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Complaints & Reviews

phone harassment!

They have lost my car pmt. and charged me late fees because i was late on a pmt. (Because they lost it!) They would not quit calling me.

  • Fr
    Frank Stid Jan 20, 2008

    We have had nothing but problems with these people. Something has got to be done. We have had them take payments from our checking account which has caused us to pay a lot of overdrafts and non sufficent funds all without being authorized. The list goes on and on.

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  • Ta
    takit37 Nov 06, 2008

    i'm upset because i pay my car note by phone it makes it easier for me. ok well, around august i get a call about i haven't paid my car note. when i did ok miss i see we recieved it on let's say the 22nd when i paid for it earlier . well that doesnt matter now they have put me in the collection department calling my mom and me from 8 am to sometimes9:30pm 5 different numbers and no ones giving the same info.so i decided to call the lady was so rude if i had had any money in your bank i would withdrawl every pennie or dollar i promise! long story straight so i call one of the right numbers and talk to 5 different people so god bless this one lady who sent me a statement. but why should i send wells fargo my info when nobody can seem to get it right so you decide that you just going to add this payment on to me making it 2 or 3 months max like i'm not paying for this and call me and my mom mon-sun 8-9:30 when my money is limited and my bank is helping me pay this and when i have to pay them back plus insf fees because of someones calculations. the result is this late fees and 10 fee to pay by phone/ get off the gas and you want even send me my letters that i use to get lying saying that they are sending it and i never see nothing but a bill .the point someone messed up and i have to pay and your not going to refund my bank account . no cause i ask a stupid credit yea right and i decide i don't want the car . that's my money, and bank account you messing with and you want even take it out right any more you use to be pretty good the problem now you figure it out

    i'm out before i get mad all over again

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  • Ji
    jim haisten Dec 04, 2008

    We wish, we had never done our loan, with these people . They are always rude. and are never professional.A business should be ran, as a business.People like this (wells fargo) are why our country is in trouble.

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  • Mi
    mimi300 Jun 03, 2009

    Spoke wto (3) different customer service REPS today, to resolve an erroneous Billing matter. Did not get a single professional person. All 3 were rude, dismissive, condescending and would not listen to the customer's issues. Their tactic is to repeat the same sentence over and over again, without listening or trying to resolve anything. One of them ...mid-conversation, without coming up with a solution, decided to say "ok thank you for calling wells fargo... OKAY..thank you for calling wells fargo ...good bye" - MID-conversation! Who can we complain to? Is there a fax/email contact for the Phoenix Auto Lease department??

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Wells Fargo was the first company to offer a loan payment i could afford on a new truck. LIFE WAS GREAT!!! Or...

scam and rip off!

On January 14th I went to Wachovia on the corner of NorthLake Blvd. & Military Trail to cash a check a customer gave me and the bank charged me $5.00 because I did not have an account with them. This is a RIP OFF of the public, for what reason should I be charged? The person owed me the money and gave me a check (no Problem) except for the bank, If the person didn't have the funds in the bank they wouldn't cash it anyway, why the $5.00 fee?

I am going to write the banking and insurance commission on this. How about this happening a few thousand times a day? Who pockets the money? This is a Real American consumer RIP OFF.

  • Cr
    Craig Bullim Jan 19, 2008

    This is NOT a ripoff. Welcome to the real world.

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  • Ri
    Rishonda Anthony Jan 29, 2008

    This is indeed a rip off. I don't have a Wachovia account and when I went to cash a $75 dollar check given to me by my father, they tried to charge me that $5 fee. This was the very same branch that my father uses, and puts money into on a weekly basis, so I know it doesn't cost them $5 to simply deduct the money from his account. A bank should cash their own checks plain and simple. Wachovia issues those checks and they shouldn't charge people a fee to cash them at their bank. It's just greedy and unethical. You couldn't pay me to open an account with Wachovia now.

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  • Al
    allison Feb 21, 2008

    I work for a bank and we dont charge people to cash other peoples checks that have a account with us, but the reason that the other banks do that is because they sometimes have to charge fees. Your bank probabaly does the same thing, so get over it.

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auto finance

My mother bought a van and my girlfriend acted as cosigner. But immediately, Wells Fargo switched the buyer...

bank reversed a credit and i'm overdrawn!

I used a $13000 balance transfer from American Express and deposited into my Wells Fargo Credit Line. On...

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scam and cheating!

I have two loans with Wells Fargo, both at 20.90% interest rates. I had some personal issues for a bout a...

sherrif sale!

I purchased a home on a land contract back in March 2006. At that time there was no lens on the house except the one I had from my company I was buying my home. I found an investor or so I thought that lowered my interest rate. I paid him $22,000 up front and house payments, kept insurance on the home and did a lot of maintenance. I found out about February of 2007 that the house was being foreclosed on by Wells Fargo who had gotten Home Eq to service the loan. We constantly called Home Eq, Wells Fargo and their attorneys who refused to tell us anything regarding the loan that we had no idea about. In October we finally got Power of Attorney so we could talk. We tried to get a loan to buy the house but they were asking more than what it was worth. So we had to put more money in the house so it would appraise higher. We did that but because of the time it took to get the house to appraise higher they now state it is over the 30 days and they are not giving us any more time. As of yesterday a Sheriff showed up at my door for a sheriff sale for 1/9/08 at 10am. Yet we were almost done with the loan before christmas. The house is deeded in our name and they are lein holders. We've asked them to work with us as we have 4 children and no where to go. I'm afraid we will loose our children for being homeless and having nobody to go to. We have begged them to work with us and they keep saying we will see you in court. They have the attorneys and all we have is our children and paper work. Who do you think will win? Certainly not the people who did nothing wrong. Their is no holiday spirit out there anymore. Banks are out there to take advantage of the innocent people. In the time that they have been attacking us and trying to throw a family of 6 out of their home they could be prosecuting the guy who took the loan out on the house in the first place and scammed people. That would be the appropriate and right thing to do instead of hurting people who have done nothing wrong but have begged and pleaded for the bank to work with us. We are still wanting help and are still willing to pay for our home.

credit card rewards ripoff!

