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product bait-n-switch

Wendy's has been advertising their "new" spicy Asian chicken. The commercials and print ads show big chunks of chicken, glistening with a nice coating of some special sauce overflowing a black plastic tray. What you get is nothing even close to this. Basically, what you get are Wendy's chicken nuggets, arranged in a plastic tray, and drizzled with sauce. The chicken does not look anything like what they advertise. In fact, what it looks like is someone took their chicken nuggets (that they sell for far less money) tossed them in a tray and poured some sauce on them. The chicken is not "coated" in the sauce. It is floating in the sauce. It is not thick, juicy, boneless chicken wing pieces (as they told me it was supposed to be when I called). Its pressed, breaded, nasty chicken that has been warmed up and tossed on a tray. Its a rip off! A BIG BIG RIP OFF.
I've visited three Wendy's in two different cities just to confirm that this wasn't an isolated incident of someone not knowing what they were doing. All three experiences were identical and, in one case, an employee actually argued with me that the pathetic looking food on my tray looked just like the chicken on the poster plastered on the wall next to the cash register. Another customer overheard our discussion and CHANGED HIS ORDER as a result. He thanked me and told me that he thought the "new" chicken was a joke as well.

  • Da
    Dave Thomas fan Jul 25, 2009

    It tastes good because I was super hungry, but it DOES NOT look like the advertisement. It was some chicken nuggets FLOATING in some Asian ripoff sauce. I only ate and continued to eat WENDY'S, because I love DAVE THOMAS and his commercials...but he has died and it is no longer owned by the family...!!! Freakin ARBY's owns it! :-(

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  • Ra
    Ravenwing Aug 05, 2009

    Yes, the Asian chicken is a big rip-off. Nearly $4 for six dinky chicken nuggies. definitely not what I expected. They would be good if there were more of them for the price. Heck, it was about a dollars worth of chicken. how cheap.

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  • Br
    Bringbackasiancicken May 28, 2011

    The chicken was completely different than what their chicken nuggets are. Wish they would bring it back

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The majority of the managers that work at this particular Wendy's are rude, they harass there employee...

poor service &conduct

Wendy's has gotten worst every year. Poor service and unfair to their employees wrong. Managers stepping out of the place. I thought they were not allow to date their own employee. It's ok as long as they keep it out of the work place but in front of the employees and customers doing things that are not appropriate. I use to love going to wendy's but this wendy's located at harlem and higgins its just awful in every way you can think of.

  • La
    Lazypages Jan 12, 2012


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stay away!

I have not patronized the wendy's restaurant in my small town for at least 2-3 years, due to the snotty...

it's anything but premium.

$4.00 for a tiny, tasteless fish sandwich? Yikes! I had high hopes when ordering Wendy's highly...

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short changed at the drive through.

Mid-afternoon (1:45 pm) hunger pangs led me to the Wendy's drivethrough where I ordered a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger at a cost of $1.06. I paid with a $10 bill, a dime, and a penny-- meaning I should have received $9.05 change. What I got was a $5 bill, three $1 bills, a nickel, and $1.00 coupon. What made me angry enough to post was that one of the singles I got in change was folded in half, so that when handed to me fanned out it looked like I was getting a $5 and four $1's.

I supsect the $1 coupon I received was either meant to diminish the chance that I'd turn around if I noticed the "gaffe" or to help the cashier balance their register at shift's end. I like Wendy's food, but this wasn't the first bad experience I've had and I intend to deny them the opportunity to do it to me again.

treating employees unfairly

I am a current wendys employee and I believe that some of our employees are being treated unfairly... First...

176 comments Perry Hall Employees

miller hill mall area location sucks

they ignored us in dt when we tried to order, the workers kept on chatting away while we tried to get their...

food service

My fiance and I went to Wend'y February 19 on our way to pay bills. We placed an order for 2 spicy chicken sandwiches, no tomatoe on one and extra mayo on both! We left the drive thru and made our way to pay bills. When we sat down to eat, all we found were the buns with chicken and some mayo. At the time of purchase, there were no other vehicles in the drive thru. it was not a hectic time of day. While making the order, everything came up on the screen exactly how I had asked for it. SO my complaint is why is it so hard to read a ticket? I have worked in a restaurant. I understand the whole food process of taking the orders and filling them. So how is it that one person can take the order perfectly while others neglect the small details. I'm paying Wendy's to get what I want. They didn't give me any money to eat their food! It was way to late to do anything about it because by the time we got home, I was not driving all the way back across town, now in rush hour to get it fixed. It seems like everytime we stop at Wendy's i am very disappointed with their service, whether it's the food is put together poorly or it's a wrong order. For example, one morning on my way to work, I stopped to grab some breakfast. I absolutely cannot stand sausage, so I ordered bacon. I got all the way to work and guess what!!! There was nothing but a piece of sausage! This is rediculous! And something should be done about it! Why bother spending the money when everything there is so expensive to begin with, if I'm not getting what I want or how I want it?

