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Complaints & Reviews

fraud in helping with loan modifications!

This company is a joke! I've been faithfully trying to get a loan modification through wells fargo/hamp...

unapplied payments

My house has been sent to forclosure and they had not try to contact me on this matter. I just got off the...

unauthorized withdrawls

My husband has a loan on his truck that was with Wachovia. Wells Fargo bought out Wachovia so now it is with Wells Fargo. We have struggled to keep up with payments because my husband has been unemployed for 2 years now, but we never fell more than 45 days behind until recently. We were a little over 60 days behind. They called my husband and asked when he would be able to make a payment. He said he didn't know and he would have to talk to his wife (me). He told them we would call back and let them know when we were sending a payment and how much. They really pressured him to tell them when he would make a payment and to authorize an automatic payment. You all know how that goes with any creditor. I handle ALL the financial matters in our family. He literally doesn't even have a bank account and is not on mine (he constantly overdrafts so I made him 'cash only') so legally he can't authorize any automatic payments. However, I have made online payments to Wells Fargo for his loan so they had my account information. Two days after they called, my husband received an automatic withdrawl notice for $600 + $10 fee. HE NEVER AUTHORIZED IT!!! I had the money in the account and it was behind so I just let it go. They took out $660. $60 MORE than what they notified us of!!! THey have locked us out of our online account access also so I can't even see if they applied the full $650. A week later we got another notice of automatic withdrawl of $260. We received this notice one day before the withdrawl was to take place. My husband called them right away. THey said they were going to get an account manager and put him on hold. He was on hold for about 3 minutes when he was returned to the main menu and told the offices were now closed. I called my bank in the morning and put a stop payment on all Wells Fargo transactions. Of course that costs $25...

I just want to also comment that my husband has tried several times to have me authorized on the account. First they said all he needed to do was give autorization over the phone and I would be able to call to handle his account. So he gave autorization. I called and they screamed at me saying I wasn't authorized and hung up on me. My husband called again. This time they said he had to write a letter to authorize me. He did that. I wasn't authorized when I called...and was yelled at and hung up on. He called again, this time he was told it had to be a specific form and had to be notirized. They sent the form, he filled it out and had it notorized. I put it in the mail. I still wasn't authorized when I called...and was yelled at and hung up on. We've given up on that.

hamp/loan modification fraud!

I am a victim of Wells Fargo’s Loan Modification scam (HAMP) September 27th, 2010: In the summer of...

credit card department

Wells Fargo's credit card department has horrible customer service. They tell you one thing then do another. When you call to sort things out they tell you that "you need to be educated on how to use a credit card". Well I have two mortgages with your company, a credit score over 800, and a six figure income. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.

I asked to speak with a manager and was told "she's just going to tell you the same thing". Sure enough, she was hostile from the beginning. I explained to her that my complaint was that they promised me one thing, but then did another and she just ignored it and said they were right. When I said she was wrong and that they shouldn't treat customers this way she said "oh excuse me, I guess you know the rules better than us employees". Her attitude towards customers was unbelievable and is the reason I will not be using Wells Fargo in the future. Her name is Michelle Bradford and I am filing an official complaint with the appropriate agencies in California.

I had similar instances of employees mouthing off to me when I first opened my account, the only reason I went through with it was that they promise to pay 1% of your credit purchases back by paying down your mortgage principal. It sounds like a great deal, but not worth their attitudes.

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bad practices

I brought in a cashier's check (wage) to cash. I asked specifically if the check went through and the money I withdrew came from the check. The teller said yes. The manager said yes. I asked again to verify since this check was my pay for a part-time job and donation and was my first time getting a cashier's check. They knew this. After withdrawing the money and wiring part of the money to on behalf of my employer as a donation, four days later my ATM was frozen. I didn't know why. After endless phone calls and visits, they said the check was a fraud. I was banned from their banks. All accounts were frozen and my savings emptied to cover the cashier's check. I filed a police report because of the scam. I asked Wells Fargo why they stated that the money went through and gave me the assurance that the check went through. They said they were not trained to tell the difference between fakes and real checks. Apparently, they are not trained in this. I didn't know this. I asked why they didn't tell me I should wait to cash my check, they said "well if we knew you were wiring the money, we would have told you." I asked why did they let me cash the check, they stated "well you have been a long time customer and you had the funds in your savings to cover the lost in the event it didn't go through." I asked them when were they going to notify me about the problem of the check instead of just closing out my accounts and labeling my accounts as a scammer: "they said it was there fault for not notifying me, but I am no longer welcome to bank with them ever." I asked them why they assured me the money came from the cashier's check and not my savings, they said "well that is not our problem. It is your problem to verify if a check is authentic, not us." Basically, the scam could have been avoided if they told me ahead of time to wait for the check to clear and that they didn't know if the check cleared or not. Instead, the teller and manager knew nothing and just said, "yeah, the money is coming from the cashier's check. everything looks okay." Bad business. No relief for customers. Deposit your money and lose it if they feel that they didn't do an adequate job of informing you.

