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I have had a wal-mart credit card for approximately three years. Always paid on time,twice has been paid off. Here's the nightmare!! I make a $1,300.00 payment in october, another minimum payment of $45 in november, and dec 07,2007 wal-mart and ge money bank decide that i need a credit limit decrease,because i got a loan from american general finance, part of which i paid them with. Luckily, i had already shopped for christmas!!! No one from this company will respond, other than to say that after a review of my credit report, i "needed" a credit limit decrease. This is sick!! I guess we punish those who work hard, and pay their bills on time in this country. Congress, should put an end to the crappy treatment of consumers in this country by the credit and banking industry. They suck!!!


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    Another Sams Cardholder Mar 10, 2008

    Chances are you got a letter explaining why they lowered it. Too many credit accounts in your name? A couple of delquencies on accounts? Who cares if you paid off this particular card...what happens on everything else affects ALL credit. If you were late on a phone bill it affects your credit cards? Hrmmm little known fact huh? They made a business decision because of information they received from the credit bureau that YOU were too much of a risk to them. SOOOOOOO they lowered the limit. The enemy isn't them. The enemy is the credit bureau.

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  • Br
    Bryan Oct 18, 2008

    They did the same to me. In addition... They decresed my limit below my outstanding balance. I was told that if I did not pay to bring the balance below the now lowered limit, I would be charged over-the-limit fees.

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  • As
    Ashley Nov 11, 2008

    I have had two credit cards with GE Money Bank. never late on ANY payments. My credit rating did not decrease, it actually increased. But, GE felt the need to decrease my credit limits. One to only $100.00. What I'm I going to buy for $100, that I can't pay cash for????? Give me a break!!! I have since paid off all of GE's card and closed the accounts. If they are going to punish me for their mistakes, then they are not going to make money off of my interest nor are they going to get my business.

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  • Ho
    Honey Brazeal Jun 28, 2017

    @Ashley They just lowered my account as well from 1000 to 350 and my credit has taken a few hits but now has increased over the last month. So, I figure, no biggie. Pay the last of it off, and close it. I have been with them for about 2 years. Note to self, no matter what offers they send me, then don't open it up again. There are other cards.

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  • Fe
    felicia Nov 21, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. I have been with them over a year, made on time payments, and was given a credit decrease. They said this was due to info they saw in my credit files. I told them to take the account and shove it. I thought that was crap!!!

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  • Co
    Common sense makes sense Dec 04, 2008

    Look at all the other companies decreasing credit lines. If you want to have future access to your credit cards then don't complain. People rely on credit cards WAY to much these days. Creditors are going to keep decreasing the amounts they are letting people borrow because of the state of the economy. Your credit scores may have increased, but with the credit line decreases you have to have a lot higher score to maintain the credit line you previously had. For example, if you had a credit line of $1000 with a FICO score of 650, you now have to have a FICO score of 680 to have a credit line of $1000. This is not fraud or illegal and creditors basically have the right to do whatever they want with your credit line. FYI IT'S NOT YOUR's the banks money that you are borrowing so start paying with YOUR money and don't rely on a credit card for purchases.

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  • Ma
    Mary Walker Dec 20, 2008

    I had a wal-mart money card and I didnt get a chance to get all my money off of it I dont want another one because I just had 25.00 on the one I had and I just got 20.00 off of the money I put on it myself I tried to call about it they said they will take 2.00 off if I call. I dont want another one.

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  • Mo
    motherof4 Mar 02, 2009

    I just had walmart in November give me a increase... they sent a letter and said that after reviewing my history i get a limit increase... cool i thought ... I didnt really use it that much for xmas because if it wasnt in my checkbook to pay for things i just didnt get it. anyway i received another letter on feb 27 that i was considered a risk and they were lowing my credit card limit... of course i asked why would they increase it then just 2 months prior... they didnt give a answer and i havnt opened any new accounts or loans to change my credit rating... all i did though is cancel my card on the spot and told them since they thought i was a risk that i wouldnt have them suffer any more thinking that i was a bad customer because i paid off my card after everypurchase... i also advised them that i would never step foot in walmart again ... i actually shoped at my local store and saved the same as i would of at walmart, and i spent less in gas to get there... my husband was grateful that i am banning walmart he hates going in there and he hated how the associate called us a risk when our credit report is fine and we never abused our credit line... spent over 5 grand last year there for groceries... now it will all go to local supermarkts ... walmart you are the risk and GE banks... oh yeah best of all i had one other GE bank card that it was my pleasure to cancel out and they asked me the reason and i said because your company thought i was a risk for the walmart card so why would this one be different...

