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awful place to work in

I worked at the buffalo walmart in minnesota for about two months. My manager always had me doing all of her work after i was done with mine. Then she went to her manager, who i found out she was sleeping with and took all credit for what i have done. Well after her manager talked to me about "not doing my job" i was pissed so i went to the bathroom splashed my face with some water and took a breather. My manager had come in a couple min later and started yelling at me saying he (her manager) will never believe me then spit in my face!! I wanted to punch her lights out!! But i didn't, i got so pissed off i threw up on her shoes. now i am sewing. They don't only treat customers like crap they treat employees bad to. Unless u sleep with them i guess.

  • Jo
    John McQueen Dec 11, 2008

    I worked for Walmart as a unloader. Management is always intimidating and harassing associates to get the job done faster. Management tells the unloaders that the trucks can be unloaded faster. The unlaoders told management to show us, and start unloading the truck. The management team couldn't unload the trucks faster but slower (2 and a half times longer). Ha Ha Ha, that was a joke. The managers need to keep their mouths shut until they can prove they can do the work better and faster. Also, we have a manager just shows no interest in the store other than satisfy his own narcissism (self-centered and self-love). All he does is sit in his office and tells others to do his job. Another thing is, the managers will look at ways to get rid of long time associates to steal their benefits through WRONGFUL TERMINATION such as myself. When I asked to see my personnel file and what was in it, they refused. Ha Ha Ha... What are they covering up. Don't let these fools run all over you but pulling the wool over your eyes. After working for Walmart for 6 years, I can honestly say, and safely say, Walmart isn't the place to work or do business. The managers will falsify your records and when they do this they falsify the tax liability laws (for their personal gain) and that is why Walmart is so goddam rich because they misrepresnt themselves to the community, the government, the customers, and the workers. When they do this kind of crap, turn them in. WHY NOT??? They are always out to get you!!!

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  • Ar
    arthurincanada Sep 09, 2009

    You're "sewing"?

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  • He
    HeyHeyHey1980 Sep 16, 2010

    I have had friends who worked for Walmart and its not a place anyone would want to stay long-term. Crap pay, [censor] managers who don't care if you leave or stay, and crappy hours. Try other companies.

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wal-mart damaged my engine

I recently had my engine replaced 6 months ago and had my oil changed at a different company that usually ha...

wal-mart super center in richmond, mo

The Wal-Mart Super Center in Richmond, MO is a joke! The book department has become smaller, especially the children's books. The books haven't been changed in months. There were rumors that they were ging to get rid of the craft department, well they never did but they discontinued the DMC/Thread and cross stitch. Now ou will have to drive 90 minutes to city to get thread. There are a lot of people who cross stitch and use DMC thread. They should carry the products that the customers want. The toy department hasn't been changed in over two years and keeps getting smaller. The Entertainment department is the smallest I've ever seen in a super-center. They hardly have room for any DVDS. They don't carry any new TV-DVD Sets. I was looking for Law and Order DVDs and asked them if they had any. They said they never heard of that title. In the last six months the video games and disappeared and they reply was : their discontinued.

I bought a humidifier there and they no longer carry the filters, but the still carry the humidifier.

There needs to be a new manager! Why won't they stock their products! This is a small town. They would make even more money if they start carrying products that the customers want!

  • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

    WalMart has been in my city for some time. In the middle of last year, I noticed a change in the attitudes of the staff that work at this store. Staff are now incredibly rude and will ignore people for large amounts of time, even if they are obviously waiting for help. Many times when I go into this store, the cashiers don't even pay attention to you as they are serving you. Many times they will continue to talk to their friends. As a result, I feel frustrated and very angry. Several times, I have gone into the store to purchase items. What is listed on the rack has been inaccurate several times. The associates refused to give the item to me for the listed price. And, when I told them the price on the rack, they always call back to see if I am lying. This is fine, but, six out of the seven times this has happened, the people checking the price claim that they do not see the price that I had stated. When I go back to look at the rack and find the price, I have no problem seeing it. These people are incredibly deceptive.

    In addition, in the overnight hours, the aisles are often completely packed with boxes waiting to be unloaded. Once the people are done with a box, they throw it wherever they want. They don't even bother to move the boxes so people can get down aisles. I've even been sworn at by several associates.

