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using consolidation schemes to trick consumers!

We have a small loan through Wells Fargo (was $1100... now down to $840) which we have been paying on time...

misplaced payments / lies/ telephone harassment

Hey everyone, I posted earlier about their problems I had with Wells Fargo Financial / Wells Fargo Auto...

treat customers like they're fraudulent criminals

Wells Fargo Bank

Today I had gone into Wells Fargo to cash my pay check, which was in the amount of $1,408.00 dollars. The bank teller had written on my pay check, had me sign the back and apply my right thumb print on the front. The company who I work for bank at Wells Fargo; however, I do not. Therefore, the banker requested that I provide a second piece of identification. I submitted my student I. D. card. She then told me that a student I.D. was not sufficient. I told her that I always use my student I.D. card as a second form of identification. She then had told me to hold on and left me waiting so that she could confirm student I.D. were official. Her manager told her, "Yes; a student I.D. can be used". The Teller then had asked, "How so? It does not even have an expiration date." The manager told her that it was ok. The teller had then scanned closely with her eyes looking at my California Driver's License; afterwards, she had picked up my student I.D. and scanned over it, looking very closely. She then had ran my paycheck through the machine as if she was finally about to cash it; but, instead, she began typing in data on her computer system and then she had looked over my paycheck very closely. She then had called her manager and told her that she was going to call the company that I work for to verify the pay check. Today is Saturday and the company's office is closed. The teller had called the attention of two managers and they both had come back to the window (from where I was standing and waiting) and told me that they were not going to be able to cash my check. I busted in tears of frustration because they had me waiting for approximately 25 minutes, they had wrote all over my paycheck, embarrassed me by making me feel like I was doing something fraudulent, and then tell me that they were not going to complete the process to cash my check. I then had told them, 'Now, how am I suppose to cash my paycheck if you wrote all over it?!' The manager responded and said, 'I don't know, all I know is that we were unable to verify it.' I told her, 'The next time you feel the need to discriminate against someone by refusing service to that person, make sure that you perform your reviews first, before you decide to write all over their property!' The manager told me, 'I have done nothing wrong, do not come back here to our bank again!

  • Gr
    grimm Mar 26, 2009

    Wells Fargo does this all the time. I have tried to cash my paychecks there two times the first time they had me there for over 30 minutes and called to verify employment, called the doctor I work for on the weekend twice and did not cash my check. The manager told me that if I had an account there I would not have this problem. The second time 1 year later they did the same old ###.


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car payoff

I purchased a 2005 Kia sorrento from Wells fargo auto Financial in 2006, after keeping the car for a year and a half I realized the loan was not going down. I traded the car in to a Honda dealer on June 2007. One month after I traded the car in I began receiving phone calls from the collection department stating I owed 2 payments and my account was in collection and it was reported to the credit bureau of my negative payments. I had the finance department call this company and explain to them that I had traded that Kia in and brought a new 2007 Honda. This was not enough for this company, today 9/11/ 2007 I am still receiving phone calls and my account is still in the negative status. I advise anyone in their right mind to never! never! do any type of transactions with this company and tell all of your friends about this horrible auto financial company, it is terrible and the whole world should be aware of this.

  • Ri
    Rich Jun 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're a complete idiot. When you trade in a car, the company you finance it with will probably only give you the face value of the car. Kia's have a horrible depreciation rate. Why do you think that trading in a 1.5 year old Kia will offset the cost of a Honda? People like you shouldnt even be on credit. You're bringing the national avg of FICO scores down by the day.

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poor service!

On 08-31-07, I deposited a check in my business account for $4000. I was told on that day there would be a...

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hold on deposits

I deposited two checks at my local branch on 8/30/2007 for a total of $278.56 and the next day I got a notice online from the bank that stated" we are holding your deposit until 9/4/07 because of unusual transactions on a deposit account". This was bad enough, no explanation and holding a deposit for five days when the checks would clear the local banks they were drawn on overnight. But then on 9/4/07 I received a letter in the mail that stated "we are holding your deposits until 9/11/07" because of "numerous overdrafts in the last six months". Clearly, the $34 they charged for each overdraft was not considered enough to compensate them for the service that they voluntarily provided for a couple of days' loan. My complaint is that the checks have cleared the banks they were drawn on well before I received the letter. How can they add another seven days to the hold on those funds? Is there no law requiring a bank to make deposits available when the funds are actually in their possession? Why does any number of overdrafts (only 4) justify withholding funds for any amount of time. This is outrageous, how can a service provider stay in business while providing such terrible service? Needless to say, I will close the account as soon as they release my hostage funds!!