Every time you use your Wells Fargo credit card, you collect points per every dollar spent. These point can...

wells fargo lied about my credit score and my whole loan

About 2 years ago, my mom and I bought a house together. She also co-signed for a new car for me in 2005. Last Sept. my mom when to Wells Fargo and applied for a mortgage loan so she could get the house out of my name. Due to the fact that her debt to income ratio was off, Wells fargo contacted me about financing my car that my mom co-signed for into just my name. I applied for the loan and got approved. When my husband and I went in to go over the details of the loan, it came out that the interest rate was 19.99%. When I asked why they told me that my credit score was only 480 and I couldn't get a lower interest rate. I asked to see a copy of my credit report and he told me that he was unable to show me due to Wells Fargo policies. When my husband and I were about to turn down the loan and leave, the loan officer said that if i didn't take the loan there was no way for them to get my mom's house into just her name. A couple of days after signing the loan, I was notified that they were unable to get my mother approved and that I was going to be stuck with the house plus a 19.99% interest rate. A year has gone by and I recently looked at my credit score and realized that it has gone up about 150 points. I decided to call Wells fargo and ask them what my credit score was when I got approved a year ago. One of the loan officers told me it was 645, another loan officer told me it was 680, and then the manager said it was 580. Whatever it may be, it was no where near 480 like I was told. A loan officer also told me my interest rate was because of how much negative equity I have financed. He also went on to say that my loan was approved on the fact that they were able to finance my mom's house out of my name. In my opinion, my whole loan is a lie and based on false information. I would have NEVER signed the loan for 19.99% when my orginal loan was only for 11%, if I was told the truth about the details of my loan. After researching complaints about Wells Fargo online, I have found that there are many other people that were told that their credit score was low was it really wasn't!

  • Ki
    Kim May 31, 2008

    I happened to "google" Wells Fargo cheating customers and was referred to this site. After reading the comments by others, I am convinced not to do business with Wells Fargo.
    Over the past few years, my father sends a check for Christmas and B day. This thoughtful gesture had no major issues, since it was a US bank account, with US currency...in a well reputable Canadian Bank. In January of this year (2008), both US currency checks from both family members were returned to me by Wells Fargo with a brief message that I could no longer use the deposit ATM at the bank, I had to actually see a teller. Which of course, they never know what to do and have to get someone else, everyone in the bank looks at me like I am some criminal...which is why I started going to the ATM onsite with Wells in the first place. So after some teenager verified I wasn't pulling some Nigerian scam, deposited the checks into my account..case closed. Now this past week, I went into a Wells Fargo bank to deposit a $100 check from the National..same US account. They do it (it took 3-4 times to train the same branch) and tell me that I should NOT have been charged the $1.50 fee as before since there was no currency exchange. On May 28th, the amount showing was deposited, on May 30th, they withdrew the money back out, and stated on my account as "Fgn Check Adj.", so I guess dear ol'Dad sending $100 has now cost me $101.50 in total. I made calls, the first guy named Glen, hung up. The second person was unable to do anything and they took the fee but never gave me the "foreign" US cash from Canada. By the way, there was no issue of insufficient funds for Wells to try and pull that scam. So, we have to wait until Monday for my father to go to his bank and see whether he even got his cash back from Wells Fargo...hopefully those idiots sent it back in US currency!!!
    At what point does the Federal Government get off their rear end and start placing some laws and control over banks such as Wells Fargo who are becoming more of an immediate threat to our daily lives.

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  • An
    anon Oct 08, 2008

    I had to go through their "Collections" department to deposit a money order in euros from a Bank in Italy it took 6 weeks to process and they charged me 100 in fees. Now my friend wires me the money and Gee they only charge me 25 in fees but B of A is worse.
    Other banks have gone under we are stuck here.

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fraudulant account!

