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+1 800 556 0605 (Express Send Service)
+1 800 626 9430 (Foreign Exchange)
+1 855 872 2932 (Military Banking)
+1 800 642 4720 (Credit Cards Account Management)
+1 925 825 7600 (International Collect Calls)
+1 800 932 6736 (Apply by Phone or Online)
+1 800 967 9521 (Application Status for Visa Credit Cards)
+1 877 514 3717 (Application Status for Propel American Express Cards)
+1 877 517 1358 (Redeem Rewards)
+1 800 869 3557 (Debit Cards)
+1 800 357 6675 (Home Mortgage Account Management)
+1 877 937 9357 (Home Buying and Refinancing)
+1 866 936 7272 (Mortgage Military Customer Service)
+1 866 820 9199 (Home Equity Account Management)
+1 800 289 8004 (Auto Loans)
+1 877 700 9345 (Auto Finance)
+1 800 378 5526 (Student Loans)
+1 877 315 7723 (Student Loan Consolidations)
+1 877 269 6056 (Personal Loans and Lines of Credit)
+1 800 946 2626 (Personal Lines of Credit)
+1 800 728 3123 (401(k) Retirement Plans)
+1 800 222 8222 (Individual Investors)
+1 888 877 9275 (Investment Professionals)
+1 866 765 0778 (Institutional Sales Professionals)
+1 866 281 7436 (Current IRA Customers)
+1 866 243 0931 (New Brokerage Customers)
+1 800 872 3377 (WellsTrade Online Brokerage)
+1 877 493 4727 (New IRAs and Rollovers)
+1 800 352 3705 (Trust and Managed Investments)
+1 888 715 0380 (Wells Fargo Private Bank)
+1 800 956 4442 (Wells Fargo Online)
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Jul 21, 2019

Wells Fargo — auto loan

I was behind in payments and contacted customer service. I paid 400 on July 9th and the remainder of 169 on...

Wells Fargomanager

Visited the Wells Fargo location on White Lane Bakersfield CA in the Superior shopping center. Usually visit the California Ave location but sometimes stop to this one as its closer to home. I am very dissatisfied with the service. Management would not override my check to allow me to cash it all. I've cashed it ALL for the Same Exact Amount both on my check(since I'm salary, I always get paid the same) and account in the past(a few $$, never overdrawn, just don't like keeping much in the account). I came in at 12:25pm 7/18/19 and the Manager told me she couldn't give me all my cash. Its very upsetting because she could of overridden it- she said so herself- but she choose not to. I saw a lot a new faces, like i said i don't come consistently but every so often and the old manager, i think her name was Becky? She knew me from this and the California Ave. People quitting at this location because of the poor service/staff??

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    Wells FargoI am complaining about the appalling service I and other customers receive this morning at the wells fargo branch on apollo drive in largo md

    I got to the bank around 9:45AM, planning to take care banking need early and move on to run other important personal errands.
    To m6 surprise there were only two cashiers available and after waiting 15 min one of the cashiers put up a sign go to the next cashier. By that time 4 other customers lined up behind me. We all remarked this is a shame. This neighborhood has one of the most high capital incomes and we all have money in bank plus financial investments and who ever this manager is appears not to respect our time and our patronage.
    On customer ask a young lady talking to the male cashier who put the sign in his window, "why were there only on cashier working? She remarked we are doing something else. Well she does no5 realize that the customers may do something else and take their money out of Wells Fargo and pu5 it somewhere else.
    The idea came to mind as customers started having a discussion about the unprofessionalism that was being displayed right before our eyes A customer remarked that his father had his money in Riggs Bank for many years and went to get a loan and was refused even though he was a faithful customer. We know that the bank uses our money to invest and make more money. Well this man's Farther decided to take his $170, 000 out of Riggs and put it in another bank.
    out of Riggs bank . Riggs bank is not around anymore. So customers get ideas from other customers waiting in line . Also, no one wants to see anyone mistreated especially when we are doing an honest business with your Bank.
    I am not a marketing expert, but I believe it would be to Wells Fargo's advantage to make sure customers are served in a timely manner to prevent such discussions and respect the customers time just like you expect your worker to respect your companies time.
    On a positive note I travel from Atlanta to Maryland often and I go to to the Wells Fargo at th3 Market Place on Camp Creek and the customer service is tops. They are efficient and it appears they go all out to make sure the banking customers are satisfied.
    I do not know who the manager is at this bank but they may need to take a course in Banking customer service.
    The cashiers were polite and accommodating after we finally got to the only one that was available but by that time it was too little and to late. I pray that you address the management issues at this bank.
    I have several accounts at Wells Fargo and does my Husband who has a business.