  • Old Hippies Attic Jun 06, 2014

    Can understand your feelings---but you did owe the bank. And should have been aware that they would take their owed due 1st chance possible. Even if you owed a private debt it would be the same. What WELLS FARGO is guilty of is the practice of paying out the largest amount due 1st-- NOT BUY WHEN THE DUE AMOUNT COMES IN. this means if you have used your debit card to get small amounts like $3 even if there 10 or 20 debits they will take the large amount leaving your account to pay $35. [ think that is the current charge --each bank is different could be more in others] for every tiny amount you have paid out BEFORE you paid the big debit. This can lead to 100s OF DOLLARS IN DEBT!!! They were --or currently in court because of this--a class action lawsuit against them --by multiple people. This has happened before and banks are forced to return the monies they took. It can amount to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. If they do it enough people that can be a huge profit.

    SO----- no matter who you bank with always look at your statement--and if you see the larger amount that may have come in days later---go to the bank and demand they correct the billing so you only get maybe 1 or 2 charges.
    Hopes this helps some one.

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watch that balloon payment!

Financed an auto with Wells Fargo in Feb. 2002. Each year (at least once a year) I would get a letter from them stating that I could skip that months payment so that I would have extra money for Christmas of a vacation. This skipped payment would be added on to the end of the loan. The letter did not say anything about a "balloon" payment at the end of the loan period, and I did not give it much thought. Then after the maturity date in Feb. 2007 I started getting calls from there collection department for this unpaid balance. Since Feb. I kept paying my usual monthly payment. I understood that my loan was extended a month for each month I was able to skip. NOT! Anyway, I paid them off today and feet that I have been misled and angered to the point that I will not be giving Wells Fargo any further business, ever!

  • Ni
    Nicole Williams Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with each and every complaint here! I purchased my 2005 optima in Dec. 2007. After having some financial hardship I decided to completly pay off the loan. After being told what the payoff amount was by 3 cs reps. and one so called manger JOSE who was down right ignorant. The payment was mailed in fact overnighted to Wells Fargo Payoff Dept. thinking I was finshed with this company FOREVER. I recieved a letter stating that there were additional funds still due. So after my conversation with 3 more cs reps. who had no idea where this letter came from I was told that if i made this last payment my title would be in the mail. Well needless to say I didnt recieve my title and i started to recieve the endless harassing phone calls again.So, i called and spoke with a cs rep who explained my payment arrived on day after the collateral insurance was added and now that i dont have collateral with the company but they have me down for the insurance. After explaining my situation he took my info and passed on to a supervisor. Who after a week called apologized and said he would take care of it. 3 days later i get a call now i owe twice the amount I owed before and theres no notes of the conversation between me and the manger. I still havent recieved my title. This is a poor excuse for a company no one knows whats going on but everybody wants you to make a payment even if you dont owe them anything. BEWARE WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

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  • Mo
    mome1998 Feb 18, 2010

    how long did it take you to get your title???

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  • Mo
    mome1998 Feb 18, 2010

    These people are a BIG RIP OFF!!!

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unauthorized charges!

We financed a car thru Wells Fargo . My insurance agents have faxed them our insurance verifications several times and they are still charging our account insurance. We were not told this was what the extra charges were for till 2 months afterward... We have been giving different fax number but the problem is still not resolve but their very rude collectors keep calling several times a day.

  • Bi
    Biron Feb 09, 2009

    We have been banking with Wells Fargo for about six months, and we are planning to close our accounts and move them asap. They are the worst bank we have ever been involved with. They hold direct deposits from my wife's job (the county's largest most stable employer) so they can post more items and generate overdraft fees. Also, when we attempt to keep careful track of inflow and outflow, items that were not there, for example at 9am when the account is checked and a deposit is made, later in the day has a withdrawal that supposedly posted at 2am thus generating an overdraft fee because it was before the deposit. Also, I have to cash my paycheck at another bank and deposit the cash because they will hold my check as well, even though we were told that after a probation period then your regularly deposited paychecks will be credited the same day. That was a lie. In this day and age of electronic banking no bank should hold electronic funds or have to wait 24 to 48 hours to process a check. Most businesses, such as dish network for example, can electronically process your check immediately without physically sending it. If they can do it why not a large bank. Also, what ever happened to picking up the phone and calling to confirm funds if you are concerned. As a consumer, when you do not know what your funds are doing because the bank is manipulating them any way they wish, it is time to vote with your pocketbook and take your business elsewhere.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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  • Fe
    Felicita25 Sep 27, 2009

