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Reviews and Complaints

Walmartpadding the tab

For the second time in as many visits I have been ripped off again! I filed a complaint the first time and nothing really happened, but past on to another manager or representative; I guess the amount was to small for any real concern to anyone but me. To you $20 or $5 is not much money, but to me it is when I have to live on $600 per month. I stayed away for 6 weeks, but couldn't do without certain items I find at a reasonable price compared to other stores. Then I get charged for items I do not get, which do not notice until I get home and unpack the groceries. Is this a standard, covert, practice? It seemed as if it were one particular cashier, but now a TRAINEE! I have a problem getting there, I use public transportation and that takes me 40 minutes one way, so this is really a hassle. Besides all that, IT IS the PRINCIPLE of the stealing, not the amount that concerns me most. How many times a day does this occur? How much money is stolen by this means of adding a charge for an item not acquired in the overall transaction? Even at $5 per transaction, guessing 1, 000 per day, that adds up to grand theft. When is this going to stop? I intend to post this every where I can, but am giving you first opportunity to correct this; it is the 3rd time this year, that I am aware of and am not in the habit of reviewing my receipt every time because I am generally in a rush to catch the bus home. Is this the REAL TRUTH about Walmart?

padding the tab