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      Jul 16, 2019

      Wells Fargo — home mortgage

      I've been a customer since 2009, currently have two mortgages with them. I logged online to make payments and...

      Jul 16, 2019

      Wells Fargo — checking account monthly fee

      Hello, I would like to close my account. When I opened it there were no monthly service fees associated...

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      Jul 16, 2019

      Wells Fargo Bank — loan modifications

      This company only still operates now in 2019 because if it is c;losed down totally and immediately the stock...

      Wells Fargocustomer service

      My sister died and I had to close her account Since I was out of town I called in to see what to do. A man told me to send in my power of attorney form with a notarized letter. I did. Then I heard nothing. I called again and they told me that they had sent a letter telling me to send in a death certificate. So I did, and waited. What did they send me, checks to he estate of my sister. So I called again and the woman who said she was in charge of the program said the had mailed back the two forms at the end of June. This week I received only the death certificate back and the letter was dated July 5th. I sure know why Wells Fargo has such a bad reputation now. Complete incompetence.

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        • Updated by Bruce Josephson · Jul 12, 2019

          I would not have needed my power of attorney letter if it had been addressed to me. Sounds to me like a scam to prevent me from depositing checks from the bank accounts.

        Wells Fargodebit card spending limit

        I deposited $20, 000 into a Wells Fargo bank expecting to be able to spend my money as necessary. My card was then declined so I called the number and spoke to Arlene and her manager and was told the maximum daily limit I could spend was $2, 000 a day. I don't understand why this bank won't let me spend my own money and increase my daily amount. Please contact me at [protected]@gmail.com with any feedback on why I cannot increase my daily limit on my own debit card. If I do not get a response within 24 hours with a solution to increase my daily limit I will have to close my account.

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          Wells Fargomisleading the elderly

          Hello my mother Karin G Lobe who is 80 has been a Wells Fargo customer since 2015. A few months ago her banker at the Clermont hwy 50 Florida branch recommended her to change the type of account she had for another and started online banking for the first time. Weeks later she sold one of her homes and planned on moving to Costa Rica where I live. We went to her branch added me to the account and informed Sherri of her upcoming move and for advise as to what or how to manage her account. We were told "no problem" that we could wire funds internationally up to $5, 000 at a time and the only charges would be ATM and a wire fee per transaction. So we kept our Wells Fargo account and planned on depositing the funds from her other home into the account as well. Once in Costa Rica we found out that these were all lies. We found out that since she changed accounts we would NOT be able to wire funds for at least 90 days and nobody had ever taken the time to update my elderly mothers profile since no phone number was on file so increasing the ATM limit took countless hours on the phone and a Verizon bill of $588 for international calls to the Wells Fargo customer care number. Not to mention being stuck in Latin America with no ability to access her money to build her home here. Now I am going through my moms statements and notice large International fees?? I am beyond disgusted with Wells Fargo and feel the Clermont branch took advantage of my elderly mother by telling her (with me present, her daughter) lies to keep her money from leaving the branch and jeopardizing the future $375, 000 coming from the sale of her other home. I want someone to let me know how Wells Fargo will rectify the situation and reimburse the international fees to my elderly mother account or I will file a claim with the BB and report the Wells Fargo Clermont hey 50 office with defrauding the elderly.