After having an Wachovia account for 20 years, since i turned 18 in the year of 1999, now at the age of 28, It is extremely sad to say that I DO NOT recommend Wachovia bank to anyone! They are a major scam, and treat their customers with no respect. They avoid situations, and only credit customers back with overdraft fees the $35. and how ever many they have when they are in fault. As of right now, I am currently getting a run around between the dispute Department and the bank itself because on 11/05/07 I realized that I had $99.95 withdrew+ a $35.00 overdraft fee to my account from a credit card company of Millinium Bank. I then realized that I never even applied for a C.C for Millinium Bank and that My Identity has been STOLEN from me and used to apply for a credit card from Millinium bank. I called both Milli. and Wachovia to notify them and hopefully recover my $99.95. On the same day of Monday,11/05, I went into the branch and filed and signed a affidative to relieve my money. The bank said they would fax this paper to Milli. Bank that same day and we Later find out that this was done wed., 11/7/07 and that the $99.95 would be back into my account on that thursday morning. After finding out that the money was not in my accnt. that thursday morning and that I had been ridiculously charged a $2. person to person fee on top of that, I called again on friday to find out that My money wont be in my account until Tuesday morning of the 13th(which is today). Still, Nothing in my account, The good thing is that Wachovia did credit me back $140. after charging me $35.00 overdraft fees FOUR TIMES. They think that now, my problem should be resolved, but it's actually an avoided situation on my part. After being told today, and speaking to the Dispute Department, which told me that by This Friday, 11/17/07, My money for $99.95 Should be in my account by that morning at 12/1am . In the mean time, this is where i am being scammed. On top of the $99. I am overdrafted again, another $70.00 for 2 overdraft fees of $35.each. As well, I have a big check that is going strictly to my rent that needs to be paid tomorrow, and I have to cash this and they refused to cash it, that they have to take $72.oo out of my check to cover my fee's. Again the Ridiculous $2 service and the $70. overdraft fee. Which brings me back to the fact that if my $99.95 would've went into my account when to be posted today at 12am, I would only have saw $25.95 of it. This is where they start to scam people and avoid the whole fraud situation and my identity theft. I think that this is very unethical of such a bank that is suppose be there to help protect their customers. On the same day, Today, 11/13/07 I contacted Millinium Bank, which is trying so hard to help us out and give us ways to get back at Wachovia and help get our money back, My Fiance and come to find from that bank, The such lovely of a wachovia bank, never even faxed the form to them like they said they did, so really getting my money back to me by Friday,11/17/07 really isnt happening because wachovia LIED about the fax to the bank. My Fiance, and I threatened Wachovia Bank to getting a lawyer and taking them to court, prior to finding out that they never even faxed anything. Now, the court issue will begin, and i am definitely changing my bank... and its not going to BANK of AMerica(which is another bad bank) This whacked bank has a tendency of Delaying the most important issues as far as customers go... best advice, STAY AWAY FROM WACHOVIA! Its really sad to see this happening after 20 years of service with them... Never saw it coming and I even heard bad news about them for a long time... GUESS I SHOULD LISTEN TO FORMER CUSTOMERS FROM NOW ON.

  • Ni
    Nicole L Dec 05, 2007

    Don't ever use this bank if any one is looking for one go to a credit union or use cash!!! They suck so bad!

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  • Co
    Copter Davis May 25, 2008

    Hey, If you want to complain about Wachovia Bank ?
    forget about there banking practices and check in to whos' building there banks and doing there fixture installs.

    They are built and, Bank fixtures (Teller Lines, Ect) are intalled by some llegal iImmigrants . Wait untill Bill Oreilly gets this news

    Copter Davis

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  • Wa
    wachovialied Jun 09, 2008

    Visit our site and see join the hundreds of stories that are like yours. There is power in numbers and we are growing with complaints! www.wachovialied.com

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  • Dk
    D Keith Cumbie Jul 18, 2008

    STAY AWAY FROM WACHOVIA!!! They will gouge and cheat you and abuse their banking power!
    I opened my first account in 1980!!!
    They have treated me like filth!


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taking a payment out of my checking account with my knowledge cause of a system error!

Made a phone payment on Oct. 12th 2007. I did the whole automated system where it ask for you account number and checking information. After entering all my information the phone system said there was an error and they would forward me too and operator/banker to take all my information. After doing all of that I started to receive letters from my bank that my account was over drawn and starting getting overdraft fees. Not knowing anything I used my debit call that weekend (Oct. 13-14) and thought everything was okay. Went to the bank the following Monday (Oct. 15th) to get a print of my banking statement too see why my account was negative. Comes to find out Wells Fargo Auto Finance ended up taking the payment that the operator took out plus the payment that I tried to make through their automated system. The automated system never game me confirmation number or anything saying that the payment had been accepted.

After getting my bank statement I called up Wells Fargo to see what was going on. On hold for about 10 minutes and I get a hold of someone in Pennsylvania and let me say they are so rude and stupid. I told the operator about my situation and she kept cutting me off not letting me complete a singe sentence. After being put on hold numerous times the operator told me to fax my bank statement to her. Then she said that there was a system error with the automated phone system and they apologize for the error. I was a little ticked at the time but kept my cool and asked her what am I suppose to do for money since it was Wells Fargo error and not mine. After sending about 10 faxes to Wells Fargo, they kept saying there weren't getting them even though I got the confirmation letter back from my fax machine. So finally after a week and ended up going to the local Wells Fargo Finance place and talked to one of their people. I must say the guy was very nice and helpful. But the operator gave the guy at the Wells Fargo Finance place the run around as well. I had him fax my bank statement from their office and they called my late Friday night saying they got my fax but couldn't read it. That's kind of funny since I put for them to call my cell phone on the fax and they called, but couldn't read the fax. So know it's been a whole week and nothings been taken care of.

Come Monday morning (Oct. 22th) and I called Wells Fargo and I talk to a operator in Tempe, Arizona. She asked for me to fax my statement to her and she would look at it. Well I called Wells Fargo back a couple of hours after I faxed and wanted to confirm that received a clear copy of my fax. I ended up getting a hold of an operator in Pennsylvania and she was unable to forward me to someone at the Tempe, Arizona office. So I talked to the floor supervisor for the collection department in Pennsylvania. The guy said that I could go to the bank and they would take money from the Federal Reserve and Wells Fargo would pay for that. Went to the bank and told him what the guy said and they just laughed. Lucky my bank was nice enough to take money out my checking account even though it was in the negative. Thanks to Wells Fargo error my checking account was $900.00 negative and all they could say was were sorry. So whenever I called to check on my account I would ask the operator when she asked for my account number if they were in the Tempe or Pennsylvania office. I will say that the people in Tempe are a lot more friendly then the Pennsylvania folks.

