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Complaints & Reviews

they make it so you pay a late fee each month

I got a loan for some furniture through Raymour and Flanigan in August. They use the giant WFF as their...

took money of my bank account without authorization

Yesterday i learn that wells fargo took money out of acct. Today still don't have my money back plus with all the aggravation, fax, still they want my bank statement for them to return my moneys. I feel like i have been abuse just in a different way: "financially" and abuse again "today". I need to know what i can do? Of course because i have to work my time is limited. At the moment my bank acct is frozen and i had to try to resolve the best for me. With no results. I am going to take it to the policy and make a report. They robe me i feel wells fargo robe me!

  • Da
    Darryl F Mar 20, 2014

    Wells Fargo is horrible they took $2658.75 out of my checking account with my authorization and when I called I was told that because my student loan was in default they had the right to do this, even though I was still making 80 percent of my student loan payments, I received no communication from them until after I stated making calls, they basically laughed in my face and told me that I wasn't getting the money back and the only way I could square away my loan was to pay them 700 dollars a month which would total up to over $25, 000 dollars or they would settle my debt for a lump sum of $16, 687.95. I was laid off from work for months got a job paying less money and I have called them and explained this to them over the phone and in writing.they don't care about anyone.
    The way to hurt wells Fargo is to stop doing business with them

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  • Ju
    Juan Reynoso Oct 15, 2016

    By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist – www.represent.us
    [email protected]

    We got the power to get Wells Fargo out of business.

    Wells Fargo already lost a multi-million-dollar customer last week. Now, the bank can expect to lose a few more. We the people are fed-up with White collar corruption and zero prosecutions.
    The evidence of fraud and corruption in Wells Fargo operation is huge; this financial institution should be ban from doing business in America. Our trust on the Banks and all the financial institutions in our country cannot be demised by corruption that our government is incapable to prosecute, John Stumpf and the people that is in control of the Wells Fargo Bank operations, from CEOS to the managers that are part of this fraud and corruption should be prosecute and send to jail; it is time to deal with white crime and corporate corruption. No Bank in this country should be given Carte Blanche to defraud the people of this country with impunity and be immune from prosecution. In the case of Wells Fargo, It is clear that John Stumpf will not be prosecuted and the people will not get justice, because our government is incapable and unwilling to get justice for the American people. Corporate criminals are rewarded with millions of Dollars and nothing is done to punish neither the criminals nor the institution.
    Fellow Americans, we have the power to get justice. I closed all my accounts with Wells Fargo in San Antonio Texas and I call for every Business and customers of Wells Fargo to close their account with this corrupt Banking and financial corporation and send a message to all the corporate criminals that we the people will get our justice by destroying their business if they continue their corrupt and exploitation practice in our country; It is our duty as Americans to stand united in solidarity to get justice for the people of this country.
    Close your Account with Wells Fargo and deposit your money with your State Bank or credit unions, Transnational Banks is given the power from our government to use our money and exploit us to get rich and powerful at our expenses.
    For instance, Wells Fargo (WFC) is sitting on more than $17 billion in loans to the oil and gas sector. The bank is setting aside $1.2 billion in reserves to cover losses because of the "continued deterioration within the energy sector." Wells Fargo executives said Wednesday that the bank’s profitability is still better than peers. The firm reported its net interest margin, a measure of how profitably it can lend out its customers’ deposits, fell to 2.96% from 2.97% at the end of June and 3.06% in the third quarter a year ago. That margin has been challenged by the Federal Reserve’s policy of keeping interest rates low, a policy that Wells Fargo executives said would continue for longer than the industry had previously expected.
    Wells Fargo Consumer Complaints and Reviews.
    Wells Fargo mortgage fraud
    Stop Banks corruption and foreclosures frauds

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paid a check not authorized!

On 1/8/6 the bank wellsfargo paid a ck 1032 per $900 dollars. When i had a stop payment since 7/19/06 so the expiration of the 6 months stop payment expired on 1/19/6. So they pay the ck before the expiration date ends. I opened an investigation & they never contact to me i did 3 times new investigation until now they don't answer me. When they paid that ck i received alot charges of my credits because that amount wasn't on my account so i want they pay me back the $900 dollars plus all the charges course this negligence of the wellsfargo bank. All went $2,900.00 dollars. Can someone help me?

illegal business practices!

I want to know who i can talk to about this situation i had got a mortgage loan from wells fargo the end of last year to purchase another home and pay off bills. Well i had went to a manager name Michelle at first she was nice to me and my spouse we talk about how she was going to write the checks it never came out that way never notified me about the change she was talking to my dad somebody that was not on the loan she was mad cause i didn't want to pay for stuff that she wanted me to pay for how i found out about these checks is when i picked them up they were not the way i wanted them i went to different wells fargo managers they told me that she has to put them the way i wanted them i went back she was rude said she was going to rip it up and no i am not going to change it i asked her why wasn't i notified about the change she couldn't give me an answer so now im stuck with a 52,000.00 check thats expired now and im making my on time payments to a check i am stuck with all i want is for that check to be in my motherinlaws name the way it was suppose to be i blended her that money. Advise smb!