trust account

My grandmother set up a trust to pay out to her grandchildren when her daughter (My mother) passed away. She passed away in dec 2009. They are still hanging on to the money (Actually stocks). They give us excuse after excuse as to why we have seen nothing from them yet. We have signed & sent all documents they want, but there is always "something else" they need to do. I sure don't think much of their trust department— I notice they always collect their fees! I may have to use a lawyer to pry their hands off of what is ours.

  • Gr
    gregory123 Dec 20, 2010

    Wells Fargo is doing the same thing to me. I have waited 1 year for them to settle the trust and nothing. They are blamming it on the government because of the no estate tax law for 2010. You must have a lawyer early on.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Ice Sep 23, 2016

    having similar problems with WF trust dept -- they hold on to trust money with multiple excuses for failing to distribute. excuses go on and on. But they keep the fee percentage up by holding the money that should be distributed.
    need too know how other beneficiaries fare and voice this practice

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overdraft fees

I have called Wells Fargo several times and asked about having my account set up so if anything were to go...

over the limit

So I have hard a credit card with wells fargo for almost 2 years now (big mistake) and I always pay my monthly payments, this year has been exceptionally hard for me because I lost my job, but I still pay monthly so my credit will be good, but wells fargo keeps screwing me over and i am getting sick and tired and fustrated and I need to take action against them, so they say I'm over the limit one month i payh the monthly fee and the over the limit charge 3 days later they are hounding me saying i'm over the limit again, they say something to do with the account is atttached to my checking, since my checking is bad I say ok cut it off, they do not listen instead the lady on the phone is extremely rude and is laughing, i was soo upset, so I go ahead and pay the over the limit fee again, I pay $100 (mind you I still don't have a job)then they hit me with another fee saying that they took over $80 to cover my checking i'm so upset because i told them i didn't want it linked up anymore, i'm crying and they won't help even though it's their fault and i'm like put the 80 back into my credit account they say it's imposssible, they are making me pay for their mistake, which upsets me greatly, i'm so ticked off i don't know what to do and i'm over the limit again and they are harrassing me saying i need to pay again. At this piont i'm like these people are sick f these people. So i close down my checking accounts, because i don't trust them and I make another payment covering the over the limit fee gain, i'm like finally this issue should be resolved. Ok so tell me why theses idiots these illiterate idiots call me again saying i'm over the limit at this point i'm too angry for words, i havn't used the credit card in like 4 months and i've been paying every month and covering the over the limit fee, so why am i back to square 1 again, they say im over the limit because I had automatic bill pay and they took the money out of an accpount that does not exist and they had to return it so I got hit with soo many finance charges. Wells fargo are users and just keep taking money from innocent people i hope they go bankrupt and burn in hell. I mean i keep paying each month to find myself in the same dumb situation, and they don't help they just say you have to pay, i mean i'm struggling to pay I have 0 money i'm borrowing from family members and they keep pulling this stunt i'm done trying now their threatening to file a complaint to the credit beaurue i'm done i'm like go ahead, i'm so tired and fustrated.