    I've sent numerous complaints to walmart via the web site and snail mail. I have yet to get back a single response. Do not do business with this store if you can help it. They have no sense of courtesy and even the manager will ignore you.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Oct 03, 2008

    My 20 year old daughter went to Wal-Mart for an eye exam today. When she called to make the appoinment, she gave them all of our insurance information over the phone...all the numbers, etc. We have State Of Illinois insurance which is extremely good. Well, she went in for the exam and after it was over, they said she owed $48. She did not have any money on her. They said she could not leave the store until they had their money. She called me. I tried to give them credit card info, debit card info, checking acc. info. They said she had to stay there til someone came and paid the bill. I could not get there to pay them. I asked them what they were going to do with her all night? That was a couple of hours ago. My daughter is still being held hostage in Wal-Mart. Can they really hold someone like that?

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  • Ep
    EpicRegret Feb 25, 2009

    "In addition, in the overnight hours, the aisles are often completely packed with boxes waiting to be unloaded. " This is because they need to restock the aisle before the morning, which starts at 7am.

    "And, when I told them the price on the rack, they always call back to see if I am lying. " They don't call to see if your lying, they call to check the price and to make it obvious to the sales floor person that they have price mistake on a item. In the first place, if your not lying then you shouldn't get mad or frustrated when it happens.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Aug 05, 2009

    I was waiting to pick up a cake that was to be done by 3 it was 15 after 3 and the cake wasnt even started 6-15-08.. She was standing their talking to a young boy ingoring that I was even there.. I was even trying to get her attention and when she finally gave me a minute of her time she told me i would have to hang on a minunte i am busy (hateful)!!! I left without even getting the cake I asked for a mgr. but one ever came!!! Its pretty bad that a company that is based on customer service is that unorganized that my cake wasnt even started and i had called two days in advance to get it and she couldnt even give me one minute of her time for a reasonable explanation why! I will never use walmart bakery again.

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  • Co
    corythecrow Aug 05, 2009

    BAN walmart altogether...why just the bakery. All monies spent in walmart go to the same account/individual.

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  • Ar
    arthurincanada Sep 09, 2009

    Oh you poor thing. Having to drive elsewhere to get thread for your fat housewife crafts.

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  • Rp
    rpjr Sep 24, 2010

    Totally agree, but if you cant find a item, dont exepect an employee to help, or ask if you need help. heres my story aug 2010 i was looking for an item, in the same area 3 employees were talking, I search that area about 10 times, still no one approached, me asking if I needed help, after 20 minutes I heard one employee, holler hey, you need help well I looked up, and looked she hollered again You need help Nancey, I turned to look and she was asking a fellow coworker, if she needed help, not the paying customer. I was so mad I stormed off and kept saying in a normal voice "d**n goodthing I not a shoplifter cuz no one's paying atention to me" still no one asked if I needed help so I said I'm going to check out the Dollar General Store.

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scam and cheating

I returned chicken breast because of bug in package. Was charged again. Would like credit without having to...

wheres my money

it is almost 4 am here in okla and it is 2am in cali. i want to know where is my damn money that was directly deposited to my card if they cant get it on there by 12am central standard time then get out of the business that way i can use t after i get off work at 3 am so for my troubles i want some free stuff. that would be 10 pm your time if you cant do that then im dropping the deposit request.

  • Ha
    hardy Sep 26, 2008

    they need to give it up they are ripping the american people off by charging them to much money it should be 1 dollar to load and free to talk to them

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  • Do
    doublejj May 03, 2009

    i cant use my cc from walmart in sites i used to on the ienternet

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  • Ba
    barney rubble 11 Aug 08, 2009

    walmartcard sucks!!!, dont buy more than 1 or 2 cards. The third 1 will let u put money on it but when u activate it, it will refund ur money in 7-10 days. I NEED IT NOW!!!

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  • Ms
    Ms Dunn Aug 17, 2009

    ATS Market research took more from my walmartmoneycard then they quoted and a

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  • Ra
    rain_emerald Jul 05, 2010

    Yes, Walmartmoneycard really sucks. I reported my card lost/stolen but then I found it the next day. I called them to remove the block and they said that my account is completely closed and can not be accessed. But, they said that THEY can access it to take off money for some $20 fed-ex card to ship it to me. So then why can't they do something to whereas I would be able to access it to pay my rent. As it stands, I have to wait on them to send me a new card in two weeks without a dollar in my pocket.
    Greendot is a jip and all of their cards get a fat zero!! Never never ever purchase a green dot card, they are so far behind the other debit card companies that it is pathetic.

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  • Ra
    rain_emerald Jul 05, 2010

    My husband agrees, he says definitely do purchase greendot money card that Walmart has so graciously slapped their name all over the front of. The ALL ACCESS NETSPEND CARD is one to go with, if your going to require the use of a no bank account debit card.

