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harassing, bullying customer service & phone calls

I have been late on my payment due to personal issues and have tried over and over again to try to find a...

poor customer service!

It all started with me trying to use my debit at target I had ordered food and brought up some groceries to...

sat on my 7 short sale offers for 3.5 months forcing foreclosure!

Wells Fargo intially miss-calculated my escrow account -- when they corrected it, it raised my mortgage by...

gouging business tactics!

My complaint deals with my small business. I own a restaurant and I accept credit cards. My credit card...

denied a bank account!

My wife and I have had a bank account with our local bank for 29 years. We recently bought a home in another...

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auto loan payments!

I have been paying on time with in the 10 days grace period that you have when you purchase any auto loan. ...

rude customer service representatives!

I call Wells Fargo and tell them that I have a payment on the way to them with bill pay from my bank account...

payment for car refused!

I, Vicki McKenna, am 2 months behind on my 2004 Beetle VW payment. I have struggled financially since...

scam and cheating!

Bought a car in Sept/07 and made every payment to date. Provided my insurance the day of purchase and even followed up with agent. I have been with state farm for 20 plus years. Now in Jan/08 I get a letter from Wells Fargo that I am soon to be charged 1826.00 for insurance. I made contact with agent information was again sent. Then 2 weeks later another letter stating that it was sent to the wrong address. How can that be when it was indeed sent to the address and fax number on their letter? This is my first and last business with this company. I plan to file many complaints and/or lawsuit due to these improper actions. If they are too damn large to find something its sure not my fault. They should never send letters providing addresses and fax numbers that are incorrect. I think it is a way of them making extra money by way of consumer fraud!!! I place some of the blame on the dealership that arranged the finance because they should know a companies reputation. However they have been notified making them aware of these illegal practices. I want to warn everyone to avoid this company at all costs. As well as any dealer that endorses them as a client. And please fight back to prevent more victims in the future.

  • Ji
    jive-caldwell Feb 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE put BALBOA ins. on oyur vehicle even if you do have your PERSONAL INS.? Do they keep on saying that you don't have ins. even though you have faxed them proof & talked to them over & ohttp://www.protectingtheconsumer.com/confirmation.phpver again to stop their wrong doings... worst of all have they reposed your vehicle b/c of this... well i came across a website where these sets of lawyers are looking into this & it could result as a CLASS SUIT... which will be great for us... heres the link check it out it might be the answer to our prayers w/ this damn company!!!


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  • Te
    Teresa Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I whole heartedly agree and I have followed your link and submitted my information as well. Because of Wells Fargo and the amounts that they charged and refused to take off even after repeated attempts to show them that we had the insurance they asked for we had the vehicle voluntarily reposessed because we were so far behind with their extra insurance charges and late fee's because we refused to pay the insurance. And of course they couldn't get what they financed the car for. It almost seems as though they do this on purpose and in the long run make more money in charges and fee's because of it. They need to be stopped!

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  • Cd
    cduhe Jul 13, 2009

    i had the same thing happen to my husband and i twice on our account. i phoned wells fargo and told them to come pick up the truck. they have called us 273 times in two months. we are both firefighters and are required to keep full coverage on our vehicles and are inspected by the fire boards. they are so rude and do not know how to speak to a customer. when im on the phone with them they are calling my husbands phone and telling him im lying and i haven't talk to them. now mind you heis next to me and wells fargo is on speaker phone on my phone. never, never, never, again will i deal with them or ever refer anyone or anything to wells fargo. they are a rip off and do not deserve to be in business. and they can read everyones complaints and comments and say whatever they want to try and make a logical reason why the cusomers are at fault, but the truth of the matter is, they are the sad worthless pathedic money hungry trash digging sorry dogs that are starving animals. they are one of the reasons this society is is such an economical turmoil. sorry dogs.

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  • Bi
    BigPappa7855 Feb 26, 2010

    I had the same problem with Wells Fargo on more than one occassion. It didn't seem to matter whether it was me or the Insurance Company who faxed them the information they just claimed they never received it. I had numerous problems with them regarding the insurance and twice they added the insurance charge to my loan and then charged me interest on it. After fighting with them for weeks they removed the insurance charge but never removed the interest from the loan. It went on and on. They financed my truck for 17, 900 and after 2 and 1/2 years of payments of $393.00 a month according to their records I still owed them $15, 000. My father was a co-signer on the loan with me and about 2 years in he was killed in a vehicle accident. After that they required we send them a copy of the death certificate to have him removed from the loan. After being out of work for 4 months with my father in a coma and eventually passing away, I was behind on some payments but working dilligently with them to catch up. I was just about caught up when the repo company showed up at my house with an order for my truck. Now mind you just the previous day I had made an electronic check payment to Wells Fargo over the phone and they had assured me that my account was no longer delinquent and I was fine until 15 days later when the next payment was due. I cooperated with the repo company and surrendered my truck to them. Even the repo company said that Wells Fargo was the absolute worst finance company out there and that I should avoid them at all costs and tell my friends the same. Wells fargo took my truck and sold it at an auction i'm sure for roughly $5, 000 and then sent me and my deceased father a bill for balance of $10, 000. They are the most ignorant disresputable company I have ever dealt with. They will never see another penny out of me, so I hope they enjoyed the thousands of dollars they suckered out of me. Thanks Wells Fargo!