  • Ju
    Judie Rev Joseph Davis Sep 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo has not hired the right people in their company to handled business. They don't know how to talk to people they contact about business matters without getting rude and irritated with the customer. When you try to explain they don't want to listen, its their way or no way. I tried to stay calm but they always want to talk like somebody is stupid or ignorant and that makes me mad. My son-in-law has a truck financed with them(I only co-signed for him). If he is late or behind they don't call him they call me, because someone at their office messed up the paperwork. They have my number on automatic speed dial and not his, I get sometimes three calls in one hour from them and calls seven days a week. When you try to call back on the weekend you can't get anyone but they can call you all day. I have informed my son-in-law, and he hasn't received not one phone call from them. When I asked the person to call him she tells me she (Christine) can't because the phone number is own automatic speed dial. What can a person do about this situation? Wells Fargo Don't Care About You Nor Their Employees. Most of them don't even know how to do business with people yet the company hires them anyway. My husband and I are nearly 60 years old and know how important credit is but to have some young person trying to educate us on credit, the ENTIRE WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL FAMILY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO BUSINESS INTELLIGENTLY. MAYBE GET THE BOOK ON, "BUSINESS FOR DUMMY'S". Last point, my congregation will be told not to do business with WELLS FARGO (Mortgage/Auto/Anykind Loans).

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  • Ju
    Justin B Nov 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As a former Wells Fargo Financial Employee I can tell you that the checks for additional funds over what is being paid to the creditors can only be Payable To the people on the loan. If the check is now expired you should be able to provide proof of that to the Local WFF office where you did your loan, and they can issue you a new one very easily (The check re-write may need to be approved by higher level people than just the Branch Manager, possibly District Manager). Once the check is re-written in your name, just deposit it in you bank account, wait for it to clear, then write a personal check to your mother-in-law. A check can only be made out to a legit creditor on your credit report... That is the way the system is set up. If you would like to direct the funds any way else then you must do it the way I told you. I hope this helps as it's been a while since you-ve posted this complaint.

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  • Dr
    Drew Apr 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is my first blog post ever...but I wanted to agree with all the people on here that think WFF is the worst! They are so aggressive with their fees, penalties and interest and the people in the collections department of the rudest people in the world. They are so nice when they want to loan you money, but if you miss a payment, or even worse...short them $30 on a payment by accident they hound you at all hours of the day with the most harrasing collection calls ever! I ablsolutly HATE WFF. Good thing I'm almost out of the woods with those lil suckers!

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liars and cruel to their customers

On january17th i went to the bank to withdrawal some money from my account and come to find out the bank had closed my account without notifying me. However, i had over 60,000.00 in my account i was not allowed to withdrawal not even a dollar of my money. They, told me to call a 1 800 number to ask why cause the banker did not know why, so i called and they told me that i will be receiving a letter within 3 days stating that my account will be closed and i will receive a cashiers check for the balance that was in my account. Their reason was that there were 3 checks deposited into my account which happened to have bounced. Even though that was not my fault, the checks were from someone who owed me money .they said that the cashiers check will be ready within 10 business days. I asked if there is anyway that i could take some money out to last me 10 business days till i get my money and they said no,they didn't even care that i was their customer and even though it wasn't my fault they closed my account and charged my account fees for the bounced checks also leaving me broke for ten days as well as all my bills unpaid.

  • Ma
    mary Feb 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Serves you right for banking with wells fargo

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  • Ol
    oleo Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree Wells Fargo is cruel and has bad customer service. Recently I disputed unauthorized use of my credit card---after researching an authorized purchase and verifying that the information for the online transaction did not match the information on my card--they denied the claimed amount. It was for airline tickets. They told me to contact a lawyer.

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  • Co
    Controversy Jul 01, 2009

    I reside in Houston, Tx and I have been dealing with Wells Fargo since they took over First Interstate Bank in the 90's . I have had sooo many problems with them charging overdraft fee's and the money was in the account but what they will do is post the transactions, take it out of the current balance & then they will put it back in a pending status a day or two later so if anything else comes thru you will be over drawn.For example on June 29 my balance was $188 and I paid my light bill for $149.00 & that left $38 dollars in the account. My life insurance payment come out the next day of $21 and the $38 should have covered it right? Well they put the light bill amount back in a pending status on 7/1 & that caused my account to over draw, how is that ? Now they say my account is $40 overdrawn and that is without the two late fee's there going to add on! I now see why California has a law suite against Wells Fargo for over charging there customers with overdrafts fee's that they shouldn't be charged for. I also have my home loan through them too. They have all my business and yet they are still stealing from me. I have had enough and now will be going to Chase, at least I know when I make a deposit I can get some cash back too.