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battery purchased

On 9-19-08 my family and I were at walmart #5174 shopping, me and my son went to the automotive section to...

over charged

This is the email I sent to their CS department asking for them to mai me a...

banned from walmart

I am very angry at Walmart . I was in ur Walmart store here in Rocky Mount Va on June 29 2007 @9;30 P.M. and...

killing products

When my son was born he was put in the hospital at 2 days old due to an infection around his brain and spine, also know as spinal mennegitis. After a few weeks he was released and given prescriptions. I went to the wal mart pharmacy in my town and had them filled. The man behind the counter was very nice but in very much a hurry. I took the perscrips. home and gave them to my son 3 days went by when we noticed he was getting sicker instead of better, so I took him back to the dr. and we found out the prescription labels had been switched and he 3 was ripple overdosing on one med and only getting a quarter of what was needed for the other. As you can imagine I was very very very mad.!!!

So after the dr.s office I went back into wal mart and they told me that the pharmacy was getting ready to close when I had the prescriptions filled and thats prob. why the man was in a hurry and mixed them up. (I DON'T CARE!) Then they told me when this happens they usually refund the money and give people 5 free prescriptions. Now my first reaction to them was o.k. so your saying you do this a lot! Well she said no but then my next reaction was to let everyone in the line for the pharmacy know what they did, so I got a bit loud and told them you almost killed my newborn son and you actually expect me to take 5 free prescriptions from you idiots when the 2 I paid for you couldn't even get right!! So then they had a manager come up and talk to me who just kept shoving a release form in my face to sign. I told him to shove it in his (you know) and told him after I sue him and own the f---ing store he would be fired.

Now I haven't followed through with this because I thought this was a once in a lifetime mistake, but lately I have been hearing a lot of this and some people have actually died. If anyone else out there has ran into this kind of thing let me know. Or if you know a good attorney for this kind of thing please let me know.

ridiculous pricing

Well, the pictures were beautiful and the photographer was good, but their pricing is horrible now. Also, they don't tell you about the real deals. Those $5 and $7 packages are just to get you to come there and then they try to make you spend tons on all of these enhanced pictures for extra instead of letting you see the unenhanced ones as well. She told us that a digital cd was $119! They are nuts, you can get a $10 package and a digital cd at Sears for $40 pretty much all year around. If it were like that pricing, then we would have bought the cd too. They don't do proof sheets anymore either, which really sucks, I liked having those to reference for ordering more pictures, especially when you want to show relatives who want to order more. On top of that, she got my husband to buy a smiles club card. She failed to tell us (or we didn't hear her because she was talking like a million miles a second to try to sell the expensive stuff) that they have a gift collection which includes the smiles card for $30. Then she tells us that if we don't get one of those signature collections which are like freakin $60 and way more, that they charge a $10 surcharge to come in and get more sheets of different poses. They are crazy! From now on, it will be Olan Mills or Sears thank you very much. Walmart is too expensive on pricing for what they offer. Honestly, I have done pictures of my nephews and neices myself that everyone thought was professional and better than Walmart. It seems like no one likes what they do in general. Basically, Walmart is full of crap and any dealings with them or the stores inside the centers will leave you screwed. They teach them to hurry people in and out, sell them on as much as you can without giving them a fair deal, etc.

never received my rebate checks

I was promised 2 rebate checks for getting comcast internet and hd cable tv back in april and i never...


Well, it seems Walmart Automotive is the leader in the old bait and switch year ago I bought 4...

wal-mar rips you off on prepaid cellphones

I bought a Net 10 prepaid phone because the price per minutes is set at 10 cents. I also bought 400 minute...

return of phone

I have shopped at walmart for years, not anymore!!! I was to leave for vacation and everyone suggested I get a pay as you go phone. So I thought ok I could pick this up at walmart. I went there to get a phone which the electronics guy didn't seem to know a whole lot, but I could figure this simple thing out, so I purchased the T-Mobile pay as you go along with a extra minutes card.

I get home load the phone, try again and agian to load the sim card only the little clip is broken that holds card in place, so the next morning I 'm supposed to leave at 5 am for vacation, I stop by walmart and they do not open until 6am. This is okay I'm only gonna lose a hour travel, was I ever wrong on that, I go to customer service to return phone and was told I needed to go to electronics they would be able to help me.