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  • Ps
    P.S.Cox Mar 17, 2010

    I despise Wells Fargo, and everything that it stands for. They are a group of degenerates. After my divorce I took over my X-wife car note, on various occasions I have tried to refinance the vehicle. I was told that the vehicle is worth less than the loan, so i could not refinance vehicle which was fine. But every other month they would call me for my bank information. After giving this information time and time again, they were never able to get it right in so much that they would call me and tell me that I am 3 months behi, and that I had to pay the full amount in order to get out of repo status. Well this happened about 3 times, and they have one more time to screw with me, and it’s a rap. They don’t even have to come pick it up. I would gladly leave on the side of the highway. People-people beware of those parasites. P.S.Cox

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charge us $40.00 interest on insurance they take out!

Wells fargo auto finance take auto insurance on the car and time laps in between the time i had a appointment with another insurance it laps in sept. and could only get a appointment with other company to cheaper insurance on the car i got the instance november as soon as can. I am disabled person and i don't have a lot of money and wants. They charge a lot of finance charge on my car they charge me 24,000.00 for a 12,000 car which was to much for finance charge.

grace period

What is the purpose of a grace period? Apparently for Wells Fargo, it means nothing. Every month I go to their website and schedule my auto payment. Each time it is at least 2 days before the grace period ends, but each month I still get collection calls. I don't have an answering machine, but on my caller ID, it showed up that they had called my house 5 times in one day and on the 6th time I was at home to take the call.

I informed them each time I have spoken with them that I schedule my payments on their website so check that before calling me. I realize it is probably an auto dialer that dials the number then a live person gets on the phone, but it should be changed as to when the machine starts to call someone.

Another thing, it is no one's business at Wells Fargo as to why I use my grace period. I am never late and it is always before then end of my grace period, so to that idot that asked me that,IT IS BECAUSE I WANTED TO.


I rhonda hudson receive a call on feb 23,08 at or about 8:05 am. talk to 3 people and they were very nasty to me. on that day I talk to a gentlemen name curv, osh. a lady name jane. well jane, curv threaten me, they were hard to talk to. jane told me that she in so many words that she would not get in trouble. wells fargo calls my home anywere from 10 to 12 or more times a day. they are not speaking right to you, they talk to you very bably when they call. they call my home to many times a day that is against the law. they always threaten me about the car. we all sometime get behind in our bills. I even ask for a few hours to deposit the money on friday feb29,08 jane told me know. that she is going to put it threw, I didnot want my acct to overdraw and also not the car money. the consumer has rights as well. please have the people not to continue to call my home threatening me. and to stop calling my over limited. I know that I have a car loan with them. but all in all I should have to be threated this way. I dont mind picking up my phone to talk but not all day several times a day back to back saying the same thing over and over. please dael with this matter, know what right. because I dont talk to them that way. so I am not going to stand for it. just because people own they still have rights. that why people just say forget it because you have people like the ones who calls me. good people do know how to talk to poeple with respect. please handle this matter. sorry for the delay payment. rhonda hudson

  • An
    Anita Gutierrez Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Anita Gutierrez
    Has a complaint with Your customer service
    I have many people from Wells Fargo that has called me at my place of empolyment five times a day, and several times right after on my cell phone. This is against the law.
    An I would like this to stop.
    Anita Gutierrez

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wellsfargo stealing my money

Dear Sirs My name is Makhmadullo. I have been a customer with Wellsfargo Bank since 2001. On January 16th...

scam and fraud!

My Husband and I sold our house in Wisconsin, and came to Cookeville TN, we had over 50,000.00 and a credit...

inappropriate late fee charges!

I submitted a payment for Dec which cleared my bank on Dec 6 2007 I submitted payment for Jan and Feb on Jan...

unauthorized bank withdraw, deny refund

My horror started on Jan. 7, 2008 when one of Wells Fargo Auto Finance Customer Serv. Reps. called to collect...

autopay unauthorized charges

My husbands has never applied to this autopay and they are trying to get $31.98 out of his account and so far it has caused him to have a huge overdraft that he can not pay because he is on lay-off from his job and it is very hard for him to pay this bill that this company has put him in this situation please get his bank account off the list thank you very much.

V. Ned

  • Pe
    Pete Chavez Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter is in a dispute with DirectTV over their service that was not working and asked to get it terminated. They owed about a total of $300.00. Wells Fargo allowed DirectTV to remove $1300.00 from their account, which they did not have. When they complained to Wells Fargo, the bank replied that it is in their contract that if money is owed to DirectTV they can remove the money from their account. When informed that the money owed is excessive and not warranted Wells Fargo said it would take about 2 to 3 weeks to resolve the issue. Meanwhile I would suggest to you if you have either Wells Fargo or DirectTV I would terminate the service asap. They now do not have enough gas money or groceries to get thru the week. They informed both companies but that fell on deaf ears.

