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Complaints & Reviews

reordering checks

My mother, who is elderly, tried to reorder checks from inside her branch (on dallas hwy, in georgia). She has been a customer there for over 18 years, had proper identification and they know her. They told her they could not order the checks and she had to do it on line or over the phone. She does not own a computer and is hard of hearing. I attempted to assist her however, we were told that they could not help her even tough we gave them all the information. Wells fargo needs to get their act together and treat their customers better than this.

safety deposit box - wells fargo stole my property and breached my confidentiality

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 I went to visit my safety deposit box in Santa Monica, CA. I've had this safety deposit box for decades originating with First Interstate Bank before Wells Fargo acquired them.

Upon my request to enter the vault I was notified that my signature card was not on file. I was then escorted over to a banker's desk. He looked up my information on the computer which showed my checking account, savings account and money market account but no safety deposit box account. He then got his manager. They took my two safety deposit box keys and entered the vault leaving me at the desk. Upon their return they advised me that the keys worked and they opened the safety deposit box but there was nothing in it. It was completely empty. Both of them suggested that I might have closed the box and simply didn't remember and I should go home and search for the legal documents I came to extract from the box.

Driving home I was unhappy with the way I was treated and went to another branch that I frequent in Los Angeles. A manager there was much more efficient and called the Wilshire branch immediately. She also started an internal investigation and gave me a reference number on the summary of my visit. Unfortunately, when I called the 800 number more than a week later that reference number was not one anyone else on the system could use and I had to start my story over again.

My safety deposit box has been on automatic payment with funds being transferred annually from my checking account. After calls on October 9, October 25 and October 30 I was informed by the manager of the Wilshire branch that Wells Fargo mailed me notification that my box was going to be drilled.

I informed this manager that I had never received any notification that my box was in default or that it was going to be drilled. I asked if she had a copy of my signature showing I received such a notice and I was told, "No, Wells Fargo does not require a signature before we take possession of your property. We just mail it regular mail."

I asked if the box was truly drilled how did both my keys still work? Wouldn't the lock have been changed? Broken? Drilled through? Her reply was that "they have their ways of doing this so the locks can still work."

She then notified me that if I want my property back I must pay a $135 box fee and the $150 drill fees.

I advised this manager that I wanted to dispute that and elevate this to the next level. To date, the issue is unresolved and I do not have my property back.

1. My box was on automatic payment. When and why did that stop?
2. Unbeknownst to me my box fell into default because someone, or some system at Wells Fargo had to have stopped the automatic payments because I certainly did not.
3. I never received any type of notification that my property was in jeopardy of being confiscated.
4. Wells Fargo exposed my personal and confidential information inside my safety deposit box to unauthorized personnel such as locksmiths, third party couriers and whoever else handles the removal and storage of personal property.
4. Wells Fargo will not release my property unless I pay the fees due when this was their error, not mine.

I've been a customer of Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo Advisors for a very long time and I'm shaken to be treated like this and shocked to think personal property inside a safety deposit box can be removed so easily without any evidence whatsoever that communication with a customer had taken place. Under no circumstances would I have put my own personal property in jeopardy for non-payment or any other reason.

Wells Fargo, you have shaken my confidence in your organization. You have stolen my property, breached my confidentiality and now you are holding my property hostage for fees.

I very much want a resolution to this and I want my property back and I'm not paying any fees to get back what is rightfully mine.


I contacted a mortgage officer to inquire if someone with a chapter 7 bankruptcy less then 2 years old had a chance at getting a mortgage. The mortgage officer would not give me a clear cut answer and then said I had to file an application online in order for him to give me an answer. He ran my credit report which dropped my credit score by 12 points. He was supposed to just let me know if I had a chance at getting a mortgage. I even told him, I did not want to fill out paperwork or go through the mortgage process as it was a waste of time for both of us if he knew it was impossible. I then talked to another very reputable financial institute that said right away that all mortgage institutions operate by the federal guideline that no one can get a mortgage unless it has been charged off for 2 years. They said wells fargo knows this and they should have never ran my credit or asked me to fill out an application. I then simply asked wells fargo to give me a dispute letter to turn into the credit bureau to get the hard inquiry off my credit report as I have been working on my credit score. They said no one bent my arm behind my back to force me to fill out the application and literally would not listen to my side of what happened. The rep actually talked over me and got very disrespectful stating it was not Wells Fargo problem and absolutely would not give me the letter. It is clear Wells Fargo does not care about customers.