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Resolved do not do business with these crooks!

This company operates in a very unethical manner. They promised 0% interest rate in the first year. I asked if this included balance transfers they said yes.

I got the checks and paid my other credit card a/c and their check bounced. They said I did not have the right check, which THEY sent me. After paying with the replacement check I got the bill. My interest rate was 24%. They said they considered this a cash advance and that was the reason. I have a credit score above 800.
They said I had to have a clean six month record to lower the interest rate.
My payments starting becoming mysteriously late even though they were sent in on time so I tried paying them over the phone. One payment they said was not applied due to "clerical error." They said since it was not my fault I would not pay the late charge but sure enough it was on my next statement.
I tried using Western Union Quick Collect. I was assured they would credit me the day I sent in the payment. I did the wire on 12/10 and gave them the control number when they called on the 15th to say my payment was late. They said they never got it and I would have to track it myself.
They eventually said they got it on the 19th and could not adjust my account to show this or credit my late fee because it was not their fault.

This is after numerous other promises were made to me about lowering my interest rate etc. which were also never kept. Warning!!!! Do not do business with these crooks. Try a more reputable company and any company that repeatedly mails you offers is suspect. I will be paying off this bill with my next statement.

  • H8
    H8tbankingmafia Mar 25, 2010

    Wells Fargo is another corrupt banking institution!
    there business practices are fraudulent and misleading!
    they use software to manipulate there deposits to purposefully cause overdraft fees!

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do not ever deal with wells fargo!

My name is Beverly. My mother (81 years old) and father (83 years old) have a bank account with Wells Fargo. My mother became ill and my father needed a current balance for their attorney. Wells Fargo only sends a bank statement every other month, so we called and wrote letters requesting this information for weeks. My parents attorney did the same. We received no response. Today was the last day the attorney needed this information for Medicaid so I called. My father and I were on the phone asking for help for two hours and we never got a bank statement. We got transferred from one person to another. Some were very rude. Every other bank helped my father by faxing the current balance to the attorney, but for some reason no one at Wells Fargo would help us.

I am writing to let everyone know "Do not ever deal with Wells Fargo". I would not want you to go through what these people put my father through today.

help needed, wells fargo is messing my credit

Dear Fellow Helpers:

I need some legal aide help.I have been a loyal patron of Wells Fargo for over twenty five years.Recently I encountered a huge problem.It seems my account became "overdrawn." It did not show up on the receipts I got from my atm withdrawals.So I made purchases.I always made sure my atm withdrawals were in the positive.I transferred money from my savings always, to have a positive balance.

Recently, Wells Fargo within one month, charged me over $376.00.They told me I was overdrawn since July.Then I wrote an employee online.He wrote me a letter stating that I had no overdraft protection and they had a right to do as they please and one option included denying charges to the account.So,
they could have declined the transactions if there was no money in the account.They should have optioned for this, since legally, I did not give them permission to use my money if I was "overdrawn." Secondly, I have four other accounts, that had money enough, to cover any problem issue of this
kind.Thirdly, I had moved and they were told my new address.I hadn't received any bills, but I got my atm withdrawals and I had no negatives.

Now I am in collections and am receiving harrassing and threatening calls everyday.My credit is ruined.On another of my accounts, they charged me ten bucks extra each month, for having a lower balance.So since April, they have stolen $50 from one of my other accounts.Never before have I had a charge like that on any of my accounts.

I do not know who to turn to, to get some help.I know by now, I am gonna probably owe triple.But I refuse to pay this on principle.Is there someone online out there, that can tell me exactly what to do, to get this mediated, taken care of, and get my money out of there bank for good, and into a better bank-(which ever one might that be??)I just need a little guidance and support.

Thanks for listening,

  • Di
    Dinah Junek Feb 04, 2015

    Wells Fargo has also put me in collections because I had fraudulent activity going on with my account.I told them I got an attorney and he said yes the people were trying to take money out of my account on a daily basis. All that was owed on this account was fees from them trying to get money. The bank just told me there was nothing they could do about it. This was in 2012 and I'm just now receiving collection letters its 2015. I called them and they told me to call wells Fargo to claim the dispute again. So I did and being very polite to the gentleman he told me there was nothing he could do and hung up on me. Now what do I do? I called the collection agency and told them what happened, of course there is nothing they can do about it, but were very sorry how I was treated. Can any body help me with this situation any ideas? Its on my credit report for 7 years !!! Dinah

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poor service!

My account has been charged three times the correct amount for an overdraft thanks to a policy by Wachovia to...

Resolved what the hell?!

Please someone help me for it has been over a month and a half that Wellsfargo had held cash depositeds and...