I get back to that department and the gril there tells me they don't open that up for service until 9am. This is total to long for me to wait, so I go back to the service desk and just asked to return the phone and extra minutes card, and the guy calls over the shift manager(PAT) and I explain how this doesn't work and would like them to remove this from my credit card. While she is sifting through the bag she comes across the minutes card and the seal is scratched off she refuses to return the card. At this point its 7am and I try to explain it's not my fault the damn phone and card is missing the seal, this was my first experience purchasing both products.

I told her I didn't appreciate the way I was being treated and that I would never step foot in there or any other walmart for the rest of my life. I would spend approx. 600.00- 1500.00 per month at their store with grocery's and misc. things. I was very disappointed in the whole experience of trying to return this product, and plan to shop at TARGET, MEJIER, AND ANY OTHER STORE OTHER THAN WALMART.

price adjustment

I purchased a food product at the price shown and was charged a different price at the register. I took the manager and showed her the price shown, she, removed the price tag and said that it was incorrect. I did not purchase the article at the increased price at the register. If a price is shown on the product when it is purchased and is incorrect, that mistake should not be at the customer's expense. She refused to sell the item at the price that was marked, explaining it was priced incorrectly. It was a matter of only. 69 cents, but the principle of the matter is that the customer was paying for an employees mistake in showing the incorrect price. This is wrong and I will stop shopping there.

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 11, 2008

    This is one of the biggest scams going. Everyone does it.

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  • De
    debra Jun 16, 2009

    I was purchasing two items, one being a pk of 60 black & brown hair elastics. The tag for this item was upside down but read $3.50. The product was pushed back on the holder. Upon checking out, the total amount seemed more than it should have been so I asked how much they rang up as. The clerk told me $5.50. I then said the tag read $3.50. The clerk followed me to the aisle and I showed him where the product was located. He then stated he couldn’t sell me the item for $3.50 as it was not the price. He then looked over the hair elastic area and could not find one peg which had the correct price. (I might also note that at least half of the items did NOT have any pricing tags.
    The clerk then said that a customer must have put this back in the wrong spot. I said normally that would be so but since there were FOUR (4) of these on the wrong peg, I doubted it. I work in retail and if I had treated one of our customers like he treated me, I would be unemployed.

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racism where I live at

Da man is always out wachin us ya kno?? I wuz at walmart and white man comes up and looks at meh funny cuz my...

ruined oil pan

I took in my car for a routine oil change but found out that the last time Walmart did my oil change they forced the wrong plug in and it was stripped when they went to change the oil. So they sent me to THEIR repair place - no, i didn't have a choice in the repair shop - and Walmart would reimburse me. Went to THEIR place for repair, had it "done" and Walmart paid me. Mind you, this took place back in April 2008. Fast forward to August 2008 when I mistakenly took my car back to Walmart for another oil change. Was told that THEIR repair place didn't do the work correctly and now I'm STUCK - tough out of luck - because they reimbursed for the repair. So I'm stuck getting the entire oil pan replaced for $500. THIS IS ALL FOR WALMART'S MISTAKE of shoving a WRONG oil plug back in the pan. How does that happen when there's only 2 bays for oil changes? Oh, and the repair place is "conveniently" out of business. WALMART SUCKS.

  • Fr
    fraud every where Dec 08, 2009

    I had problems with my oil being changed at walmart also. Different problem though I told them the type of oil . I would have never known any difference, except they left half a quart of oil in my floor board. I ask them after getting in it what was this ? There reply oh thats rest of your oil we could only get 4 and a half quarts in it . My car holds five. I made them take that oil out and watched them put the right oil in and the right amount in. Lesson learned I have not taken my car back to them since for a oil change.

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visa prepaid card

I purchased a Wal-mart Money Card/ Visa Prepaid Card on Jan. 31, 2017 and I have tried calling to activate the card, twice; and to date I still cannot activate it. I, also, faxed information that was required to verify my address.

At the time of purchase, I was told I had to put some money on the card along withthe purchase of the card, which was $20.00 + $8.94, totaling $28.94 and I still cannot use the card. In addition, I cannot add more money to the card until it is activated.

I would like to hear from a real person on this instead of talking to machines that cannot help me. And I would like my money returned or activation for the card to go through.

  • Ch
    cha cha Sep 26, 2008

    Go to the walmart money card web site- that is where you activqte it. That is also where you check your balance and avoid extra fees!!!

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  • Un
    unsatisfied customer Mar 17, 2009

    At first the wal mart money card was an exxcellent idea. No papers to fill out direct deposit use it any where visa is excepted, but now you have to pay to reload everytime, monthly membership fee s apply monthly( no problem) but then you load money and can't get money off. You try to call customer support and they charge you for that too. Come on now its our money not yours and we pay to use the card. So, how is it fare to us. That's not saving money Wal- Mart, that's spending more than you sve.

