Wendy'sfood quality gone downhill!!!


My kids and I have always enjoyed Wendy's in the past, but eat out very rarely. We hadn't been to Wendy's in about 6 months. We were shocked yesterday when my son ordered a baconator which was tiny and nothing on it but 2 tiny thin slices of bacon he had to open the bun and hunt for. I ordered a double cheeseburger and it was the size of a white castle burger. What is the deal? I ordered an iced tea and they fill the cup to the TOP with ice...add a little iced tea til the ice goes down...and SHOVEL more ice on TOP...is there ANY iced tea in that damn cup? I was so disappointed. I know money is tight these days but it isn't fair to cheat customers.


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    carlos Sep 19, 2008

    The reason they fill the cup with ice is because the tea is made fresh and tea that is made fresh is brewed with hot water. When the hot tea hits the ice, it simply adds more water to the tea which is what tea is made out of anyway. Relax...Enjoy the day for crying out loud!

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    WendysManager08 Jan 15, 2009

    Ok, The Iced Tea is brewed hot so we put all that Ice in it so it is ICED Tea. Second They gave you a Jr. Bacon not the baconator and a double stack not the double cheeseburger both of which are 99 cents. Despite the fact your order was screwed up, the baconator and the double cheeseburger are both 1/2 pound burgers..

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