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Complaints & Reviews

cerita battles of wells fargo is a liar

I have to defend myself and my family from all of the lies Cerita Battles of Wells Fargo is spreading about me and my family. Thanks to myself and other corporate executives Cerita Battles is in the position she is today. She contributes very little if anything to Wells Fargo. We even created a special segments position for her to make blacks visible in our organization and she goes around calling me and my husbank Brooks Bryant and my boys Hunter Bryant and Max Bryant white privilege. Everybody knows I got Max that job at Lennar home builders because I am who I am and have connections, but who cares?

Cerita Battles is a sham and thanks to Wells Fargo giving her a job with an phony title for which she isn't qualified she can pay for those expensive hair weaves which are fake looking.

Keep it up Cerita and you will be back on the Teller line at the branch where you came from. And also everyone knows you are trying to kick it with David Miree in TX, but he is not interested in you, he only likes women like me.

cerita battles of wells fargo is a liar
cerita battles of wells fargo is a liar
cerita battles of wells fargo is a liar

  • Li
    Liz Djokovich Bryant Son Bryant Feb 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So Cerita how many times are you going to attack our family? You have those expensive hair weaves thanks to my mom Liz Djokovich Bryant this is so crazy how dare you. Not my fault wells fargo customers dont pay their mortgage mostly black people i'm sure they dont pay they should be foreclosed. Borrow and pay teach your people that go preach about it in church, and dont blame others for being privileged when you get the most privileges than anyone else. my mom said you were after Greg Gwizdz and he rejected you and now you are angry, try again lady, this is Hunter Bryant


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homeowners insurance claim

published review 2/3/19
Warning ... to anyone who has or thinking about getting a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage or Equity Line of credit. Although WF requires you maintain a Homeowners Insurance Policy, if you are in need of filing an insurance claim, WF will keep your claim proceeds & refuse to respond to you. They have breached their very own claims protocol to which we had to hire attornies just to get our own insurance proceeds that we've already paid into. This process has lasted for over eight months. We have over five personal accounts & four business accounts with WF ... soon to be "had" ... Disgraceful & Inexcusable !!!

atm withdrawal fraud

I am a wellsfargo account holder. However, a few nights ago I was trying to withdraw cash with my another...

mortgage - foreclosure

I have sent the following to the WSJ, Ted Cruz, Pete Olson, Posted on their facebook page, and the board of...

debit card

Date of incident 1/28/19. I called in to the customer service line to tell them there was a charge on my...

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loan denial for mortgage completely wrong

Mortgage application denial for property 2251 ibis isle palm beach fl 33480 appraised by wells fargo at 1.8...

mortgage loans

Wells Fargo is for profit only. They do not care about their Mortgage Owners. I have a mortgage with them for...

customer service

If I could put zero stars I would have. Staff seem to be trained to make money for the bank instead of doing what is best for the customer. Customer service ranks about 3rd or 4th in their daily priorities. Customers are treated like they are an inconvenience. I went to branch to resolve my questions. I complained to another branch manager that Jo Lovato (Assistant Vice President) was ignoring numerous voicemails for 2 days about a time sensitive issue. He called me just before 5:00, I am sure prompted by other manger I had complained to. I told him I was unhappy with his treatment and that another banker had helped me. His response to me was "well you can just be unhappy" said goodbye and hung up on me. I am extremely disappointed with the Wells Fargo attitude of we come first and there is nothing you can do about it ! How do businesses like this stay in business?

complaining about my money that wasn't refunded

I recently had a account with Wells Fargo and disputed against fraudulent actions that were made because my...