I also requested that they call me when they got my fax and never received a single phone call. So when I was talking to a operator they told the would email a certain person and tell them to call, never heard my phone ring. Finally I received to checks in the mail. One for the extra payment they took out and one for some of the over draft fees that my bank had charged me.

I guess I just want everyone to know not to do business with Wells Fargo cause they don't give a hoot about their customers and are extremely rude. I even had on manager tell me that "we are paying you back so I don't seeing it being a big deal". Talk about pushing the wrong buttons. So know I'm waiting for another check for the overdraft fees to get my checking account out of the negative. I also asked the Wells Fargo dummy why they call me when I have payment that is one day late and take my money out the same day but they can wire money to my account. I wish me luck I'm about to call them here shortly too see what the status of my account is.

  • Ke
    Kendra Dec 16, 2007

    I had an issue with Wellsfargo Auto Finance where I went and paid my bill for my mountaineer. In cash230.00 had paid on the 15th of November. I just received a bill in the mail that was generated on the 19th of November and showed a $0.00 amount due for Dec. SO I happily didn't make a payment because Wellsfargo sent me an INVALID INCORRECT statement!!! I got about one hundred freaking harassment calls to me, but when I tried to call them I was either put on hold for 30 Minutes or hung up on!!

    Well, needless to say, the reason that my bill was incorrect was an error of Wellsfargo. One of the tellers that I had handed my payment to posted it twice, so when the bank figured this out, they had already sent me a statement saying that I didn't need to make a payment, but here is the part that makes me sooo MAD!!

    I got a hold of a real nice young woman, who, was attempting to fix the problem that she admitted the BANK made, not the customer. I was then put on hold for 15 minutes and then the phone started ringing and the line went silent.... the call was lost. I then called customer service again only to be transferred to a man who was arrogant, rude and must have thought that I was an idiot. This WELLSFARGO representative didn't even give me two seconds to dispute my problem before he rudely demanded my bank account number because I was "past due" on a bill that I had right in my hand stating that I didn't owe anything. I asked him why he needed my bank account when I was disputing a billing error. He rudely said "YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME,I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! GIVE ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER." I was soo angry by then I requested to speak to a superior. The man said "ok just one moment." This representative didn't even bother to put me on hold while he told his co-worker my problem out loud where he said "she is just angry about her account, here talk to her." He must have handed it over to his neighbor thinking that a woman would make me submissive to his rudeness.

    This woman continued to give me the go around about how this error was my fault and then continued to talk to me like I was an idiot. She said to me " you CANNOT tell me that you didn't know that your statement was an error. Wouldn't you think to call if your statement was like that?? YOU KNOW that statement wasn't right so YOU should just know to pay it." My response was that regardless of what she thinks, Wellsfargo sent incorrect info and that Wellsfargo is a financial institution and I shouldn't have to question it. She then snidely stated "well, a manager will tell you the same thing." UMM wait a minute didn't I directly request the man for a SUPERRIOR??? Yea I thought so... I asked this woman if she was IN FACT a SUPERVISOR she said "um, NO". I then begun to raise my voice and yelled "I BLAINTLY REQUESTED A SUPERVISOR, WHY AM I BEING PUSHED AROUND, I WANT YOUR SUPERIOR NOW!!!"

    After waiting again for 15 minutes I got a woman who claimed to be a supervisor by the name of CAROL in the collection/finance department (who knows if she was REALLY a supervisor) she then told me that they made a double post of the payment that I made in cash and then reversed it on the twentieth. WELLSFARGO SCREW UP NOT MINE but continued to blame it on me. I got no where.. NOW I OWE LATE FEES!!

    Just todaY 12/15/07 I got a call from the collections department demanding payment over the phone, with a ten dollar fee..hum kinda funny charging fees to punch some buttons in to a computer, so hard and time consuming that it requires a fee! I refused the phone payment and said that I was visiting the local bank to file a formal complaint with Wellsfargo Auto Finance and that I was submitting a complaint to BBB. That was when I was told that I had a "code 48,41" On my account which the lady told me was Insufficient FUNDS... ON WHAT? A CASH PAYMENT THAT I MADE IN PERSON?? IMPOSSIBLE IF I DIDN"T WRITE A CHECK!!! So warning to any one who disputes a bill... Wellsfargo will deny any mistakes they make on your bill... Customers and consumers are not alway or ever right, these big FDIC insured BANKS are..they chew you up and eat your money... You will never win a dispute against a FDIC bank... END OF STORY!!

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  • Ne
    needhlp20 Jul 18, 2008

    My payment was due on the 7th of July, which was wierd because it has always been due on the 12th before. I did not recieve my bill until the 15th so I just repeated Junes payment of $100 on the 1st because I was always paying $10-12 extra and figured my minumum was still $84 and $100 would easily cover that and keep me out of the realm of high bank fees. Not only did the Wells Fargo change my due date to trick me into paying late, (which didn't work) but they had changed my minimum to $101, leaving my payment short $1. They understood the mistake and that the bill was hung-up in the mail and came late but I still lost $39 because the payment was short $1, it makes the payment LATE. They probably get odd stories from disgruntled customers all day but my payment of $100 should have made some impact in the believeability department. Is it any wonder I don't want to see ANY bank bailed out for making bad decisions?...most of their bad decisions screw the consumer. What a bunch of dis-honest hacks.

