Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companynew hire: ford road, canton/michigan

H Sep 15, 2018

To whom It May Concern: Are you going to interview or hire a mentally sick/disorder woman? Her name is Farzana Azeem, she has a long history of mental disorder, domestic violence, cops has been called to her home for so many times, and recently she got fired from Banyan Montessori (6215 N Canton Center Rd #305, Canton, MI [protected]) and Achieve Charter School, canton-YMCA (248 S. Union Street, Plymouth, MI [protected]-2904didn't offer her job either.

Her husband is an Engineer and works for a big company in Van Buren Township. They own one home in upstate NY in Niskayuna and one is here in Canton. They are well established, they don't need this job. What I know is, her husband wanted a house wife, that's was the reason he got married the woman like her and he didn't even know her mental conditions, of-course she and her parents lied to him too so he can marry her, now he got two kids and can't divorce her because of the kids.
She used to work in Niskayuna ymca, she has been terminated from there once they found out her mental issue and Police (Niskayuna Police) got called in her Niskayuna residence many times. Cops (Canton Police) got called here in the new home too. Her husband should divorce her; I think he doesn't do it due to their children.

Couple of times she left home and took her children to Ann Arbor Shelter (SafeHouse Center, Clark road, Ann Arbor) Home and stayed there for many weeks, due to domestic violence. What I found here due to her mental issue is, she just left while her husband at work. She did twice same way, and now she doesn't drive, even though they got two cars, I think, her husband doesn't want her to drive due to her mental instability. I'm sure, she doesn't drive to see you.

She and her husband have been leaving in Canton more than four years; she is unqualified for any job. She should go to a mental hospital and get cured there. May be there is no cure of her; just keep her away from the community's business.

In 2017, she wants to work with Achieve Charter School, canton-YMCA (248 S. Union Street, Plymouth, MI [protected]

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