home equity line of credit lender placed insurance

Good Morning:
On December 20, 2018, my husband and I attended a closing of our home at 8035 Tantallon Way Trinity Florida. At the closing, we were presented an estoppel letter for the payoff and close of our homeowner's loan. We agreed with the payoff figure of $96, 987.72, but were shocked to see a termination fee of $11, 397.15. As soon as we left the closing we went to our local branch of Wells Fargo (Little Road-Mitchell Shopping Plaza, Trinity, FL) and spoke to James Durkin. Mr Durkin could not explain the fee and immediately started making phone calls. An associate of Mr. Durkin, believed that the termination fee was regarding Lender Place Insurance. An investigation was to begin at that time, and we were told it would take 7-10 business days. On December 21, 2018, (1pm. EST) I decided to call your Customer Care Line to see if the investigation had actually begun. I spoke to Crystal at that number and she forward my phone call to Kevin, who I believe was in your Home Equity Department. Kevin was able to tell us, that in fact the Termination Fee was for Lender Place Insurance and most likely during the time that Wells Fargo was acquiring Wachovia. Kevin than told us that he could not see the exact time period that was in question, but he would start the investigation to determine the time period. Kevin insured that the procedure would begin and would take 7-10 business days to complete. As I had been told that it had already started, I called the Customer Care line on December 27 (11:25am EST) and spoke to Serena who told be that "research is in progress" and I need to wait the 7-10 period. On January 8 (10:30 EST), I again called the Customer Care line and spoke to Chelsea who told me that she could see in the records that I spoke to Kevin, but he did not start the research. I was then told that she would begin the research, but again, it would take 7-10 business days. At that time I asked to speak to a supervisor and my phone call was passed to Lena Holland. I explain the entire situation to Ms. Holland, who did apologize for the lack of follow through. I told Ms. Holland that I need the funds by the end of next week (week of January 14th), as we are closing on a new property. Ms. Holland did provide me with a reference number and promised a phone call to me regarding this matter within 24 hours. I am still awaiting that phone call. The lack of follow through with your research in unacceptable and incompetent. If this matter is not resolved today, I will need to take legal action against your bank.

Diane Johnson

erroneous credit reporting

I received a letter back in late September stating that I was late on my payment and incurred a late fee. I...

debit card

Called in to take a Security Issue - that should have never been an issue off my debit and the agent MISTAKENLY said oops and canceled my debit --- it took 3 hours and finally was told they would overnight a new card to me since it was the holiday I would have it by Thursday - called on Wed to get tracking and there is NO record of this --As far as I am concerned No one at Wells Fargo Knows what they are doing.

brokerage and mortgage

my husband and i had stocks and bonds in brokerage accounts with wells fargo for many years and other cap acts and savings and checking acts as well.
my husband passed away in 2005 on a trip to india. since 2006 i have been trying to close my joint accounts including the cap and brokerage accounts.
i am now 80 years old and at end of life hospice care for terminal illness
my daughter swapna thakur is my POA and has been trying to submit all kinds of documents that the estate processing people have asked for and one after the other the documents are not good enough for your representatives. i have gone to the bank when i was well for over two years to the wells fargo branch in main st freehold nj 07728 and had all paper and documents notarized and faxed and filled out by the branch managers and still was told the official death certificate which was used for all legal and financial purposes in the united staes was accepted .but your bank did not and told me i had to go back to india and get the original death certificate from the city he died in and than have it aposolet by the us embassy to close out my joint accounts
after 12 long years and having some family member making several trips was able to get the death certificate and along with letter of authorization and tax waiver form faxed to you all for last two months my account is still frozen.
your brokerage accounts department personnel sonia, brie, mr scott smith have had my daughter and me running in circles like dogs and still they keep coming up with new tricks to perform for them my daughters has been handling this for me and she is a very sick and disabled person and your demands are just too !!!
she has faxed you and sent certified mail to you all documents that any sane person could want even down to marriage certificate birth certificate us naturalization
certificate but your people keep asking for more or deny they received them and the documents keep changing from rep to rep. you also hold the mortgage account for my house in little egg harbor nj which i don't know how you attained! and after submitting the death certificate which by the way was fine and acceptable in 2006 still have my husband name on the mortgage and any escrow checks sent to me can not be cashed as they require his signature!!! he is dead!! i have asked them repeatedly to remove his name but they do not and i don't know if they will even release the house to my children once i am gone which may be very soon you have made a mess of my husbands retirement arrangements for me and most of all you have held my money for over 12 years without even trading so i don't even know how much loss you have caused me!! you have over sees staff who don't even let you speak to supervisors or make complaints they don't even understand what you are saying
you have made me open up numerous acts telling me i need to open the accounts so the money can be deposited in it and it never was than you charge me so much money to service the accounts !! you have falsely held my money and refuse to give it back and i will be seeking an attorney unless you rectify and compensate me for all the loss i have occurred due to these unfair practices!!

  • Ed
    Edwinp Jan 24, 2019

    I no longer trust this bank, those who clean the offices are undocumented.