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  • Te
    Terri Mar 21, 2009

    I received a Walmart money card for a gift, but do not have the receipt with activation number. How do I get this card activated??or am I out the money. Not happy. What can I do

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  • An
    Angella0323 Nov 04, 2011

    I was in search of a pre-paid VISA card that could have amounts of over 500.00 on it. My father had just passed away so I wanted to send my mother on a all expense paid trip to Gatlinburg to relax and heal a bit. So someone suggested the Wal-Mart money card. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased three..two with 500.00 each on them and one with 400.00 on it. My aunt and brother(who would their driver) was accompanying her. So I got the cards and activated them online. I thought all was good until I got a call Sunday night that one of the cards was not working at a gas pump. This was the night before they left. They got it straightened out. The next day after getting to Gatlinburg they went and had a nice meal. Well...none of the cards worked so my Mom had to pay for the meal. We called Wal-Mart(they had to conference me in) and they said there were blocks on the cards due to some information I entered incorrectly for just one. They also said all three cards would be terminated completely in 2 weeks even if the money was not spent. The blocks were lifted and I thought all was ok. So today I get another call from my brother...blocks had been put back. We got on the phone with them again. I said this has to stop. I want my mother to have a good relaxing time. They apologized...said the blocks were lifted..yada yada. Not 10 minutes later...the blocks were back on. I got another call. So we called them back. This time I had to shut the door to my office for fear I was going to start yelling I was so frustrated. I told them if the blocks happened again I'd be hiring an attorney that this was beyond ridiculous. My brother, aunt, and mom are 300 miles+ away from home with limited personal funds and this was all they had.
    I told my brother to withdraw what was left off of each card so they'd have the money they needed in case the a block was put back on again.
    This crap has completely ruined my week. I'm a widow of under 2 years out myself and know how badly my Mom needed this little break and these idiots put a major damper on it. She swears it is all ok but I know it had to have taken some of the fun out of it. I will NEVER set foot in that horrible place again nor will ever purchase a Money card from them. I will just stick with the VISA gift cards from now on. The extra expense is worth not having the stress associated with a Money Card.

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  • Kd
    KDC-TX Jan 07, 2013

    For the past 2 months I have been trying to get a refund on a Wal-Mart Money Card I purchased that was lost. I gave the rep ALL receipt info at initial claim and was told that the card had not been activated nor used and a refund would be investigated. I requested at that time that the card be frozen from activation and use as it was no longer in my possession. I have followed up in two week increments and given three different claim numbers and nothing was done except noting frivolous notes on each account to justify closing the claim. For the first time on 1/3/2017 I was asked to fax the receipt in which I did within 1 hour of the request. I faxed it three times from two different fax machines to ensure receipt. I saved my transmission confirmations. On 1/5/2017 I was told that no fax had been received. I found out two days ago that that card has now been used and was given yet another claim number because the card had been used. I was AGAIN asked to fax receipt. On today, 1/7/2017, I faxed the receipt again plus the three previous fax confirmations. I realize that the Wal-Mart Money Cards are outsourced which I am sure Mr. Sam Walton would not appreciate as he would also not appreciate this lack of customer service I have been provided. Sometimes it is not worth the savings to outsource. Wal-Mart needs to take interest in its affairs in other countries that affect Americans. This was my thirteen year old daughter's money she earned dog sitting in which she was going to use to purchase i-tunes and online games.

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  • Ap
    April Mullins Mar 15, 2013

    Yes I fell for it to. Thanks to my computer, I was warned that it was faulse. So immediately canceled the transactions on my credit card. I can't believe this crap is still allowed on the internet. We really are not protected from any of this.

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  • Ap
    April Mullins Mar 15, 2013

    I fell for this also, I Cancel my last transaction on my credit card

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wrong battery

My sister recently had Wal-Mart auto services install a battery in her car. After a few days the car stalled and had to be towed to garage. The mechanic found that the wrong battery had been installed. It was too high, it overheated and welded the hood latch shut as well as caused damage to the underside of the hood.

The cost of the damage was $490. She had the Walmart receipt for the battery and installation, a receipt from the mechanic who fixed the damage clearly stating that the cause was the installation of the wrong battery, and pictures of the damages. She submitted these undisputable facts to Wal-Mart's claim management company (CMI) and her claim was denied.

They blamed the manufacturer of the battery not the ###s that installed the wrong one. It appears from many other online horror stories that Walmart never takes responsibility for any damage caused by incompetent mechanics.

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