Walmart Supercentercurb pick up, employee and manager.

R Dec 05, 2018

I was at the Silsbee, Texas location to do curb pick up today. I drive about 20 miles to pick up at Walmart. I picked up my groceries and go home just to realize half the food was missing, about $50 worth. I call to see what I'm supposed to do and was fighting with them for an actual hour. It started with me being hung up on twice, transferred to the wrong department 4 times, long wait times, one lady telling me she doesn't know how to transfer and just hung up. I asked for a manager multiple times at this point and was told they don't know where one is. I guess finding one isn't an option there. Then I got to the right department. Was told I didn't even order the items I said was missing and I told her she must be looking at the wrong order, she said she wasn't (with an attitude)..turns out she was. But before she realized that, she didn't know how to fix the issue and instead of figuring it out she just told me to call an 800# and I KNEW they couldn't help and she was just putting it off on someone else because someone at an 800# can't find my groceries. The manager was next to this lady talking back and forth and when I asked to talk to her I was just put on hold but the same lady came back. Then the guy who put the groceries in my car the first time got on the phone and he's the one that told me they're looking at the wrong order but was basically telling me that I got all my food. I guess saying I was making it up to get free food?? I was done at this point, I told him I was getting my food I PAID for so he needs to figure out how to find it. Puts me on hold and comes back to tell me my food was left in the freezer area, so I could come get it. No apologies from any of these people. I wasted gas going 80 miles since I had to make 2 trips. I have never had such a bad experience in my life and I constantly use Instacart and Shipt, I was just trying to give Walmart a try but this is what happens on my second time. I really don't know if I'll ever go back, for pick up or to even go in the store. When Instacart is late or nesses up, they give you credit, so does Shipt. Just for being 45 minutes late once they gave 20$ credit and I spent more than that in just gas today. Not one person today tried to make this right and that's what I'm most disappointed in. Really terrible experience that took up about 4 hours of my day when I had SO many other things to do and had my 3 year old with me. I have never written an email like this or contacted corporate about an experience at a store but I've also never been treated this badly. Again, this was the silsbee Texas location, the Walmart in my town doesn't offer pick up.

Update*** I emailed the customer service on the corporate page and was told days later that my complaint would be sent to the manager at that store. The same manager that didn't care to even get on the phone with me and did absolutely nothing to correct this.

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