  • Mz
    Mz.Brandi Sep 21, 2010

    i absolutely agree that people need to ban together and SUE WELLS FARGO!!! They do pull stunts and have a list of excuses that they pre-print so they always have a come-back even when it makes no sense whatsoever!!! THEY TRIED TO GET ME TO PAY OFF MY CAR TWICE after it was deemed a total loss and already paid off!!!
    WELLS FARGO ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!! IM LUCK I REMEMBERED THE NAME OF THE LADY THAT OFFERED ME A SETTLEMENT ON THE PHONE !!! IF I HADN'T, I MAY HAVE BEEN STUCK PAYING THE DIFF.! I dont remember what the balance was before the theft and wreck of my car but the insurance did not pay the whole amount... so... the remaining balance was like 1600 or something SO THEY OFFERED ME A SETTLEMENT which i jumped on. They offered to take 800 off the balance if i would pay promptly, i had just gotten a large tax refund so i jumped on it and told the lady i would go straight over and pay in person! Now REMEMBER, i went to pay in person and not over the phone because i was afraid this very thing would happen!!!
    THANK GOD BY THIS TIME I KNEW WELLS FARGO WELL ENOUGH THAT I STARTED TO KEEP PROOF OF EVERYTHING I DID AND PAID TO THEM TO COVER MY OWN ###!!! I REMEMBERED THE LADY AND DEPARTMENTS NAMES THAT OFFERED ME THE SETTLEMENT AND CALLED AND RAISED HELL!!! I didn't get stuck with it afterall but the fact that they TRIED... just infuriated me because there ARE wealthy people or not so wealthy who have bookkeepers pay their bills and i think they try and take advantage just to see who out there is STUPID ENOUGH to pay off a car TWICE!!! F$CK Wells Fargo!!!

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  • Az
    azuna Aug 13, 2011

    this is not the first time i have had trouble with WELLS FARGO .I have a credit card with wells fargo.the credit card payment due is on 08/13/2011 .(till 1 p.m) that is what i was informed last time i checked . and today when i open my account at 10 .27 am 08/13/2011 am to make a payment on the account i am charge a overlimit fee because according to them "technically today is Saturday and not a business day and I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE A PAYMENT YESTERDAY ON 08/12/2011 .what is the point of a due date i wonder . how long is it going to go like this .? they suck the money out of you and every you call them " its not a bank error"...i m going to do everything i can to make it stop ...

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bad customer service

They told me I was eligible for a deferment since the loan was in good standings for 3 years but after I was transferred and sat on hold for a while I was told I wasn't cause I work on a commission basis when I have for 7 years and when they wrote the loan I was too. I asked to speak with a manager and the guy refused several times to get a manager until I had to yell at him. Then he gets a very young unprofessional girl on the line who was just laughing at me like I was some kind of joke. When I told her I'm sure she'snot a manager she didn't say anything cause she knows I was right. I would not recommend ANYONE getting a loan for this company!! I'm a hard working single mother not a joke!

  • Ju
    Julio Dominguez Mar 01, 2011

    Hello this is Julio Dominguez, I am very upset because Well Fargo took my 71.11 out of bank it was very rude. I like to decide to appeal complaint to against this Well Fargo. ok Please thank you very much.

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  • Ag
    AggravatedandExasperated Apr 22, 2012

    I was recently married and moved from Mississippi to Florida. I called Wells Fargo to start the process to change my last name on my auto loan account and title, and also to have my car titled in Florida instead of Mississippi. They told me to fax the marriage license along with a photo ID to them and they would file the name change. They told to go to the DMV to request the paperwork to have the car title transferred to FL from MS. I faxed the necessary documents to have the name change and a week later received a letter from their titling department stating that I needed to ask the FL DMV to process the name change for me. I called WF back and explained that I had not yet filled out the paperwork to title my car in FL and that my car was still registered in MS so going to the FL DMV would be useless. She kept saying over and over again "Well I just don't know then" "Different states have different laws" . Needless to say nothing was solved.
    I explained that I had asked the DMV when I was there last week if the to get the paperwork for the title if I could just do the name change when I processed the title change from one state to another and they said no that I had to have Wells Fargo do it by faxing them the info and that is what the customer service rep at Wells Fargo had said last week as well.
    I also have an auto loan through TD Auto and have started this whole process with them at the same time I did with WF and have had no issue from them, They processed all requests without any back and forth nonsense. That is how I know that this mess with WF is just a bunch of bs. It appears that someone doesn't want to do their job.
    This is the 3rd run in I have had with WF since I started this auto loan with them in Sept 2017.
    The first one was having them harass me constantly about payment for a car on my account that wasn't even suppose to be on there. I explained several times that I only had one car through them and that that other car was not suppose to be on my account. They finally realized their mistake on that one. WITH NO APOLOGY.
    The second run in was when I wasn't receiving monthly statements from them. I called to verify that they had my address and phone number correct and the guy that I spoke with was a complete a*s and told be that if I would "Be quiet for a minute that he might could help me".