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  • Ja
    James R Allen III Nov 19, 2008

    I also have had similar problems with wells fargo, they are a very proud to be a "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER" and I believe that they take great pride in this label, they work so hard at improving it every day and have made great strides at being the best in the industry. I am now for the third time involved in the Wells Fargo Un- Merry- Go round of no call backs, no fax backs and empty promises of : I am truly sorry for your problem, I know how you must feel, just give me a few moments to talk to my supervisor and I will... DO NOTHING! MY ADVISE TO ALL THAT WILL LISTEN: GO AND FIND A LOCAL BANK IN YOUR AREA, HOPEFULLY THERE IS ONE JUST STARTING UP SOMEWHERE CLOSE, AND OPEN AN ACCOUNT OR ACCOUNTS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH A REAL PERSON WHO REALLY CARES BECAUSE HIS LIVELYHOOD DEPENDS ON MAKING THAT SMALL BANK GROW! I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS AFTER 21 YEARS OF NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND IT IS AT THE VERY LEAST BEEN SUCH A GREAT BENEFIT TO MY OVERALL HEALTH, ESPECIALLY MY HEART AND MENTAL WELL BEING. TELL OPERATORS LIKE WELLS FARGO TO KISS YOUR BUSINESS GOOD- BYE- YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.

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vehicle loan

Almost two years ago my husband and I purchased a new used car... We were financed through wells fargo... What a nightmare this has become. Almost as soon as we got the car home we started recieving harrassing phone calls five to nine times a day starting at 7a. M. Lasting untill about 9p. M.
According to wells fargo we never had proper insurance coverage on the car... We've had our insurance company fax proof about fifty times... And us ourselves have faxed proof about 100 times. Somehow they never seem to have them... They just randomly dissapear into thin air.
Wells fargo added balboa to our car payment... Without ever making us aware of this... There fore our car payment was raised... Since we never recieve statements in the mail (We have called numerous times to request statements) weve only paid what we thought our car payment was for two years now.
About a week ago to make a long nightmare short... I woke up to find that my car had been repossed for pasts due payments... Mind you we have never been late on our car payment. So here we are carless and fighting with the most rude people in the world to get our car back... Something that apparently is going to cost us a small fortune. For some damn mistake that they made.
Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Do
    Don G Oct 28, 2007

    I can not stand these critters at wells fargo. I admit I have been late on car payment, but never over 2 weeks. I called Wells Fargo and told them that I would be late, and the day after it was due, I received a call from collections. I explained that my payment was due yesterday, but would be paid in two weeks, 9 calls later and telling my story 9 times more, and it continues between 7-11 times per day for the last 12 days. 800-565-2310. I am seeking legal advise to stop the harassment. I am up to 89 calls now!!!

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  • Ja
    Jav Mar 19, 2008

    I had to call them to find out when and where to even make my first payment. It was due the next day and I sent it immediately. It will be paid off next week, as I will NOT deal with their rude employees calling me all the time. There is nothing their calls can do to make the check arrive any sooner. They have even called my employer without my knowledge or permission. Never again will I ever do any kind of business withWells Fargo and I wil surely tell everyone I can about this experience and these sites that list the complaints about this company.

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  • Js
    JSE Apr 08, 2008

    This mother fu¢^ing company is the REASON the Do Not Call list was invented!

    Yet filing a report there does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I must have filed around 50 or 60 now for this company, each and every time they call I report it, and the calls still just keep coming.

    I installed a caller ID zapper on my computer just for this friggin company and it has been hangin up automatically on them after 1 ring for almost 2 solid months now, and they STILL don't take the hint! Look, here is just a sample of what I have to put up with (this is as big as I could make the screen for the screenshot. It is the log of calls from the program I mention):

    <img src="http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/9579/0010du4.jpg">


    No one on this household has any business with this Wells Fargo Company. I'm seriously considering hiring a lawyer. There has to be some way of suing this place for harassment.

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home mortgage and bank account

we have a mortgage with wells fargo. The payment went up in the first year. When it went up again in the 2nd year I ask for help with this payment as they had told me it was because of escrow. Our taxes and ins had not gone up. They told me to not make the payment but hold on to it because they would redo our loan and get this back on track. After numerous calls to their customer service center and after receiving foreclosure notices they redid our loan at an even higher rate and more interest. When I tried to refinance through another company they told me that because of wells fargo "bad credit" they could not. If wells fargo would remove this as a bad mark they could. When I called wells fargo to ask them to remove they said that they could not because we had the option to pay in full. We have struggled along with this high payment and they have had to redo our loan again because of it. I am scared to see what the high payment will be this time.

Also we have a checking account with them... dumb move huh. I forgot to write an auto payment down and it was for approx$100. Because of this after several checks have went through there is over $1000.00 in service fees and it has taken 3 of my paychecks to cover them. Who can live without a paycheck. Wells Fargo will not let me close my account without letting me bring it current and they will not work with me on this either. They say I could get a personal line of credit and then they will put it into my acct and then i can make monthly pmts on this. Then they call back to say this is not approved... bad credit... probably from the mortgage deal. They have not helped at all but put me farther in debt. Probably bankruptcy is the answer then they will not be able to have me pay any thing back.

Through the process of all this they did give me approval on a personal line of credit -which was defaulted on- for $11,000.000 and also a $2000.00 credit card... Now why would they allow that. They have terrible customer service. Any suggestions would help. I dont' want anything out of them but to go away and I am doing my banking elsewhere.