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  • Mi
    Missy Mar 06, 2009

    I totally agree we have had walmart card for several years now always paid on time and paid off a few times in full we also got the decrease in our limit letter . we have had three times the credit open in past years now very few open and they say we need a decrease, needless to say we will not use that card, but will not cancel it that decreases your credit score...Missy

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  • Un
    Uncommon_Sense Mar 06, 2009

    Wal-Mart didn't make the decision; GEMB lowered it due to information it received from Equifax. If Equifax sent false information, then dispute it and GEMB will restore the amoutn of their money they allow you to borrow.

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  • Mi
    Missy Mar 09, 2009

    I agree, however I will not stop shopping at walmart just won't use the charge card to purchase from there.

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  • Mo
    motherof4 Mar 10, 2009

    yeah i wondered if it would of lowered my credit score... but over the weekend i went to bank and was approved for a 15, 000 car loan in a matter of minutes ... my bank thought it was funny i closed out a card... gm thought i couldnt handle 480 dollar limit but my bank trusts me for 15 grand...hilarious gm ... gm loss not mine..

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  • De
    Debit Card Guy Mar 17, 2009

    I stopped using credit card. Debit cards and not to worry anything about it. The only time I use credit card is when I rent a car, since some rental agencies need credit cards.

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  • Ee
    eem Apr 04, 2009

    GE bank also just lowered my credit limit on a major department store card (to $150- what am I going to buy for this amount that I can't use cash for?). My credit score is better than it was 10 months ago when I opened this card. If fact, it is better that is has been in many years (it went way low because I was disabled and out of work). I'm back on my feet now and working very hard to pay off my debt. I an incensed at the letter GE bank sent me- if it didn't lower my credit score, I would close the card. I will definitely be sending them a very tersely worded letter! Isn't it lending practices like this that has our country in this economic crisis? Maybe GE Bank is one of those companies about to go belly-up. That would give me a little satisfaction!

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  • Wa
    wabbit Apr 07, 2009

    Do NOT get a Wal-mart card. I have a Wal-mart Discover card with a $2000.00 credit limit. I have used is everywhere - not just at Wal-mart. I received a letter today stating that my limit has been DECREASED to $1000.00...get this...for no reason other than they just wanted to. I have not ever missed a payment, been late, or gone over the limit. Nor do I have any other account on my credit report that has had any negative account history. It is not because of inactivity either. I just read a web page that had at least 20 people complaining about the exact same thing happening to them. I was about to purchase a riding lawnmower from their website, but they can forget about it now.

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  • Ca
    Captinswife Apr 18, 2009

    Like most of you, I also have a Walmart Card. I applied for it 10 mths ago and was pleased they approved me and gave me a 800.00 line of credit. I had some bad debit from a ex, 6 yrs ago. I have been building up my credit and credit score. In any case, I have not be late on any payments of any kind in years, 9AT LEAST 6 YRS, ) always pay double the min payment or more on all my cards. Five months ago, made a large charge for new kitchen cabinets, counters, etc. Have paid half of that off (5, 000), paid a car loan off 2 months ago, and paid my house off. No more new credit, no more large purchases. Yesterday I'm notified my credit limit on Wally worlds card is dropped to 170., but my balance is 400. My credit score is a mess and when calling them they sighted some bad credit from years ago. I had that when they gave me the card. When I spoke to a supervisor he was rude, and told me they changed there policy on there credit approval rating. He did raise my limit to my balance, but as I pay the balance off they will drop my limit amount. Yep, I sent a check paying them off. I don't need something like this to mess up my credit score I have worked hard at repairing. I don't believe I will be shopping much at Wally World. I didn't cancell the card, as that would also hurt my credit.

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  • Pm
    pmulcahy11b May 06, 2009

    I have a Wal-Mart store card, but they hit me with an interesting wrinkle that just dawned on me. I had a $700 credit line, but two months ago they increased it to $900. What I didn't notice immediately is that while they increased the credit line, they did NOT increase the available credit -- which means that all they really increased was my outstanding balance, giving them more to charge interest on. When I called them, they told me that this was "definitely not their intent, " and "this is not considered fraud, " and "it is entirely legal." After going through five levels of phone support, I had no choice but to cancel the card.

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  • Bg
    B Gordon May 18, 2009

    The Same thing happened to me Walmart cc lowered my credit limit for no reason...The only thing that I've done recently is try to find a home loan... In any case walmart just lost a loyal paying customer.