  • La
    Lazypages Jan 12, 2012

    Their might be new workers their if your orders are wrong but it this happen continuously that means that the cooks didn't use grill tickets; grill ticket are ticket that show special orders to the cook; and the person sending the order through drive through didn't care too look if it was right. so next time when you order something just take 10 seconds just too look inside the food if its right.

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lousy expensive sandwidh

Saw the ad on tv for your new fish sandwich. A co-worker and I got one today at $3.69 each. It was lousy. Neither one of us will get it again and with Lent next week, you could have made some money. Another co-worker and her husband got it, too, and thought it was terrible. That's 4 people who will spend their lunch money during lent somewhere else.
Gayle Telegdy and co-workers

  • Ru
    Rus15 Feb 20, 2009

    Wow I can't believe $3.69 Is even worth writing a bad comment. I haven't had the sandwich and if I did and it sucked I throw it away. I suggest you order a salad.

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  • Co
    Conner Peterson Feb 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Us too. My fiancee and I in Columbus and my Mother and father in Zanesville. Both were equally appalling. They had a tinny-metallic aftertaste that was sickening. Manger didn't care so we trashed em and went on.

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  • Po
    PowderKeg Feb 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just watched the fish sandwich commercial on TV. They never say the fish is good. They do say the fish is North Pacific Cod. They will only have it for a limited time.

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  • Ki
    Kim Mar 20, 2009

    I just bought the fish sandwich and found something that looked like a worm in it! I highly recommend NOT to purchase this sandwich.

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  • Ph
    Photographer70 Jul 11, 2012

    Just got a fish sandwich in Everett Wa and it had a worm in it.

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playing favorites

I've worked at wendys for eight years and have had problems with managers not doing the reviews on time, paying other employees who know less and do less more than the ones who do and know more. I was told that i needed to work more i now work five days a week and still make less than other people. I am currently making close to minimum wage while every one else is making over that amount. My review for my raise was due August 10 of last year and i haven't gotten a review or a raise. I understand that this is a fast food place but that doesnt mean that employees should be treated like this. I strongly believe that people shoild be judged on their working abilities and not on wether they are the managers favorite. Please try to correct this matter. Eight years is a long time for this to go unchanged. Thank you for time.

  • wahyufelix Mar 02, 2011

    gue memang gga bisa membuat batu menjadi patung & gue juga gga bisa membuat kayu menjadi lemari tapi yang gue bisa hanyalah membuat
    lloe tersenyum di saat lloe sedang sedih:)
    gue punya mutiara nech buat lloe_
    anak cicak sedang mencari makan
    bersembunyi di balik papan
    orang bijak pastinya mamikiran
    hari nech & masa depan<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :)


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terrible food and service

This has to be the worst Wendy's I have ever been too. The issues I have had with this location is not...

dirty and diseased as now my family and I are vomiting, diarrhea

We stopped at Wendy's Hammonton, NJ on our way home from visiting family on 2/7/08 at 8 p.m. The...

no receipt

i was at wendy's on 2/6/09 around 9:30pm. i order my food and got it but they didn't give me the...

raw chicken

Last night my fiancee and I went to Wendy's for some (not so fast) fast food. We both ordered Spicy...


Service was slow and grudging. Tthe 'single' burger was dry, with grease visibly congealed. Frie...

Resolved manager

i work for this wendys and my boss linda is always being rude to me and she also made the comment that she...

Resolved bad suppervirsor attitude, bad service

it was 12/7/08 at 12;27 am, in wendy's restaurant at Azle, Texas store#4022. / bus#[protected] I had...

severe food poisoning

Purchased a value meal around 6:00 in the evening. I ate chicken chunks and french fries, but they...

10 comments Springfield Food

awful place

I have had many bad experiences with this company in the past few years. I live very close to this particular...