  • Ga
    gary bibeau Sep 17, 2014

    They did the same to us in (3) Months lies and destroyed our credit, And they lie professionally, try to get them to help you can forget it, all should form a class action LAW SUIT

    Wells Fargo be careful on the way up on the latter because you will meet us all when you fall off the latter

    Yes the great AMERICAN Government states what Banks do not want you to know about home modifications.

    I started with them having my FULL MTG PAYMENTS paid 2 mnths in advance before I lost my job & became DISABLED

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poor service!

I have been with Wells Fargo for 2 1/2 years and have never been without full coverage insurance. I started receiving notices that I would need to provide proof of insurance if I haven't already to this Balboa Insurance. I disregarded the first couple of notices because I knew that They had my insurance information on file. Then I started getting these constant, harassing phone calls several time a day. hey kept telling only a partial payment had been made and that I owed for the insurance. I argued them down that I've always had full coverage insurance without a lapse. to make a long story short, I have faxed and called Balboa 2x and I'm still being harassed by Wells Fargo and treated rudely. When I demanded to speak to a supervisor, the lady told me she would get me a supervisor and them slammed the phone down. I told them this was unlawful practice and I will go to the Insurance Commissioner. I am fed up now with this and I strongly suggest if there are other customers out there experiencing the same situation, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Fa
    Faith Seawright Oct 27, 2008

    We bought a homerowner's policy from Balboa in Bay St. Louis Ms. We bought the policy because an excursion if your house explodes due to wind you are covered. Katrina took our house it was proven to be wind..our wind & hail paid in full. Balboa sent some one out who never contacted us and we recived a letter stating our house showed edvence flood . Well our house wasn't there I don't know where the were but it wasn't where my house use to be. We call, sent letters they never returned a call. We seen we were getting no where we hired an attorney. In 2008, it was placed in front a judge and we had a case and before the settlement conference they have appealed. I'm glad we had oyher means or we would be homeless.

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wells fargo stole my house!

Wells Fargo - www.wellsfargo.com Back in Nov 2006 the phone calls started, saying that I did not pay my...

they take what they want

A couple of weeks ago I started receiving phone calls about a car loan that was 90 days past due. I stated I don't own that car or know what they are referring to. They continuously called 4 or 5 times a day requesting I pay, I continued to deny the debt and requested proof. Their response was always your on the contract as a cosigner, of course they are just looking at a computer screen with my name on it. Identity Theft or Fraud I am not sure yet which, but the point to this is...

The Warning

If you happen to have any accounts with Wells Fargo they will take what they feel you owe from any of those accounts to balance any other accounts. They did not fore warn me or ask for my authorization before they zero'd out my checking account for this debt they claim I owe.

  • Ma
    MadasHell Nov 13, 2008

    Go to your bank and STOP all auto payments to Wells Fargo Dont let them take it from you accounts. Your bank can stop this . Dont let ANYONE do automatic pay from your bank accounts. Go to your bank and disallow it. Pay your payments by check, via the mail. dont do phone payment by check.

    Here is the direct numbers for the people in charge . keep notes of time day, and what they discussed. They will try to play you, don't take it. Look at the Fair credit reporting act, to see what they can and cannot do. You will see they do alot of things hey shouldn't and legally cant. report them!!!

    will coakley VP Collections
    e-mail. [email protected]

    Alex Alverez
    direct number 480-337-2922

    e-mail [email protected]

    if this doesnt resolve your issue ( it won't, they are VP's cause they are better liars) report them to

    If your complaint is with a national bank (has the word “national” in its name or the letters “N.A.” after the name), please contact:

    Customer Assistance Group

    Comptroller of the Currency

    1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3710

    Houston, TX 77010

    Telephone: 800-613-6743

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Internet: www.occ.treas.gov

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worst customer service I have ever experienced

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I refinanced a home loan with Wells Fargo obtaining a loan with a different company. Loan with Wells Fargo was paid off 8/31/07. I am owed $1400.00 escrow refund. per Wells Fargo website, procedure is to issue the refund check 15 days after the loan payoff. I waited 21 days. Called Wells Fargo cust. svc and was told they have until 28th of Sept. for my receipt of the check, stating the check was mailed from Des Moines, IA on Sept. 17th. I live in a suburb of Des Moines. Considered same metro area. I did not receive the check on the 28th so I called back that day after my mail had been delivered. I spoke to "Teon" who told me he would place a stop pay on the first check, so if I happen to receive the first check, I should discard it. He said a new check would be "OVERNIGHTED" to me and received no later than the following Tuesday.

On Saturday, I received the first check, but no good because a stop pay was placed, per Teon. Took 12 days to be delivered 8 miles from Wells Fargo. However, I was assured I would receive a new check Tuesday. Did not receive check on Tuesday, called back. Wed, Oct. 3rd. Rep. said she could not tell what was happening with the refund, no notations. She asked who I had spoken to on Friday. I could not find the name immediately. She said she could not determine what was being done without the name. I said I would find the name and call back. Found the name few moments later and called back, of course different person this time. I asked to speak with Teon. Was told not allowed to transfer call to Teon, because Teon had not placed a notation on the account giving permission to transfer call to him. This call was now being handled by "Stacy" Stacy said she could not tell what was happening with the refund based on computer records, she could not even tell if a stop pay had been placed on the first check, which I now had in hand, but she said I could not deposit, because it may be returned. I asked if she could go talk to Teon, and she incredibly said she was not allowed to do that. I asked to speak to Teon's supervisor and she put me on hold for 10 minutes. Upon Stacy's return, she said it would take 24 hours to determine if a stop pay was placed on the check and another 24 hours to issue a second check. She said she would need to send an Email, per procedure, to Teon and Teon's supervisor, whose name is Aretha Andrews. Stacy assured me absolutely 100% that Ms. Andrews would call me the following day to update me on what the outcome was of the inquiry. Stacy gave me Ms. Andrews direct number and I asked Stacy to place a notation on my account that allows me to call her back if I need to. She assured me she would do that and guaranteed that Ms. Andrews would call me. That phone call did not come. I called back the day after I was to receive the promised call. I called the direct number I was given for Ms. Andrews and got her voice mail. I left a message. I then called the Cust Svc number and asked for Stacy, rep. said he was not allowed to transfer calls to other Rep's. He said Stacy had not placed the notation on my account as she had promised. I am now starting over and explaining the whole thing over again to brand new people. As of now, someone named Chad Fease has assured me a new check is being issued today, Oct. 5th, and I will receive the check no later than Monday.