    0 Votes

customer service banker's

I called on December 5 the at about 830am.Talked to male banker from Well's Fargo told him my account had $26...



home mortgage

:-/I will tell you a story will try to keep it short.We have lived in our home coming up on 13 years.In Nov...

bill pay

On 10/19/18, I scheduled a payment through Wells Fargo Bill Pay for Conexis Wage Works for $1, 188.50. This was sent by bill pay on 10/22/18 in the form of a check. This was to pay medical insurance for both my husband and myself for Cobra medical insurance. Through emails with Conexis for continuing medical coverage, Conexis indicated that they had not received the November 2018 premium for $1, 188.50.

On 11/7/18 I contacted Wells Fargo Bill Pay and the person that I spoke with looked up the Conexis payment that was sent on 10/22/18 and was able to tell that the check had not been cashed. Claim [protected] was created. At this point, I thought that the original check would be stopped and reissued to Conexis Wage Works. What happened is that the stop payment was not issued by Wells Fargo until 11/13/18 and the check was reissued on 11/7/18 but to Cox Communications for $1, 188.50. This was done by Wells Fargo Bill Pay in error and not by either myself or my husband.

When I received the email from Wells Fargo Bill Pay on 11/8/18 and saw that the payment for $1, 188.50 was sent to Cox Communications instead of Conexis Wage Works, I called immediately. Claim [protected] was created. I was told by the person on the phone that the check would be reissued to Conexis Wage Works but that I would have to deal with Cox Communciations since it had already been sent electronically. This was not my error but rather Wells Fargo Bill Pay but apparently I was the one that had to resolve Wells Fargo Bill Pay error. The check was reissued to Conexis Wage Works on 11/9/18 for $1, 188.50 and was finally received by Conexis Wage Works on 11/23/18. If the check had not been received by Conexis Wage Works by 11/26/18, I was going to call and pay again as we cannot afford to go without medical insurance.

I called Cox Communications and was told that I needed to provide confirmation of payment as well as a bank statement. I went in to the bank to get confirmation of payment but the banker that provided the confirmation basically said that this was my issue and not Wells Fargo. During one of my many calls to Bill Pay, the person contacted Cox Communications and they were going to work on refunding $1, 188.50 electronically.

I have contacted Cox Communications a minimum of four times and have contacted Wells Fargo a minimum of seven times, including going physically into the branch twice. This does not include the communication with Conexis Wage Works. At one point in time, my account was $3, 565.50 less (check issued on 10/22/18 but not stopped until 11/13/18, check issued to Cox Communication on 11/8/18 and check issued to Conexis Wage Works on 11/8/18).

Please see how many times I have called, gone into the branch and called Cox Communications. This is absolutely ridiculous and I have been made to feel like this was my fault. I was told by a male banker prior to talking to Tyler Lawrence, bill pay supervisor, today that this was my error and that Wells Fargo would not put the money back in my account. Tyler said that he was going to try to locate the voice tapes to see what happened because from what he can see, it appears that I was the one that requested payment to Cox Communications for $1, 188.50. Tyler said that if this was bank error, then Wells Fargo would credit the money back to my account. I would be notified via message on Bill Pay. If the voice tapes cannot be located, I believe that Wells Fargo has an even bigger problem that they need to resolve.

I have spent numerous time and effort on this and it is still not resolved after almost three weeks. I feel that Wells Fargo does not care about my business and we have been long time clients. I also feel that basically you get bankers that read the prepared script and they are all going to help but I am not seeing the results so far. The way that this was handled is not acceptable. This also doesn't discuss what would have happened if we didn't have the funds to cover this situation.


Susan Sedillo


Im very mad! Ive called wellsfargo about five times this week. I was told my money woulld not be taken out by...

foreclosed home

Hi, I am sending this because I've about had it up to here with your company. I've had a mortgage with you...

can't believe how I was treated by your personal

I have bank with you guys before for many years before I was put on disability and for the last 7 years my mom was my representative payee but then she got sick so I had to start doing it myself so I had to open a checking account in my name but when I went to go do that the lady in your office who knows me and my family for many years and even know by checking account and I have many years before my mom was my representative always in good standings before I closed it she made me feel like I was retarded like I couldn't do it when in fact I did it before I felt like she was being very prejudiced against me I had a checking account with you guys for almost 16 years before I was put on disabilityand she acted like I couldn't take care of my checking account that I was too retarded how dare her treat me like that that really hurt me and I'm talking about the bank that is downtown on main Street not the one over by the grocery stores if you would like you can call me at [protected] and I can explain more on what happened that day because to me she was prejudiced towards the handicap