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horrible customer service and missing food

Today on January 16th 2018
At aprox 4 pm I visited the Wendy's establishment on 697 nw 37th Ave Miami fl 33125 I made a transaction for $11.75 with my card ending in 7310 my order wAs a 4 for 4 a small fries and two spicy chickens now the issues that occurred are as following I was not given a recipept, the apparent "manager" treated me really bad and refused to use the bogo spicy chicken coupon on the Wendy's app saying that it needed to be printed out when on the app it clearly said just to show the code to the cashier not that it needed to be printed out after he spoke with his "boss" he accepted the coupon but once arriving at home I realized they didn't give me the order of small fries and they charged me for it because I did the math that $4 from the 4 for 4 plus the 4.79 for the spicy chicken sandwich which is all that I had received is 8.79 multiplied by 7% sales tax brings it to a grand total of $9.40 but I was charged $11.75. To whom shall read this thank you for time an help

very disrespectful employee

I went to the Wendy's in oak Grove ky 42262 today and this little blond girl was working at the windows she was very disrespectful high off drugs messed my whole oder up when I called to complain she told me to [censor] off so I called the hotline but haven't got a call back from them neither her name was Alyssa never will return to such bad and disrespectful customer service again I mean she was on drugs and really shouldn't be serving any customers under those conditions

Raw Burger

I purchase food on 1-12 2018 at the Wendy's at 147 Bloomfield Avenue in Newark New Jersey store restaurant...


incorrect product

I used the Wendy's drive-thru on Marlton Pike in Pennsauken Township New Jersey. It was about 4:40 in the afternoon and I ordered a Baconator meal with a green tea as well as a double stack without onions. I got down the road to my school and proceeded to eat my dinner only to find out that I did not have a Baconator but instead Dave's Famous double. Not only is the pricing correct but I don't like lettuce tomato or onions on my burger either and I would have preferred my bacon. Unfortunately unless I wanted to be late to school there was no way for me to turn around and go back and complain. I tried to call the store directly to speak to a manager on duty but after 3 attempts and nobody answering I decided to look up a way to complain and found this website. My name is Thomas Jordan my telephone number is [protected]. My email address is [protected]@gmail.com. I am not happy with the service I received today at this drive-thru though usually 2 to 3 days a week I am quite satisfied at this location.

food & customer service

24845 Ryan Rd
Warren, MI 48091
On Dec 19, 17 ordered 2 (4) Jr Bacon CB (2) Chicken Tenders (2) Ice Tea (2) Fries.
Got home, food was ice cold, tenders tasted bitter as if bad or freezer burn & no sauces.
Spoke to Avery at 439pm, told me no problem. Ask for her or Jimmy.
Went back on Jan 10, 18 @ 440pm.
Jimmy had no idea, never written down. They called Avery, she doesn't remember. 10 minutes later, I walked out. Nobody has a clue what they are doing there.
I would appreciate a gift card for the amount I did spend, didn't eat and threw away. I well not go back to that store, I'm sure there is another that will appreciate my, business.
This is not the first problem at this store. No receipt, overcharge, cold food, old fries.

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weekday post midnight delivery/maintenance noise in neighborhood

I live four properties away from this said Wendy's at the corner of 145th Street and Hawthorne Blvd in the city of Lawndale, Ca. I have lived st the same address for about eight years now. Over the course of eight years we (neighbors), have endured loud drive-thru speaker sound, post midnight deliveries (drivers slamming ramps and hand trucks, loud music from trucks, etc), and morning "Wendy's" garbage strewn about the street. A few neighbors and me have been talking about making a formal complaint to the City of Lawndale regarding the above issues. We have been tolerant of these issues because we've grown fond of our neighborhood Wendy's, myself and family eating there once, twice a week.
This morning at about 2:31 am we were awoken by the loudest vacuum hooked up to an outside rig? Noise. Loud!! Noise increasing with higher motor rpm increase as I can only guess.
I went outside and a few of my neighbors were already outside. Upset like me since we get up early for work (myself, 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep). We didn't want to approach however was causing this loud noise as to avoid a conflict, but a few of us were p...d!
We decided to calling the Sheriff's office but by the time we went back in the noise was dying off so we didn't . Lasted about a good half hour.
Again, love Wendy's, the food, family values and philanthropy behind the organization.
Just some respect toward neighbors (customers), communication to vendors/contractors about after hours noise and common sense.
Hope this can be investigated and resolved without further community action. Thank you for your time.
Have a great day.