I maintained a mortgage loan with Wells Fargo for 11 years and they made a nice chunk of change from my interest payments. To put it simply, I do not deserve to be treated this way.

  • Rh
    rhonda wiltsi Dec 01, 2007

    wells fargo cash on demand loans beware ! Isn't there anyone that can stop this company from hurting peoples credit ? I reported a loan that was taken out in my name without my concent and the use of MY SS# without my concent . I shortly after that had a brain injury ,I have all the medical reports and a police report # to prove all this is true . I called after I was recovering and they told me they would do nothing about the problem to much time had passesd . I now have a credit report with an unpaid loan on it and that there is somewhere around 1500 dolars owed . I will except any help I can get with this matter . One last note I have been on ss disabilty for around six years now. My yearly income is 7000. dollars a year .I see about 5000. of that because I have to pay medicaid 1200. a year and another 1200. is used for over the counter drugs not covered by madicaid . Hard to believe I know please help me regain my credit back .
    Thank you and may god bless.

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  • Br
    Brad Sep 18, 2008

    Please contact the Better Business Bureau and the Comptroller of the Currency for National Banks. Doing this will get the banks attention and they will work more diligently to resolve your issues. This will also help others.

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  • Le
    Lee Org Sep 02, 2009

    I've twalked to more than ten employees sat Wells Fargo Home Mortwge about my loan with it. Wells Fargo has constantly to jack up my mortgage payments with hocus pocus excuses. THE PROBLEM IS TO STOP WF from admitting its mistakes, let alone making corrections. WF is also using such excuse for not cashing my monthly losn payments and entered it as [deliuent]!!! What a small-time losan shark!

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  • Ji
    Jill Paul Jan 12, 2011

    I feel your pain. People beware, do not use Wells Fargo for your mortgage. The amt of stupidity and incompetence is unreal, I have never been treated so shoddy especially by people who are getting my money. They have been making us jump through hoops for months although we have a perfect application. I know it is age discrimination but of course I can't prove that . Wish there was a way to let the world know what a dishonest organization they are

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  • Mo
    MomTino123 May 27, 2011

    I recently became involved with Wells Fargo Dealer Services and it has been nothing but hell since. The employees are incompetent and rude, they will say anything to degrade you. They don't try to work with you on anything and act like they are doing you a favor. They rep-remand you like a child and put your character in question with every phone conversation you have with them.Please when considering dealing with this company to keep in mind their uncivil tactics of business. Try at any cost to avoid Wells Fargo

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I would never do any business with wells fargo bank again!

When I purchased my vehicle financing through Wells Fargo Financial. Several months after the purchase I was injured and went on full time disability. Fortunately I did purchase disability insurance with the loan.

Unfortunately, I stopped receiving monthly statements. When I call the Wells Fargo office that originated the loan they cannot tell me why I am not getting a monthly statement. They would only tell me that my loan was current. I never did get another monthly statement, however, I did receive a letter from their collections department in Kansas City.

When I call the number in Kansas City and explain that I haven't received monthly statements in a year, they don't seem to see that as a problem. I ask, how would I know if I was current or behind if you won't send me statements, they have no answer. When I tell them that the disability insurance company is making the payment and that the payment should be current, I'm told it is not.

This bank does not know what it is doing. They are rude and can't see that the problem here is within their own system. I would never do any business with Wells Fargo Bank again. In the mean time I just hope a tow truck doesn't back up to my vehicle and tow it away before Wells Fargo finally gets this right.

  • Da
    David Willis Nov 05, 2007

    Wells Fargo lost my first three months payments and reported to the credit company's that I was past due, They finally found my payments after 3 weeks and will not take the late postings off without me sending a letter requesting it.

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  • Rh
    rhonda wiltsi Nov 27, 2007

    I was avictum of Identity theft. I made every attempt to get together all the facts that it was someone else whom toke out the loan. They didn't care they put it on my credit report as nonpayment. They then added on extra fees late fees ,over the limit fees etc.. I now can't get any credit at all that I try for. I am at my wits end.

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  • Le
    leslie dangerfield Jul 29, 2008

    wells fargo is the worst company in captivity. there should be some kind of watch dog group that investigates and then closes this place down . no consumer should be harrassed the way these people do, if you're one day late customer service(big joke) is calling with threats for repossesion. all consumers who have had any problems with this horrible company should get together to file a class action suite

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  • Ti
    Tito D May 26, 2009

    I agree with the other posts here 1000%...

    WFB routinely bends the rules, crosses the line, lies, makes misleading statements ... need I say more?