          Gabriela Lobe

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            Wells Fargorude people and piss poor service

            I have two complaints, 1st one just happened. A friend of ours needed to have us to deposit some money into his checking account. We checked on line for the closest branch and it was 35 miles away. We called the bank and asked what all we had to do to make the deposit into our friend's account. The person at Wells Fargo said we could deposit a personal check from us to his account or get a money order, so my wife asked how long it would take for it to be available to us. The person on the phone started to get rude and said "it depends on his account, could take 2 or 3 days to be deposited to where he could use the money. My wife asked if they was a way to do this so he could get his money that day since he needed it to pay some bills, she said then make a cash deposit. We got the cash, drove 35 miles one way. Upon arriving at the bank, there was 1 teller and a long line, when I got up to the teller about 10 minutes later and told her I wanted to deposit $300 into our friend's account, she said, we don't take cash deposits unless you're on the account, she never ask me if I was or not. I told her, no I'm not on his account and she said "well I can't take cash, but you can write a personnel check or get a money order next door and come back. I ask again how long would it be to him to get access to the money, again she said 2 or 3 days, depending on how much money he had in his account. Then another lady came over and was just as rude as the teller and said Wells Fargo stopped taking cash money for deposits unless you are on the account its going into for, that its a fraud safety procedure. WTH. I could put a personnel check or money order into an account I'm not on, but not cash. They could have told us that the first time we where on the phone with them. 2nd one, my step dad passed away and left me all the legal paperwork for take care of this affairs including closing his account. He has 2 different banks, Bank of America and wells fargo. BofA had over $60, 000 and Wells Fargo $862. I went to BofA and no only got every penny but they made out the checks the way my step dad wanted and never charged a penny for there service, everyone was so wonderful. They got everything from the paperwork I had receive when he passed on. I the went to well fargo, I was treated with total disrespect, they looked over the same paperwork BofA did and said this isn't legal, go and file with the court and get the judge to tell them to release the money to me, It cost $1150 to file to get back $862 dollars, REALLY, I will not pay that to get back $862. The money is still there I guess unless the crooks at wells fargo went on vacation with it. I hear a lot of other people going thru the same thing in this situation. WELLS FARGO IS A FRUAD AND THEY TRAIN THERE EMPLOYEES TO BE REALLY RUDE to customers or they probably get fired. I wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire. Everyone not yet screwed by them, just wait, your time is coming. You're wrong no matter what happens, not they

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              Wells Fargocustomer service (not service at all) tech issue

              Two weeks ago, I could not log into my account. We set up an account to pay for our son's college tuition. I tried daily for those two weeks, using different browsers. I changed my password at the request of the website. I still could not log in. I couldn't reach the Wells Fargo 800 number from the Philippines. I messaged via Facebook and was granted a call at home. That was the last courteous act we experienced.

              After a frustrating exchange with the Wells Fargo rep, Don, a forced change of login and password, I was rudely told that I am not going to access my account. Even my husband was not granted assistance to help him log in. We were told that we would need to return to the home branch to log in. Not a great solution since we are based in the Philippines.

              I am very uncomfortable that I can not monitor my account activity and I am appalled that in this day and age, the tech team of a huge international bank like Wells Fargo cannot assist us with access to our account. What do you suggest I do? Can someone assist me here in the Philippines? I know Wells Fargo has back end offices here. I would be much obliged if i could speak to someone here, even in person where I could present proper identification and my documents given by you.

              I hope you can help and save me a trip to the United States to simply gain access to my account.

              Many thanks,

              Warm regards,

              M. Kourtney Camcam

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                Wells Fargounethical behavior

                I am a 60 year old man who takes care of my two elderly parents both 88 years old. My dad is also partially handicapped. I recently went into a branch of wells fargo to deposit yes deposit money into my parents account as it is very difficult to get them out of the house and if I just bring my mother than someone would have to sit with my dad. I had their printed out banking slip with their name on it from wells fargo and I had two forms of identification for myself. Do you know they refused to let me deposit money into their account. When I called their 800 number to voice my complaint the lady on the other end said it was the bank policy not to deposit cash into an account if it was not the account holders. She then proceeded to lecture me that they were worried about fraud and that is why this edict was in place. I found that to be utterly ludicrous that a company that was just fined a billion dollars for fraud of mortgage and auto loans was lecturing me about fraud. I guess the old saying is true a thief never trusts anyone. Shame on you wells fargo you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