    I am so SICK of Wells Fargo Dealer Services!!! DO NOT use them unless you want run arounds and rude reps every time you need to get something done!

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  • We
    Wells can kiss my ass May 04, 2012

    This has been the WORST experience of my financing life. They are rude, inconsiderate individuals. They talk down to people, they in no way shape or form try to assist when a borrower has a hardship and calls and makes them aware of the issue and asks how can we work this out for the time being. I will never finance another car through this company again! I cant get the car paid off soon enough! JUANITA in the Roseville, CA office is the most horrible person I have ever spoken to before.

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  • President Dealer Services 877-250-2265 they helped me with my problem

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  • Js
    J. Standish Jun 19, 2012

    I've called this bankruptcy division 5 times in the last 10 days. Each time I've been put on hold 5 times (twice today) and been on hold for at least 20 to 30 mins each time. Attempting to a supervisor in Customer Service I was put on hold for 11 mins! Financial Services is the only place that handles bankruptcies like mine. I only want to find out if I owe a payment this month! I work 5/24 days- do they expect me to be on hold that long when I'm at work? Today has been a total of 51 mins with still no answer by the dept.
    My account is 8760935494
    Julia Standish
    2609 NE 195th C302
    Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
    Thanks very much

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  • Co
    conniell Jan 24, 2013

    I have had to deal with this company for 3 years now and have had enough of their harassing phone calls not just to me but to relatives! I have had to prove with receipts twice, that I am not behind on payments and yet every month I get harassing, threatening phone calls that they are gonna pick up the car if payment isn't made by 5! I have faxed them copies of receipts and they will fix it only to start again the next month. I am doing an early payoff just so I don't have to deal with them anymore. I wish there was a way to make sure that nobody uses them to finance their vehicle purchase!! STAY AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO DEALERS!! none of this happened until they changed from Wachovia to Wells Fargo.

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  • Ma
    Mathematica Feb 28, 2013

    No company will intentionally make it difficult to pay, if you have to keep giving them proof of your payments then there's something wrong with the way you're paying. You might want to double check the codes you're using.

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  • Wf
    WFDS_CAN_SCK_MY_DCK Mar 11, 2013

    bullsh*t they don't make it diificult to pay! they locked me out of making an online payment for a bill that was just over a month over due and made me call them up to pay an extra $10.00 processing to pay my bill in addition to the $15.00 late fee! F*CK WFDS!

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  • Lo
    LOLABLUE Jun 14, 2013


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loan modification/short sale

Perhaps you can be of some help, if not for me, then others in my predicament; this being loss of income, my house and my credit rating, unnecessarily.

I purchased a house 5 years ago when my income was well within the parameters to afford the mortgage. In the past two years my income has decreased by 66%. I was living on credit cards for most expenses in order to continue to make my mortgage payments. I knew I could not continue to try and make ends meet with maxed out credit cards and no near future hope for an increase in my income so I placed my home on the market in August of 2009.

My real estate broker felt the price was at a good market value. There were no offers on the house from August through February of 2010 even though the price was reduced several times. In February of this year I applied for a loan modification with the lender, Wells Fargo. Approximately two months later I received a letter from WF stating they would lower my payment by $100 for three months and then I had to make full payment again. I could not accept this offer because it wouldn’t help my situation or even come close.

Also in February I was forced to stop making payments, a very difficult decision, as I have always had very good credit. It was my mortgage or all my other expenses that would suffer. By May with still no offers on the house I decided to apply for a short sale, as it was my understanding that this program was put in place to help people in my situation, by the government giving money to the banks for that purpose. The short sale application was approved, all documents requested were sent and acknowledged and we were told by Wells Fargo that an acceptable offer would be approved in 15-30 days.

In June we received a very good offer from a very qualified buyer, for almost $7, 000.00 more than my mortgage balance. We waited until almost 30 days went by and started calling Wells Fargo for updates on the process. A once a week call at that point (in July) always got the same response; “application is still in review” and we were never able to talk to the same person twice.

In mid July I received a letter from Wells Fargo stating that my house would be auctioned on November 8, 2010..Three days later I received three letters identical to the first one via certified mail. Three of these letters were addressed to me and one was addressed to ‘occupant’. The next day a gentleman came to my house and taped another of the letters (exactly the same as the first four) to my front door and took photos of it and my house.