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  • Cr
    crl07 May 29, 2009

    This happened to me today! I had no idea they had decreased mine...until I was at the checkout. I had just made a $300 payment at the first of the month, so I knew I was okay. Well it was declined. I call the company and ask the lady what was going on, I told her I had made a huge payment, considering my credit limit was at $400 or something like that. She says oh we decreased your credit limit and now you are over your limit! very cute! :( I wanted to chew her out, but it's not her fault. Ugh! I will be canceling this card. Thieves! I pay on time and pay good size payments and bam they slam me with this crap! So much for being a great customer...what does that mean anymore?!

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  • Ca
    canyiah Jun 15, 2009

    The same thing happend to me I had a sams club card for about 5 years got it about my second year in college to help re-establish my credit used it on occassion never over $100 until i bought a gps with it for my trip to florida purchase was $300 it took about 4 months for me to finally pay it off then i bought a 22" hdtv about $300 i paid that off in about 2 months. After my contract ended i moved back to michigan and i find that gps has lowered in price and since sams has that excellent return policy(basically u can retrun anything at anytime) i returned my $300 tomtom and bought the $170 one giving me a $130 surplus on my credit card. and thats when I just so happen to come across a envolpe that looked like it should be in the trash from GE Money i opened it and it said your credit limit has been lowered to $100 what the hell am i going to do with $100 i call them they claim that it was because of something on my credit report i tell them that cant be true because all my bills r paid on time nothing on my credit report after i started re-establishing my credit 5 years ago is late or delinquient all my unsecured debit is less than 80% of the credit limit they told me that it didnt have to be recent so i just told them to cancel the card it was unless to me anyway it had a horrible interest rate over 20% and a $100 limit is either going to cost me money(interest) or im not going to use it so i thought it best just to cancel the card screw GE money the only thing was that I wanted to use that card to pay for my tires cuz sams had a special no interest for 6 months but oh well. My issue is that they seem to cut ur limit when you pay ur bills on time and u arent thousands in debit so screw the banks and the credit card companies regulate them out of business I say!!!

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  • Da
    Daisy10590 Aug 15, 2009

    Thank you thank you thank you. Was just about to get one ! You saved me :-)

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  • Co
    Common sense makes sense Nov 03, 2009

    You people crack me up. First off you all act like this is YOUR money and it's fraud or GEMB are theives for not allowing you to borrow THEIR money to make a purchase that you probably cannot afford. pmulcahy11b nobody will charge you a finance charge based on your credit limit, it is generally calculated on your average daily balance. I don't expect you to understand what that is though since you made no sense at all in your post thinking you will be charged more of a finance charge since your credit limit was increased. Keep thinking this is fraud and you are a liar saying your available credit did not increase when you received a credit line increase. Please remember that YOU are the one who agrees to all of the terms and conditions when you apply for the account, and if you do not want to agree to them which basically means the creditor is able to do whatever they please, then DON'T APPLY!!

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  • Da
    dad18whl Mar 13, 2010

    Here is a new one on me, I pay the bills, paying down to 0 as quickly as possible. Over a year have been paying walmart (GEMB) online and or in store on or just before due date with no problem. Log in this am to pay (on date due), and have a $39.00 late fee. I realize it is their money we borrowed and have no ill will about paying it back with interest and on time. The rule apparently changed? I looked in the last month's statement for a notice of the change and found none. I also realize they can do whatever they feel like doing but so can anyone in business. How about your dentist decides to use water instead of novicaine (sp) while drilling down to a nerve? Yes he can do it, will you be a returning customer? NO. We were warned by the "Media" that once the Gov't. put our "best interests" forth by putting the screws to the credit companies they would in turn take it out on us and I am guessing that is what is taking place in this instance.
    Bottom line, pay them down, pay them off, DO NOT CLOSE them it drops your score, and finally and most importantly, once paid off do not use them unless you can pay it in full each month. (stick to cash)

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  • Ju
    JustMe86 May 24, 2011

    Walmart's credit card is not worth having. I am a cashier and Corporate is now forcing us to push Credit Card applications on customers, and if we don't get applicants, we can be fired. The economy is in bad enough shape without us being forced to push these high interest rate cards on people. I wouldn't have one personally.