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                  Wells Fargo401k services

                  I tried cashing out my 401k an account set up by the company I worked for. I was told it would take 3 to 5 business days. It will be one month when I actually receive my check. I was told a 10 day hold was placed on the account due to an address change. There was no change, just an apartment numbers was added. I recieved conformation through the mail of the address change in 2 days but the account is still on hold. My company has my correct address and I have a HSA with wells Fargo that also has the correct address and apartment number. Now, ten days after requesting payout, I was told the account is still on hold on a Thursday and will not be looked at until Monday. Which means 3 to 5 business days from Monday, 3 to 5 business days in the mail, two days to process check through my bank account etc. This is absolutely ridiculous. Wells Fargo made a mistake when entering my address on my 401k account. No other explanation. Company records are correct. Now I'm paying for this mistake. It is my money and you hold it for a month. I have experienced nothing but problems when dealing with this financial institution. I will never bank or hold any accounts with this company and will promote nonusage with my employees and others outside my business. I asked for this money 2 weeks before I needed it to ensure I could provide for my family. Thanks. Better banking else where.

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                    Wells Fargoonline banking

                    I was just calling to ask a why the money in my savings was taken out and put into my checking, causing me to have no money for a little. The woman was sure how to help so she put me on with her supervisor Kevin who was even more helpless. He was very unfriendly & wouldn't answer any of my various questions. And kept rudely asking if I have an income since my account is negative or any way to pay it at all. Very uninformative.

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                      Wells Fargodepositing money in someone who has wells fargo account.

                      I CANNOT understand how 2 customer has wells fargo account I needed to deposit money in my mother acct.you use to be able to deposit cash now you need to purchase money order, or personal check, or buy check for 5$ in order to deposit in her acct. can someone PLEASE TELL WHY if I purchase WELLS FARGO MONEY ORDER WHY DO my mother has to wait until the money order clear when its a wells fargo money order clear for what and to whom I PURCHASE WITH CASH rather its on the weekend or regular day .I can see if I WAS DEPOSITING WITH Webster Bank Check but its WELLS FARGO MONEY ORDER DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE the New Rule Sucks .

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                        Wells Fargomortgage

                        Wells Fargo sent me copies of our mortgage papers which I did not ask for and sent someone else's papers with his personal information. This is unconsionable, invasion of privacy. I am worried out personal information may have been sent to someone. Has anyone else received another person's papers, personal information? Has anyone with a wells Fargo loan had identity theft or other fraud problems or scams? Could they have connection to wells fargo? If you have I would like to hear from you. Email [protected]@yahoo.com.

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                          Wells Fargocredit card promotional apr

                          Wells Fargo have a disadvantage way of applying payment wherein the cardholder ends up paying a higher APR and promotional rates and offers are not taken into account and applied.
                          I have the following promotional offer on the March 2019 statement that affected my APR.
                          1st balance transfer: $4, 900 at 0.0% APR expiry date Mar. 2019 availed May 2018.
                          2nd balance transfer: $2, 000 at 2.90% APR expiry date Oct. 2019 availed Oct. 2018
                          3rd offer: 0.0% APR on all purchases until Sept. 2019.
                          I am being told that all payments were applied to balances from the highest Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to lowest APR.
                          * If my account has multiple balances with the same APR, the system
                          will apply the payment on a prorated basis by balance.
                          * If there's a purchase balance on the credit card along with a
                          promotional balance, payments will be applied to the promotional balance
                          on your account, and then to any purchases from the current statement

                          Therefore, my 2nd balance transfer was paid off first before my 1st balance transfer based on the higher APR% not because of the promotional expiry date resulting in my 1st balance transfer with a balance after the promotional period of March 2019 and is now subject to a higher APR of 24.24% variable. In reality, it's like the 2nd balance transfer offer with Oct. 2019 promotional balance transfer at 2.90% took precedent and priority in the payment allocation, thereby resulting like I have not really enjoyed that offer just because the Wells Fargo system recognizes the payment allocation on the priority of lowest APR.