Also in July two different individuals came to my house stating they worked with Wells Fargo and were “inspectors”. They each asked me three questions: Did I have gas or electric, a pool or hot tub and was I behind on my payments? They said they were not Wells Fargo employees but worked with WF.

August arrived with still no approval so we started calling twice a week for updates. We were told that a second negotiator was on the case now and it was “still in review”. Several more documents were requested and sent. By the third week in August the buyer was getting nervous as he needed to know if he had a place to move into. So the next call to Wells Fargo was a request to talk to a supervisor which was granted.

The supervisor stated that everything looked good and the approval would be forthcoming in 5-7 days. The following week with no communication from Wells Fargo, another call to them with the same message, “the approval would come in 5-7 days”. We were advised that there was now a third negotiator. Another call the following week to them with the same response, “approval would come in 5-7 days”. Another document was requested and sent (the same document that was sent four previous times to them).

The buyer (a local Medical Doctor) at this time is looking at other houses to purchase as he needs to find a home to move into and is getting impatient, as we all are.

September 3rd came and went with still no communication about approval from Wells Fargo.

We have lost the buyer for good; he cannot wait on Wells Fargo any longer. September 7th, in my last call to Wells Fargo and attempt to possibly save the sale; I was told that the sale was not approved because Wells Fargo did not receive the required documents. I asked what those were and they said the same 20 pages that I initially sent them in June. They told me on September 7th that all those documents became outdated every 30 days and needed to be sent in every 30 days. I asked why I wasn’t informed of this back in June as I certainly would have complied and she stated that she “didn’t know why I was not informed”.

The documents she referred to were my 2008 and 2009 tax returns, proof of income, financial statement and hardship letter. Although none of these things had changed in three months, I would have happily complied had I been informed they were necessary every month. And, to add insult to injury, I was told “not to call them anymore”. So, even though everything they asked for was supplied to them, WF has refused to approve a sale that was $7K over the mortgage balance and I’m facing a foreclosure. They lost a good buyer and payoff of the mortgage and my credit is ruined for years, unnecessarily. The entire process has been incredibly frustrating and discouraging to say the least.

As a public servant, would it be possible for you to find out exactly what has happened/is happening to all the money the government (taxpayers) have given the bank to help people like me? Statistics I have read state that only 3 in 100 people in similar situations are actually getting any help through modifications or short sales. It is too late for me, losing my buyer and an excellent offer, but perhaps something can be accomplished to help prevent others from going through my horrible experience with Wells Fargo.

I feel the general public needs to know that this type thing is going on.


Myra Greene

  • Mi
    Michelle Stapleton Sep 22, 2010

    I know exactly what you are talking about I am on the other end, I am the buyer waiting since April with no reply from Wells Fargo. You sound like the seller of the property I am trying to purchase, because he is being told the EXACT same thing. I am so fed up with waiting and looking for house I may just continue to rent. I can still take advantage of the first time homebuyer credit if I can close by the end of the month. Which doesn't look like it's going to happen. For anyone looking to purchase a short sale from Wells Fargo don't waste your time it will probably never happen.


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unfair charges

Wells Fargo is the WORST bank open for business. My husband and I are military and moving around the country often. We are currently in KY and do not have a Wells Fargo location/ATM for three states. My husband has a Wells Fargo account from MT, before he joined the military. We rarely used his account, primarily for my husbands "fun moey." Due to his error, he put the account into the negatives $6.00. Well, a few days later the overdrafts fees turned that $6.00 into over $130.00! During those few days we tried every method possible to transfer money into that account, nothing worked because of Wells Fargo's CRAP system that wouldn't allow us to. Not by transfer to/from, not by PayPal...nothing. I called and they refused to talk to me, even with my husband in the room. So we wired money from our GOOD bank, Armed Forces Bank. This action did cost us $35.00 on our end. We sent just the amount to get the Wells Fargo account to zero, like the Wells Fargo rep. told my husband to do! Well, apparently to wire into a Wells Fargo account WF also charges a fee!!! $10.00! So now, that account was negative $10.00. And tomorrow I guess it will be negaitve $35.00 since WF will not even allow us to freeze the account. So our little $6.00 mistake has cost us over $200.00 due to Wells Fargo. They do not care about military personnel or customers in gerneral. WELLS FARGO IS THE WORST BANK, NEVER NEVER NEVER USE WELLS FARGO!!!