    The normal withdrawal limit per transaction with my out of town bank is $800. I bank with a 'checkless bank account' through RushCard (Russell Simmon's pre-paid account where my direct deposits go into twice a month that way I don't have to worry about checks bouncing).

    Every payday I withdraw $800 each time to avoid excessive withdrawal fees and pay cash for everything. This last time I went to withdraw from a local Wells Fargo bank, it processed the transaction as if it had given me the money but gave me an error stating the machine was out of money yet it still withdrew the money from my balance. I contacted Wells Fargo right away and they said there wasn't anything they could do and that I had to contact my own bank. So I did, they told me to wait 48 hours and see if the money posts back into my account which it didn't.

    I sent in a copy of the Error Allegation form and ATM receipt to my bank about 10 days ago. They kept assuring me the claim was being processed and the maximum time would be 48 hours until I receive the money back in my account.

    Today I found out that this is not so since the receipt from the ATM shows it gave me the money. My bank is now telling me the process can take up to 90 days. This is ridiculous. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out on their daily balance transaction at Wells Fargo, not to mention there are cameras. They can review the tape and see that it never gave me the money.

    We aren't talking about $40 here but $800 and for me to have to wait up to 90 days for a reimbursement on money that is FDIC insured is completely unacceptable.

    Has this happened to other consumers with other financial institutions or even with Wells Fargo??? I'd like to know what the process is and time frame for resolving something like this.

    Any information or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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stole money from me!

I have my auto loan with Wells Fargo. Earlier this month, they called me and told me that my June 07 payment had been reversed but they don't know why. I checked with my bank and found the check was paid on 7/5/07. I called Wells Fargo and told them, faxed the information to them and they still can't figure out what they did on their end. But alas, it gets better. On 7/19/07, I made my July payment (which was due the 16th) via their web-site. I also received a call from their collection department that day about the July payment. I told them that I made the payment on-line (via check) and the girl told me that the payment was rejected because they would not accept a check from me (although neither her nor I knew why). They wanted me to go to my bank, get $600 in cash and MoneyGram it to them. I told her it would take me a few days to do this. The next day, 7/20/07, another collection rep called me and we went through this whole big speel about how they screwed up the June payment and how I paid the July payment on-line but the other girl said it was rejected. In fact, I even received an email from Wells Fargo saying that the on-line payment was rejected. So, the girl says that she doesn't see any reason why I can't pay by check, so after confirming with her that the on-line payment was deleted and wouldn't be processed, I gave her a check by phone. Guess what? They deposited both the check by phone that I authorized and the on-line payment after rejecting it. They overdrew my checking account and have now cost me $245 in NSF fees. I called them yesterday and nothing got done. I called today and got a supervisor by the name of Melissa who got really crappy when I threatened to sue them. I am still overdrawn on my checking account, I don't have any money in my pocket and these fools at Wells Fargo are totally incompetent. I will tell you that if I don't get my refund plus my bank fees by 3 p.m. today, I am filing a criminal complaint for theft.

  • Sh
    Sheila Hodges Jul 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been battling with wells fargo auto for months, now they do not know what is going on with my account. They have even reported us to the credit bureau as having 2 accounts and both of them being late and we only have 1. If anyone out there sees this and has complaints about wells fargo auto please e-mail me at
    [email protected]

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harassment & lousy response services

I purchased an auto through a local dealer and was sort of strong armed into accepting a 10.5% loan from Wells Fargo (percentage revealed as I was signing purchase agreement). Submitted all insurance paperwork to dealer. I had to buy a new car because my son had wrecked our car and it was fully insured. I needed a vehicle quickly so I accepted the terms hoping to refinance later. Almost immediately I started receiving notices from Wells Fargo stating that I had no insurance and that they were going to impose insurance from the infamous Balboa Ins. Company. My agent has faxed copies of my policy 3 times, and I continued to get statement demanding payment for insurance to Wells Fargo. I did not make my payment this month, as I am fed up with them and figured this would get their attention. Boy did it! They call me around 7:30 Am on Sunday, and 7 Am for the next couple days demanding payment. I found one nice phone person who accepted the actual payment (minus imposed insurance) over the phone... Wells Fargo continues to call me demanding my payment. Anyone out there interested in a class action suit? Now that I've started to do my research on Wells Fargo, I see that their lending practices are quite shady. They aren't nice grannies after all.