I am complaining about a personal account

We have had this bank for the past three years since moving here and it has been a horrible experience we...

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I have been going to this bank in forked river for 20 years. This is the 3rd time I had to deal with a teller that was absolutely terrible to talk to. Her name is Jennifer. She was on her phone the entire time I was trying to get cash back. I put my debt card in the machine and was practically yelled at to remove it by the teller. I received my cash but was never asked how I want it back she just gave to me. I wanted my cash back a certain with an envelope and receipt. I was surprised I even received my cash since she was so busy on her phone the entire time. I can't understand how they would have an employee like this even working for a company thats trying to get its reputation back. Due to all the issues going on with the bank. This branch is located in Forked River near the Shop Rite.

opening an account

I visited Wells Fargo to open a bank account. What I had thought would be a quick and pleasant experience, turned out to be a long and shady one. I was helped by Teresa, who was initially charming and kind but that's where the good ended. She kept overselling the bank and their features, which later on I thought was more of a distraction. She had put in my SS details and other details several times on the computer saying that it asked for it Multiple times. After waiting for about 25 minutes, I was relieved to know that it was finally time to sign and leave when she opened the welcome kit. She then said that her computer had crashed and she had to redo the whole thing over again, which took another 20-25 min. When it finally came time to sign for the second time, she made me sign the same document twice, once on the electronic board, and once on a paper. She had also opened another welcome kit and left the old one out. The whole thing seemed shady and suspicious so I had asked her to destroy the old welcome kit with the cards and cheques, which she did hesitantly after writing down the details. She had claimed that she had to write these details down in case there was a review of what went down. This could have been just an unfortunate incident, where the computer had broken down. None the less, With the recent scandals with Wells Fargo involved and this being a small town I doubt that they haven't gotten anyone else. When I Called Wells Fargo to complaint, they had escalated my call twice where I had to repeat my whole story. I waited for 10 minutes while they said they were transferring my call to the executive office. At this point, I was on the phone for about 50 minutes and had run out of patience.


Wells Fargo sent an Escrow Statement on September 10. In "Part 4" they use actual and estimated payments to project the Oct 2018 Escrow account balance. However, while Nov 2017 through Aug 2018 have actual payments and Oct 2018 has an estimated payment, Sept 2017 has $0. So their ending 2018 balance calculation is using 11 instead of 12 payments.

When I called them about it, they said that is because I pay a couple days early, so they hadn't received any $ in the month of September. I pointed out that they WILL be receiving October's payment at the end of September and November's payment at the end of October and so the estimate should be based on 12 payments, not 11. They disagreed.

I complained to the CFPB. Wells Fargo responded by saying they had received $ in September, but now could not estimate the October $. I pointed out that they had ALREADY estimated the October $. But they said they were now unable to estimate October and were sticking with the original analysis.

Seems like a scam to me. Take an extra escrow payment from a few thousand mortgage loans and you get a reasonable sum of interest free money to invest.

Anyone else in this same boat?

  • Je
    Jefferey Peterson Jan 15, 2019

    Your month before, on the document, would have two escrow payments in the calculation, as obviously, you paid two monthly payments, (with escrow) in the month before the month with the $0.00. I get this call every. single. day. People just don't use their brains.

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  • Je
    Jefferey Peterson Jan 15, 2019

    So yes, you are in the same boat with thousands of people who don't know how to read numbers.

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they decided to close my account instead of helping me

I called Wells Fargo 5 times to see if they can help me to wave the ovedruft fee. Every person was so...

3rd request to customer grievance case (1 year old) on elder fraud case. no resolution or final findings in writing.

3rd Request (10/22/18 today) I am a 15 year Wells Fargo Bank elderly customer. 1st request email 8/14/18, 2nd...