wendy’s mansfield ma wait time

I tried running through the Wendy's drive through on a slow Sunday night, the parking lot was fairly empty...

lady at the window

1/4/18. 3:30 p.m. I waited 9 mins just for my order to be taking at the Wendy's on Simpsonferry Rd, Camp hill, Pa. At the window, the lady tells me my card is expired. I show her the expiration date is 12/2025. And ask for her to try again. Then she tells me, my card doesn't exist! Wow! Needless to say, i left with my family and went up the street to Burger King. Paid with the same card and did not have an issuse at all. Wendy's will NEVER get any business from me again. That was just ridiculous!

lady at the window

1/4/18. 3:30 p.m. I waited 9 mins just for my order to be taking at the Wendy's on Simpsonferry Rd, Camp hill, Pa. At the window, the lady tells me my card is expired. I show her the expiration date is 12/2025. And ask for her to try again. Then she tells me, my card doesn't exist! Wow! Needless to say, i left with my family and went up the street to Burger King. Paid with the same card and did not have an issuse at all. Wendy's will NEVER get any business from me again. That was just ridiculous!

whomever I was speaking with on the phone

I have put in a application a month ago so I called to check on the status of my application, because every time I call there is a excuse as to why I cant speak with the hiring manager. I said "hey is your hiring manager in". She then responded "no", I then asked "do you know when she'll be there". She said "look I dont know" I told her that she was rude and very unprofessional. She said "haha thats why you not working here now" and hung up.! I called back and asked to speak with the manager she then said "I am the manager little girl".

1 burger

My expience to a Wendy's in Salem, Va on 12/23/17.
My husband & I stopped there our way to spend Christmas with my daughter & some family members SC.
I ordered 1 very simple burger with Just ketchup on it. When I was eating it, I thought it wasn't very good, but I thought it was the ketchup. It was very thin & watery. Anyway; we continued our trip & by the time I arrived until We left 5 days later. I was so ill!! I had gotten food poisoning from your shops burger. I had a soda & fries to go with my burger but couldn't eat them. I mean to tell you I was sick for two to three days is an understatement!!
I had never in my life had things coming from both ends before. This went on for a total of 3-4 days, I totally missed Christmas with my family from SC. I. did Not get to spend any time with my daughter on that trip. I hadn't finished shopping for anyone there because I was to sick to get my head off the pillow!! I am telling you all this because, I would not wish what I went through on anyone! If you need to do a clean sweep of that restaurant, do it! NO ONE should ever go through what I did..

17 Hilltop Ln
Neville, Pa. 17241

fries, chicken sandwich, jr burger, bad experience

I ordered 2 value fries, 6 chicken patty sandwiches with 2 adding tomatoes and 3 Jr cheeseburgers with 1 mayo lett and tomatoe only.. I was told by manager Jesus at the College Station Wendy's to pull around cause they are dropping "fresh". While waiting 20/25min our food finally was done.. I received cold, hard as rocks fries, all 3 burgers were all the way (which was wrong) and cold... there was no tomatoes on the 2 chicken patty sandwiches.. my husband went in 2 times to try to get things fixed and we received new chicken patty sandwiches with which the bun was HARD.. they did give us fresh fries though. I love Wendy's but my experience with them tonight was absolutely bad.. not happy at all.. I can be emailed at [protected]@yahoo.com

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    pobarjenkins Dec 31, 2017

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customer service

(10195 34th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6J8, Canada) I work close by so I often go here for my supper. The people are nice and the food is great. Unfortunately, today when I went, the door was locked and there was a sign on the door saying "Due to extreme cold, our dining room will be closed at 8pm. Come visit us at the window, Thanks"
This seems very counter to any logical response to extreme cold. I didn't bother checking if they would even serve me (a pedestrian) at the drive-thru window as it would still mean waiting out in the -31°C (-41° with wind chill) weather. I am furious and still cold because of this.
If I could get a free meal for my trouble I would much appreciate it.

customer service
customer service


food complaint

I ordered 2 cheese burger deluxes, one order of medium fries, one large fries, an order of chilli and a small drink.

