad99 Dec 21, 2009

    Hi Guys:

    Direct private phone lines to:

    Top Customer Service Manager; Paul (403) 444-2693
    VP, Sales and Marketing: Bob Cumming (403) 444-2343, Cell (403) 837-0463
    Corporate Security Manager: Jeff Pilmmer (403) 444-6051, Cell (403) 918-7466

    Call them; I did and was able to get my problem fixed in 48 hours and they gave me a 250$ credit. Call the Security person first and both others, leave them a message explaining your issue and your strong dissapointment with WestJet custumer service and expect a call back.

    Good luck !

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