Wells Fargo Bank

wells fargo does not protect its customers financial information

On 9/28/2018 I overheard my neighbor's discussing my financial information. Their daughter, Latisha, is a...

payment not received

On August 31, 2018 I made a transfer of $200 from my Checking/Savings acct. to a friend through my phone with...

unhelpful/unwilling staff

I have an auto loan bill coming due. I like to pay a few days in advance just in case I run into problems such as the ones I've experienced this week.
I tried to enroll in online banking to make payments as easy as advertised. I was unable to enroll for an unknown reason and prompted to call a number on screen. When I called that number I gave the person the requested information (Social security number, account number, date of birth). They were able to bring up my account ( because they were able to verify me) but I was told that I couldn't enroll without going into a branch and updating my phone number.
I work at a different bank with the same hours, so that's not something that will work for me.
I was told that I couldn't be helped further but could pay my bill over the phone.
The number I called for the over-the-phone payment is an automated system that kept hanging up on me.
I call the customer service number the next day and experience the same issue.
I then call a local branch to see if I can someone to actually help me.
The woman that answered had a hard time understanding my request and kept telling me to call the number that was hanging up on me.
She spoke over me and told me I needed to call the auto loan department.
I was aware of the department I needed, but COULD NOT get to it. This was the entire purpose of the call.
She kept placing me on hold and then picking back up after a few minutes to see if I still wanted assistance.
When she finally agreed to transfer me to someone else, it was to the same number that had been disconnecting me to begin with.
I was disconnected almost immediately.
This call with the local branch lasted 34 minutes and ended with me being hung up on, which was the issue I was calling about in the first place.
Horribly frustrating experience.


so far waited 38 days for any response ...non as of yet... called 44 times stayed on hold about 15 hours so far no one helps i emailed the presidents office 21 times
still no response... i sent real actual letters with return receipts and still no response... they stole my money without permission and now refuse to help me get back all the bounce fees and stop check fees due to their criminal act., , , ,

i was told it would take about 24 hours tops that was 37 days ago and i have to call daily to try to get my money...

someone needs to sue this place someone needs to have it shut down...

banks stealing money...opening up fake accounts... opening up investment accounts all without the owners knowledge or permission...

how are you still in business... i will write everyone congressman bbb consumer affairs facebook everyone

  • Updated by John Chirico · Oct 17, 2018

    the presidents office said they are involved because i mentioned i have a lawyer... and yet 14 days and still nothing...

    i hope there is another class action

  • Updated by John Chirico · Oct 17, 2018

    still nothing

billed for account that closed 2 years ago and impacted my credit and increase rates on mortgage

Retail credit card through wells fargo bank on behalf mattress firm. I never had a late payment and account...

unable to payoff car loan

Not that I think this will do anything but wfds has lost my payoff check twice now. I have been on the phone many times during the week for the last month to try and resolve this but they seem unable to find my check and deposit it to my account to I can be done with you. My name and account number is on the check how can you not find my account? The tellers have been unhelpful and anytime I ask for a manage they are "conveniently" away. This was supposed to be taken care of september and now you guys are calling me asking why I haven't made a payment! I did but your incompetent employees can't seem to deposit it into my account. I have proof of your company signing for the check both time. I have proof of you telling my new bank to send it to the wrong address. I will be reporting you to any and all agencies I can and if my credit report number drops I will be contacting a lawyer.

Find my check and deposit it to my account so I can be done with the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

poor customer service

Fraudulent activity was done on my account as well as 2 other accounts were opened. I've been speaking with over 8 different people since 9/25/2018 and not one person has worked with me appropriately on this matter. And now I'm being told that Wells Fargo won't work with me anymore. I had no parts of the fraudulent activity that was done and now I'm being told that I have to pay back money to an account that I did not open in order for the accounts to be closed. This is unacceptable and I am not happy about this. I've been through every process that I can think of to get this matter solved.


We have a business account with Wells Fargo and I have been going in there over a year getting a check cashed (each week) plus making deposits. It is petty cash. Nothing over $300.00 I always have my company badge with my picture on it as my ID. Have used it for entire time I have been banking for our company. Went in today to same girl I went to last week and she wanted to know where my drivers license was? It has a picture and my name just like my company badge did. Told me she would this time but it was a courtesy? We bank there. We are doing you a courtesy. Why was I treated this way?

personal checking

I had a terrible experience with Wells Fargo. I had a tax refund check that had my name and my wife's name on...

customer service/ disputed claims

Good evening,

Let me start off by saying how disappointing Wells Fargo have been over the last month. The customer service is ridiculous not to mention there's never a "manager" available for escalated situations. I don't want to expose my personal issues on this site but would like for this to be handled immediately. I am still waiting on a manager to. Ask me back and I requested this 2 days ago!

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