I was so hungry, that I just took a bite without even realizing the fact that after that bite, how hard it was. The cheese burger buns were so hard and stale, that when I pinched at it, it crumbled. When I flicked at it, it sounded hollow. The order of large fries was filled to less than half the box of fries and the fries tasted old and stale.

food complaint


the employees at the store in lone oak

Lexy in the window was rude & has been on multiple occasions as well as the other two dark haired girls who work nights one has black hair the other dark burgundy hair. Ive been displeased with all of their service numerous times lexy came & sprayed table cleaner, some yellow chemical in a spray bottle on the tables right next to the ones me & my 1 year old son we're eating at one morning it was so strong we had to leave. Then the other two girls have absolutely no customer service. Snatchin money out of my hand & mouthin on the head set when the drive thru window closes & even more importantly when I pull up to the speaker at any fast food restaurant I should hear welcome to wherever, what can I get you? Or welcome to whatever, can I take you order? Instead on more accounts than I can even remember the dark hair girls say can I help you? Well yeah you can bc its your job itd be different if they were busy maybe id understand the rudeness but I rarely ever come to wendys when yall are busy & whats even more [censor] is the fact I live so close this is whats most convenient for me & my son to eat but comin back again & again to this awful customer service is ridiculous its uncalled for & unprofessional

quality of food

Purchased 4 for $4, with a Jr bacon cheeseburger (upgraded to large), small chilli, and additional Jr bacon. Usually have no problem finishing all of it, but this time was different.
Buns were rock hard, everything seemed stale or maybe sat out under a heat lamp for too long. There was literally what seemed like bacon bits on one of the sandwiches, honestly thought someone had a bad day and took it out on the food?? :P
Even the fries were stale:( The chilli was the only thing I was able to somewhat enjoy. Recorded a video of me smacking the buns with a spoon, and it sounded like a rock. For some reason, it won't allow me to upload the video.

quality of food


lack of customer service

We were excited to have chili and fries inside as it was cold out and there was only one car in the lot.once inside we were not greeted by anyone, instead the lady leaving her shift for the day looked at us then back her register and started talkin loudly to a manager about how it wouldn't let her clock out.the manager came over glanced at us, and then back at her failing to acknowledge us either.after a few minutes of their quarreling about the clock out system the manager briefly looked at us and said she will be with u shortly, and then he walked away.after another minute the original girl trying to leave smiled at us and said she will be with you soon cause the only one that can help you is the one signed in as she has to use her fingerprint to sign on.she then walked away.we stood in line for another minute as ppl in the back and drive thru laughed and joked. We then decided this was by far some of the worst customer service we have seen in a long while and decided to spend our money somewhere else.i am a retail store manager and I would not tolerate such blatant disregard to any customer that walked through my business.

the service

I pulled up to the wendy's In Ferndale on Woodward, which looked open, all their lights on and people in the drive through. The first words on the intercom were muffled and i could not hear. Then i waited a couple minutes and when nothing else was said, i said, okay I'm ready to order. Then the reply was harsh and rude "WE'RE CLOSED" and that's all she said. No apology just a rude response.


I came in Wendys on a Friday and a young lady by the name of mia she was very rude and talk to me with a nasty attitude I do not appreciate the way I was treated if you a manager act like one she was just very rude talk to workers very bad I just did not like the way she was acting to the customer her attitude stinks and she is very disrespectful and I was just letting y'all know somebody needs to talk to her about her rudeness and everything it just was not right how she treats people

  • Updated by Amber 1993 · Dec 16, 2017

    ThAnk y'all


I don't regularly eat fast food but when I do I do choose Wendys. I will have to think twice about going there again after tonight. Got to the drive-through ordered the number of the meal I wanted before I pulled up to the window to pay, the food was already. I was on my way as I got home I realized the bag was double bags and there was no receipt. opened my sandwich up upon realizing my fries were probably yesterday's is they were so freaking cold. And my sandwich has lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, this should not even come nearer the sandwich that I ordered which was the baconator. I've been in the restaurant business most of my working life and I'm appalled that your employees thought that it was OK to serve somebody that food. It looks like they messed up an order previously and just doubled bagged it and handed it to me. This isn't the 1st time I've had problems with Wendys but it will be the last. I'd like to know if the cashier just pocketed my money and handed me a screwed up order from earlier.

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