    WM Cashier

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  • Je
    jessicafowler Sep 15, 2011

    yeah GE money bank is not forcing u to use their cards, dont use it all of u freaking ### u act is if u dont owe them pay ur account and be done with it. feeble minded poor people.. dont have cash to pay. always depending on credit cards poor poor poor .. i pity u guys :(

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  • Mr
    mrchance Oct 16, 2012

    Problem I have is we had a few birthdays in a row, and wanted a few extra I take my $400 card up to $350, knowing full well that I will get paid again and pay this off before anything can happen interest wise. On the next statement(mind you the due date was inexplicably moved up 1 week from the previous 12 months worth of bills) my credit limit was $325. To my surprise I'm now over the limit, and hosed. Late Fee included...and they had no answer as to why the due date was moved up. None whatsoever. This card was one of the few(4) total that I opened to build my credit back up, and it had been cruising along just fine until now. They instantly contacted equifax about my late, and over the limit status, though it took them about 6 months to register my account existing...If I didn't value my work over the last couple years building my credit up from the crap mid 400's it was, I'd just let them pound sand and eat it.

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  • Vd
    vduarte77 Mar 14, 2014

    I just had this happen to me. I had a credit limit of $500 which I have had for about 3 years now. I have made every payment on time and always pay more than the minimum due. In February I made a $200 payment (which took them 2 weeks to post to my bank) and this month I come to find out that my balance has been lowered by exactly $200. I called to get the same response as most others that it must be something in my credit report. I know that my credit score is higher than it has been in the last 3 years especially higher than when I first got the card. I will not be going to walmart anymore and just pay off the card. Target will be my new shopping of choice, about the same distance from my house and I've never had a problem with my card.

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  • Sh
    shawn20744 Mar 17, 2015

    I have had the Walmart card for about 3 years now with a credit limit of about $1500, they have lowered my credit limit atleast 3 times. Recently, today I noticed I am at a credit limit of $450.00 and I asked them why. I told them I have never been late on this account or ANY other credit cards I have. Other credit cards that I do have, I always pay whatever balance I have off within 2 weeks of using the card, therefore I normally have a zero balance on all other cards. Never been late on utility bills and I do not even have a car note. I told them this is horrible and I am very disappointed in Walmart. They only offer the same excuse, their decision was based off of whats in my credit report. I asked them to tell what "what info", of course they couldn't, I told them it seems like eventually my credit limit will be $50 so why don't they just closed the d*mn card!

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  • Ch
    CharleneR Mar 18, 2015

    They decreased mine and I called and told them I had never missed a payment, never been late. They gave me the same line. I just told them to stick that credit card right up their butts and close my account .

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  • Di
    DIRKMONEY Mar 20, 2015


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  • Sa
    Samantha Ivy Dec 09, 2015

    I had a Discover card and a Walmart credit card! TRUST I will NEVER get those cards again. They both were paid off and closed! I REFUSE to get another one.

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  • Er
    Eric Stockberger Apr 27, 2016

    Each time that I go to the band website and attempt to make a payment online, it tells me that "Due to inactivity, you have been logged out." I do not understand how clicking a button to make a payment constitutes inactivity. When I tried to send an email to inform them of what was going on, when I clicked 'Send, ' I received a message saying "We are unable to access your account information at this time. Please try again later." I finally went to the Wal-Mart website and was able to access my account and make a payment, but only after a few more "inactivity logouts." I no longer receive paper bills, and have been charged late fees because my account is not paid, even though the website seems to want to refuse to allow me to make a payment. I did contact customer service, and they did cancel the late fees, but the entire thing seems disorganized and shady.

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  • Ha
    Hamptonl Nov 14, 2016

    I got my Walmart credit card always paid on time my limit was 600 I paid it in full 2 days later they decreased my line of credit to 240 about 8 months later I decided to pay in full and the same thing they decrease my line of credit to 120 I was so mad I called he said they pull your credit twice a year I think that is a load of crap I want be using my card anymore

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  • Eu
    Eugene25 Mar 28, 2017

    I was just informed my Walmart credit card limit was decreased I will be cutting my card up and sending it back to them and telling them to stick it up their ###ing ###. You pay your account on time and are treated like #### their customer service is #### also and you can't get any help in their stores because they treat their employees like #### also. But take don't care. They talk how American they are about ninety percent of their items our from China . Such liars . Consumers are so gulls let Target is much cheaper and a service is much better.

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  • Ba
    Barrettgirl May 23, 2017

    I just received a Walmart credit card 500 limit I'm afraid to use it reading all these reviews, I am trying to rebuild my credit. And was excited about receiving this card.

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  • Ju
    just dude Jun 11, 2018

    my credit limit on my Walmart card is $5, 000. i only use it during the holiday and maybe once every two months . never had an issue with getting a decrease in credit. Walmart card is great for your gas purchases. i think some are living beyond their means and blaming Walmart.

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