                          Other banks applies payment towards minimum amount due, balances with higher APR and promotional balance that will soon expire.

                          Back to list
                          Subject: Re: APR (Annual Percentage Rate) questions (KMM72520162V39627L0KM)
                          From:Customer Service
                          05/07/2019 07:34 AM
                          Contact Us

                          Thank you for contacting Wells Fargo. My name is Craig, and it's my
                          pleasure to assist you today.

                          I received your email about payment application for your credit card

                          We first apply your minimum payment to the interest and fees included in
                          the minimum payment calculation.

                          When you make a payment in excess of the minimum payment:

                          * We apply the payment to balances from the highest Annual Percentage
                          Rate (APR) to lowest APR.
                          * If your account has multiple balances with the same APR, the system
                          will apply the payment on a prorated basis by balance.
                          * If there's a purchase balance on the credit card along with a
                          promotional balance, payments will be applied to the promotional balance
                          on your account, and then to any purchases from the current statement

                          Each balance type must be paid before the system moves to the next
                          balance type.

                          Payments in excess of the minimum payment are applied as follows:

                          * Cash
                          * Merchandise
                          * Promotional Balance

                          We're not able to make changes to payment designation.

                          If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call us at the
                          number on the back of your card or on your statement. You can also
                          select the "Contact Us" link above.

                          I regret any confusion.

                          Thank you for your business. We're happy to have you as our customer.

                          Craig W.
                          Wells Fargo

                          ORIGINAL MESSAGE:

                          I reviewed all transactions starting May 1, 2018 with an initial balance transfer of $4, 900.00 and balance transfer fee of $125.00. The $4, 900 balance transfer has an expiry date of 03/12/2019. All succeeding transactions are payments to pay-off the original balance transfer of $5, 025.00. I availed of another balance transfer on Oct. 19, 2018 with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 2.90% until 10/29/19. I was told by the customer care rep, Renetta, that payment are not manually applied and that the system splits the payment. In my case, the payment was split and applied all in my second balance transfer with a date in the future.
                          My 02/25/2019 to 03/27/2019 and 03/28/2019 to 04/26/2019 statement shows how the incorrect APR are being applied incorrectly. I said incorrectly because the Oct. 2018 offer of 2.90% that will expire on Oct. 2019 was immediately paid off leaving the original balance transfer fee balance that has an earlier expiry date of March 2019 thus incurring a 24.24% APR.

                          credit card promotional apr
                          credit card promotional apr

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                            Wells Fargomortgage application


                            I have been a client with Wells Fargo for over 15 years. Not one missed payment on my mortgage # [protected]. Property has over $200, 000 in equity, with a monthly income exceeding $12, 000, the application process to have the property refinanced has been plague with obstacles after obstacles.

                            I would like to file a formal complaint against Mr. Mark Lee, your Home Mortgage Consultant NMLSR ID 1839584 for failing to provide documentation requested in support of our denial of our application. Among other things, we requested reasons for denials, and an avenue to appeal your financial institution decision.

                            I can be contact by email at [protected]@yahoo.com, Javier.F.[protected]@cbp.dhs.gov, or by phone at [protected].


                            Javier Arjona

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                              Wells Fargocustomer service

                              Keep getting robocalls despite having requested in writing and via a CSR.
                              As my time is valuable, not leaving a VM with a name and direct dial number is poor customer service.
                              Being put on hold while a CSR looks up information they should know about the website is a waste of my time.
                              Not to get a call back as requested is insulting and further proof of the deplorable relations and business practices of WF.
                              Contac t me at [protected] re: my auto loan

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                                Apr 30, 2019

                                Wells Fargo — Employee at extension #344 named Jen

                                I talked to an employee #455 extension for wells fargo rewards travel and she was sooooooo rude! She was a...

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