  • An
    AngryJoel Jun 14, 2012

    The same thing happened to me, except worse. Wells Fargo took all of the money out of my active checking account to cover the negative balance in another account. They call this "right of set of." They took every penny of my checking account while there were checks pending, and deposited it into an account that was more negative than my checking was posiive. As a result, I ended up with 2 negative accounts, and my rent and utilities all bouncing. This makes Wells Fargo very happy since they get to charge me 35 bucks for every NSF and returned check. I talked to the branch manager and he pretty much told me Wells Fargo had the right to reach into my account and take whatever money they wanted due to the contract I signed when I opened the account. Then he basically told me to F off and go away.

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  • An
    AngryJoel Jun 14, 2012

    I am also in the military and have been a Wells customer for over 16 years. I went to talk to the branch manager IN UNIFORM, in a small midwestern military town and was treated like total crap. Wells Fargo doesn't care about servicemembers or long time customers. All they care about is stealing as much of our hard earned money as they can.

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phone calls

Wells Fargo Mortgage bought our home loan from another company. We had a situation a few months back where we knew we were going to have to pay our mortgage about 5 days late. We contacted WF a month in advance to let them know. We typically go into a WF branch to pay our mortgage and have a very professional and positive relationship with the bank. We were advised it was no problem and because of our good record and communication, we would not even be charged a late fee. We paid as promised. Ever since this incident, WF Mortgage calls us on a regular basis about "collecting a past due debt". One of the callers even inquried if I "was having personal problems" while asking me about our unpaid mortgage. I insisted we were/are up to date and every time the callers are relentless. I learned the mortgage side of WF and the banking side of WF don't seem to have anything to do with one another. I received a call last night and I very politely told the guy - we had one late payment, which was ok'd by your organization many months ago and so I think you need to update your records. His reply, "my records are accurate and I'm attempting to collect a past due debt." This organization is unbelievable. I am appalled at the nerve and outright unprofessional approach WF takes to handle these matters. I don't have the time to run this up the WF food chain and I'm sure they are counting on that when then teach their workers these types of tactics.

  • Ci
    Cippy Dec 13, 2010

    We too are bombarded by their relentless, rude calls, beginning on the 5th of the month. They want their money on the 1st of the month. The 15 day grace period, required by LAW, means nothing to them. If you have not paid them by the 5th you will be called at home beginning at 8:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays, up to 3 or 4 times a day, up to 9:30 at night. They will also call you at your workplace. We have NEVER been late past the grace period. They asked us if we were having "personal problems" too. How rude of them to harrass and disrespect their good customers like this. I'm sure they don't get much repeat business. I will never deal with them again. We have had a mortgage with them for only 5 years, I don't think I can stand another 5 years with them. We have had a mortgage with GMAC for 25 years and they have NEVER called us! Stay away from this company!! They will harrass and hound you to death for no reason.

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missing money

I have never been so mad at a bank as I am right now. I made a deposit at a Wells Fargo Branch in CA yesterday and the money is not in my account. I actually had a supervisor tell me he has no idea where my money is. I have a receipt of the deposit. I cannot believe the dis-respectfulness of customer service at this bank, both at the Wells Fargo branch at the Wachovia customer service line. I would like to know where my money is and why after 24 hours it still has not posted to my account. This was mostly a cash deposit (90% cash and 10% in checks)

I would like some answers immediately and don't try to tell me that it takes a few days to post, that is ridiculous, withdrawals at the same branch posted immediately

  • As
    ashley1989 Jan 08, 2011

    im having the same exact problem... they are showing i have made zero cash deposits to my savings account at all since it has been opening when i deposit more into my savings than i do my checking! and customer service said without a date, time, and amount they basically cant do a damn thing. F wellsfargo... your money is not safe!!! im missing several thousands of dollars im sure now... when i thought it was only a $200 descripency. WOW.

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  • Vi
    Visaliapartysource Aug 06, 2011

    I agree...contact the OCC. Wells Fargo is the worst bank I have ever banked at. The literally allowed fraud on my account. When I reported my card lost/stollen they never cancelled it, it was a business account so it took me several months to realize the card was still being charged. When I called to report it they saif it was my fault for not realizing it sooner. I cancelled the card...isn't that enough? BAD COMPANY... they steal they cheat and if someone steals your money they do not protect it.

