Wells Fargo3 step refi fraud


Wells Fargo claims to have a 3 step refi process - fat chance. First time they denied my eligibility b/c I hadn't been at my current job for 6 months (they didn't count time I worked for myself even though I made more money). I applied again after I'd been working at my current job for six months - now they say my credit score isn't high enough. They said it is less than 720 - odd thing is that I have never had any credit problems and when I started this process a couple months ago my credit score was 768 - as reported to them by Experian. They sent that to me in April. Now they say they did a "soft" credit check in May and my score from Experian was less than 720 but they wouldn't give me what they were looking at. Then he said they can do a refi with more than $3000K in closing costs rolled into the loan. What a scam!

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