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fraud and cheating!

When Wachovia Bank bought out World Savings, they acquired my two CD's which were worth $10,000 each...

wells fargo said I haven't made payments in over a year!!

So me and my husband buy a new car thru wells fargo auto finance, in may of 2006. Shortly after, my husband...

representatives rude harassing!

When i received the call, there was silence and then a voice said loudly, HELLO, i said, HELLO, she said, Is this Tamika, I responded yes... I could tell that this was not going to go well. Here we go, I received a call today about 11:45 a/m. CST from a collections representative in regards to an amount of $800.00 being past due on my car note 33 days. I informed her that $380.00 was paid by Money Gram 1/18/2008 and $200.00 was set up online Sunday for the total December loan of $571.00. She informed me that she did not care about the $200 until she saw the payment post, my account was still in collections. I asked if I could give her the online confirmation #, she said that it did not matter until the payment posts I would remain in collections. She asked why I was late, I informed her that I did not have the money right then and where was the car located. Trying to intimidate me, i asked if she was going to pick up the car, she said no. She asked did I get hours cut at work or something like that, I told her no. She screamed at me why don't you have the money. I am a very personal person and i don't offer information to strangers at all.

I lost my cousin, more like my brother on New Year's Eve and I was out of town for almost 2 weeks. I am just now starting to get things together. She put me on hold and came back to inform me that I was not eligible for an extension... first of all, I did not ask for an extension. She then went on to say that I will still be in collections for the January payment (due 1/19) today is 1/22. She asked when I would be able to pay it, I gave her a date and she asked very sarcastically, "Well is next months payment going to be on time?" I politely said "I hope so", thanked her for calling and hung up.

I know these people have jobs to do, but I am in collections and I know that you can get more with respect than you can with disrespect and spiteful attitudes. I am tired of this and called today to see if I can trade in my car or have my credit union to refinance.

  • Co
    Cornelia Feb 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ed
    Edward M. Huddleston Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These are the rudest most obnoxious people I have ever had the displeasure of attempting to speak with in my life. I affixed my signature to a contract of purchase for a used vehicle for my grand daughter's fiance. He, of course, turned out to be a bum who would not keep a job so I wound up making most of the payments. That is until my funds were wiped out. I tried sending e-mails telling them I could no longer pay and asking them to forward instructions as to the disposition of the vehicle. They would not discuss it via e-mail - while demanding that I call such and such a number. Even though I tried to explain that I am 83 years old, wear two hearing aids and find it very difficult to hold a phone conversation. I tried calling a couple of times but the screaming, yelling and total disrespect was more than I would tolerate. I refused to try to talk to this bunch of idiots and would not answer my phone even though they still call 25-30 times each day. Thank God for caller ID. In addition I had a wellsfargo credit card which they cancelled. I tried to continue my online payments on this card but guess what? They locked me out of online access to the account and would not unlock it so that I can make any payments. They insist that I call one of their half-witted collectors so that I can be insulted yet again. When I told them via e-mail that I would not call and that I would not answer a call from them, almost as soon as they received my message I received a call from a 'lady' who left this message "I know you do not want to talk to me Mr. Huddleston, but you WILL talk to me. There are responsibilities that you must take care of" and then the phone number that I MUST call. This person, quite obviously, less intelligent than a goat, telling ME about responsibility? Get a life lady. Last I heard there are no longer any debtor's prisons in this country so what will you do, take away my recess?

    Bottom line. I would advise anyone who is anticipating any type of business with a financial institution to take a loooong detour around any Wells Fargo facility. That is unless they revel in misery.

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  • Ju
    Julie50 Sep 29, 2009

    I completely agree with you that they are a bunch of rude idiots (that's the "happy version"). They, too, call us 20 times a day. They were even rude to our 8 year old. What they said to me was "you're through talking and you WILL make a dopsit to cover this!". Even though it's a bank error and I said as much to which the woman, her name is Chandra, started LAUGHING!!! I can't believe that a compant that is a global company has people that act so unprofessional (again that's the "happy version"). We don't answer the phone when it's them either. Plus, I left EVERY call ont he caller ID. I would suggest that you do what we have done, file a complain with your attorney general for your state. I did with my state, plus the state the calls are originating from, which is Oregon. Everyone I've talked to since, has left WF. I would suggest everyone else do the same. the employees that work for WF have an IQ of 3 and have the intelligence of a doorknob (that's being generous). I wish you luck!

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  • Ro
    Robbed by WF Feb 24, 2010

    Wells Fargo financial called inquireing if we would like to refinance our FHA home loan, they took out money from our bank account for a appriasal the same day we first visited them. We did not procede any further with them and they have refused to return our money. They didn't do the appriasal. I went out to their office to try and get our money back and recieved the run around, from the staff there and was threatened with forceable removal. This office is in Gresham, Oregon. I would avoid any business dealing with this financial instution.

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