  • Tr
    tracey r gordon Dec 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Fe
    Fed Up Mar 14, 2009

    I have the same issue and I'm the Co-Signer. They don't call my brother in law who is the person paying the bill more than once -- but they call my phone up to 8 times a day and on Sundays. It is ridiculous. I took all of the numbers they ever called me from and saved them on my cell phone as something else (took 3 different names because there were over 10 different numbers) and I set the ring tone to one beep so that I know that I don't have to check the phone. My sister will make a payment through their online payment center and they will still call me for a week or two after because the people calling you say "I can't see that screen so I don't know if you paid it or not" BS. GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr...

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missing car loan payment

My son has a car loan through Wells Fargo Auto Finance. I co-signed the loan because my son is a college...

scam continues in nc

I was sad to see today that we are not the only ones who have been treated rudely and fraudulently by Well...

wells fargo auto finance ripoff hurting millions of common americans!

I purchased a vehicle in late 2005 and used Wells Fargo as my finance company. I added the vehicle on to our...

wf added insurance and continued to charge after we showed proof

I don't even know where to start. My husband brought a truck in 2003 and we were financed through Well...

lost a payment

I purchased a vehicle in June of 2006 and our first payment was due on August 1st which was drafted out of account each month there after. In November Wells Fargo took it apon themselves to add insurance to our vehicle $2700.00 and we had insurance on the vehicle when purchased. They were sent a copy of insurance policy 3 times by our Allstate. They took one of our payments and paid the insurance and never had added it back to our account. Now 10 payments latter they are calling saying we are a payment behind. I have actual letters from the bank show the bank draft, date and confirmation draft number. They are harassing me saying I didn't make a payment. I have called and called and faxed and faxed and to no avail have I gotten this straightened out. My next step is go to the local News station.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Li
    Lisa Morrone Jul 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I have had our vehicle financed w/ Wells fargo for 2 years now. In June they drafted our payment (unauthorized) out of our checking account. I have called and called, faxed the summary from the bank clearly stating that Wells fargo drafted the money and plus gave a trace number that the bank gave me. Wells fargo is yet to find this payment and claims they cannot find the money. All I keep talking to is a representative and they claim the system will be updated. Also, from them drafting this money out unauthorized it through our account in the negative hitting us w/ overdraft fees. I am pissed off and am getting no where. Does anyone have any advice?

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  • Sh
    Sharron Dec 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo lost, misapplied, my electron transfer payment....via my bank...the WF customer service would not deal with me. Said I had to resolve it through my bank, but almost wouldn't talk to my bank because I was the customer. The collections department after 7 calls, most after I told them to not call, finally gave me an address that no one would tell be about.....this is after I had to change my phone number from repeated calls for non-payment on my car loan, when they had my money. I sent Wells Fargo my bank statements showing payment plus 2 copies of the the confirmation of the electronic transfer, (my bank also sent 2). I simply told them to either fix it or I would notify the Attorney Gerneral of my state and the FDIC. They fixed the problem, but I have been again charged with a late fee. I have just mailed WF Inquiry Resolution a request to remove the late fee charge and I am hopeful they will. If not, I will do what I told them I will do.

    The address is:

    Wells Fargo
    Attn: Inquiry Resolution
    711 West Broadway Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85282

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lost payments through wells fargo

We have had a loan through wells fargo since October 2005,never being late once.Our payments are due on the 19th of each month.We sent our payment in early for April.We thought Everything was fine, being our check cleared the bank. Sunday evening (yes on a sunday evening) April 22,2007 wells fargo called us telling us our payment was late. I told them our check was cashed. They told me to send a copy of the front and back of the check into them. We did this on April 24, 07 and then again on May 9, 2007. To this day, wells fargo keeps calling us about our "late payment", and i have to again tell them they got the payment, but lost it, and we faxed a copy of the check into them twice. Their customer service reps, tell me different things every time we call, being it could take up to 10 days to find the missing payment. One csr told me it takes up to 30 days to find. The csr tell me when i ask to talk to a supervisor that they can handle this. I continue to get harassed by wells fargo for my "missing payment"and am not getting anywhere with them. Thank you

harassment calls

I am seriously disgusted with this company. WFF starts to make back to back phone calls starting the 2nd day...

beware of this company!