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  • Bo
    Bob_2000 Aug 23, 2012

    I had $300 turn up missing from my Checkings. When I called W. Fargo they said that someone had charged my Check Card . They told me I would have to file a theft report, which I did, and they said the $300 would be returned. About 30 days later W Fargo took the 300 back and told me they thought I was lying! I filed an appeal and they gave me back the 300, again, a second time! About 2 months later I received a letter which said that they had decided in my favor and I would be able to keep the money. 15 days later 400 disappeared out of my account !!! I am going to get another bank next month. I swear that this is a true story. I am 60 yrs old on a military disability retirement . I saw the above letters about Fargo and I wanted you all who read this to know my story.

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  • Bo
    Bob_2000 Aug 23, 2012

    I had $300 turn up missing from my checking acct. When I called W. Fargo they said that someone had charged my Check Card . They told me I would have to file a theft report, which I did, and they said the $300 would be returned. About 30 days later W Fargo took the 300 back and told me they thought I was lying! I filed an appeal and they gave me back the 300, again, a second time! About 2 months later I received a letter which said that they had decided in my favor and I would be able to keep the money. 15 days later 400 disappeared out of my account !!! I am going to get another bank next month. I swear that this is a true story. I am 60 yrs old on a military disability retirement . I saw the above letters about Fargo and I wanted you all who read this to know my story.

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unethical practices

During the past year and a half; Wells Fargo Home Mortgage have been charging for services they've...

bad customer service / failed to close loan on time

In early June 2010, my husband and I were pre-approved through Wells Fargo for a home loan and we contracted...

deceptive company/scammers

In 2009 I saw we were going to have some difficulty paying the mortgage so I called wells fargo to ask for "help". We had always been current. I had lost pay for 2 weeks so me, "doing the right thing" thought I would "reach out" for help. Yeah right! First the idiots told me I may qualify for a modificiation and I was said I was interested in the hamp; they told me they were not doing that yet but would work with me. I had heard about obama's plan earlier and thought everyone was doing it then. So I put together all of my paperwork, faxed it in as they asked and they had said that I could hold off on payments while they reviewed my file; it would take 30-45 days. So we waited and I called in every 2 days to check the progress. They always told me the same thing... It's being reviewed. Then one day I called in and they told me that my file was "inactive" because it was not currently dated!! No one called me and told me this! So here we go again! I submitted new paperwork and waited and waited again... Then we received a notice from an attorney pierce & associates that we had to pay up $9, 000.00 or we were going into foreclosure and not to deal with wells fargo anymore. I was floored!!! So we took a hardship withdrawal out of my husband's 401k and had the funds directly sent overnight to them.In the process of this happening (It was a weekend) that next day on a saturday we were served with foreclosure documents at home. My husband told the guy to "get the & ^&^ & out of here!!" I then called wells fargo on monday and they said they received the funds. I told them I wanted it in writing that they received the funds, and our loan was current now. I also stated that I still wanted a loan mod. I wanted to go for the hamp. Now they were doing it the cust. Rep. Said and we qualified. Lo and behold I was happy and thought "now we are getting somewhere!! I received the modification paperwork and we looked at it and sent it back and were on the program for the 3 month trial period; all was well and then the next month I wanted to know why we didn't get the new permanent mod. Papers; they told me to wait that they should be coming fedex. Well they never came! I called a few days later and they told me the investor does not participate in the program and we were turned down!!! Again, I could not believe my ears!!! So here we are at square one! They are saying we owe 12, 000.00 in "back payments" which are, even though we were in a modification plan with them, we still owe the difference between what the "real" payment would have been and what the modified one is and then all the fees, late fees, attorney fees, etc. !! We submitted our paperwork via fax again and now are waiting for a response. I called yesterday for a status and this idiot told me that we had to be prequalified before the papers will be submitted to the underwriter people; what??? I already prequalified! I told her! That's why we faxed over the papers last week. Then I tried to go over where that 12, 000.00 is coming from and she didn't know what she was talking about so all we did was go round and round in circles. We had gone through bankruptcy last year and was discharged from all debts. We could easily walk away from this house and that would be it. We want to do the right thing however and don't want to have to move because that's a pain in itself. We are stuck and god only knows our outcome. So we sit and wait...
I am writing my story to the president mr. Mark c. Oman who is now ceo as well of the mortgage co. And who is the "leading originator and servicer of residential mortgages, servicing one in every seven mortgage loans in the u. S. And leads the integration of wachovia's mortgages as well (They merged earlier this year).