    My Mom bought a vehicle for my older brother, and he agreed to make the payments, but being the unreliable less than responsible people he and his wife are, they are never on time with the payment it seems...

    WFB calls here 2, 3 or more times a day when they are late, and I record all the calls - and I inform WFB that the call is being recorded as required by law...

    The same (male) individual has threatened my Mom with arrrest, and threatened to expose her to the neighbors as a dead beat...

    Where can I write a cease and desist letter to stop these calls? When I've asked WFB for the address they start back peddling and say they don't know, etc...

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  • Ye
    yep Jun 17, 2009

    I had pretty much the worst buying experience ever in dealing with WF... They are the worst complany I have ever dealt with. The lie to get you in the door, make you wait for hours, and then act like you should have known all the details before you got there. Also the automatically put Road Side assistance on the loan, and when I declined, I had to wait another hour for the paperwork to be printed. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.

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  • Dn
    D Nicely Jul 25, 2009

    We had a similar instance and got behind on the car payments and these people are very difficult to deal with. People can say pay your bills but when you have to choose due to financial layoffs and things a house is more important than a DAMN car.

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  • Ir
    Irvin C. Knight Jul 28, 2009

    Wells Fargo has a flaws in there automatic deducted car payment program . My car's loan payment was suppose to come out of my checking accout automatically on the 15th of each month and when they failed to take the money out I had ediots calling me on a regular basis . I have since paid my car off and will never do business with this company again . I complained about this to many people to no avail .

    IrvinC. Knight - West Chester, Pa.

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inappropriate service!

In 2003 I financed a new Ford Focus thru Wells Fargo Auto Finance, formerly known as Wells Fargo Financial. I must say that I never really had a problem with the account for the first three years. Then, due to divorce proceedings, I began to fall on really hard times financially. I asked, several times, for a grace period on my payments and was denied. Then, My spouse moved out of state and as per our agreement, he took the Focus with him. He would make the payments from that state, in his name but using the proper account numbers. However, EVERY month Wells Fargo would send ME the bill, and call me several times, demanding that I make the payments. (I was primary on the account). Whenever I would call my ex, he would assure that the payments were being made. I had no reason to doubt him. This month, Sept 2007, my ex paid-off the account in full. So... guess what! My expectation is that I am paying off an account so that I may be in receipt of my car title, free and clear!. Wells Fargo, Instead sent me a BOGUS Release of Title and Affidavit of Loss (of Title). THEY LOST? MY TITLE! I did my part and TRUSTED them to do theirs...they did not. Not only that, but the Affidavit that they sent me was improperly signed by their Records Clerk, and it came from a bank that was not on record with the Washington State DOL. Also, the Affidavit had incorrect information and was NOT Notarized. SO I have taken time from work to drive to the WA State DOL Main Office to find out that I must wait even longer and go thru several steps to be able to get a clear title for the car. (In the mean time it is setting in Texas, awaiting a clear title so that it may be re-registered). Firstly, WFF/Auto must initiate a corrected affidavit, and then I may file for a new title. Two Reps from the WA State DOL have affirmed that they have had prior evidence that someone at Wells Fargo Auto Finance has been "Washing" Titles. So, when do we take action and prosecute? They find it necessary to harass me about payments that are not late, and yet they cannot produce the Title that I PAID to entrust in their "Safe Keeping?" WOW! What a RIP-OFF! I will never again do any business with Wells Fargo!

  • Ea
    E. Andrews Dec 11, 2007

    I totally agree with you. I hate these people. Even though I'm upside down on this vehicle, I will sell it and pay the difference just to get these idiots out of my life. They've lost payments, harrassed me, and nearly caused me to loose my job over their stupidity. THEY lost the payment, not me. And then they try to make it seem like you aren't a responsible adult when they call and harrass you. I hope they go out of business. They S*CK!!!

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  • Kd
    KDC Jan 15, 2009

    A vehichle was lease thru Well Fargo from 2004 thru 2008. It was trade in back in 4/08, 5 months prior to the term of the lease. I was never late on my lease payment to the bank. However, the problems stated when I informed Wells Fargo that I was trading the vehicle and leasing something else thru another bank. They were so rude and kept calling me as to why the did not receive payments. I explain to them that the vehicle was already traded and gave them the contact name of the new leasing company. The calls kept coming in all hours of the day. I decided to asked for a supervisor and she was so NASTY AND RUDE. Her response was "what do you want me to do". I explained to her that I want the calls to stop because I no longer have the vehicle because it was traded for something else and that the new leasing company owes them the balance. She hung the phone up in my ears. I dial back and complain about her, but of course they could not locate who she was. Anyway, the calls stop. I contacted my new leasing company who told me Wells Fargo as posssesion of the old vechicle. Six months later I decided to check my credit report and to my surprise, Wells Fargo as noted that the vehicle was repossessed by them. I have filed a claim thru Equifax to have this investigated and clear from my report. Because of the harrassment, rudeness and now FALSE doucmentation from WELLS FARGO BANK, I will NEVER due business with them every again. I do hope that something can be done to WELLS FARGO for filing false information and trying to ruin my credit. Also, i do hope they can employed better people to respresent their company than the nasty ones they have currently employed. I too will be contacting and filing a complaint with Wells Fargo to have this rectified. I am hoping that my present experience with Wells Fargo will be better than my past. I will comment on the outcome of this investigation.

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using consolidation schemes to trick consumers!

We have a small loan through Wells Fargo (was $1100... now down to $840) which we have been paying on time...

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