Wells fargo home mortgage sent an appraiser for reverse mortgage with expired license, under appraised the...

they make it so you pay a late fee each month

I got a loan for some furniture through Raymour and Flanigan in August. They use the giant WFF as their...

took money of my bank account without authorization

Yesterday i learn that wells fargo took money out of acct. Today still don't have my money back plus with all the aggravation, fax, still they want my bank statement for them to return my moneys. I feel like i have been abuse just in a different way: "financially" and abuse again "today". I need to know what i can do? Of course because i have to work my time is limited. At the moment my bank acct is frozen and i had to try to resolve the best for me. With no results. I am going to take it to the policy and make a report. They robe me i feel wells fargo robe me!

  • Da
    Darryl F Mar 20, 2014

    Wells Fargo is horrible they took $2658.75 out of my checking account with my authorization and when I called I was told that because my student loan was in default they had the right to do this, even though I was still making 80 percent of my student loan payments, I received no communication from them until after I stated making calls, they basically laughed in my face and told me that I wasn't getting the money back and the only way I could square away my loan was to pay them 700 dollars a month which would total up to over $25, 000 dollars or they would settle my debt for a lump sum of $16, 687.95. I was laid off from work for months got a job paying less money and I have called them and explained this to them over the phone and in writing.they don't care about anyone.
    The way to hurt wells Fargo is to stop doing business with them

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  • Ju
    Juan Reynoso Oct 15, 2016

    By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist – www.represent.us
    [email protected]

    We got the power to get Wells Fargo out of business.

    Wells Fargo already lost a multi-million-dollar customer last week. Now, the bank can expect to lose a few more. We the people are fed-up with White collar corruption and zero prosecutions.
    The evidence of fraud and corruption in Wells Fargo operation is huge; this financial institution should be ban from doing business in America. Our trust on the Banks and all the financial institutions in our country cannot be demised by corruption that our government is incapable to prosecute, John Stumpf and the people that is in control of the Wells Fargo Bank operations, from CEOS to the managers that are part of this fraud and corruption should be prosecute and send to jail; it is time to deal with white crime and corporate corruption. No Bank in this country should be given Carte Blanche to defraud the people of this country with impunity and be immune from prosecution. In the case of Wells Fargo, It is clear that John Stumpf will not be prosecuted and the people will not get justice, because our government is incapable and unwilling to get justice for the American people. Corporate criminals are rewarded with millions of Dollars and nothing is done to punish neither the criminals nor the institution.
    Fellow Americans, we have the power to get justice. I closed all my accounts with Wells Fargo in San Antonio Texas and I call for every Business and customers of Wells Fargo to close their account with this corrupt Banking and financial corporation and send a message to all the corporate criminals that we the people will get our justice by destroying their business if they continue their corrupt and exploitation practice in our country; It is our duty as Americans to stand united in solidarity to get justice for the people of this country.
    Close your Account with Wells Fargo and deposit your money with your State Bank or credit unions, Transnational Banks is given the power from our government to use our money and exploit us to get rich and powerful at our expenses.
    For instance, Wells Fargo (WFC) is sitting on more than $17 billion in loans to the oil and gas sector. The bank is setting aside $1.2 billion in reserves to cover losses because of the "continued deterioration within the energy sector." Wells Fargo executives said Wednesday that the bank’s profitability is still better than peers. The firm reported its net interest margin, a measure of how profitably it can lend out its customers’ deposits, fell to 2.96% from 2.97% at the end of June and 3.06% in the third quarter a year ago. That margin has been challenged by the Federal Reserve’s policy of keeping interest rates low, a policy that Wells Fargo executives said would continue for longer than the industry had previously expected.
    Wells Fargo Consumer Complaints and Reviews.
    Wells Fargo mortgage fraud
    Stop Banks corruption and foreclosures frauds

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