  • Lk
    LKD62 Sep 12, 2010

    I am in the same boat. My husband has small cell lung cancer and is on permanet disablity, which is less than $1500. a month. Our mortgage was $672. a month. I asked for a loan modification in May of this year. I too checked frequently to be told it was being processed. In August, I get a phone call saying "Why have you not made a payment towards the temporary forebearance agreement"?. I said "what agreement". It seems that in June we were granted a temp. forebearance agreement, but the paperwork was not sent out. We recieved paperwork on August 12th. I made the first payment at the new amount (or what I thought was the first payment) on September 3, when the social security disability hits bank. On September 9th we get a call saying you owe $2687.79. If it is not paid by October 5, they will start foreclosure. I said what about the temp. forebearance? She said oh, you defaulted by not paying June, July and August. I said how can I pay something when I didn't know about it until August 9th? She said resubmit paperwork as it is out of date now. I did that on September 9th. From what I have read, this is going to be an on going fight. Her last comment was cut back on expenses, when we had just gone over the fact that we can't pay our utilities and mortgage. What would I cut back? She said well, just try. We get food stamps, have an autistic adult child, and custody of two young grand children. Of course we get not a dime from either parent. When we do get some child support, the state of Texas gets their cut first because we get a whopping $128.00 a month in TANF What a mess. If anyone can tell me anything good about this situation with Wells Fargo, feel free. My email is [email protected] God Bless all of us.

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  • Ro
    rose farmer Sep 19, 2010

    I am so sorry for you, we went thru similar with WF. ow can they get buy with doing so many people wrong and the govt. not step in and make them accept loan modifications?

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Received a letter in the mail on 8/30/10 telling me that I have to prove I have car insurance or they would buy Collateral Protection Insurance. They give you a website of www.ihaveinsurance that does not work. I showed Wells Fargo my insurance when I got my loan. So, I am going to call USAA and have them call so there is a record. What kind of company is this? Well Fargo needs to be investigated for shady practices.

  • Ma
    Maureen_S Dec 19, 2010

    Listen - after several unfortunate years of dealing with these crooks, I have to say that you are one of the lucky ones. They have for years attached insurance to my loan when I had repeatedly sent proof of insurance to Balboa and Wells Fargo Auto Finance. They insist I don't have insurance, have zeroed out multiple payments that I have made and went as far as illegally reposessing the car. Not to mention attaching a number of late fees when the loan has been paid on time for over four years. Luckily, the car is now totaled so INSURANCE is paying off the loan and they are out of my life. This doesn't mean that there isn't action that can be taken via their corporate offices. Someone needs to alert the higher ups what the varoius collectors are doing because they get brownie points for collecting obscene fees and attaching this Balboa to loans even when proper insurance exists. They're in bed with Balboa and the US Government and have an obligation to continue to be theives. This will stop once they have to truly compete in a free market but in the meantime, several class action suits have been launched.

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fraudulent charges

After nine years with Wachovia Bank, I have had about four separate incidents where an unknown company withdrew money from my checking account. I contacted the Card Services/Fraud Department and I reported that I did not know anything about this company and did not authorize the debit from my account. They would refund my money, but after the fourth incident the csr in card services threatened me that my account would probably be closed because I reported this fraudulent activity. Yes, it happened, I was contacted by a nasty member of the Wachovia "Fraud " team and told me that she had closed my account and she would re-open the account briefly for me to get my money out or I would lose it. This very pleasant team member is Kimberly Roach and boy is she a "JOY" to converse with. She informed me that since 2004 that my account has been compromised four times and therefore it would be closed. People, these incidents were never over $50 and I was totally shocked. Since then, I have learned that WACHOVIA BANK is a very fraudulent company and will do anything to overcharge you in overdraft fees, even withholding your direct deposits to throw a few overdrafts in to make some money. This is robbery and
I will tell everyone I meet how they operate. The more I think about this, I think the "unknown" company was a division of Wachovia. PEOPLE BEWARE!!!

  • Jo
    John Conner Aug 31, 2010

    I have been using Wachovia for years and have never had any of the problems that you mention. I have disputed several charges and have never received anything but excellent service from them. It sounds like there is more to the story than what you are saying.

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loss mitigation settlement

I applied for an loan modification, and was approved June 30th 2010. I sent all paperwork on time certified...